Creepy guy at Starbucks

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So I’ve been working at Starbucks for a couple of weeks now, it’s been crazy and hectic and you have your groups of weird and creepy people, we have this usual named butch and he’s really creepy, he comes in everyday and always makes comments about the girls I work with, they’re very inappropriate and make us all uncomfortable. That’s not the worst though, the creepiest person ive encountered was just a couple days ago, I was off that day but got called in to cover the last of a closing shift, I went out to bring the patio furniture in like I’ve done the past few nights, I propped the doors open and started bringing the tables in, a few minutes later I noticed this guy had walked up behind me and was just standing there, I myself am a small 5’6 guy who looks like a baby, this guy was about 6’2 kinda well built and he was just standing there watching me, he was really close to me and it kinda freaked me out, he stood there for a few and then asked if I had a cigarette, I don’t smoke so I told him I didn’t and then he still just stood there watching me, he for some reason had a piece of pizza he was eating, after a minute of so I walked in like I was going to grab something because I felt uncomfortable with the guy standing there, after I walked away he just kinda stood in the window for a few minutes looking at myself and my coworkers and then walked away, I didn’t go back outside for about 10 minutes and when I did he was nowhere to be found, this may seem weird but I promise you this really did happen and it freaked me out quite a bit


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