Creepy Guy at Toys R Us

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By David17

Hi, my name is David, and I am 17 years old. This is vague memory, dating back to when I was just four years old. My mom was taking me to Toys R Us because I had finally learned how to count to 10, and she wanted to reward me for it.

As we pulled up in the parking lot, I got so excited and almost crossed the street without holding my mom’s hand. When we walked through the slide doors, I was amazed and wanted to look at all the toys, however my mom walked towards the backpack section.

I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I bolted off to the area with all the toys and looked for what I wanted. That was not the best decision, as I got lost shortly after. I brushed it off and just looked at the toys some more, which made me a little more comfortable.

Suddenly a very tall, lanky man (maybe in his mid 30s) approached me.

He had a shaved face, glasses, and longer hair for a man. He smiled at me, and asked, “Are you lost, little guy?”

I replied, “Yeah I can’t find my mommy.”

He told me that he’d help me go find my mom, but first he needed to use the bathroom. He grabbed my hand and dragged me along. Before long, he started tugging a pulling faster and harder, which hurt my hand.

As we were approaching the bathroom, I heard my mom from a far distance scream, “DAVID!” Even then the man did not let up, he brought me into the stall and told me take my pants off. I told him that my mom said I shouldn’t show that to strangers. He put his hands in my pants.

Shortly after, we heard a man barge in through the bathroom door. He somehow unlocked the stall, and took the man away. The man told me in a calm and easy voice, “Our playtime isn’t over, yet.” I was brought back to my mom, who was crying.

I was so confused. All these events happened all so suddenly…

I took counseling to help me forget about this point in my life. It was only until I saw the request for this topic that it sparked up back into my mind.

As I’ve grown up, and reflected on that point in time, I have realized that those 30 seconds have screwed up many aspects of my social life as a kid.

Still to this day, I irrationally don’t trust any adult men and I am very reclusive from society.

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