Creepy guy at the Skatepark, Lets not meet

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Listen Sorry for my grammaire, im not the best speller. Just to clear things up, I live in a small town ontario, just off a native reserve. All this happened one night at the skatepark.

Some buddy’s and I were there for about 3 hours every night during the summer, most of the time we are there till midnight. Tonight was one of those night, but one night the lights turned on, and the pitch black sky fell upon us. Me and A few of my buddy’s were used to being there at night and didn’t think much of it. People walked on the paths all the time at night and watched kids do tricks at the skateparks. Sometimes people from the native reserve walk from those paths into town. Until one night, a native guy was walking with a plastic bag, it was maybe 20 after 11 that night, when he stopped on one side of the skatepark and just stood there staring at us.

It happens sometimes when people do this, but after about 20 minutes he was still there, watching us. I noticed he was holding a safeway plastic bag and there was something red and thick dripping from his plastic bag. My buddy, lets call him Fred, Fred noticed that he was moving closer to us very slowly and by this time he had been watching us for about 40 minutes. Really creeped out we moved to a different part of the skatepark,( our skatepark has three areas, a giant bowl, a snake run and park area. All of a sudden the guy followed us and walked straight up to me “Hey kids!, you guys got any cigerettes?” Fred look over at him and said “No man sorry maybe go to the subway down the street” the man nodded and walked away. Two minutes later he came back and stood in the dark and kept watching us. Every few minutes he would walk closer to our bags on the other side of the park by the bowl.

I rode over to my bag, and sat there to drink some water and watch this creepy guy out of the corner of my eye. Fred followed me an sat down and told me he thinks he’s trying to steal our bags. The man started to jog over with his plastic bag soaked in red liquid. He leans over and says ” You guys sure you don’t have any cigarettes.” Fred gets up and flips him off and says ” We told you man, we don’t have any fucking cigarettes!!!” he looked angry and walks away mumbling lowd’ly ” fucking kids” luckly we left and never stayed there till midnight again.  I’m happy, I didn’t find out what was in his bag. Creepy guy at the skatepark lets never meet again.

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