Creepy Gaming Experience

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So this happened to my friend about a year back. Me and my friend were in a playstation party and we decided to play some rainbow six siege.

It was the start of a new rainbow six season and our ranks reset so we were forced to play with complete idiots. We are low platinum or high gold so we are used to our teammates knowing what to do. after about 2 hours of BS we decided to play a casual game and this is where things started getting kinda creepy.

We got put in a game and the score was 2-0. We knew we would probably lose so we just screwed around for the final round. The next game we got two guys from our old team and thinking this was ironic I said “Hey guys fancy seeing you around here.” receiving the expected “shut up faggot.”

The two guys were doing really bad so me and my friend called this out and started to side roast them. This was probably a mistake but who the hell wouldn’t have done that. The guy started to get really pissed off and threatening us.

Thinking he was all talk I waved it off and continued playing. after the game we decided to get off and just chill out in the party. I payed no attention to the screen so my friend asked me if I knew who had joined. I recognized the guy from the game we had played before and said hey. He didn’t respond. We tried kicking him after a few questions we asked him went unanswered. We could not. We tried leaving but it wouldn’t let us.

My friends phone buzzes so he goes and checks it. In a panicked voice he says “oh shit” he screams into the microphone saying who the hell are you and how do you know where I live. I got shivers throughout my body. The guy then left.

Nothing else happened after this except for the occasional phone call or text message to him, a friend, or a family member consisting of psychopathic laughter or just breathing. This was honestly the creepiest moment in all my life.


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