Creepy Christmas

By Jay

Let me say first I am 31 now an have a great memory of everything. So even if it was mundane I would Remember it all too. However Christmas 1992 was far from mundane for me.

I was 7 years old it was Christmas Eve I was very mature no longer believing in Santa Clause knew my parents was ones buying gifts. My Father a security guard for Burns Security worked nights. My mother was asleep. My sister and I snuck down to tree too check on gifts see if shaking them we could guess what we got.

A car pulled up in the driveway an parked 11pm no one should of been visiting us. I checked out window seen a green Nova . Not my Dads blue F150 ,he was not due until 6am anyway. A heavy set man got out drinking out a brown bag tossing it in bushes. He was dressed like Santa, he removed his fake white beard threw it in car went around back of our house.

We went an hid behind our living room sofa .The guy came thrust the kitchen went upstairs. He was gone about 30 minutes I got worried about my mother’s safety went back upstairs there was noises coming from my parents room.

I went to the cracked open door peering inside I see his hand over my mothers mouth an him on top of her bouncing his pants around his ankles she sees me her eyes widened. I slip into the shadows confused, the man turned but did not see me called her a bitch an continued. I went back downstairs went in the kitchen .

Ashley came in asking is mom ok Jason. I told her I wasn’t sure .I got the largest knife in the wood block of knives on the counter an a flashlight from the drawer. I sent my 4 year old sister Ashley to the neighbors house the lady their was our babysitter often told her to wake them up we had a stranger in our place. She did I crept back upstairs got too the door my mother was on her stomach now instead of her back facing away from me. I snuck in right behind The guy an stabbed him as hard as I could.

Wish given I was 7 was not very hard probably but knife sunk in his back fat he screamed turned backhanding me to the ground proceeding to kick me repeatedly until he heard my mother scream she would be calling the police. He left .The police arrived shortly after.

They got me an ambulance. I spent Christmas in the Hospital, broken nose an 3 fractured ribs. Mom told the police Jason misunderstood the situation an attacked her friend who was drunk an beat me up. She told my father I saved her from a rapist. Yet wouldn’t do a rape kit.

An described a thin Black friend not a fat white friend, I told my father she was lying he was fat an white drove a green car like my uncle Jim’s blue car. He immediately knew the guy from her work at the mall. She had told him he was a gay friend. They divorced . I had 16 years of psychiatric counseling.

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  1. Omg, I don’t know what to say about this to be honest.
    It’s a horrible thing for you to go through and I can’t imagine how it made you feel.
    Sorry you had to go through this.

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