Creepy Bedroom

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I’ve been convinced for the longest time that my bedroom is haunted. It sounds very cliché, and the reasons why do too, which is why I don’t speak of it often. When I was 9, I had woken up to see, for a moment, a demon-like girl, and what seemed to be a puddle of blood at the foot of my bed. I closed my eyes, sure I was just hallucinating, I had after all just woke up.

Once I reopened my eyes, it was gone. I rolled over onto my side, and tried to go back to sleep. That’s when I felt a breath right on my ear. I’d never jumped out of bed so quickly.

That experience is the foundation for the belief my room is haunted. It wasn’t hard to move on and forget that moment, I’d convinced myself it was just my 9 year old mind. I’m now 15, and not so sure it was just my mind.

Last summer, 2016 summer to be exact, I was in my room; sitting at my desk, and my dog curled up on my bed. It was almost midnight, so I was the only one still awake. I was watching Friends, but then my TV started to pause and then fast forward.

Annoyed, I shut the TV off. Then, my dog starts whimpering and pacing around the room. It was like he was trying to hide from something. He’d occasionally stop and growl. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my desk chair about to have a panic attack; because I was remembering how dogs supposedly are able to see ghosts.

I grabbed my dog and ran out of the room, going to wake my mom. She groggily and annoyedly told me it was fine, but as I was walking back to my room, I heard my rocking chair creak.

A few months later I’d gotten over the situation. November 2016 rolls around, and I’m lying in bed. I was trying to fall asleep, Spongebob was on, and the TV remote was sitting atop my desk.

I say this because, the TV paused by itself again. Thinking nothing of it, I get up and unpause it. Lying back down, I get comfortable. That’s when the TV changes channels. Now, this wouldn’t be too bad, just a normal TV error, except on the channel it turned to, The Exorcist was on.

I laid there, heart pounding, waiting for the movie to play. But, the screen remained black. I finally had enough, got up, turned the TV off completely, grabbed my dog, and ran out of the room.

Its now March, and nothing has happened since. I don’t have my TV on much anymore, just because there’s nothing interesting on. I just still wonder if something else is going to happen, or if it was all nothing but TV mishaps and my imagination?

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