Creepy backwoods experience

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Hi, my name is Carter, I’m a freshman in high school, and I live in a house that has a huge expanse of forest behind it. I explore these woods behind my house quite often, and I used to make trips through it to get to my ex-girlfriend’s house with ease since I don’t have a car(at the time of this story I was still dating her). Unfortunately, I had an experience that has guaranteed that neither I, nor my ex, will ever set foot in those woods ever again.

This happened over 8th grade summer break.

I left my house around 10:00 to get to hers, it was dark, but I wasn’t worried, I had made the trek many times before, plus, her parents were going on vacation for a week, so I was willing to walk through the forest alone at night if it meant being alone with her for a week.

it was about a 20 minute walk going straight north, and I was confident that I would get there within 5 minutes after her parents left.

Now, my girlfriend and I had made plans for a doctor who netflix marathon, we were both major nerds, but of course, I was still excited to be alone with her for the night.

After walking for maybe 5 minutes or so, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, I turned to see nothing there. Slightly disturbed, I texted my girlfriend to wait for me at her backdoor, I was worried that I may have to run from a wild coyote or something, and I wanted to be sure she would be ready to open and close the door quickly if I did end up running for it.

It was then that, I kid you not, I heard her say my name, and I immediately knew something was off, the voice I heard say my name said it in an almost seductive manner, but my ex had never talked to me in a seductive tone, nor did I think she even knew how to sound seductive.

Plus, she was at her house, so I knew that whatever I heard couldn’t be her.

I started walking faster, checking my phone to be sure I was going north.

Then, I saw movement in the corner of my eye again, I turned even quicker than before, and I saw it, a pale, naked, humanoid creature, or at least it’s head.

Then, to my horror, it slowly stood up.

Now, I’m a 6-foot-tall guy, so I’m not by any means small, but this thing towered over me. I was more terrified than I’d ever been before, but I had one advantage that probably saved my life, I have a very strong, very fast acting, fight or flight response, before this thing had even fully stood up, I was booking it north.

I could see the lights of my girlfriend’s house through the trees, and I started screaming to her OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR!” I was maybe 10 yards from the door when I saw her open it, I heard her start to reply “Carter, why are you yelling? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!”.

I didn’t reply, I just ran in the house, and without stopping, grabbed the door knob, and slammed the door shut. I heard a loud bang from the door, as if something large had hit it at a high speed. My girlfriend was hysterical, she kept yelling that we were going to die,

I sat her down on a couch, and managed to calm her down.

We stayed on that couch for the rest of the night, terrified. Later, she told me that the thing had been right behind me, and that it had actually been about to grab me, when I had managed to somehow put on an extra burst of speed, and shut the door. I still don’t know what that thing was, but I can guarantee that no one could ever, make me go into that forest again.

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