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This had actually happened when my step-mom and the baby had moved in. Which was a bit over a year ago. I was babysitting both of my younger brothers while my parents went out to dinner. Right now, we live in a one-bedroom apartment in SouthWest Detroit, so it was small and simple. Mind you, it was a bit cramped, but we made it work. I was feeding the baby, that I’ll call Joseph, while my other brother was playing his videogames. Michael, the other brother, was playing online with some friends so he wouldn’t bother me. Joseph was watching ‘Super Why‘ on Netflix.

I was sitting on the couch, while texting my bestfriend Bre. Okay, let me give you a bit of a back story. In 2016 some time during June, killed himself after his sister had died and I had dumped him. It was a long distance relationship and it rose my paranoia and trust issues. But, since I had the news, I’ve felt like there was a presence pearing over my shoulder and breathing on my neck.

After a bit, I did get used to the feeling. That never helped that I heard foot-steps in the halls. Before, I had brushed it off as the couple upstairs. Oh how I regret that. Our house had started giving off an odd feeling, and it was colder than it should have been. My parents and siblings never noticed, but I did have a better sense than them.

The night before I could have sworn I had seen a tall male shadowed form run at me, but stopped right in front of me before I fell asleep. My step-mother said it was just me hallucinating.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Well, I was sat beside Joseph as he ate some ‘Cheetos Puffs‘. Our door was locked and the bathroom door was open, along with the windows. It was warm outside so I was letting the light breeze in. Joseph was looking at somethint in the room and being completely silence. He usually babbled as he ate.

I had looked at him and noticed he was staring at the corner. Following his eyes, I didn’t see anything and just shrugged it off. Mind you, I’m a slightly thick 14 year old girl, with short brown hair and big blueish-green eyes, and I had a few admirers. So, when I heard a small tap on a window never really spooked me. Oh, I regretted that to.

I heard footsteps running from the kitchen to the living room as a breeze sent chills up my spine. This had made my anxiety rise. Suddenly, all the windows slammed closed and the bathroom door slammed closed. It shocked the three of us. Michael had thrown his headphones and controller before running out to me. Joseph began to cry and scream in horror. Honestly, I had to seem like the one to protect them, even though I was scared shitless.

I grabbed the baby from his seat and the 9-year-old before hurrying behind the couch. I had to calm the kids down. It never helped that I was even beginning to cry. The whole floor had shifted, and I just had to call 911. I had to stay on the line, explain everything, and try to calm my siblings all at once.

Just before the cops had bursted through the door, a knife had nearly stabbed through my shoulder. The police had investigated and we had to stay at my grandmother’s house. They claimed they had never found anything and it never calmed my nerves. My parents had freaked out, even taking me to the hospital. Stupid, right? Michael doesn’t remember it and Joseph didn’t seemed to fazed.

After we were able to go back home, I still felt the breathing on my neck and the eeri presence around me. I still see that shadowed figure and nearly have a panic-attack. My therapist just says that it’s just my anxiety but I don’t think it is.

I know, my story doesn’t make much sense. It has only been about two months. Not many believe in the supernatural, but I do, and this moment only made it worse. Just be careful and tell others when you have those odd moments.

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