Creeper at the bus stop

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I’m 15 and 5 feet tall, I have severe social anxiety and don’t deal with people well, this is important details for the story, it was around [3:30] when I had to get my six year old brother from daycamp, everything went well until we got to the bus stop. We sat down and I started playing on my DS while I waited when I heard someone yell at me “Hey You” I was confused and worried I did something to anger someone, I replied to the person “yes?” I looked behind me to see who it was and it was a teenage boy waving at me “is that a DS?”, confused by this I said it was indeed a DS, he then responded with “what game are you playing?” I was seriously starting to freak out at this time, after some more normal questions he started asking me more personal questions like my age if I was single and if I was part of the popular crowd I decided to ignore him in hopes to break his attention off of me when he said to me “your really pretty, we should be friends” I was seriously freaking out I replied saying I didn’t know him and wasn’t intrested in being his friend, at this point our bus pulled up and I anxiously got on the bus, as I did I could hear him behind me yelling “Goodbye best friend, I will see you later, I love you so much”. I know it’s not scary to the average person but for someone with severe anxiety it wasn’t fun, I haven’t seen him since and honestly I’m not sure what was wrong with him. Let’s hope u don’t see him again.



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