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When I was younger, around 6 years old, I was just like any other normal kid.  I played outside every day, and rode my bike as much as I could with my friends in the neighborhood.  I never really got into anything “scary” or give it all much thought at that age, until I was caught in the middle of something paranormal that I didn’t understand.

I lived in South Carolina, in Orangeburg, which is in a much older part of the State.  Historical buildings, large Victorian style homes, and historical colonial sites abound in that region pretty prevalently.   The house I lived in was an older home built in the 1970s that had a fairly unique style.  It had a full concrete porch that was built into the house, so that the roof of the house actually covered the open porch as well as the rest of the house.  If you came in through the garage on the left side of the house (if you were facing it) you would walk into the small kitchen.  Then you would walk into the living room (which had a back door into our yard).   Our hallway was off of the living room, and it was ‘T’ shaped, having bedrooms on both sides of the top of the ‘T’.  My parent’s bedroom was off the left side of the ‘T’, along with a guest room.  On the right side was my sister’s room and my room adjacent to each other.   The layout will become important later.  My room had a large window that went from the floor to the ceiling on the wall that overlooked the front yard.  This large window would become the source of a lot of my paranormal experiences.

This all started whenever the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial came out on VHS.  My dad had picked up me and my sister from school, and we were going home.  He said he picked up this new movie and we were going to get pizza and watch it together on my dad’s large screen projector television.  I was a kid afraid of anything creepy at the time, so I, naturally, asked my father “Is this a scary movie?”  It was my go- to question for new movies that we were going to watch, because I was not going to sit through a terrifying movie.  My dad, being a prankster, told me it was terrifying, that it was the scariest movie he had ever heard of.  So I, naturally, did not want to watch it.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, of which you could easily see into the living room and even watch the TV, and I would sneak peeks at the movie.  Certain scenes stuck out to me, such as the E.T. in the cornfield jump scare that would send my gaze back into the kitchen, or onto my arms as I hid my head.  But as the movie went on, I had this stigma of being nervous and scared, so now any time I saw that creepy long-necked alien, I was scared.  The next big scene that absolutely terrified me, was when E.T. was sick and he was all white and reached up to the camera for some help.  The creepy white E.T. definitely stuck into my head as you will see later.

So, I was introduced to the most terrifying alien monster this world has ever seen in E.T.  As time goes by in this house, things started happening that were unexplainable.  Cupboards would be open randomly.  The fridge would open by itself.  Any visitors that we got at the house always felt uncomfortable.  The ‘T’ shaped hallway itself would become a beacon for skin crawling creepiness.  Often my parents would send me to my room to get something or put something away, so I would run as fast as I could down the hallway, kick on my light so that I could have light as soon as possible.  The entire time I was running down the hallway I had a feeling I was being chased.  I would turn around and swear I could see shadows chasing me, and it felt evil.

Other times I would sleep in my bedroom (I had bunk beds by the way) I would be facing the large window in my room.  Through this window of terror, I would see shapes of things in the yard running around.  I would also see a large white E.T. with glowing red eyes and sharp fangs staring at me through the window.  I’ve seen this image so many times that my parents were used to it.  They, also, did not believe me on any of this, as I was just a child with an overactive imagination, even though they all had their own experiences.

Because of the haunted window and the other things that scared me, I usually moved my beds several times so that I would not have to look at the window or the open door way.  I often had friends over and I would never mention any of these things to them that I have seen, because I did not want them to be scared to stay at my house.

One night, I had friends over.  We were sleeping in my room and had broken apart the bunk beds to make 2 beds near each other.  They were facing the hallway door from my room.  The door was closed.  I was just about to sleep when I saw light slowly creep into the room from the hallway, like the door was slowly being opened.  My heart, of course, started racing and I was getting that sick and terrified feeling again.  I looked into the hallway from the room to see a whitish-grey hand holding the door as it was pushing it open slowly.  At this point in my life, I was terrified of aliens of any kind.  The greys being the one that made my skin crawl.   The white hand moved aside and in walks 2 alien greys.  They were wearing a black skin tight garment of some kind and they walked into the room in between the beds.  My eyes were the only thing peeking above the blanket.  My friends were asleep in the other bed and on the floor to my right, I was on the left bed.  The greys just looked around and us and at me, turned around and left.

The second they left, my friend on the right of me freaked out and asked me what the heck that was.  I told him they were aliens, and I am glad he saw them too.  His brother also was awake apparently and spoke up about them as well.  So I felt validated at that point, and that was comforting.

A little back-story on the aliens will help.  My mother was a hard-core alien, UFO conspiracy obsessed person.  She had her own experience in that house with these alien greys and a UFO allegedly landing in our back yard.  So, I did not know how to take that as truth or not, considering the side I was dealing with was of spirits, or demons.  However, when I did see the giant E.T. out of my window, it was always back lit by some giant bright light that I felt the entire neighborhood should have seen.  I am also reminded of the movie ‘Dark Skies’ where everything going on in the house seemed and felt paranormal, but it was aliens in the end.

So after all of those experiences, we had a pretty solid basis of a steady ‘haunt’ going on at our house, and for some reason I was in the middle of it.

A few months later, I was asleep in my room on my bottom bunk.  My mother was a nurse and worked 2nd shift, which would end very late at night around midnight.  She would park in the garage and walk through the kitchen, down the hall, and to the left to her room.  Keep in mind she has to walk through the living room to get to the hallway.  After she was in her pajamas and ready to settle down for the night, she had an odd feeling to check on her kids.  As I now I have kids, I know the feeling.  So she went down the hall to my sister’s room and saw her asleep and fine.  Then she went into my room and looked around and could not find me.  She called my name and started to get upset as she knew she just walked through the house and I was not in any other part of the house.  Feeling frantic she checked my sister’s room again, the guest room, her room even, and then went further through the house.  She found me asleep on the couch, tucked in to a well-made bed.  I had a sheet under me, and one on top of me.  I had a pillow under my head, and a large and very heavy wool-blanket covering me up and tucked into the sides.  I looked very cozy.

My mom was thoroughly confused, as she had just walked into the living room from coming home and I was not on the couch.  So, she decided to wake me up and ask me how I got there so fast.  She shook me awake and asked,  my reply still creeps her out to this day, I said “That nice man picked me up and put me in here.”  Instantly she was scared and ran through the house trying to see if anyone else was here, but there wasn’t as my dad was snoring in their bedroom.

Now, from what I remember, I was asleep in bed.  I was on the bottom bunk and on my back when, all of a sudden,  I was woken up.   I do not know how, but I was just awake.  I was not sleepy, and I was not scared at all.  Then I saw a man lean over the bed and look at me.  I remember his face so well, even 30 years later, because he looked like Jesus.  Like what the artist impressions of Jesus are on any religious artwork you find.  He was wearing robes and everything.  He looked down at me and said “We are going to put you somewhere safer.”   I remember being lifted up, but I was still lying down completely.  I remember being carried out of my room, It was as if I was floating down the hallway.  I saw the top of the bathroom go by and I was then put down on the couch and tucked in and the bed made real quickly and I fell back asleep only to be woken by my mom later asking how I got there.

I am guessing that this finally got to my parents, as they had a priest come to the house and bless it and remove any evil in it.  I think things finally calmed down after that, however, I still felt uneasy in the house.  When we moved away finally when I was 13, it was a freeing experience and I felt a lot better after that.  We asked the new home owners if they have experienced anything in the house, and so far they have not.  So I suppose whatever it was finally was removed, or moved on.

So I do not know if it was aliens, or demons, or whatever, but I do know that it was not normal and not of this realm.  I have since become interested in the paranormal, I am no longer terrified of E.T., however it does give me goosebumps from time to time.  I am also interested in cryptids and anything else I can get my hands on that is a mystery.  As for being a kid that is haunted, just wait until you hear about my grandmother’s house that, to this day, is still a haunted ‘gateway’, or so I’ve come to call it.


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