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I just want to note that this is not my story, I am telling this from one of my cousins point of view. And he does not do drug and he was not drunk at the time these sightings took place. So I was around 20-21 at the time it was me and my girlfriend we where driving down this old road, somewhere around Odessa TX, . I can remember what it was called but I have driven down it a few times, not very many. We where heading to go get something to eat and we where passing through this road at around 10:00pm. this road was very dark at nights, and a dense wooded area. I was driving and I started to see something in the distance, it looked like a huge bird.

And its wing span is what got me the most, its damn wings looked like they could easily cover the size of the whole road. And it was coming my way and fast, but once this thing got closer I quickly realized. That this was not no bird, oh no this thing had a long beak and it appeared sharp actually. And it had like a cone shaped thing sticking out of the back of its head, and it had grey like skin. it was flying so fast too our car and me and girlfriend where in complete shock. Finally I said ”duck this things gonna tear off the roof” so we both ducked me trying to hold the steering wheel in place. And all we heard was a shwoshhhhhhh carried on by flapping noises, I looked in my rear view mirror. But damn it was just so dark I could not see anything.

We hightailed out of there I wish it ended right here, but no oh no I was wrong thinking it was over. The next thing is more weird than scary what we saw next probably maybe a 2 minutes later standing in the side of the road was a dog. It looked like a chow dog it actually looked kind of cute. But what caught me was how it was just there with no collar, and it started to put on a mean face. not a mean face but u know how dogs get when they feel the need to look more intimidating, that face. I should have just driven off, and not be stopped right there, big mistake. cause what this dog did next was creepy, its eyes turned  red, and now it put on a mean face to the point where it was showing teeth, then we hauled ass. Me and my wife stopped in the next town to get a bite to eat, we both went into Wataburger to get are food. When we got are food we parked in a parking spot outside the restaurant, we ate then sat in silence. We both did this for about 10 minutes just thinking about what we both just witnessed.

I finally broke the silence by saying ”we have to use that same damn road to get back home” now we could have used another road that would take us home but it would take a very long time. my wife suggested we stay in a hotel or sleep in the car, but I insisted we wait a little bit. big mistake going back though I should have listened to my wife and just booked a hotel. So we went back to that road, and us half way through it and on the side of the road again was this thing it appeared to be 4 foot tall and hairy. Except this time I did not stop I kept going, this is just the glimpse of this thing that I saw. It looked like it was chewing more like knawing on something, and well guess what. It had red eyes too just like the dog me and my wife saw earlier, but I couldn’t really see a face it was so dark. And it had so much hair the first thing that came to my mind was Alf. It reminded me of Alf I don’t think my wife saw this monster though, and that was fine with me.

And I mean probably 5 minutes later maybe not even, that damn fucking bird thing came back except we where driving right behind it. it may not have even known we where driving right behind it either, and we followed it for about 100 yards until it went back into the woods. I don’t think we got that much sleep last night either once we returned home. And the next morning I reported it to the police they didn’t really do anything to be honest. But one day the police came knocking on my door they said if I had time to talk and I said yes. They wanted to hear my story because they said that a man came in and reported the same bird like creature that me and my wife saw. The closest thing I could find to resemble it was a pterodactyl, and as for the other monsters. I’m guessing they are just demons that live on this world even thought it sounds scary. there are things out there that cannot be explained.

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