Creature of the corn

My name is drew. And this story takes place northwest Ohio last summer at my friends house. My friend named cole had me over to hunt what ever had killed his chickens (which body parts were all over the yard) so we set up camp and get ready to watch and see what had killed his chickens.

This is where you need to know the layout of where we set up camp. We were at the corner of his property with corn behind us and on the sides of us and we were also 15 feet away from his chicken coop.

We sit there quietly chatting and watching and then I hear this deep growl and my friend cole was talking at the time but I heard it. I told him to shut up cause I just heard a growl behind us. So we sit there in silence for a minute and then this time we both hear the growl, and it was so deep and loud no animal that we knew sounded like that. So I instantly know that’s something’s wrong. I tell him to run and we took off, as soon as we did we heardcrashing of the corn behind us. We make it to the deck of his house.

I turn around and the entire time this animal/thing was growling and making these noises extremely loud. So I see the corn moving and you can tell where this creature was head too. So I grab Coles 20 gauge and fire off 2 quick shots. Then we hear this growl/scream so loud I had to cover my ears and then the creature runs through the corn so fast it was done in seconds.

We didn’t go to sleep that night. The next morning we went and looked at the corn and there were a bunch of footprints and blood. Be careful what you hunt, something may be hunting you.



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