Creature in a wood

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This incident happened in Spring 2012 on a nice, sunny day at about 3:00 in the afternoon while I was in the car with my boyfriend and mother. I was 20 years old.

We were coming back from the grocery store, and the road we would most often take was in the country and had some sharp turns along it. As we pull off the busier Farm road onto this road, we get about half a mile down the road where the first sharp turn is located. At this point right before the curve, there is a large field located diagonally-right to our position in the street, and a property of about 2-3 acres directly in front of us. There is a home on this property pushed way back, with a smaller, brushy wood in the very front of their property closest to the road with many trees and thorny bushes.

As we begin to take this sharp curve to the left, I see out of the corner of my eye from my position in the front passenger’s seat that something black is coming up on us extremely fast. Before I have time to even look to see what it is, the black mass is to the right of us in the brushy wood. It seemingly slowed its pace down to the match the speed of the car, and no noise was emitted – even stranger was that it didn’t maneuver through the wooded area to avoid branches. It simply kept on in a straight line going about the speed of our vehicle, roughly 25-30 mph.

At this point my mother and I both were freaking out, but my boyfriend was too preoccupied with his game to look out of the window from the backseat (he was/is pretty oblivious to things). I tried to discern any distinguishable features, but from what I could tell, the creature looked to be long – like 6.5 to 7 feet long. It was black as night, with a bulbous portion at the front which I presumed to be the head. I never saw any eyes, or a beak, or even claws. It did have what looked to be a tattered black material flowing at the end, which almost looked like ripped up trash bags but didn’t have a shine to them.

As we kept driving about 50-75 feet past the start of the wood, there was a sudden end to the wood where the next property began. At this point, the flying thing, still soundless, made a sharp 90-degree turn away from us and disappeared completely.

I remember feeling very frightened and paranoid for about a week after this happened, and refused to go outside alone. We lived in the country with no streetlights, with no flood light coming from the house to light the property, and lived across from a large wood ourselves.

Some people have tried to tell me that this was a species of large owls that I saw, or a type of hawk, and I just can’t accept that. I’ve been ridiculed for thinking that it’s anything other than normal, but with my history of paranormal experiences, I know that this was something likely not of this world. I even went to a cryptozoologist and they didn’t even seem to know – they guessed that maybe it was Witchbird.

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