Crazy Pizza Hut Lady

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I was laying in Bed wanting a Pizza So I grabbed my Phone and Called up Pizza Hut Because that was the closest They said the Pizza would bee there in 10 Minutes.But it wasn’t until 50 Minutes later until The Pizza Hut Car pulled up with a Woman Who Looked High on Drugs got out of the car.

She got out without a Uniform And with a Pizza in hand and I thought Ok well at least I get my Pizza But when she handed to me it felt light I looked in the box and it was empty and I looked at her and said “what the Hell?”

The Pizza Place Called me and Said The pizza car has been stolen and the Worker was Stabbed and Died and I said Quietly “But a lady with the car is at my house” They said “RUN” but she pulled put a knife and cut me in shoulder.

I ran upstairs and locked the door to my Bedroom And she tried to Break the door down just as she was about to break the door down The police sirens blared and She Ran but got Caught in the end I found out Pizza Hut had called The Police and i was so relieved and They gave me a full Year of Free Pizza So that was the end of that story Crazy Drugged Pizza Lady Lets never meet again.

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