My crazy lyft driver

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Hi my name is Jessica. I’m 23 and live in Knoxville Tennessee. I’ve never been big on social media or apps so I had never heard of lyft until I saw it on the news. I always drive where ever I go because I get car sick while other people are driving. But enough of that let’s get to the story.

I was visiting my brother pierce in California. He moved down there because he loves acting and plays small roles in tv shows or movies. And Cali was right up his alley. I had been there for three days when got a call and had to leave for a job.

He going to be an extra on the walking dead which is one of my favorite shows.

Anyways that just gave me more time to get to know my brothers husband Tom. Me and Tom really hit it off. We shared a bowl of pop corn and watched the news episode of supernatural before moving on to Shane Dawson and SuperMarioLogan videos on YouTube. We went to bed around three a.m.. It was a great night.

The next day Pierce wasn’t home yet so we called him and he said he. Would be home tomorrow. Tom and I decided that we should go shopping and have a day out. We left the house around twelve. We had a long day of shopping.

It was around five that evening and we had a lot of bags so tom decide that we should get a lyft to take us home. The app said there was a driver right around the corner so we didn’t have to wait long. When the driver pulled he was very nice.

He was driving a Honda Civic that was in good condition and had a bright smile on his face. “Hello my name is Kyle I’m your driver! You can put your bags in the trunk if you like!” We said thank you had he opened the trunk. When he opened the trunk a horrible stench hit me in the face and I noticed a dark spot in the side of the trunk. Tom looked at the guy and said,”Hey man what is that dark spot?”

The guy got a grim look on his face and said “Don’t ask!”

Tom and i looked at each other and I could see that he was thinking the same thing I was. We just sat are bags in the trunk and got in the back of the car. When the guy got in he locked the doors and started driving.

“ Hey man you didn’t ask where we need to go!”

The guy just looked in the mirror and said I know where I want you to go!” We tried to call the police on our phone but he stopped and yanked them out of our hands. “NO PHONES IN THE CAR!”

I just looked at him and said “Where the hell are you taking us. We’ve been driving for twenty minutes. Just take us to our house and be on your way.” I almost shit my pants because this guys eyes turned red and he screamed “That blood in the trunk is from the last person I killed. The last person that was stupid enough to get in a strangers car and let them drive them somewhere.

I’m trying to make this world a better place, Peopel are so lazy that they can’t walk a couple of miles home! Well now I’m going to make sure lazy people like you don’t walk at all!” He punches the gas and tire of down the road. We weren’t what far from my brothers house just about three miles. In noticed that toms door was unlocked. I wisperd my plan into his ear and he nodded.

The next thing I know we are rolling in the grass. We run into the forest, ignoring the screaming of the man behind us.

After about a mile we found a gas station and ducked inside. We saw the guy pull up outside and ran to the bathroom. We got in the stall and stayed in there for about twenty minutes. We called the police and gave our report, the officer said that she would drive us home. When we got home we thanked her and ran inside.

We slept in the same bed that night and when my brother got home we both latched on I him. I’m still here, sitting on the couch with my brother and Tom. And we are staring at this dark shadow behind the curtains on the window. Every night since that man picked us up we have seen shadows in the windows, heard banging on the side of the house, and hear laughing during the night. I will update if anything else happens.

I included a picture, if you see this man, do not approach him. He is a psycho .

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I don’t understand why you two didn’t say no. After seeing the spot and smelling the stink from his trunk – there’s NO WAY I would have gotten in! Instead I would have, if you’re not comfortable in telling him the truth, that I forgot something and sorry for wasting his time. Immediately after I would have contacted Lyft & the police. Then I would have walked a little before scheduling another Lyft. There’s just no way I would have gotten in his car. Nope!