Crazy Ex Tries To Stab Me

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My name is Jacob, I am a 14 year old boy from Ottawa, Canada. this story takes place about 2 years ago at the beginning of 8th grade. One day this new girl (we’re going to name her Claire) came to my school, Claire wasn’t in any of my classes but she was in my good friends class, Cole. A week goes by, nothing out of the ordinary happens, then one day at lunch Claire and a group of her new friends were looking at me and my friend Cole, we didn’t think much of it but later that night I got a text from a random number that I didn’t know. The text said “hey” followed by 2 extra “y’s” I responded with a “who’s this” she then said “it’s the girl from lunch that was looking at you” so we started texting and hanging out at school and stuff and I started to like her. Then when I felt the time was right I asked her out, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. She told all of her friends and the news quickly got to my cousin who is a year younger and goes to Claire’s old school (we’ll name her Dani). Dani then texts me saying this: “why Jacob, you barley know her, you don’t know what she has done” I responded with “what do you mean” Dani then says “she smokes, she’s lost her virginity already”… I was thinking well damn, this is my chance to… then I saw the last part, “she put her last boyfriend in the hospital after stabbing him 2 times in the gut”. My heart dropped because this was my first ever “real relationship” and I didn’t want that happening to me. I was very curious to see if these “rumors” were true so I texted her that night asking she wanted to play 21 questions. She agreed, we started off with “what’s your favorite color” and simple questions like that, then I got into the more serious questions “have you done drugs, have you lost your virginity?” which she all said yes to. Then on the last question before I had to go to bed, I asked “what happened to your last boyfriend?” she then responded with “what do you mean? have you already heard the rumors? who told you?” I didn’t want to snitch on my cousin so I just said that I was just curious” she then said “I got to go, bye!”

The next day comes along, she asks me to go over to her place and that she was home alone, scared of what happened to her last boyfriend but excited cause she wasn’t a virgin I said yes, as soon as I texted “yes” my dad calls me up from the basement and says “Jacob come up for hockey! We’re running late and it’s the first practice of the year” I was upset and relived at the same time, relived that I had a real excuse not to go over, and upset that I couldn’t. After hockey I come home to my friend.. (we’ll name him Cameron).. Cameron texted me 30 minutes ago and it said this “sucks you couldn’t go over to Claire’s house, you would’ve had the best experience of your life :)” I quickly responded with “Cameron, what happened” he said “your girlfriend, it felt so good…” I was heart broken, my good friend Cameron who knew I was dating Claire had sex with her. I texted Claire immediately after “Claire, we are done don’t text me again” She said “please Jacob, it was a mistake I don’t know what i was doing” I said “no, we’re done” she sent me a picture on Snapchat of her arm all cut up and the caption “thanks Jacob” I went to bed and didn’t say anything, just let her take her time yo recover, the next morning i woke up to over 100 text messages with the knife emoji. I was so scared for my life, it was Monday so I had to go to school and her locker was behind mine so I couldn’t see if she was going to attack me. The day went by super slow and I was so scared that I went to the principal’s office and asked if they can do a locker search because I felt very un safe at school. The principal asked why and I showed her the texts messages, she didn’t hesitate to say yes she can go check her locker for my safety. When she came back she told me what she found and I was in shock. She said that she had found 2 grams of weed, a bong, a needle with ink, razor blades, and a 3 inch knife with “Jacob” engraved into it. The principal quickly called the police and she was expelled from the school. I haven’t heard anything about her until last week and it was when I saw my cousin Dani at a wedding and she said that Claire has moved to 3 different schools because of 3 similar incidences to mine.

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