My Crazy Ex Girlfriend

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I was only 16 years old when his happened. It all started at this party that my friend threw. He was a pretty close friend so I was pretty much obligated to go, although I didn’t want to. I was helping my friend who was throwing the party set up. Since we were kids and thought we were so cool, we had his older brother buy us some alcohol for the party. I’m outside setting up the alcohol, cautious because cops usually do checks throughout the night, and I see this car rolling up to the house. Being the stupid kid I was, I went up to the car. I yelled, “The party doesn’t start for another hour.” Ignoring me, she walks out of the car and trots towards the house. We lock eyes and all I’ll say is that I woke up with her in my friends bed.

She stuck around for a while until we got into fights. Not just little fights, I mean full on arguments. Throwing furniture and not seeing each other until the end of the night. I ended up breaking up with her.

A few weeks go by, living my new, single life, not hearing anything from her. Then, I started getting creepy texts of me in my room, sometimes sleeping. I brushed it off like it was one of my family members pulling a prank on me. Months go by with theses texts, starting to get worried because none of my family is owning up to it and things are getting creepier. I get knocks on my window in the middle of the night, seeing figures at my windows, etc. My new girlfriend is now getting creepy texts saying, “He will always be mine” or “stay away.” This is where we involved the police, tracking the texts and catching her. I never heard of her again.

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