Craigslist Mishap

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This story was told to me by my friend, let’s call her Katie.

Katie was on a craigslist looking for a new car. She heard a ‘tap tap’ on her window and ignored it thinking that it was starting to rain because it was supposed to rain later that night.  She found a car, I don’t remember what car it was but the car was going for around 1,400. Which for her was a good deal, and replied saying that she was interested.

The next day, she woke up and realized that the person who posted the ad responded, giving her an address. She replied with I’ll be right over, and then heard another ‘tap tap’ on her window again. She brushed it off again, and yelled at her mom, “I’m taking the car, I’ll be right back.” Her mom replied with a simple okay. When she got in the car she typed the address into the GPS and took off. The drive was maybe an hour away which didn’t bother her because she lived in the country at this time.

This is where it gets chilling. When she got to the address she looked over and saw a run-down house. She got out of the car and was greeted right away by the supposed advertiser. He said, “The car is in the garage.” and walk behind Katie and started to lightly push her towards the garage. She told me that at this point alarms started going off but she ignored them. He pushed a button that was in his hand which opened the garage. She saw the car and just glanced over behind the car, and saw a wall of pictures.

She walked in and looked at the car. “She runs great, I got her a few months ago, but my buddy gave me his Jeep.” Katie told me she walked to the back of the car and glanced to where the pictures where. What she saw, scares me to this day. She saw row and rows of pictures of her, taken from outside a window. She realized what the ‘tap tap’ sound had been and started to run.  The man pinned her to the wall of the garage. Something you should know about Katie is that she always carries a pocket knife with her in case of an emergency. She pulled out her knife and stabbed him with it. She ran to her car when the man screamed in agony.

When she got into her car she grabbed her phone and called the cops, and drove home. Thats all she told me but it left me shaken.

The reason why im sharing this is to warn everyone, never trust anyone on the internet. Thanks for listening.

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