Confession of a Security Officer.

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First of all i want to start by saying i did not see what did this, but is had to be something. This took place in the summer of 2007. I had just started working at a security company, and was tasked with guarding an apartment building that was under construction. Workers were there until about 6 P.M., and i would make sure no one came in and stole any of the equipment, or supplies. There apartments were the kind that had stairs on each end that went up and down with open ended corridor. The doors were those aluminium ones, and this is important later. Part of my job at this site was to patrol the four stories every hour, and make sure all the doors were still closed and locked. At about 2 A.M. I left my car, which was seconding as my office, and started to walk around. As i got to the third floor of the second building i just felt fight, flight, or freeze kick in. So i just bolted. I made it down the hall and to the end of the stairs, and started jumping down the stairs. I made it back to my car, and stayed in it until sunrise. When i went to go investigate before the morning construction crews came in i found on one of the doors on the third floor bent and swung opened. I went to examine the door, and make sure no one had broken in. When i closed the door my stomach dropped. On the outside of the door was three deep claw marks. Each one about a hand’s width apart from the others. It had torn through the door, and done so much damage that they had to replace it. I never heard anything approaching, and if not for my instincts i would have probably not be here to type this up.


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