Clingy Lyft Driver

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This strange encounter happened to me a year ago. I was around 18 years old when I decided to try out Lyft for the first time. Now before i begin, im not the best writer and english isn’t my first language so bear with me.

As I was enjoying a night out with my best friends downtown Chicago, I realized it was getting late so i had to get to the train station before i miss the last train. I didnt have a car before so the train and uber were my way of getting around. I wanted to try lyft, so i order one and i wait outside the restaurant while I hug my friends goodbye for the night. It only took three minutes for my Lyft to arrive.

As i get in the backseat, I say “hello” with a smile on my face.

He turns around and greets me with snother hello. The lyft driver seemed to be about 22 years old,very tall, and skinny. He seemed like a pretty normal dude to me.

As he drives me to the train station, he starts to talk to me about the city, the things he likes to do around and asks me what my hobbies are.

I normally answer like i would any friend, we seem to get along very well. That is until he asks me if i would like him to drop me off at my house (with no charge). Now I feel a bit weirded out but brushed it off and thought that maybe he was trying to be nice.

I politely say no to his offer, but he asks two more times “are you sure?” “I already passed the train station”, as he said that I start to get goosebumps and my eyes get bigger as i notice instead of taking the highway to my way home, he gets out the city and turns to a very dark and sketchy neighborhood part of Chicago.

I freeze as i realize whats going on and I see his grin in the rear view mirror. I didnt know what to do, my phone didnt have battery (thats what i get for taking selfies with my friends) and he was driving atleast 40 miles per hr. Im a wuss when it comes to doing crazy things , by that i mean throwing myself out of the car. Anyways, I start to ask him “what are you doing?” “..dude, is this some kind of prank??”

I couldnt believe what was happening to me. Everytime I said something he would just tell me to relax while he kept a cringy smile on his face.

This went on for 12 min. I noticed he had turned off his gps, I got too caught up in the action that i realized too late. He tries to turn to a dead end street in a sketchy suburb, but thankfully, there was a red light ahead, as he stopped the car, i quickly open the door and try to get out. I get out successfully and he just screams “till next time!” .

I stare in shock, standing in the middle of the street.

I thought to myself “..well that was easy.” I get to a near gas station and call my boyfriend to pick me up and take me home. He was working earlier so there was no way he could’ve given me a ride. I get home safely and finally go to bed.

Unfortunately, this is not the end.

I wake up around 1 to get water.

It had only been two hrs since the incident. I live in a small town home in a quiet neighborhood, were everyone minds their own business and at night my town looks like a ghost town. Anyway, as i make my way downstairs, I could see a dark red car parked by my driveway.

The car looked like the crazy lyft driver. I live with my mom but she drives a white car and she was out with her boyfriend so it couldnt be her. I look out the window trying to not make it obvious…and there he is.. sitting inside his car.. just staring at the house. I think to myself “what does this guy want??”

But most importantly. HOW DID HE FIND MY ADDRESS??.

I quietly run upstairs and look through my jean’s pockets to look for my ID. I realized I must had drop it when I go inside his car.

I called my mom. Told her what happened, and she got back home in 8 min since she wasnt far. The lyft car pulled away and left as fast as he could. Thankfully nothing happened. I reported my ID lost, and.. well the creepy lift driver kept showing up every 3 nights outside my house exactly at 1am. He stopped after 2 months.

I still dont know what he wanted and I dont wanna know.

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