City vampire

I enjoy walking around at night, at least I did before this happened.

I live in Romania and during the summer the weather is very arid. To escape the arid sun I decided to go outside at night for long walks through the city. I live in one of the biggest city in my country so we have our fare share of creeps and drunks.

This happened last summer, I was 18. That particular night started as usual, I left my home around midnight and I was welcomed by the calming, chilly, breeze. I started to stroll down the streets through the park that is a few streets away from my flat. I took no flashlight with me, only my lighter as I am a avid smoker, because moon’s light was enough for me to see where I am stepping.

Few minutes into my walk through the park and I noticed the sound of footsteps behind me. I turned around and there was nothing.

“Strange” I thought as i turned around and continued my stroll. At that time I noticed how silent was the surroundings, not even the cicadas to the occasional frog could be heard. I became quite worried as the silence was quite suffocating. I lit one of my cigarettes to escape the feeling and I continued my walk.

As I was walking I could hear footsteps again, it was like the person behind me was trying to mimic my steps in order to mask the sound of his steps. I turned around once again, and , again, no one was there.

I increased my speed because I was quite worried, but the sound of footsteps was still there. At that time I was terrified.

“Who’s there?” I said in an angry voice.

I couldn’t even finish my phrase before I was interrupted by a deep, almost demonic, laughter. I was petrified.

As I stood there frozen with fear I saw him, the figure of a man came from behind a tree, but this was no ordinary man. As he was walking towards me I could notice that in the light of the moon no shadow was coming from this person.

As he was coming closer I could see his blood red eyes. This are the most terrifying eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.

I turned around and run, screaming for my life. As I was running toward the exit of the park I felt his hand grabbing my shoulder, but what I expected to be fingers touching my back were sharp claws. I made a sudden dash to my right and his claws slashed through my back. I could feel my blood running down from the wounds and the strongest sensation of pain I have ever felt.

I screamed in pain and stumbled into the trunk of a tree falling down. As I got up on my feet and ran on the path going to my right I was blinded by a strong light directed into my face.

It was a police officer  that heard me screaming. As I saw him I felt relief. I turned around and the creepy man that had chased me all over the park was no-were to be seen.

I started do explain the officer what had panned and if not for the fresh wounds on my back he would not have believed me. He escorted me to the exit of the park and I asked him how came that he as patrolling the park during the night.

What he told me still gives me shivers to this day. Apparently few days ago a woman was found dead in the park with fang marks and slashes all over her body.

Even to this day I believe that what had chased me that day was a vampire, needles to say I never ventured any-were near that park at night.

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