Choked Out

By Jettorix

I’ve had a few scary things happen to me. I’ve already shared/posted one story about when I was younger. Then I remembered this one:


When I was a young adult, 18-20 area, I lived for a short while at my paternal Grandmother’s house for a while. During this time, I was with a girl who became pregnant with my son. This story is about something that happened to her and I when she was over one day…

Which almost ended in tragedy for her, if I was just seconds later.


My grandma’s old place (she now lives in a very nice condo a few blocks over) never gave me the creeps. I had never heard stories about anything unnatural happening there and even with my other experiences, had never encountered a negative presence in the house. And I had been over a lot when I was growing up when my parents were working or away on business (I should mention that my parents had been separated since I was young, which is why the last story only involved my moms side).

When I stayed at my Grandmas in adulthood, I got my old room in the basement. Dark and unfinished, but still comfortable.

Today, my pregnant girlfriend (now my ex) was over, relaxing, talking about baby stuff, usual dating stuff.

She got thirsty, so asked me to get her a glass of water from the main floor kitchen. I jumped up and headed upstairs, getting slightly sidetracked by my Uncle who had come by, but only for a few seconds of brief conversation.

I grabbed her a glass of water from the tap and came back downstairs, pushing open the sheets to my room, my makeshift “door” I suppose. What I found was…

My girlfriend on her back, her eyes bulging, her face starting to turn blue, seemingly pinned down and unable to move.

I swiftly walked over, not sure what was going on. I tried talking to her, no response, I tried handing her the cup, still no movement. I grabbed her shoulders, seemingly knocking her out of it, and she suddenly gasped for air, like she had been running for miles.

She started shaking and muttering something incoherent, as I slowly helped her (a few months pregnant with our son) up into a sitting position. Slowly giving her sips of the water.

She explained to me that as I went upstairs, she was suddenly grabbed, forced to the bed, and felt two strong hands grip around her throat, starting to tightly squeeze while something kept her from being able to fight back.

The room suddenly felt a lot darker, like something was mad. Mad that it hadn’t finished the job, mad that I had interfered to help her, however “accidental” that help was.

My sanctuary, my home, now felt like I was very much unwelcome and as if it, hated, me being there.

I got mad, I was upset not only at this thing for making my safe place unwelcome, but obviously at it for risking my girlfriends life, but the life of my child as well.

I come from an Irish Catholic family, so I began to pray, began to use whatever will I could muster to tell this thing bluntly “F*ck off”.

It didn’t completely work. Sure it felt like it moved farther away, backed off slightly, but it was just like it was pacing outside whatever border my will and prayers created.

It felt like it knew I couldn’t hold it back forever with just my will. My room was now it’s hunting ground as far as it was concerned, and instead of two, it now had three targets that it wasn’t willing to let go whatever tiny barriers I could come up with.

I had an idea.

I quickly rushed her as safely as I could over to the other side of the basement. To be closer to what I thought might help, the small shrine of crosses and crucifixes dedicated to my late Grandfather.

It seemed like it realized what I was doing and felt madder, darker and started pressing closer as we moved into the room with this beautiful shrine dedicated to a great man.

It was fast, but thankfully, we were faster.

We got to the now brightly lit area of candles and religious symbols. It stopped dead outside whatever “barrier” this causes against entities like this and seethed. We had beaten it.

I got her situated and began to ask God and my Grandfather to protect us, to get this thing to leave, it was not welcome in my Grandmas house.

I prayed and begged hard, for the sake of myself, my girlfriend, my son and my family that lives in this house. I didn’t want any of them to come to harm ever again thanks to whatever this thing was.

Finally, with some kind of feeling that resembled an angry growl, the feeling of darkness in the house disappeared.

From that day on though, I kept a cross in my room, and around my neck.

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