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hi my name is Tom,

I hate Valentine’s Day,

my girlfriend loved it, she always tried to convince me it was the best holiday of the year, I firmly disagreed.

I was finishing up working at my new job, as i was clocking out,

my girlfriend text me, Now this was odd, we usually had a ritual it was basic but after work, I would go to her house where she would have the food and the movie ready.

Being one of those weird couples, you know the couples who do everything together.

so anyways going off topic she texted me,

(Come home I need you here).

I then texted her back asking if everything is ok,

No reply, I quickly jumped into my car.

Worried, I noticed I was Driving well over the speed limit.

Then I hear the texting alert from my phone, she had texted me again she said in caps lock letters, (please help me) I gripped my phone tighter and I drove as fast as I could.

A couple minutes later I get another text and they became consistent they all say (help me).

I called 911, They dispatched a Patrol unit to the location of my girlfriends house, I kept driving I knew I would’ve made it way sooner than the cops.

So, I arrive at my girlfriends house, I ran upstairs, what I saw confused me, laying there under the blankets on her bed she looked like she was sleeping, I steadlily and quietly made my way over to the side of her bed where she was laying down.

I see a note placed neatly on the night stand with what seemed to be a small box of chocolates which most were missing.

I opened the note, It read happy Valentine’s Day hun I hope you like the chocolates I hated chocolates, why would she buy me chocolate.

I shrugged it off as unusual but whatever, I carefully yet nervously removed the blanket from her body as I do so I see my girlfriend she is blue in the face, I realized at this point I knew she must have choked on a piece of chocolate.

Like whispers in the wind I can hear sirens, yes sirens there coming, I quickly picked up my girlfriend and tried to start cpr, she wasn’t breathing I was praying the medics can revive her.

later that day my girlfriend did survive, the only thing I have to say is,

i hate Valentine’s Day….,


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