Childhood Pedophile

Before I start this story I need to say some background. I and a fourteen year old heterosexual male, I now live in a small town in Texa, and this story was when I lived in New York.

I don’t remember a lot about this incident, and I was only six when this happend so I can only tell what I know. Anyway this all started when I was on the bus home from school, and I never had any problems until this boy moved to the open space next to me. He looked about nine or ten, and he seemed very weird around me. I thought he was weird be cause he was new.

That thought changed when he moved closer and started saying things¬†like “We would make beautiful children” and “Your coming home with me”.¬†Luckily my stop came and I got off. When I got home I told my mother, but she said he was being stupid. Next morning when I was at the bus stop he was there and came to me saying perverted things again.

Weeks went by and he never got caught for the sick stuff he did. One day he went to far. This day was my second to last week in New York before I moved when he bent my fingers back to the point I cried. This only made him happy as he bent them back farther. At this point I was crying so hard I couldn’t breathe until my brother took notice and punched the kid in the head. After that the boy got expelled and my family and I moved for unrelated reasons.

So pedophilic boy that got punched by my brother. Let’s never meet again.


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