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50 Real Scary School Stories (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The CREEPIEST things happen at school! Enjoy these allegedly true scary school stories!

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Allegedly True Scary Stories List:

1. The Stranger by Ross W. 1:03
2. Haunted Home and Haunted High School by Corndog 10:01
3. Open Gym by May 17:22
4. High School by Abby R. 22:30
5. Creepy School Stalker by Hannah 28:54
6. School Power Outage by Kinsey 39:23
7. Quarter Mile Left by Dwayne Payne 40:46
8. My First Boyfriend by Leigh 49:00
9. The Creepy Classmate by ShaudiaDemon 55:38
10. Clown Catastrophe by Greyson B. 1:01:33
11. Almost Taken by Shannon 1:06:44
12. I Knew Him by Chris 1:12:15
13. Creepy at my Middle School by Creamer 1:20:15
14. Band Room Ghost by Raven R. 1:25:14
15. My Ex Tried to Get Me by Trey 1:27:59
16. The Mannequin by China Doll 1:33:26
17. My School Creep by Jazz 1:36:35
18. School Ghost Stalker by Cole O. 1:40:12
19. Middle School Lockdown by Ben Griffon 1:41:38
20. The North Gate Haunting by Scardust 1:46:47
21. I Was Almost in a School Tragedy by Hunter G. 1:51:05
22. Drama Club Creep by KaibaGirl17 1:55:44
23. The Black Sisters by MLC 2:00:48
24. Gettysburg Field Trip by Matt 2:02:31
25. An Old Soul by Wolves 2:05:28
26. The Weird Guy by Dalton 2:08:29
27. The Girl in the White Dress by Kiera 2:11:51
28. Please Stay Away from Me by Anon 2:13:28
29. Forced to Sit by a Crazy by Tessa the Alien 2:17:34
30. My Crush by Donna Whoa 2:30:20
31. Lockdown by Hannah 2:38:50
32. My Kindergarten Teacher by ItsLeAshton 2:45:18
33. Alone at the School Lockdown by Terriana A. O. 2:52:19
34. My Last Girlfriend Passed by Mary 2:56:43
35. College by Christian 3:02:24
36. The Creep with the Camera by Margo 3:05:39
37. Scary Lockdown by Kerry 3:15:37
38. The Ranch by SomeDrummerBoy 3:20:56
39. Elementary Horror by Melany N. 3:24:45
40. Shaun by Sakura 3:29:37
41. 2 Schools 4 Ghosts by DarkMaid96 3:37:30
42. My Stalker Gary by KittyKat 3:44:30
43. Elementary School Creepy by Ashley 3:49:25
44. They Always See by Anon 3:55:01
45. Never Trust the New Kid by hoodified 3:59:56
46. Intergenerational Horror by Eb-ony 4:05:16
47. My Creepy Teacher by Autumn 4:14:14
48. My Elementary Creeper by Lucas 4:19:32
49. Band Hall Haunting by SkyKat 4:22:32
50. The Black Creature by Kyle R. J. 4:26:04

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