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7 REAL Bigfoot Sightings

Is Bigfoot Real? Well, tonight we’re going Bigfoot Hunting. We’ll be finding Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the skunk ape, whatever you call him – These are no creepypasta. They are real monster sightings.

5 REAL Goatman Sightings

Is it the Goatman? Or is it a Skinwalker or Wendigo? No matter what it might be, it is a real monster from Native American Lore and Urban Legends.

10 REAL Haunted Houses Ghost Stories

These Haunted Houses are filled with real demons, evil spirits, real ghosts, and scary paranormal activity. Call the Exorcist! These Insidious stories will give you a haunting nightmare.

5 REAL Sightings of The Rake

The Rake Creepypasta is REAL. The Rake – The Humanoid creature that resembles the Until Dawn Wendigo – Is as real as you and I, and I have 5 Real Monster Sightings in the Forest and Real Ghost Stories to prove it.

6 TRUE Sleepover Horror Stories

These aren’t just any normal sleepovers. These are creepy sleepovers filled with real ghosts, real demons, evil spirits and dangerous animals. Can you survive the night?

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