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6 TRUE Costco Horror Stories

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Look out Walmart – Here comes Costco, taking your spot as the scariest place ever!
Costco Wholesale is a superstore, and it brings the strangers and scary stalkers out of the woodwork.
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6 TRUE College Horror Stories

Scary Stories and College go together better than Spring Break and Bad Choices.
Check out these Real Horror Stories of Scary Strangers and Paranormal Acitivity!
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5 STRANGE Creature Sightings from Around the World

Around the World, in the forests and wilderness, wild animals lurk!
Strange Creatures and Mythical Creatures are sighted every day.

6 TRUE Taco Bell Horror Stories

Taco Bell can produce some very True Scary Stories.
Check out these true stories of Stalkers, Psychos and Real Ghosts!
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6 REAL Demon Ghost Stories

These Real Ghost Stories feature Real Demon Sightings and Real Haunted Houses!
Get a load of all this Paranormal Activity and true stories going on around you!
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