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6 REAL Monster Sightings

I’m back, and I invite you into the woods, into the forest, where the real monsters lurk. There will be zombies, there will be wendigo! Prepare to be the next missing person.

5 REAL Demon Encounters

The Evil Spirits are here for Christmas! Come on in for some haunted houses, ouija boards, and real demon possession! Call the exorcist!

6 REAL Skinwalker Sightings

Are you ready for some Real Monsters that lurk in the forests? Here are 6 more reasons why going into the woods for camping, hiking, or whatever else might be a bad idea.

4 TRUE High School Horror Stories

Let’s relive the glory days! You know, way back when in high school with the bullying, the stalkers, future serial killers, and worst of all – Puberty.

9 TRUE Christmas Horror Stories – Christmas Special!

This 2016 Christmas Special is full of Real Ghost Stories and True Scary Stories. Are you ready for witchcraft, witches, real ghosts and evil spirits, real monsters, wendigos and maybe even Krampus? Santa would be ashamed!

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