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4 TRUE Boy Scout and Girl Scout HORROR Stories

Were you a boy scout or girl scout? Did YOU see any werewolves or haunted houses?
These stories will show you how creepy it might be in the city or into the woods and the forest to be a scout!
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4 TRUE Facebook Horror Stories

Facebook might be full of crazy stalkers, serial killers and Catfish!
Be wary when you use your facebook login – You might meet a facebook pervert!
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5 TRUE Spring Break Horror Stories

Spring Break 2017 is almost here, and the strangers and psychos are coming!
Stalkers, Psychos, and real ghosts can be spring breakers, too!
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I WAS ATTACKED BY MONSTERS! A True Illustrated Animated Horror Story

This is a true scary story of a Real Monster Sighting!
It is an illustrated and partially animated horror story of a wild animal attack!
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6 REAL Ghost Stories

Paranormal Activity is REAL. These are true stories of supernatural horror.
Listen to these Real Ghost Stories and ghost sightings!
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