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8 REAL Wendigo and Skinwalker Encounters

These 8 REAL Ghost Stories of Wendigo and Skinwalker Encounters will make you believe in monsters in Native American Folklore!

Enjoy these true stories of Mythical Creatures come to life! Can you survive these dangerous animal attacks?

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5 REAL Werewolf Encounters

Mythical Creatures, Cryptids, Dogman, Werewolf, or Lycanthropy? Whatever you call these dangerous animals, they are still the stuff of urban legends and horror stories.

The Tale of Roly Poly | CREEPYPASTA

Stephen King’s It Clown may be a scary clown himself, but he ain’t got NOTHING on Roly Poly. Check out this creepypasta story from reddit nosleep by author Clarimonde.

4 REAL Succubus and Incubus Encounters

It’s not too early for some valentine’s day horror stories. This time, real demons called Succubus or Incubus wish to show you their haunted love!

5 REAL American Monster Sightings

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Are you ready for a true American Horror Story? How about 5? America is filled with haunted houses, haunted forests, and paranormal activity!

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