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5 REAL Haunted Houses

Is your house haunted? Is there a haunted house near you?
Check out these Real Horror Stories of Paranormal Activity and haunted locations!
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5 REAL Monsters in the Forest

Into the Woods and onto the Menu.
There are dangerous animals and real monsters awaiting you in the forest!
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6 True CREEPY Gaming Stories

You might meet some creepy strangers while online gaming.
Turn off that Call of Duty – The Creepers and Psychos are coming!
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5 CREEPY McDonald’s Horror Stories

McDonald’s is tasty! And sometimes, it can be scary!
Check out these real horror stories of stalkers and creepers at Mcdo!
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5 CREEPY Unknown Creature Sightings

This video was sponosored by Zombielips!

Dangerous animals, unknown animals, haunted the forest.
Step into the woods and lets see what strange creatures show up!
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