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4 REAL Chupacabra Sightings

The Chupacabra is a dangerous animal and a REAL vampire.
This wild animal attacks, and has been sighted throughout Mexico and North America!
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6 REAL Mothman Encounters

These are 6 real monster sightings and true stories of Mothman Attacks!
Can you handle these 6 scary stories of the Real Mothman and his Paranormal Activity?
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5 TRUE High School Horror Stories

What’s worse than a Haunted House? Well, a haunted school of course!
Can you handle 5 TRUE Scary Stories of High School Ghosts and Freaks?
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5 REAL Goatman Encounters

Get ready for some real ghost stories of dangerous animal attacks! This time, we encounter the Goatman!
The goat man is real, and he’s a true american horror story!
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5 TRUE Cabin in the Woods Horror Stories

Let’s stay at the cabin in the woods this weekend. We’ll tell ghost stories and scary stories!
Surely, no dangerous animals and scary strangers will attack, right? You’d be DEAD WRONG.

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