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5 REAL Canada Scary Stories

If you’re planning some travel to Canada, think again. Not because of the winter weather, and not because of Donald Trump, but because of the wendigo, real monsters, and haunted forests!

6 REAL Vacation Horror Stories

Here’s a New Year’s Resolution for you – Just try to handle these Supernatural and Demon filled Vacation Stories!

60 REAL Ghost Stories – Paranormal Activity Marathon

Are you ready for 5 HOURS of Real Ghost Stories, Paranormal Activity, and haunted places? Let’s see if you can survive this one…

5 REAL Haunted Churches Ghost Stories

We’ve had Haunted Houses. We’ve gone into the woods to the forests – The Haunted Forest. Now, we go into where we thought was safe. Into the Haunted Churches!

5 REAL Imaginary Friend Ghost Stories

Tell me about your friends – Your imaginary friends. Here come the Real Ghost Stories and Scary Demon Encounters.

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