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Stuck in a Dream

By Mel

I have sometimes been the victim of a type of dream called a waking dream or false awakening, that is, a dream that you think you have woken up, everything seemingly normal and you go about your daily life, using the bathroom, eating or going to work only to find out that it was all a dream as you sit up in bed. Admittedly on one occasion I wet the bed because I had dreamed about walking to my bathroom but I digress.
Out of all the waking dreams that I have experienced there is one that sticks with me to this day.

Allow me to explain the layout of my apartment a bit to set the scene.
At the time this dream happened my bed lie parallel to my bedroom door which was directly across the hall from my bathroom. I always felt a little uncomfortable facing the door so I would sleep with my back to it.
While sleeping one night I woke up in my dream, looking around and thinking I was truly awake as everything seemed as it should be in my bedroom so I just fell back to sleep. However, rather than going back to sleep I woke up again in the dream. It was odd but not the first time this has happened.

WW2 Makeshift Hospital

By ThatComicGuy

This story is a collection of events that has happened to my whole family and not just me.

As a bit of pretext I lived in Pembroke Dock, Wales and my town was hit hard during the Blitz due to having three refineries, a strong military presence with a staging ground in the base nearby and a fort and barracks up the street from where I lived.


By Kevin

When I was around twenty six years old, I used to live on my own in a very small studio apartment just outside my hometown. It was a rather dark period of my life, and was just before I had to leave my place of employment to go on public assistance for my psychiatric conditions. Due to the compounded stress of both work, family, relationships, and social networking, my physical health and well-being began to decline. My living space became very disorganized, and as I started to isolate myself from friends and family, my sleep began to suffer.

I am a member of the Pagan community, and have practiced various forms of traditional polytheism for more than ten years of my life. Though I was and still am a deeply spiritual person, and have had amazingly powerful positive experiences, at this period of my life, my previous commitments to devotional polytheistic practice had began to fall away, and were replaced by feelings of complete despair and confusion.
Initially, my experiences started as a feeling of great uneasiness that would not only keep me tossing and turning in bed at night, but began to wake me up from a dead sleep, and I would try desperately to fall back sleep.

Winter of Horror

By Juan

During my winter break from school last year I encountered my first ghost experience, I remember this as if it happened yesterday. Enough talking lest get into the story.

One day around midnight, I was on video call with my girlfriend on snapchat, when out of the corner of my eye, I could see a figure standing at the opening of my door, I turned my head at the direction of where my door was, and could see a figure standing right at my door, keep in mind it was around midnight around 12:35 maybe even 1:00 am, I was able to see the figure through my bathroom window, because the light from the light pole was illuminating a light blue light through my bathroom window.

Faceless Woman

By Krit

It was about 2 years ago when I was 16. I usually go to my grandmother’s place to spend my whole summer holidays. Basically, I would spent only 2 weeks, but this time I spent the whole month because my uncle would worked late at the hospital and my grandmother ended up alone at home.

So, it was a Wednesday and as usual she came to pick me up from the bus stop. Well a very protective grandmother though. Despite knowing the fact that I’m a grown up girl, she doesn’t like the idea of me coming alone. This is because the village where she actually live was known as the village full of paranormal activities.

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