I Saw Something Evil in my Church

By Emily

When I was a little girl my parents, my siblings and I practically lived at our church. My parents did a lot of volunteer work and since they homeschooled us, we were there every week, multiple times a week.

It wasn’t boring since the church had a huge gym and multiple classrooms for Sunday school with large dry erase boards that I loved to color on. There was also another homeschooled family who went to and lived right next to the church, so they were there just as often as we were. I always spent my time with the other homeschooled girl my age, Ally. Read more “I Saw Something Evil in my Church”

Church Man

By MeFoxGaming

this story took place quite a few years ago when I was roughly 10. Just so you know, my Mother used to have a Christian friend who threw a party that my family was invited to.

Now, important information. My town is well known for being haunted and the church, the party was thrown on, use to a cemetery. My sister also has had experience with this, thing, before. It was in her room and said the one at the church was almost the same. Read more “Church Man”

Christ Church Horror

This isn’t my story but my friend Chris’s. A few years ago on Halloween he and a few friends decided to go to Christ church since it’s haunted.

They got in the car and went to the island where the church was. Once they got there only Chris and one of his friends got out to look around. Well that turned out to be a mistake. They saw something wondering around the church and it was enough to scare them.

They bolted back to the car only to find out they couldn’t get in. Chris tried unlocking the door and the friends in the car couldn’t unlock the door. Chris’s friend started yelling something had his leg and was being pulled back in to the woods by the church.

Chris went over and pulled his friend back and after a while his friend was freed and they were able to get back into the car. His friend pulled his pant leg up to reveal claw marks and scratches up his leg and to this day has a scar from that terrifyingly horrible night.

I also know for a fact that Chris refuses to go back to Christ Church for fear of encountering whatever stays by the church.

Blood on the Walls

So..Before I begin I’d like to catch you up on my story. I was around 5-6 when this started happening and well I’d like to say that as I grew up that this stopped and went away but sadly it never did. When I was young my Mom, Sister and I would always go to church. But when we sat down and listened I would always see blood drip down the walls.

Now of course no one else saw this but It scared the shit out of little me, So much that I would hold my eyes shut. During the service the Pastor would always ask the kids to come to the front for a mini lesson, At this time was the worst. I would squirm, keep myself away from the walls I would look over my shoulder hearing my name being called. Recently my family moved to Florida..and that’s where it started again. I thought it had left me alone because even before we moved my mom had gotten married and even though we didn’t go to church often I never saw the blood..not once. But no doubt it has come back..Because I keep seeing the blood on my chapels walls and this time it’s not just blood..it spells out in big bold letters “FUN”.

The Saints That Disappeared

I’m currently twenty eight, and this had to have happened when I was about nine or ten years old. There was a cemetery that my family and some family friends would often visit due to how pretty the grounds were and how we kids loved to see all the geese and the swans in the little pond. This cemetery also boasts a beautiful windmill, and when I was a kid, you were still allowed to enter and explore. We kids liked to refer to this cemetery as Mother Goose cemetery due to one of the massive geese that resided there.

There was this one time that we went for a nice visit. It was my mother, a friends of hers, a couple of my friends, and their mother. We drove around for a bit and soon we found this set of tall statues. They were a set of three saints, or at least, I thought they were saints.

We parked the cars and then we started to walk up the marble steps that led up to these beautiful statues. There was conversation about how nice they were and how they must be new as we had never seen them before. Once we reached the top, we all stood there and stared at them.

This was where it got weird. I started to feel weird, like I had been picked up and then thrown back onto the ground. It felt like an out of body experience and when thrown back, it was as if I’d been thrown back into my body. After this, I heard my name being called by my mother, asking what I was doing. I looked around and these three saints were gone.

I ran down the hill to my mom’s car and got in, trying to tell her what I had seen. She said that I was imagining this and that we had only stopped to look at a mausoleum that looked pretty cool. We drove along the winding roads towards the awesome windmill and then we decided to head out for the day.

We’ve been back to this cemetery many times and I’ve never seen these three statues again. It makes me wonder if they were really there or if there was a glitch in the matrix and I was seeing a glimpse into  a slight alternate universe. I guess we’ll never know.