By Jennifer W.

A little back story first. I am a 32 year old female. This happened before I was a teenager and happened with my best friend at the time. For her anonymity I will call her Karen.

Karen has a brother we will call Jacob. Karen and Jacob were being raised by a very good single mother. They moved from place to place a lot. Always in the same state.

One time they moved to a very small apartment complex that only had four apartments in it. It was across the street from a cemetary. I had gone to spend the night at her house and when we got there I got out of her mom’s car and I looked towards the cemetary.

I saw a misty green see through man. He was standing sideways and he had an axe in his hand. His lifted his axe to the air and hit the ground with it. I turned to Karen to tell her to look, but when I looked back he was gone.

A couple years later she moved in and old yet well taken care of apartment complex. It was two stories and she lived on the second story.

She lived there for a couple of months without anything happening and I spent the night plenty of times and everything was normal until…

I was spending the night and we were both fast asleep in Karen’s bedroom. I awoke to the sound of something spinning in a circle really fast. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see anything. I told Karen to turn on the light. She sat up, turned on the light and lied back down and passed out. The spinning had stopped.

I wasn’t hearing it anymore so I lied back down and closed my eyes and it sound as if something fell into the corner or if something was thrown in the corner of the room. I reopened my eyes and then closed them until I fell asleep.

A little while later I was at her house. Her mom and brother weren’t there and it was really windy. We had all the doors shut because the wind was causing them to slam shut. They were rattling really bad.

Karen and I went into Jacob’s room and he had on of those little kid play tents. I don’t remember why but we got in it. As we were sitting there we saw a shadow glide across the floor and then all of her brother’s stuffed animals flew off of the shelf.

We looked at each other wide eyed and took off. I don’t remember where we went. We both still remember this and are puzzled by it. We were the only ones to experience these things at least to the best of our knowledge.

Haunted Nightclub

I know a lot of people don’t believe in ghosts, and that’s completely fine! I’m just going to put it out there that I genuinely believe spirits and demons and the like do exist.

Last year, before working at my current place of work, I was working part-time at a Welsh nightclub in the centre of Cardiff. Lots of people used to come in asking if it was haunted and everyone would joke around saying it was. It was a creepy old building, and I’m pretty sure that in the 80s the same building caught on fire. I’m not 100% if anyone was killed, but still, it’s creepy to think of the energy and the emotions the people stuck in the building at the time felt. So sure, the building was creepy and had some really weird and spooky events take place before, but did that really mean it was haunted?

Some time after working there, it didn’t seem as creepy as it once had. On my breaks I used to sit in the basement and read, I’d find dark corners and just sit and take that much needed time to calm down after working nonstop for 5 or more hours. The nightclub no longer seemed haunted to me. But I was so, so, so wrong.

I remember one fairly quiet night I was restocking the drinks and refilling the ice buckets, so that meant going back and forth to the basement and spending the majority of my time just being downstairs in general. I remember I was feeling good about myself. People were being polite, no one was shouting at us, we were having such a lovely night and we rarely had nights like those. So when my co-worker came upstairs saying that the basement gave him weird vibes that night, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before. I just laughed it off and told him it was close to Halloween and he’d been watching too many episodes of Ghost Adventures. He swore it was something different that night, but doesn’t everyone say that when they get scared?

So by the time came for me to restock and go down to the basement, I almost completely forgot about what my co-worker had said earlier that evening. I was refilling the ice buckets and had two huge buckets in my hands, so I wasn’t really focusing on anything other than ‘just don’t drop the buckets, don’t drop the buckets’. The basement in the nightclub was separated into two halves. The main part was where all the barrels, bottles and other drinks were kept. It was a large and cool room so everything was kept chilled. We also used to wash the bottle bins/ buckets out every night in that room as there was a huge drain in the middle of the room with a hose. So it was a fairly large space that a lot of us spent a lot of time in. The second half was longer but thinner at the sides. This is where we had the ice machines, decorations for Christmas, Halloween, extra chairs, cleaning products and so on. Towards the end of the room, it was always darker than it should have been. People apparently saw movement and even saw a pair of tiny feet walking across the room. It was so cluttered and dark in that room, it honestly could have been anything. But after my experience this one night, I honestly believe it was more than likely what they said it was.

Anyway, back to the story. I entered the main part of the basement and already something felt weird. Usually you can hear the music and people dancing from the floor above, but this night, I heard nothing. Instead I swore I heard whispering. I thought it must be someone having a cheeky phone call on shift so I wondered around the basement to check for anyone. But surprise, surprise, no one was there. This really wigged me out because a) I swear I heard someone whispering and b) I know what whispering sounds like and that was it. To try not scare myself too much, I just told myself I was tired even though it mustn’t have been that late in the evening. So I carried on doing what I had to do and went to the other part of the basement for the ice. As soon as I walked into that room, I felt weird. By that I mean I felt anxious, I was constantly looking over my shoulder as if someone was watching me. I started to feel like something bad was going to happen. I felt cold on my insides which is pretty hard to describe. It felt like my blood had turned to ice and that it was slowly pumping through my body. My arms had gone heavy and I just about finished filling the first bucket before I had the sudden feeling that I had to get out of that room.

I picked up the bucket and headed straight for the door. My heart was racing, and I could feel a panic attack coming on. And that was weird. I was in my element there, I felt comfortable, I love live music, I enjoyed helping and talking to people, why was I having a panic attack on a really nice quiet night?! As soon as I got to the door to enter the main part of the basement, it wouldn’t open. I was stuck in this room, about to have a nervous breakdown. I pushed it so hard my hands were red. It felt like someone was leaning up against the door as a joke. By now I could hear the whispering again and I just figured it was someone being an arse and trying to scare me. So I called out ‘Open the door you knob, I’m flipping freezing in here!’- but still nothing happened. I heard some giggling, and just thought that maybe someone was being a bigger arse than I originally thought. It felt like a few minutes passed and by then I still couldn’t open the door. I picked up the bucket of ice, and charged straight at the door with my shoulder at the ready. I must have looked like something straight out of a comedy movie. And lo and behold, the door opened. As soon as I got into the main part of the basement my anxiety eased noticeably, but not entirely.

I was now jogging straight to the exist. I was not going to stay in that basement longer than needed. Now here’s where the really creepy thing happens. Just before I left the room, I felt breath on the back of my neck, and a quiet female voice whisper ‘bye bye Lily’. From then it kind of echoed into a few different voices. By now I was utterly convinced I was going crazy and that I’d lost the plot entirely. I could have sworn that the door leading to the second part of the basement was even beginning to open as I left the basement. But that would have been impossible. Right?

As soon as I was back upstairs, surrounded by people, my anxiety had gone, I could clearly hear the music, the dancing, the chatting, the general sounds you’d hear at a bar. Everything came back all at once. I told my supervisor that I wasn’t going to go back down there alone after what had happened. He tried to tell me that it was probably the pumps making noises that I mistook for whispering. But since when did pumps clearly say ‘bye bye Lily’?! He also argued that the door in the basement was old, so of course it would stick now and then. But why would it suddenly stick and then go back to being normal after a few minutes? Why would I suddenly start to feel weird and sick in the place where I used to spend the majority of my breaks? It didn’t make sense to me. He then told me that the building was haunted but I was probably just tired and had an over active imagination.

But here’s the thing, this was the first of many incidents that happened in that building to make me completely and utterly convinced that it was haunted, and that spirit and demons exist. But those are stories for another time. This incident left me terrified of the second part of the basement. I wouldn’t even go in there without a friend or my supervisor with me. After a while, a lot of people started complaining of feeling sick down there and having bad anxiety in that room. I can’t tell you what it’s like now, but I have a feeling it’s exactly the same as it always has been. Shadows that are meant to be unmoving slowly changing positions, the sound of footsteps echoing from the walls, people’s names being called, maybe someone has actually seen something solid in that room. Maybe these spirits were kind yet playful. Or maybe they were more than just spirits… Either way, I can tell you guys that I was beyond scared and thankfully, I never have to go down there again

Ward 3

Let me give you some background information about myself. First of all I’m 17 years old, so I’m not that old. I’m not that smart nor am I pretty. I also have stomach cancer. Because of this fact, I’m always in the hospital near my house. I was first diagnosed when I was 7 and I’ve been battling this for most of my life. Doctors say this is my last year, so I wanted to get this story out before I pass away.

This happened two years ago. To start the hospital is broken down into 4 wards. The first one is where I stay.The second one is for those who aren’t as nearly sick. The 3rd and 4th are for those who are mentally ill. I used to always keep to myself, only talking to my parents and brother and sister when they came to visit.

But I also would talk to my fiancé, yes fiancé. And her good friend. Her friend always struck me as odd. She was quiet like me, and mostly just nodded and shook her head. My fiancé and I would talk for hours about my wedding dress and her wedding dress, who we would invite and so forth. While her friend, who I’ll just call Kari would just sit there, sometimes she would talk too but only if my fiancé, let’s call her Anna, would talk to her.

When Kari wouldn’t come with Anna would tell me how, she’s a very talkative person and isn’t usually this quiet. How she’s really funny. I won’t lie I was a little jealous of Kari. She was pretty and smart and loved to talk to others, it seemed like. What I couldn’t understand was why she never talked to me. So when they both visited one day, I asked Kari and she responded with the most flat sounding voice “I do talk, I just don’t like hospitals” after awhile I started getting better was able to leave and go home.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by my parents, my brother Jaime, my sister Tyler, Anna and Anna’s friend, Kari. But she was beyond quiet after I entered. After everyone left, I headed up to my room. When I entered my brother sat on my bed, silently staring at the ground.

“Jaime?” I questioned “is there something wrong?” I sat next to him placing a hand on his shoulder, to which he threw up on the ground in front of him.

“JAIME!” I screeched, my parents and sister rushed inside and cleaned him and myself cleaned up. He didn’t throw up anymore that night, but also didn’t say anything. Jaime is a talkative 9 year old so that wasn’t normal. The next day I informed Anna about it and she seemed confused. I didn’t see Kari anywhere so I asked at lunch.

“Where’s Kari?” Anna’s face held one of confusion.

“Who’s Kari? Baby are you feeling alright?” I nodded my head and continued.

“Kari, the one you introduced to me back in the hospital” she shook her head again in confusion.

“Never heard of her.” Anna likes playing pranks so I didn’t think much of it.

The month continued like this. Kari arriving and then no one remembering her, except for me. I didn’t dare mention it to my parents though, in fear they would think I was crazy. I soon re-admitted to the hospital with Cancer again. Anna became too busy with school to visit all the time, but visited when she could. I was about a month into my stay when my pain became worse, and I was scheduled for surgery.

It was supposed to happen two days from then, but the day after my pain became increasingly worse so, they were forced to operate late that night. They put my under Anastasia, or so they thought. I couldn’t move but I could feel everything. It was so painful but I still couldn’t do anything. Soon I passed out fully out pain. I woke up in recovery the next day. Doctors say its a shock I survived. But it’s mostly thanks to a young girl who no one was watching, who walked in, even though everyone tried to tell her no.

She laid her arms over my chest and yelled “SHE CAN STILL FEEL THE PAIN!!” She was dragged out soon after. That’s when they checked my vitals more clearly and saw I wasn’t under Anastasia, so I was placed on it right there and then. When investigated it seemed to be a young girl, who stayed in Ward 4. Or the loony bin. The only problem with that was the patient died 3 years ago. Her name Karliah. Or Kari for short. When I asked Jaime why he threw up so long ago, he simply stated he didn’t like the smell of Kari and it made him throw up. The doctor told me, Kari would constantly crap herself because no one would let her out.

She had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Clinical depression, and Bipolar disorder. She was quite violent, so they would heavily medicate her. She would then become silent, and would only talk to a nurse named Anna. Telling her how she hated the hospital. Anna wasn’t that sane either, and would tell her she would help her escape. But Anna was killed in a car crash before she could do so. So distraught, Kari slit her wrists and killed herself.

The Little Girl in the Workout Room

Okay, so this happened to me awhile back, I was about six at the time maybe seven. Imaginary friends weren’t that odd at that age, but I had never had one, until we moved. We didn’t move far just to the house next door to us.

This house was much larger. And had an extra room which my parents made the ‘workout room.’ Or that’s what I called it. There was a treadmill and a weight lifting thing. Anyway my parents wouldn’t allow me in there. I never understood why, but being the trouble some child I was, I would secretly go in there. One day when my parents were out on a date. I decided to go in there. My brother had already caught me trying to go in there earlier and warned me not to. Of course I didn’t listen, I slowly opened the door. It should be said this door, wasn’t the quietest door in the house. It squeaked really loud when opened.

Well I’m getting off track anyway, I opened the door really slowly only peaking my head in slightly. At first I didn’t see anything just the workout equipment, but upon opening the door it was suddenly smash closed. And it wasn’t my brothers. For the sake of privacy we’ll call my eldest brother Drew and the other Zander. Zander having autism never really liked talking to me. And spent most of his time in his room. For those who don’t know what autism is it’s a mental disorder where you are one age but your mind is much younger. In this case Zander at that time was nine but mentally he was four.

Anyway back to what happened. Drew was up in his room with his two best friends playing video games. To hide more privacy we’ll call his friends Andy and Branden. So they were all upstairs, while I was the only one downstairs. No one else could have closed the door with that much force. My parents arrived home a little while later. Of course I told them what happened and of course I was scolded for going into that room when I was told not to. A few weeks went by and nothing really happened. So I thought it had died down. But once again curiosity got the better of me.

My parents were out with friends one night, Drew was at Branden’s house and Zander was at our cousin’s house. I also had a friend over, we’ll call her Hayden. Of course her brother had to babysit us. But he wasn’t paying attention. Hayden and I decided after getting board of playing games that we would go into the workout room, just to mess around. We walked downstairs and inched to the door, once again opening it very slowly. But we opened it all the way this time. There wasn’t anything that interesting, so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go in there.

We both stepped in and turned on the light. Nothing except, a little girl sat in the corner. Being kids we weren’t that scared only curious. To give some background info. Hayden had dark brown hair and wore a lot of pink. And I had very light curly blond hair and wore a lot of blue. The little girl who sat there looked nothing like us. So it couldn’t have been a reflection. To add Hayden and I were the only girls in the neighborhood except for a little girl named Cassidy up the road. She too had blond hair. The little girl in the corner (I can remember her so clearly) had long long black hair, it looked like she hadn’t washed it in days no weeks. She wore a tattered red dress and looked to have lots of mud on her. She wore no shoes and looked drenched head to toe in water. I could hear her weeping and walked slowly over to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked placing a hand on her shoulder. She sniffled and nodded “what’s your name?” Asked Hayden from behind me. The girl shook her head. “Well I’m Hayden” Hayden replied. I nodded and said “and I’m Kenni.” She shook her head again.

But finally responded with “your name isn’t Kenni!” I laughed and asked “well how did you know that!” She pointed to the wall behind me that had a bookshelf that had my brother’s and I’s baby pictures “Kenna” she whispered.

“Yeah, but I like to go by Kenni, but what’s your name?” I asked

Barely above a whisper she said “Ruby” she smiled after responding. Hayden and I being the nice people we were smiled back.

Soon after Ruby began hanging out with Hayden and I. But every time I asked if Ruby and Hayden could spend the night. My parents would chuckle and say

“Yeah Hayden can spend the night” I would always get upset and say “AND RUBY TOO!” That would just make them chuckle again and agree.

Ruby would never want to sleep in my room, only the weight room. Of course we weren’t aloud and so Hayden and I would sleep in the living room nearby. Two years passed, without anything, Hayden moved to California so we couldn’t see each other anymore. I became an introvert, mostly keeping to myself and staying in my room. But Ruby would come to visit me in my room once and awhile. But would always complain that the weight room was weird now. The year before, my parents had torn out the weight room and made it a guest bedroom. I would laugh and say.

“Well now we can stay in my room!” She never liked it. As I got older I realized I never asked how old she was and when her birthday was. So I asked I will never forget her answer.

“I don’t know anymore, but never ask me that question again!” I figured it was a hard subject for her. So I didn’t think much of it. As time went on, I got more friends and began not hanging out with Ruby as much. I began hanging out with this girl, we’ll call her Karley. Karley would always complain she didn’t like the back bedroom, which used to be the weight room. She would say it was too cold by the door and she always felt sick whenever she stood by it. At this time I was 10 maybe 11 and knew that wasn’t right. But ignored it.

Ruby would be mad at me after anyone else spent the night, telling me I was HER friend. I would just laugh and say your both my friends. Now let’s time skip to a year later. I had become friends with a little little girl who was about eight while I was twelve. She decided to spend the night and went to use the bathroom. It should be said, the bathroom was right next to the old weight room. After ten minutes, my mom and I got really worried. So my mom walked in since her and my friends mom we such good friends. My friend was sent home a few minutes  later. My mom said she had been throwing up, uncontrollably. Ruby soon appeared after, and told me once again I was HER friend. let’s time skip one more time.

My parents had bought a boat and we decided to test it out on my birthday. I invited Karley and another friend name, let’s call her Tati. I asked Ruby to come with, she agreed but complained the entire time. I always enjoyed swimming and so did my friends. But Ruby would always say no and ask for me to come back onto the boat. It was like she was scared of the water.

A few days later Tati went swimming and nearly drowned, so she never went swimming after that. After that event I decided to go to the local library like I always did. But this time I went on the computer and looked up my address and it’s history. Since I knew Ruby wouldn’t follow me here, I looked it up. Ruby never liked me looking up the history of the property, so I did it secretly.

There was only one event that caught my eye. In 1845 on my property, a drowning had happened and it wasn’t accidental. A young girl maybe seven or eight years old was playing with her brother, who was about 10 or 11 and hated the little girl. She was playing tag with her brother and ran toward the well. She stopped in front of it and fell. Her brother had pushed her into the well. Where she drowned. The little girl’s name was Ruby . Her brother, soon after was caught and hanged for his crime. But he said he didn’t remember commiting the crime.

After reading the property’s story, I realized Ruby was the little girl. There was one picture attached, it showed an old worn picture of a tiny girl, with a young boy next to her. I printed out the photo and took it to an expert were they colored it, so I could see what it looked like. I will never forget the picture. The little girl had long long black hair and a tattered red dress, mud covered her feet, where she had no shoes. The boy next to her had short black hair that sat under a hat. Both their eyes looked dead.

But the girl had the brightest blue eyes, while the boy had dark brown eyes. The girl was beyond beautiful. I brought the picture home, where I gave it to Ruby. I never saw her after. I honestly believe she was a ‘lost ghost’ who wanted to know what happened to her. I never thought of her as a threat though she did make a lot of people uneasy and sick. I don’t think she was ever a threat. And soon after Ruby left, Hayden and I began talking again. Where I learned, she had began seeing people and things that no one else could. Just as I did. I haven’t told anyone about it, other than Hayden. At times we like talking to them and helping them.

Thinking back I probuably helped Ruby pass on. There are good ghosts and bad ones. But either way they’re all lost. Hayden and I wish to help them. I know this isn’t the scariest story but I just wanted others to hear Ruby’s story.

The Little Girl

Hey my name is Brianna I am 17 and the story I’m about to tell doesn’t seem scary at first just creepy but looking back I thought she was my best friend. I was 5 or 6 years old. I was spending a while with my dead beat father his wife, why my mom worked 3 jobs. I was playing alone in the room me and my stepbrother shared.

I heard a giggling and I looked up to see a girl my age, she was wearing a old dress ,it look to be from the 1800’s. She had pretty blond hair with a orange bow to match her dress, what stood out about her the most was that her mouth had been stitched closed but was lose enough for her to talk to me in mumbles. I still played dolls with her because I was 5 or 6, I didn’t think to ask questions. We played together every time I’d come visit my dad.

I remember it was a week away from my 7 birthday, I finally asked what happened to your mouth. I remember her answer so clearly it still scares me today. She looked at me and said ” It was the man, he used to be nice before I woke up”

Next thing I know she told me to go to my dad I felt scared.

Then I heard my dad’s door slam open he ran into my room. I noticed he was crying. I remember his words clearly. ” You’re okay right, you’re okay” . I looked into the hallway to see a tall dark shadow. With the little girl I would always sit with, he was grabbing her . I started shaking and crying. I climbed out my window after I noticed my dad was gone. I ran up the hill to my grandmothers trailer and had her call my mom to come get me. I found out later that night that my dad never came in my room he was asleep the whole time.

To this day I have never went back to that house. It’s been ten years and I still have the night terrors. I remember the little girl and the huge dark figure of the man in my dreams. God help anyone who lives in that house today.