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By Licht

When I was 13 I was bullied a lot. There was a specific girl who made life very miserable for me, let’s just call her Kate.

Kate made sure I had no friends, she always spread foul rumors about me and she was just in general a complete nightmare. I became traumatized, lonely, depressed and suicidal.

Screaming in the Night

By Dio23

This happened in 2011, I live in a beach town in Brazil, I was 18 at the time, and had spent most of my Saturday night at a friend’s house drinking beer and playing cards, since a major storm was raging on outside.

Keep in mind that the drinking age here is 18, but anyway, it was about 1am when I decided to go back home, my friend lives near the beach and I live more to the center of town, about 20 minutes on foot from her place, between our homes lies the biggest housing complex in town, famous for heavy drug trafficking, given the hour I decided to go through it, seems dumb at first but it is a lot safer, the drug dealers there won’t let anything happen to anyone inside or around the complex, since it would draw police attention and scare away their customers, so they have the most effective neighborhood watch in the world.

Dark Treats

By Lilbutterfli94

When I was 13, I had a friend Kayla who lived right in front of a local park. Every Halloween we had a tradition of going over to Kayla’s house right after school and getting dressed in our costumes. This year was a bit different because our school had let us come dressed up in our costumes.

When we got to Kayla’s house we were greeted by her mom, and we went right to Kayla’s room. Since half the work was done we decided on telling scary stories. I started out with a story about a shadow I saw in my house off and on, our friend Chelsea shared a story about some lake monster that wasn’t really scary, Mariah told a story about noises she heard around her house, and Kayla had an especially scary story.

Bad Vibe

By Emi

So I don’t really know what happened or why no body did anything about this but this is all true, here we go.

I’m a 14 year old female, around 5 ft ish and have been a big fan of horror, gore and paranormal things since I can remember.


By JpMaster120

This story is in the perspective of my mother, who experienced this horrible scene. It started on a hot summer day.

My mother was going through the day like a normal one, but the dream she had last night kept coming up in all of her thoughts. The dream where the house she knew and loved, Caught on fire. Everyone in the house died, including my mother and my grandmother.

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