My House is Haunted

This first encounter happened like 8 months ago. I was just lying down getting ready to fall asleep. I had my computer on with a tv show on for background sound. So with the computer open there was a little bit of light but not enough to completely light up my room. I was laying on my back when I heard a loud motorcycle or car drive by and lifted my head up to see the car light race around my room. At that moment I thought I saw something in the corner of room. I thought for a moment that it was just the shadow of something from the car light.

Then the fear swept over me when I realized the car was long gone. I’m almost certain that the thing standing in the corner of my room knew that I was in a state of fear because it slowly started to move towards me. The detail that made me know that it wasn’t human was when it was moving towards me there was no movement that showed steps. It just moved towards me like it was gliding across the floor. It kept coming closer till it was basically leaning over me standing next to my bed. I felt a frigid chill lay over me. I pulled my blankets over my face in fright. When I peaked my eyes out to see if that thing was still there, it wasn’t. I was relieved and went back to sleep. But every night I get a little worried that it will visit again.

My next short story was only 1-2 weeks ago. I was in my room with my door open waiting for my mom to come home. I was watching youtube videos. I had just finished a video and I heard a car pull into the driveway. I got up and waited for a second because something didn’t seem right. I heard the front door open. I slowly still a little skeptical started to head downstairs. I heard my mom walking through the house to the living room. I got downstairs and checked around and no one was there. I just realized the situation I was in and looked outside and saw no cars in the driveway. I bolted up stairs and almost dove into my room.

I was about to slam my door shut and lock it when I heard the footsteps again going back towards the door and it opens and closes and whatever was downstair had left. I again creep downstairs. I should mention that when this happened it was snowy outside so if someone were to come in you would see wet spots or rock salt on the floor. When I got downstairs there was nothing on the floors, they were perfectly clean. Since then I never feel completely alone when I’m home “alone”.

TV Ghost

I want to start off saying that I’ve had many experiences in my life but this one is by far one of my top three strangest things ever. Some background into my story. I was 13 years old at the time and home alone. My grandmother was a Tupperware lady and had a demonstration she was going to do.

Around this time is when computers became more of a household thing and the internet was really becoming popular. It was good old dial up, which was always fun. Anyways a friend of mine was supposed to come over but for some reason that I can’t remember she couldn’t. I was used to being alone for a few hours at night so it was no big deal at first.

I was minding my own business playing on the computer, talking on AIM when suddenly I heard the TV in the living turn on. I was in my bedroom at the time and found this to be very odd since I was home alone. I walked out of my room and into the living room. Sure enough the TV was on. I simply shrugged my shoulders and turned it off. Then I heard another TV go on, in my bedroom.

I quickly made my way to my room and turned my TV off. Then the living room TV went on again. At this point I was freaking out. I ran and turned off the living room TV when once again the one in my room went on. I was crying because I was so freaked out. I ran into my room and turned off the TV. Then a third and final time the living room TV turned on.

I went back in there and as I turned it off I begged whoever it was to please stop messing with me. I was crying terribly. The turning on of the TVs finally stopped. I somehow was able to call my friend and begged her to try to come over. I was hysterical crying and I couldn’t explain why. She was able to convince her mom to let her come over and she stayed with me till my grandmother finally got home.

After that night every time I was left alone I always tried to have a friend over, or tried to be on the phone with a friend, or even went to a friend’s house. I was purely terrified to ever be left alone. And to this day I still feel uneasy being left alone and I’m almost 30. And in today’s day and age with all these electronics that everyone has it truly makes me feel uneasy to be home alone.

The Room

I often spend the night or the weekend at my friend Sarah’s house. Normally, we would hang out upstairs and then get to the basement for the night as she has two huge couches on which we can sleep. The way her basement is that when you get down the stairs, you are right in the middle of it, so everything is either on your right on your left. On the right, there would be the television and couches, where we sleep, in front there would be a little work place with a computer and on the left, there are a very small bathroom, a room that is used for Sarah’s nieces and nephews when they come over, and then, beside this room would be the room.

It isn’t a particularly creepy room; there is only a huge bed, a closet, a big wardrobe and a commode. Yet, there is some atmosphere in there that makes the room creepy and it is uncomfortable to even look into it from wherever we could be standing. This is a feeling everyone that has ever gone in the room has, so it cannot only be me and my friends being crazy or just paranoid. We all believe there is something in this room, even if we cannot know what it is exactly. We have never seen anything, yet for some reason I always assumed it was a woman, as some sort of intuition or something.

I would be happy if I could say that this is all the room is about; only an irrational feeling of dread. But sadly it isn’t the case. Many things happened in the room, around it and in the whole house in general. It might be long, but I’ll try to make it as short as possible.

First, like I said, this room has a very unsettling atmosphere attached to it, and at night, it would always grow worse and worse. And the feeling would be felt everywhere around the house even with the lights turned on. So much that we couldn’t bear being in the basement when the door of this room was opened. Each night, we would take turns to close it and each time, we hated doing it and we always feared to see something or getting our hand or arm grabbed. Of course, all of this could be us overreacting, but one day, as it was my turn to close the door, I felt unusually bad around it. The feeling was stronger. I closed the door and as soon as the door was shut, something feel somewhere in the room with a loud wasn’t even close to the door, so it couldn’t just be that it was leaning on the door or the wall behind it.

A while after, I was cleaning around the kitchen at 10pm or something. There was only me awake at the time as Sarah’s parents were gone and she was sleeping already. It was all going just fine, I was washing our dishes and replacing everything we had moved to make our food, when I felt as if I was watched. And when I say watched, I mean that it felt as if someone was standing right behind my back and staring intensely at me. It was the same energy that is around the room, there was no doubt about it. I didn’t feel good at all, and wanted to scream and cry, but I didn’t. I had heard that ghosts or whatever entity just wanted to scare people and disturb them, so I kept on cleaning, paying no attention at all to the feeling. And after maybe 20 minutes of it, it just left as suddenly as it had come.

Maybe a month or so later, there was also Maxime with Sarah and I and we were just hanging out in the basement. We were either watching Tv or watching something on her computer and for some reason, we started talking about that one room and Maxime said that he too could feel something bad in it. I then spoke about my theory that there was a woman and I could even say in which corner she would be. Maxime was curious, so we all stepped into the room. At the same moment, the phone rang upstairs, which made us jump and walk out of the room. The phone didn’t ring again once we were out. It was just one ring alone, not a few ones like phones usually ring. We didn’t go back in.

Yet, this isn’t what scares me the most about it. What scares me the most is that on two occasions, I felt like I sort of had to sleep there. The first time, it was just a feeling of ”I want to sleep in that room” and for some reason, the feeling wasn’t that strong on that night. Though I had to sleep with the light opened. It was weird and I never understood why I had the feeling that I wanted to go there, but nothing happened on that night fortunately.

The second night however, was creepier, especially the reason why I ended up in the room. It was Sarah’s birthday and we were having a sleep over with 5 or 6 other friends. We were all in the basement, separated in different places around and on the couches. It was getting late and only Jenifer and I were still awake and finishing the movie. At some point, my breathing started to feel off and hurt.

The only thing I can compare the feeling to is the feeling of drowning. It was very clear, I could even feel or more like hallucinate the water burning my lungs and throat. I was truly uncomfortable and I really wanted it to stop. It was just painful and scary. I looked at Jenifer and simply told her ”I feel like I’m drowning” and then I stood up and walked to the room. I then closed the door behind me and almost instantly, the feeling left and I almost feel in security. I felt completely normal and even good in that room. I slept in it and never I was ever scared…well before the morning, where I was scared by the whole situation. It wasn’t normal.

I have no idea what is in this room, but it sure is creepy and I really hope that this thing doesn’t try to lure me into its room ever again and that it will never, ever make me feel like I’m drowning only to have me as company for the night.


Friday 13th Creature

So I live in a town just outside of Bath in England and it was about a year or so ago when this happened. It was Friday 13th and I love Friday 13th and well anything creepy at all. I’m really into paranormal stuff and I watch paranormal shows all the time. Anyway I was up at around 7;30 AM getting ready for school. I had just finished my breakfast and was heading up stairs to clean my teeth.

The way my house works is you have the entry hallway and to the left is the kitchen, straight ahead and to the left is the living room and to the right are the stairs. I was walking up the stairs and I looked through the wooden bars of the banister of the stairs into my living room as the door was left open. I stopped on the stairs and stared. I was frozen as looked at this creature. It was strange, it had no face and it was on all fours and it’s skin was a pale yellow.

It had long black claws coming out from its feet. It was there for less than a few seconds until it jumped out of view from the doorway. I still stood there in shock at what I just saw. I moved my head into the direction of where it jumped to see further into the living room. I saw nothing, it was gone. The speed it moved was so un natural as well. It was almost a blur when it jumped. My mum saw that I looked shocked and a little scared and asked me what was wrong. I said nothing and started walking up stairs again. I dismissed what I saw as me being tired or being paranoid of the day.

I carried on and got myself ready for school. I left and started walking to school as only live a few minutes away from my school. I always walk with earphones in listening to music so I don’t really pay attention to anything. So I got onto this path which was very open with some small houses to the left and open grass to the right. Ahead of me was a small paved car park for a social club which was also ahead. Also ahead and to the right was a set of flats.

As I approached this area I looked over to the right and looked at the building of flats and was shocked to see that thing there again. It was just next to the building on the grass. Once again it jumped behind the building out of view. I was so scared at this point, I didn’t stop. I began to walk faster and didn’t dare to look back to see if that thing was still there. The whole journey to school I was paranoid that the creature was still following me and was stalking me.

I got to school and felt a little more released. I told my friend and a teacher at school about what I saw.My friend believed me and the teacher wasn’t as convinced. She said that it might be brain damage which made me laugh and made me worry at the same time. I didn’t see that thing the rest of the day, and I haven’t seen it since thank God. I don’t really know what that creature was, I don’t know if it was my imagination running wild because it was Friday 13th or if this thing was real and did stalk me. I just really want to know if anyone else has seen or experienced anything like this as I’m really doubting if this was even real. I’m just so glad I have never seen the creature since, whatever that ghostly beast was.

Ghosts in the Vocational College

I had always lived in Massachusetts and the scary ghost stories that came along with it. I had only had one paranormal experience before this and will never return to the place this took place at.

Right after graduating high school I figured I would have a little fun before swinging into college that following fall, so I decided I would sign up for Jobcorp to keep my mind working and on its toes. There were only 2 campuses to choose from where I was located. One in Grafton Mass, and the other in Exeter. I had chosen the Grafton campus and within 2 days I got a call back and was accepted to be a residential student.

For those of you who dont know how Jobcorp works, you are placed into a trade school where you are either a residential student ( meaning you lived on campus) or a non-residential ( meaning that you would go home after your day was up). As a residential student I had to share a room with 3 other students who ended up becoming close personal friends of mine.

Back to the point, after being placed into the trade I had picked ( culinary arts) the chef at the time had explained to us that the campus had been converted from an old mental asylum. He told us that under the campus were tunnels that connected all building  so that they were able to transport patients without risking them running off into the woods. Right away we had considered it just s story until he showed us a hidden door in the far hidden corner of our building when was blocked off from all of us.

He pointed off into the distance where the hall was ridiculously dark, even in broad daylight and stated that there was a stairway and broken elevator there where they transported the patients. It was at that moment a few friends and I knew what we would do when we got the chance. We knew he was good at keeping an eye on all of us so we waited for a better chance to head down.

2 weeks later he was out sick and the substitute was late so it was that day we took advantage of the opportunity. My close friend who we will name Sam, and 2 others shuffled our way into the back room and snuck down the halls until we found the boarded off door. Sam broke the locks and right away we flooded into the dark hallway.

It was exciting and scary as you would expect as we walked down the dark hallway. As we reached the end of the dark hall we pulled out our cellphones and flashed on our flashlights to get a better look to finally find the elevator and stairs that passed to the lower levels. Excitement consumed us now that we had found the stairs that we all thought were part of some fake story, and we started heading down.

As soon as we got to the bottom we were met with another door with no windows. We pushed the door open and found ourselves staring down a long corridor with around 20 doors one each side before breaking off into multiple pathways lined with more doors.  It was at that moment we realized that our teacher was not lying and that something really was down here. We took a few steps in and peeked into the first room to our left where we couldnt believe what we were seeing. Just like in the horror movies there was a chair bolted to the floor with metal arm and leg straps attached to it.

We immediately stepped out of the room and collected ourselves as we proceeded a bit further down the hall. Every room had something in it, that seem to have been left or abandoned by the hospital that was here before us. A table with as few scalpels and stretcher beds were pretty common in every room, but some where littered with dirty brown sheets that were once white.  As we approached the intersection Sam stopped and hushed us all to listen.

We listened to see if we could hear anything besides our breathing though the darkness. Nothing, at first. It wasnt until that split second of exhaling we heard what sounded like something hit the floor in the darkness. Nothing heavy that made us jump, but more like a coin hitting the ground. We all took a moment to look at one another before listening again, this time it sounded much closer than we expected.

We wasted no time running out of there and making our way back to the stairway where there was light from outside. We all huddled in the light and nervously laughed at each other for getting scared until one of the other friends stood straight up and instantly went red. We could feel the goosebumps form on his arm as we let him go and turned down the long hall we had to travel to, to find that all of the lights had gone off and something was waiting at the end of the hall. It wasnt standing right in the middle but far off to the side of the corner as if peeking out but being to big to be discreet.

We didnt move at all, we just stood there and listened to each other breath in panic until the figure disappeared around the corner. We hadnt even realized we were standing there for 15 minutes before it disappeared.  When we had made it back to the classroom, Sam and the friend with goosebumps had immediately thrown up from the anxiety and after that we had never gone back down into the corridors.

To this very day we still talk about it and even go over stories that other students have had there. I can tell you this, I will never go back.