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The Closet Foot

By Gamer Girl

This was when I lived in Oregon Ontario. I was 9 when it happened. My dad was a trucker. my mom was talking to my dad on the phone while I was in my room just staring at the ceiling while I was listen to my mom talk on the phone with my dad. I just couldn’t sleep because I was so exited for my dad to get home tomorrow. when I looked at my closet I saw this creepy pale and dirty foot just pop out if my closet. Then it went back in the closet slowly. I stared at the closet, scared and still.

Then I finally got up and told my mom. I told my mom what I saw and asked her if she could check in my closet for me. she said “ok i’ll check it when I’m done talking to your dad”. I waited their with her until she was done talking to my dad.

Late Night Haunted Retail

By Shaken, Not Stirred

Back in 2006, I was working as a contractor for a large electronics firm. We were hired to drive around to various retail stores and replace equipment that was near the end of its lease. Because the stores stayed open during the day, we had to perform the replacements after they closed. This usually wasn’t a problem because the stores would restock at night so there were always five or ten other people at the store, including a manager or two.

The only exception to this were some of their specialty stores. Those stores were basically just catalogues you could walk around in, with ordering kiosks. They didn’t have any actual merchandise in the stores; if you wanted something you would have to order it and have it delivered. Some of these stores were nearly brand new, and they were custom built to meet requirements, but others were often retrofitted into other spaces.

The Vagrant’s Mass

By Breno P.

This story happened to my mom when she lived in the countryside, about 25/30 years ago. Regarding the paranormal, I am quite skeptical man, even though I’ve saw some strange things around, just small stuff, some shadows that appear on the corner of sight, and an eerie sense of being watched sometimes, but this all can somehow be explained by sight problems and one being pre disposing to fear and paranoia.

The house my mother used to live in was a big old country house, in those days they called it Manor, the folks from the region were (and to be frank with you, night watchers, they still are very rude and simple people, most small farmers and fisherman, and here in Brazil these communities are not really attended by our government). After my Grandpa died, the family split and only my mother and grandmother stayed at the house and taking care of the place, twice a week a man came to watch over the animals left.

The Civil War Soldier Ghost

By Kirstie Cox

Hello, my name is Kirstie and I am eighteen years old. My first encounter with what I believed was the paranormal occurred when I was around fourteen. I grew up in a small, rural town southeast of Houston, Texas in a cozy, two bedroom house hidden away in the under brush of the great pine forests. My mom was a single mom who worked two jobs in order to keep food on the table, so I was quite lonely and would generally spend my time reading history books or watching documentaries.

Texas history particularly interested me, so I read a few books here and there on Davy Crockett and his last stand at the famous battle of the Alamo in present day San Antonio, Texas. I had never been to San Antonio, but I began to have a deep and sincere longing to go and experience the history there first-hand. One day, mom came home and informed me she had taken the weekend off, which was a little exciting considering we hadn’t had the opportunity to spend a weekend together in ages. She then told me to pack my things and presented me with the directions to the Menger Hotel located in San Antonio, Texas. I couldn’t believe it, I would actually be face-to-face with tangible history. The several hour car trip felt like several years, but we finally arrived in San Antonio, Texas at 10:00 PM sharp.

The Dark Figure in the Night

By Michelle Miraglia

Okay so a little background information… I moved back in with my nana about 2 months ago now. Now, I’ve always had trouble sleeping and I’ve also had I guess the feeling of being asleep and not being able to move a muscle but last week I came home from classes around 9pm.

I came in talked to nana for a minute then hopped in the shower and finally after a long ass day made it to my bed. I got up to take my meds and then proceeded to begin the process of falling asleep. Now I am very used to it taking forever for me to actually go into a some what deep sleep and on this specific night I fell asleep rather quickly. Well I have to sleep with my door cracked at night just in case my nana calls out for me. So I woke up to what I thought was my nana calling me so I opened my eyes still laying in bed and looked out of the cracked door in my room and when my eyes finally focused I was just staring at the door I think just waiting to hear nana call my name again so I didn’t get up for nothing in the middle of the night in a very dark and quiet condo. So as I was peering out the opening of the door I started to see this giant black figure appear and as I realized what I was looking at I tried my absolute hardest to move but, nothing…

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