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I Met my Other Mom

By Glittery Guts

I have crippling fear of the dark. The reason as to why is because I naturally saw ghosts and had them touch/interact with me throughout my entire life. It’s not really a big deal once you learn to block them, but it sure can be scary when you feel someone lay by your side on the bed, the mattress sink and.. the cliche, no one is there.

This story, however, is not about anyone on my bed.

Rotten Hands

By Marie

When I was 6 years old, my family moved from the only home I’d ever known to Illinois, where we settled into a relatively new home. The previous family seemed very happy to have sold the home, but I didn’t question that until years later. We settled in, fixed a few problems, and things were relatively peaceful. (A few things you should know – I am the youngest of two siblings, with an agnostic father and a religious mother. I’ve been seeing things that don’t make logical sense for as long as I can remember, and I’ve also been keeping those things to myself due to disbelief and skepticism on the part of my family when I attempted to tell what I had seen.) Anyway, small things started happening around the house.

Electric appliances would act up, even those that were brand new. I would hear footsteps on the stairs, or whispers in empty rooms. My brother once heard something, but scolded me for trying to scare him. These strange noises and events went on for years, but I hadn’t seen anything like what I remember most.

Extraterrestrial Encounter

By Damon de’ Medeci

Okay so, first of all, a few weeks prior to my main experience, I saw something in the sky above my Birmingham, England, home. I was sitting in my back garden having a cigarette and admiring the beauty of the full moon, when I saw something “fly” into view, it looked like, well the shape of a deodorant can to be perfectly honest, flying silently across the sky with pulsing red, white and blue lights running along the bottom of it and a bright white torch like beam shining from the top but no wings. I had no idea what to think of it, but well there was nothing I could do, perhaps it would be on tomorrow’s local news. It wasn’t, nobody else seemed to have seen it.

Now, onto the main part of my story, I have no idea if these two experiences are actually related, but the former seemes to have some relevance.

The Teddy Bear

By Elise M.

So I was about seven or six at the time and I had just moved into a new house with my family.My room was one of the biggest in the house. I was looking around my room when I saw in my closet a teddy bear. It was a very nice teddy bear so I decided to keep it as my own and that was a mistake.

Two weeks after I had found that bear things started to happen.It was a week or two after I had found it and my dad and my brother and I were driving to my school when we got in an accident. I,my brother,and my dad were all injured. I had broken my leg and had a collapsed lung. My brother had the same thing happen to him. But my dad he had a collapsed lung a broken arm and a busted spleen.

Sleepover Hell

By Nami

It was the summer i was 15. My friends and i hung out a lot that summer and Sarah wanted us to spend the night at her house on the last weekend before school started.. So we did the usual sleep over things young teens do. Then she brought it out.

The Ouija board. Now my Grandmother had always told me not to mess with them. But Sarah and my other friends talked me into it. Of course we did the whole candles and darkened room bit. We started messing around, giggling and trying to blame the movement on someone. Then it got, weird. The planchette suddenly seemed to get cooler under our fingers. The giggling started to die down to nervous laughter between us.

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