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Terror in Brazil

By Mack8458

A little back story I am a mormon and when we are around the age of 19-21 most guys will serve a full time two year mission for our church. That being said I believe strongly that there is another world that is right next to ours and that if we look for things we are bound to find them.

This happened to my wife’s cousin who five years ago was serving a mission for our church he had been in Soa Paulo Brazil for about 6 months. About every two months or so he would be moved to a new area. After transferring to one of these he and his missionary companion were doing what we call trackting or going door to door when they saw this creepy abandon house on the corner of this one street.

Witch Possession

By Dash12

Ok, before i start i want to apologize beforehand for my english knowledge.
I live in colombia, and to tell you the truth ive never experienced a lot of paranormal stuff, only once, but that is for another time. In the other hand my father has a lot of paranormal stories, some of them happened to him, others, he only was a watcher or he heard about them. This one didnt happen to him, but to a friend of him that i actually know in real life, he is a bussiness partner, or was, we will call him john.
The story goes like this:

John has a wife that we will call her Ana, she had a cousin who married an asshole guy, and that guy lived with his mother.

Something Followed Me

By Everythingdak666

So I am a 17 year old female from the UK and I was still 17 at the time this story takes place. So it all started at some point last spring. I cant quite remember the date but it was the month of May. A few weeks before I finished my first year of college. So it was getting dark out and I had to get 3 of our little Shetland ponies back home from the grass bank near our house. They get put there everyday for grass and brought back at the end of the day.There are two lots of trees along the first bit of the grass bank. My siblings and I call them the little and big forest. The big one on the left and the small one on the right.I was walking along the top of the bank which closer to the big forest. As I was walking along the first bit of the grass bank I happened to look towards the little forest and I saw just this white figure just hiding in between the trees and it was looking right at me.

I think I was more confused than scared when I saw it. Bare in mind it was not completely dark outside yet. So I could still see where I was going clearly. I looked away then back and it was still there so I knew I wasn’t seeing things. So no tricks from the light. Then I decided to speed walk as I started to feel unsafe. When I looked back to see if it was still there I saw it had move along the forest,still staring at me.I knew from that point it was following me. So when I get nervous when walking around at night I talk to myself or sing to feel less scared. I know, its fucking weird but it actually helps me. I was laughing this time say am I really bothered by something that might not even be there.

Shadow Man of the Dawn

By Charcoal Darts

There have been times in the past where my family and/or I have had certain encounters or have witnessed particular things, like orbs, shadows, and even feeling someone (or something) touching us, when no one “living” is around.

Even though I’ve had my own apartment, 5 hours away from home, for at least 5 months now, it seems that some of the paranormal sensations and feelings still remain. It doesn’t feel like that all the time, but still…

The Army Ghost

By Simi123

Hello my name is Simikka and im from Denmark so i’m sorry if I’d wrote something wrong

So this story didn’t happen to me it happened to my father in his early twentys, but it’s not a year since he told me this

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