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Mine and My Dad’s UFO Encounter

By John G.

This happened to my dad in the summer of 1976 when my dad was seven years old. It was a very hot summers night and due to his Nan staying over and taking his bed, he had to spend the night in his sisters room on the camp bed facing the big bedroom window.

It was in the early hours of the morning when it happened, my dad was fast to sleep when he got woken up by these strange lights outside his window. He sat up from his camp bed and looked towards the window, what he saw that night still scares him to this day.

Strange Happenings

By BPP26

So, I had always had an interest in the paranormal and always enjoyed learning more about it. Just the thought of an unknown thing having the capability to pass through our reality without anyone noticing it unless they wish you to notice was always fascinating to me. However, I never thought anything of that nature would happen to me.

About two years ago, when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I had my first job of sorts. I worked with my mother, she was a dental assistant at an old dental office and I was sort of her assistant. I mostly did all of the cleaning of the rooms and instruments, as well as taking out the trash and filing all of the patient files and information. It was an okay job, with an okay pay. However, I never liked the feeling I received every time I entered the old office. It wasn’t necessarily a completely negative feeling, but it was just an odd feeling, as if someone was just watching you from the shadows. The feeling would become worse every time I was alone in the building, which is why I didn’t like working there or being there alone. Unfortunately, sometimes, I had to be.

My Grandma’s Visitor

I am 20 years old and live in a more secluded area of Austria, so please excuse some of my language and grammar mistakes, since English is not my first language.

This story took place about 10 years ago, when I was about 10 or 11. My family and I live in a 3 story farmhouse. My grandma, and back in the days my grandpa, lives on the ground floor. The bedrooms are all located on the first floor and there is an extra flat on the top floor which our family (my mom, dad, brother, sister and I) use.

Seeing Me Younger, Seeing Me Older

So, a little background. As you guys should know by my username, my real name is Marina. I have a glitch in the matrix story that I hope you will enjoy. I have experienced other stuff such as the paranormal other than this, and I may get around to sharing those sometime too. But that’s unnecessary for now. So back to what I was saying, my name is Marina, and the year of experiencing this was 2016, and I am 10 years old right now, therefore I still experienced this at this age. So, it is a major necessity for me to mention that half the story happened in 2016, and the other happened 5 years earlier so it was 2011.

So, it basically all began 5 years prior to now. When 2011 came by, I would always visit this pond, it would be in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and where I lived back then was a very remote area. So I would pretty much be the only person there, and probably the only person that knew of its existence. As for that, not even my family knew. None of my parents, nor brothers and I’m a girl, which means for me I was always quite lonely seeing as I was the only girl besides my mother. It was quite weird in hindsight that my parents wouldn’t really care if I left the double story house which is the one I lived in back in those times. I mentioned “double story house” for a reason. That’s because we were a very ‘split apart’ family if you know what I mean. If not, I mean we weren’t really ever spending time together, and the size of the home makes it more… split apart.

My Glitch in the Matrix Experience

By Frankie.Montgomery445

My name is Frankie and I want to share my Glitch in the Matrix. Let me start off by saying there is no way I am implying that I have 100% amazing memory.

But this is my experience. I get up every morning at 6:00 am for high school. I have insomnia, so I will wake up all hours of the night without a cause. In somewhere around April of 2015, my insomnia was acting up. I woke up at 3:00 am that morning. I went back to sleep.

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