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The Shadow Creature

By Chelsea S.

Hi, I’d like to start off by saying I’m an 18 year old female, and this happened about 2 years ago, when I was 16.

I’m used to having strange, paranormal happenings in my life.

What Comes with the House

By hennessey17

This story takes place at my dad’s old house in Arizona. Most of the experiences are his, and a few are mine. But the story starts when my dad first starts renting the house. He has been living there a few weeks when he meets his neighbors, and out of nowhere his neighbor asked if he knew about the woman who had lived in the house before him.

My dad said no, and his neighbor went on to tell him that there was an old woman who lived there for quite a while before passing away in the master bedroom He said it took maybe about a week before the body was discovered.


By Mey

This story is a long one and takes place over the span of 9 years. Thinking about it now, I cannot believe it has been 9 years. For you to understand this fully, I have to tell my backstory. Where it all started.
When I was in the 2nd grade, my family moved part way through the school year.

I had to leave behind all my beloved friends and classmates, so therefore my 7 year old self was pretty ticked. We moved to a neighbourhood that was pretty much almost all Caucasian and being Arab, this caused a lot of bullying and grief throughout that fateful year. I had trouble making friends at my new school as my class consisted of all Caucasian students and I didn’t fit in.

Possessed by Sparkles

By yentlcloud

So let me start with some background info on me and my ‘’powers’’. I am Yentl a 20 year old girl and I live in the Netherlands I have always been a spiritual person and as a child I have said and done things that are very strange. My mother told me about how I talked about my family before she was my mother how my niece was her daughter and I was not family of them. I don’t know the specific things I said but I know this always creeped my mother out.

Around my 12th I noticed I could use the energy in myself to take peoples sadness away all I had to do is place my hand on their body and often it would make people stop feeling so bad almost instantly, I would feel the energy go into my arm and out if it as I released it into some piece of furniture or something else. I also have been visited by a few ghost some I could ‘’see’’ and some I could just feel.

The Boy at my Window

By Briana_Banana

As a child I lived in a simple four bedroom home with my mom, dad, brothers, aunt, uncle and cousins. During the day the house felt homely, my cousins, felt more like siblings and we would play all the time together. However, at night it was a completely different story.

I grew up in an extremely superstitious family and we all believe in spirits; good and bad. One day my grandma came to visit us, and she is what they call a Curandera which roughly translates to “good witch” that can cure people. My grandma has always been able to see and sense spirits. When she first visited our home she told us that she sensed three spirits there; a man, a woman, and a little boy.

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