Ghost Stories from a Shipping Plant

I have worked security for a few years now. If there is one thing i have learned while working security is that we tend to experience some creepy things. There is one place i remember in the rural Tennessee town.

I cannot name the place due to confidentiality, but i can tell you that it was a big building used for packaging and shipping products to stores. It ran 24/7 and was only closed on Christmas.

At least when i was posted there that is how it was. There was an old guard who had been there for years. One night he told me that it used to close on weekends, and security would be the only ones in this building. They would hear screams from nowhere and disembodied voices at this time. I did not believe him, nor did i ever hear these voices.

However i did have a few experiences all of which can be backed by at least one other witness. Before i continue i should describe the posts where most of this happened. The entire facility is fenced off. With an entrance in the front for employees and contractors. Around back there are two gates. One for truckers, and the other for what is called a yard dog. Basically our own private truckers who would move trailers between our two local sites. Across the street was a lot where drivers who were over there time could sleep.

The first gate had a small shack and would be manned by two people. The other one had a smaller shack we called gate 2. These experiences happened at the back gate and gate two over my time there.

The first experience happened to a friend of mine. Back gate had the task of after midnight doing hourly patrols. It would take about 30 minutes on foot, but maybe 10 in a car so we normally used our own cars to drive it. It was my friend’s , let’s call him C.M., turn to do the round. He drove off and about 2 minutes later came back. It is apparent he had been crying. Since he was a friend as well as i co worker i immediately asked what was wrong. He told me, “I drove through a mist. Like an odd fog, and suddenly heard some strange weird music playing. I was suddenly just overwhelmed with sadness and just wanted to kill myself. So i came back here.”. After he told me this he refused to go on any more patrols. Though soon afterwards other guards and myself would not blame him.

One cool night i decided to do the patrol on foot, and had a bright flashlight with me. As i walked along rows upon rows of empty trailers i heard loud banging coming from inside one. There have been vagabonds and animals that had climbed into the trailers, and part of my job was to check, and call the proper authorities for the situation. I walked up to the trailer and peeked inside. As soon as i did the banging stopped, and the trailer was empty. This sent a chill down my spine and gave me goosebumps. I decided to walk away since technically there was nothing there. As i got to the front of the trailer i heard this laugh that chilled me to the core and filled me with fear. I ran back to the guard shack, and then i swore never to do patrols again.

Another night i was with a female guard who i simply called sarge due to her ranking and hard to remember name. One night we were sitting talking, and just passing time. When we saw a humanoid figure standing in the middle of the unlit lot. He seemed to stand still until we were both looking. Then he raised his arms and started trying to wave us down. His movements were, for a lack of better terms, “off”. They did not look quite right, but his voice was what really got our attention. In a loud monotone voice he shouted, “Help me. I need some help.”. It was as if he were a bored highschooler being forced to read a line from a play. Sarge handed me a flashlight and told me to go investigate. She would watch, and call the Emergency Services if needed. I started to walk over and the man was gone. Though i had to investigate. I went to the lot, and one vehicle had its lights on. So i knocked on the door and waited. After a moment a man answered.

“Have you seen anyone out here?”, i asked him. Wondering if he was playing a prank.

“No sir. I am the only here who seems to be up.”, He replied in a voice completely different than the one we heard from the figure. This man’s actually had expression in it. I started walking back to the shack, and the instant i turned around all the dogs in the neighborhood started barking for some reason. When i got back to the shack Sarge looked at me and asked, “Why didn’t you follow them?”. “What do you mean? They seemed to have left before i got there.” She shook her head, “No they were standing there until you started to walk across the street. Then they went  behind the closest trailer. Sarge and i talked about this for a few nights afterward trying to figure it out who or what that was.

Another time i was at the New gate, and Sarge on her patrol. She came to check on me. Most nights were dead except for maybe two hours total. So we would spend time watching youtube on our phones. She smacked the window and startled me as i was lost in some cartoon. I opened the window, and she asked me, “Who is with-” and then stopped. She stared at the empty doorway to gate twos small bathroom. The next words out of her mouth was, “I f*cking swear to god there was someone behind you. Even when i smacked the window they were standing there.” After that time she never checked up on any guard again and soon quit.

After i took the position of sergeant there was a change of orders. I would be in the main office and once a night do a foot patrol of all the posts. This would take an hour and i would carry a wand. Like the kind you see flight crews using to guide planes for take off in movies. I would do the patrols around the same time every night. Before i start my patrols one night i get a call, and the guard at back gate is surprised when i answered. “If you are on the phone who is watching us?” she said in a confused voice. A bit of panic slowly creeping in. To ease her i told her that i would look on the cameras. They gave me the figures location. I checked all three cameras that covered that area, and no one was there. “I can see him. He is standing right there. We thought it was you watching us creepily.” the panic now apparent in her voice as i checked all the cameras. No one on any of the outside ones. The other guard hang up and refused to pick up the phone the rest of the night. When the next shift came in she left in a hurry, and did not show up for the next night.

These are just a few of the strange things we saw there. Other guards told me stories of their encounters, but those are their stories to tell. Just remember security guards see more than just shoplifters, and loiterers. They also see things that go bump in the night.


Doppleganger in my House

This happened to me a little less than a year ago now, but first let me set the stage:

My name is Amber. I am a 29 year old single mother, currently residing in Tennessee. living with me are my now 7 year old son, my elderly disabled mother, and at the time of this occurrence my cousin was sleeping on our couch. Here’s the fun thing about my family: we ALL know that the paranormal is real. My mother was trained as a Shaman, my dad used to do energy work, and my cousin and I are Pagan and were raised, or rather trained, to deal with things that most people refuse to believe exist. Have you seen the show “Supernatural”? Well, one reason we love it in my family is because they tend to get the lore, and the “how to fight this beastie” stuff, pretty close to accurate, and my cousin and I especially love it because it is about as close as mainstream media is likely to ever come to showing how we were raised.

Now, he and I actually didn’t meet until high-school, and didn’t know we were related for a long time. He just became friends with my older brother, and became a part of our family, and THEN we realized we have common blood. small world, right? anyway, we grew up separately, but our families both raised us in much the same way. We each grew up in a relatively stable home, not a massive amount of moving around like the boys on the show, but were taught to study as much lore, on as many creatures and spirits, as we could find. As a result, although we don’t usually drive far to investigate paranormal happenings, when something DOES happen near us, or near our friends, we can usually figure out what it is, if it’s dangerous, and if so how to get it gone, without much trouble.

now, on to the actual story.

about a year ago, my cousin showed back up after having basically fallen off the face of the earth several years ago. he was now working doing private security in town, and our house was closer than his own to his current posts, so he asked if he could stay with us for a while, and we agreed. One night I was trying to sleep, and I overheard a conversation between him and my mom coming from the other end of the house in the middle of the night. I could hear what they were talking about, but since I missed the start of the conversation it didn’t really make sense. I remember hearing my mom’s voice ask a question that I couldn’t understand from so far away, and hearing my cousin respond with a sentence that ended with “at least this is plastic”. I assumed from the tones of the voices that my mother had found my e-cigarette on my desk (I may be an adult, but I didn’t want to deal with the confrontation bound to occur if she found out I was vaping), and that my cousin was sticking up for my right to do so.

I didn’t want to deal with it right then, I was tired, so I decided to deal with it the next day. my mother had been sick for a while, but it wasn’t getting better, so the next day she went to the ER by ambulance, and was admitted to the hospital. she was gone the entire day, so I knew I wasn’t going to get shit from her for vaping at least until she got back. I wanted to get it over with, but I also didn’t want to bring it up myself, in case I had misunderstood and they had been talking about something entirely different. so once she was gone, I asked my cousin “Hey, what were you guys talking about last night?” He looked at me kind of funny and asked what I was talking about. I told him “I overhead the ‘at least this is plastic’ part. did she see my e-cig?” At which point he told me that no such conversation had taken place. In fact, he didn’t remember talking to her at all the night before.

Ok, strange, but not overly so. After all, he might just not remember, or I could have possibly been hearing things, right? Even though I was sure that wasn’t the case, I brushed it off. No biggie.

However, that day I had my son raking the leaves in the yard. I didn’t expect him to do a perfect job of it, after all he was only 6 at the time, but he needed the practice, and I needed the help since I have a bad back and raking is almost impossible for me anymore. And while he’s raking he asks me for some tea. Not cold super sweet lipton, like most people down here tend to drink. No, in my family we like REAL tea. HOT tea. Especially in the fall and winter. He’s working hard, so I tell him sure, keep raking and I’ll make you some tea. I go in, boil the kettle, pull out a tea bag from the box he enjoys the most, etc. etc. I get the tea steeped, sweetened, and pull the tea bag out, but the tea is still pretty hot, and he’s got a sensitive little mouth. so I go set the mug on the wooden railing of our front porch, and yell out to him that it’s still too hot, so give it a couple of minutes before he goes to drink it, and I go back inside and to the back room where I was working on cleaning. now, through all of this my cousin was taking a nap on the sofa in the living room, which is where the front door enters. There are a bunch of windows in the wall across from the sofa, that are all grouped together to make one large super window that looks out onto the front porch and yard. my cousin did not hear me come inside, somehow, but his text alert went off on his phone a few minutes later, waking him. He sat up, and was fully awake texting back and forth with the person who woke him, when he looked out the front window and saw me standing there on the porch. He says he saw me dip my finger in my son’s tea mug on the railing as if I were testing the temperature. So it greatly surprised him when, just a minute later, my son comes inside yelling for me, asking me if his tea is cool enough, and I answered from the back room I had already been in

When I answered from back there, he asked if I had come in the back door, to which I said “no”. Then he asked how long I’d been back there, and started to be visibly agitated when I told him I’d been there a good 10 minutes or so. He told me there was something in the house, and told me what he’d seen on the porch just a minute earlier, and we put it together with what I’d heard the night before. His voice and my mothers, having a conversation that never happened. At least not between the real them. I keep an EMF detector app on my phone, and have tested it under controlled circumstances, so I know that it’s accurate enough for what I do with it. I pulled it up, and we went through the house, looking for spikes. Basically, hunting for where my wards on the property were breached. We finally got a spike with no electronics or wiring near enough to cause it, as well as a cold spot, right in the middle of my mothers bedroom.

This is where things got fun, because my son had never seen me banish anything before. People think dealing with spirits has to be all formal and precise, done exactly this one way and no other. I’m here to tell you, that ain’t true. The main things you have to get right are the intent, the faith, and the power behind the words to make whatever it is believe what you say. And by “faith”, I don’t necessarily mean religion, but you have to believe that what you’re doing will work. Faith in yourself can be faith enough to get rid of a lot of stuff, at least if you’re not dealing with anything too powerful. So, I stood where the breach had happened, and at the very top of my lungs shouted:

“OI! FUCKTARD! You think you can come into MY HOUSE, and fuck with MY PEOPLE?! Oh HEEEELLLLLL NO! You’re going to leave, right now, and you’re going to stay gone, or so help me, by ALL the Gods, I will FUCK. YOUR SHIT. UP!”

The funny thing is, if you’re sensitive to such things, you can actually feel when they leave. This one left in a hurry. And, of course, I immediately smudged the entire house (using sage I had lit from my third gen. Brigid’s flame candles), and smudged all of the occupants including our pets, and then re-did the warding on my house and land, including sprinkling salt around the perimeter. This was the first time I’ve ever had to deal with a doppelganger, but all in all it was far from the worst thing I’ve ever run up against. We managed to get it gone before it did any harm, so I call this one a win.

The Doll House

It was my first year of college and I had decided, last minute, to go to a really small music school in a small town in South West Iowa.  The town consisted of about 7,000 people and it was a huge culture shock for me as I was born and raised Los Angeles.
Now, I know what you’re thinking, Why on earth would you want to go to a school in the middle of nowhere to go to a music college when you could’ve just stayed in LA?! And to be honest I actually liked the idea of going away for college, they had offered me a scholarship and they also gave me a place off campus with four other music students.

My room mates names were Mike, TJ, Tim, and Katie and they had all witnessed some strange happenings in our year at the doll house but this is just my experience.

The doll house was a huge, two story, victorian style house that was built so early in the towns existence, that the town had put an official plaque at the front of the house, next to the front door, recognizing it as a historical landmark. Now you may be wondering why we used to call it the doll house.

Well, everyone in town called it that because it was painted a soft shade of purple that made it look like a giant doll house.

Creepy, I know.  Who paints a house purple?

Let me give you a quick layout of the house as it’ll help you picture the events that transpire throughout my time living at the doll house. I remember the first day I moved in, the landlord had told me to put my stuff in whatever room I wanted as it was a “first come first serve” kind of thing, so I immediately put my stuff in the master bedroom upstairs and two of my room mates, Mike and Tim, had already moved into the rooms next to mine.

All the rooms in the house were painted weird pastel colors like a doll house too. Mine was this mint green color, which I actually kind of liked, and Mike and Tim’s rooms were pink, Katie’s room was yellow and Tj’s room used to be a study or an office so it was just white.  I remember thinking how dirty the house was which I later found out was because the doll house was known as the party house.  I moved in and started to take a little tour.

There were three entrances to the house; the side kitchen entrance which was right next to the two car garage, the front entrance and another side entrance on the opposite side of the house, next to the stairs, that we never used.

There was two bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs each with their own entrances but in order to get into Tim’s room you had to either go through Mike’s room or you had to go through a door that was in the dining room that led to secret stairway up to his room.

There were always people at our house even if they didn’t live there because our house was basically a place where all the music kids would just hang out and party, so I was hardly ever alone. And I remember never feeling creeped out by sounds and things because it was always either my room mates or someone else from the school who would just come over to hang out and use our internet or something.

But one day, a few months into living there, I remember being alone for the first time because it was getting close to finals and recital time and everyone was at school practicing.

I had decided to go home and get a quick bite to eat and work on some homework there.  I remember getting a bowl of cereal and going straight to my room to start working on my theory homework.

And something you should know is that the door to my bedroom didn’t actually latch and instead had a door knob and a hole on the side of the door where the latch would’ve been.

I didn’t mind because the door did actually close but that was because it was a little swollen from the humidity there.  It took a bit of force to open and close it, and made a big cracking noise when you tried but like I said it was an old house and I didn’t mind.

Anyway, as I was sitting there doing my homework on the floor I heard a CRACK!  and my door opened.  I looked up and immediately got a little scared but I shook it off and blamed it on a breeze running through the house so I got up and forcefully pushed the door closed.

I went back to doing my home work and about fifteen minutes later, CRACK! and my door had opened again only this time it was a little wider as if someone had pushed it a little harder.  I immediately got so annoyed and thought it was Mike trying to mess with me so I stormed into his room but he wasn’t there.  I checked down stairs and no one was home.

I went back upstairs and shut my door again feeling really creeped out but I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t have a car then, which meant I would have to take all my books and backpack and ride my bike back to school. I wasn’t about to do that so I just decided to suck it up.

I stayed in the room for a good twenty minutes before, CRACK! my door started to open again. I ended up leaving my stuff there and biking back to school without my stuff.  That was the first of many strange occurrences but the creepiest was spring break.

I couldn’t afford to go home or leave town during spring break and neither could Tim so the rest of the room mates left and we stayed behind.  He had told me he was going to stay in town and that he would probably just chill at the house.

Tim was this quiet, keep-to-himeself kind of guy and he and I didn’t really talk too much aside from the normal good mornings and good nights and occasional chores and things that we needed for the house so, I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t really see much of him during the break.

He was a bit of a night owl so I found comfort in seeing his light on every night I would come home from hanging out with my friends or practicing at the school.

I remember always leaving early and coming home late around 2am sometimes during that week and I always looked up to see the light on in his bedroom window and I even found myself purposefully checking if the light was on before entering the house just to feel better about not being in the house alone.

I would usually go straight to my room and go to bed and sometimes I would hear him walk through Mike’s room and go into the bathroom which also had a closet with the washer and dryer in it and I would hear him run the washer and dryer.

So throughout the week this went on. I would leave in the mornings, I’d come home, see his light and I would hear him walking around and washing clothes. And as I said I wasn’t too close to him so I never bothered to even check in on him and it was always late and I was always so tired that I would just fall asleep.

Friday soon came around and I had just woken up around 11am and I went down stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I pulled out some eggs and then went into the freezer to pull out some frozen waffles when Tim walks through the side door.  He had bags as if he was going somewhere and so I asked him, “Hey Tim! Where are you headed to? Break is almost over.”

Thinking it was strange for him to be going somewhere so late in the week and what he said next sends shivers up my spine even today.

He responded, “What are you talking about?  I just got back from the twin cities with Forrest.”

I dropped the box of frozen waffles and felt the blood drain from my face. I felt cold and he asked me what was wrong. I frantically told him that there was someone in his room and that I saw his light on at night and that the washer and dryer were on and everything.

He looked at me confused and I could tell he was worried and kept asking me if I was ok and he didn’t seem to understand from how fast I was talking. I started to have panic attack and he slowly tried to calm me down by helping me breath slowly and when I finally could, I told him everything that happened.

He got so spooked , he didn’t want to sleep in the room for a few days after that.

We later found out that his room used to be the servants quarters which is why it was connected to Mike’s room and had its own stairway that led straight to the dining and kitchen area.

Mike’s room used to be the nursery room so the servants would have access to the kids whenever they needed them.  The house was probably haunted with the ghosts of the servants that used to live there.

Other strange things would happen at the doll house, like balls bouncing down the stairs and laughter being heard and footsteps upstairs when everyone was downstairs and a bunch more but none as scary as when I was alone at the doll house and didn’t even know it.

I never stayed alone in that house again and I moved out the next year. Last I heard the owner actually sold the house and I’ve since moved back to California but I’ll never forget my year there. It made me believe in things I never thought possible.

The Call

For background to the story, my brother and I are involved with law enforcement in our local police department. Im a field training officer for the the law enforcement explorer program and my brother is a community service officer for the department. We love what we do, don’t get me wrong, there’s ups and down but what happened on a particular day, we will never forget.

It was a quiet Thursday morning when my brother and I were patroling around the neighborhood in the squad car, Unit 20.  We were in the middle of having conversation about me leaving to join the Marine Corps, and him possibly going to to police academy, when we hear an officer being dispatched to a call.

  • “707 respond to a 10-15 (civic disturbance) at 2234 Columbus Avenue.  A realtor was showing a  house to a couple, and when they looked in the closet, they found a woman with black hair, and a white night gown, crying in the corner”

Chills were sent down my spine and my brother and I looked at each other in shock. We were just passing the area, and since the officer is going alone, we decided to back him up to make sure everything is in check.

We met the officer at the apartment and the realtor told us that she was still in there. We searched the apartment, every room, the attic, the closet she was supposedly was in. All of the doors were secured and locked and no one was there. We looked for points of forced entry because transients (the homeless) usually break into houses to get some shelter.

We searched outside the house and around the neighborhood but no one matched the description. We came back to the apartment and broke the news that she was not there, and to give us another call if they happen to see her again.

As we were wrapping up our business, I look at the window, and clear as daylight, I see the woman in one of the windows. I couldn’t see her face because her hair was blocking it. And when I turned to my brother to tell him, I turned back and she was not there. We finally left after the realtor showed the rest of the apartment and secured the door.

I have seen a lot happen in the four years I’ve been with the police department, but I have never seen or been to a ghost call. To all my brothers and sisters in blue, be safe out there and don’t respond to suspicious calls like that, alone.

I don’t know what that lady’s intentions were, but I’m sure the couple the realtor was showing the apartment to, won’t be moving in, anytime soon.


Creepy Babysitter Experience

*The Grey Man*
Being a mother is different, I never gave birth to my daughter because I was lesbian, and my wife wanted to adopt someone.

Our eight year old daughter, at the time, was always in need of attention. She wanted one of us to play with her or watch some television with her, being the only parent I decide to give in because well, she’s just too adorable.

My wife, Lexi, had to run out to her job because of someone not turning up, her hours were always all over the place and it usually ran until midnight or even one in the morning.

I started looking for a babysitter which is uncalled for, but work also had me coming in at off hours.

Eventually, I found one person who went by the name of Elissa, she was young probably around early twenties, so I gave her a call and she headed over the next day,

I left for work around five in the afternoon while Elissa was there.

While driving, I noticed something odd. I felt really uneasy leaving the house, of course when you’re a mother it’s normal to feel that way but it’s not when you’ve had this.. gut tingling feeling that something wasn’t right.

I turned back and slowly drove to my house, the window blinds were open and I could see Elissa playing with my daughter, the television was on and they seemed to be having a blast.

Then I saw something that really set me uneven, Lindsey, (my daughter), had stood up and hugged Elissa, and then she sat back down while Elissa went somewhere else in the room, assuming the kitchen perhaps?

So I continued to my work still feeling uneven, I decide to leave early. It was about eight at night when I start heading back, I see this odd light hovering in the sky.
I brushed it off as an airplane or something, but it seemed like it was right near my house.

I pull in the driveway and Lindsey is sitting at the window staring at me smiling, I rush inside and Elissa is gone.

I asked her how long she’s been gone and her response gave me shivers, even to this day.

“She left a few minutes ago, into the light in the sky.”

I quickly rushed back outside but I didn’t see the light I saw earlier, I started panicking and dialed the police.

About a week had past by, it was a Thursday night and we were watching a television show.

Lexi was out as usual and Lindsey was sitting beside me, suddenly she got off the couch and walked to the front door and pointed at it.

I asked her what she was doing and her response.. I still get terrified just by typing this.

Her exact response was, “The grey man wants to come in, he’s at the door, Elissa is with him too!”

I froze for a moment, once I got back to myself I quickly grabbed Lindsey and went upstairs and locked the door, I told her to tell me everything of what she did with Elissa the day she came over, all she said was they played with some barbies and watched some television and ate a snack, then she left.

I dialed the police once more but that’s where it gets much more scary.

On the end of the phone was nothing but static, and a unusual noise. I can’t describe it even if I tried but it made me sick, I hung up the phone and took Lindsey into the closet.

After about ten minutes she opens the closet and walks to the bedroom window, she can’t reach it because she was too little back then but she pointed up at the window and kept jumping.

I snatched her up and pulled her back into the closet, “The grey man wants to come in! He can see you mommy, he just wants to play.”

I started feeling utterly sick at my stomach to where I wanted to puke, I blocked the closet door where no one could open it and we slept there the entire night.
The next day I awake only to find the closet doors had been wide open.

I looked beside me and Lindsey was gone, I started freaking out screaming “No no no!” And ran downstairs, only to find that she was with Lexi having breakfast.

Lexi smiled and laughed saying that she came home to find us sleeping in the closet, as I asked her if anything was in front of the closet she replied back with No.

“The closet doors were already open when I got home.”

I looked to Lindsey and asked if she opened them while I was asleep and she replied with the most horrifying response.

“No mommy, don’t you remember? The Grey man opened the doors with his mind and took us into his ship! We flew around and came back.”

I grabbed my phone and left instantly after that without saying another word, I haven’t been home in a week since then but I finally came to realize.. Grey man, opening doors with his mind is impossible, unless.. he’s not human.

There have been so many alien abductions but this one.. this night was confusing. I don’t remember seeing anything or being on a ship, but Lindsey sure does.

I’ve kept this in my journal for years, she’s now nineteen and she still remembers it like it was yesterday.

To whoever reads this, make sure your house isn’t built near woods or a forest, because they sure do love those areas the most..