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My family I and moved into our new house Oct. 22nd 2015. Everything seemed fine, we were all happy and loving our new place.

A few months go by and I started hearing knocks on my walls, my family would kinda freak out, but they would shrug it off. It started happening more, and I would start feeling someone play with my hair.

The Dark Demon

So this was just last November on the 11th I don’t know why this happened or how but this is my story. If I do pronounce some stuff wrong or I don’t make myself clear it’s probably because i’m still mentally and physically shaken. Well here it goes so the night before I was just sitting down and watching some anime talking to my gf the typical kind of thing for me to be doing well at around 10:50 my gf was in the middle of a sentence then she stopped talking and I didn’t know why so I asked if everything is okay and she shushed me.

As I sat in my bed and listened I heard a low raspy voice call for her I was confused because her mom and stepdad got in a fight so her mom left and her stepdad went to work then I asked her if she was playing a prank on me like she does every now and then. The next thing I know is we got back into a normal conversation (I still don’t have an explanation but I think something just startled her) and later started to video chat because she didn’t like the feeling of the phone digging into her ear so as we were video chatting I heard a loud bang come from my kitchen I go out to see my dog got into a pile of trash and tipped over the trash can. Then I heard an even louder bang from upstairs.

Demon Encounter

These stories all happened to my father – not me.

These 3 stories are possibly demon, paranormal, and the last one isn’t too scary but, it’s somewhat creepy.

Story Number 1: I was driving home from my job, you know, typical day, or night for that matter, as I work nights. I was on a desolate street, lets say, 40 minutes from my house, when I saw it. I saw it scurrying across the road like a bat would when on its legs. It looked like a completely black bat. As black as a black hole. It was 10 feet long. I stopped right when I saw it… I could feel pure evil when I saw it, I was in shock. I couldn’t say for sure, but I knew it was a demon.

My Family’s Paranormal Past

Parinormal encounters must run in my family or something. I’ve heard a ton of stories from most of my family, but I’ll only tell a few.

My mom told me of the time when she, my dad’s sisters, and few cousins of hers played with a ouija borad. This is before my parents were married. So they were hanging out at one of her cousins house and no parents were home, so they thought it would be the perfect time to play the ouija borad they had secretly bought. So they played and asked the normal questions, is any one there, or and whats your name and all that. The plamchette moved and all of them were skeptical at first and my mom got allittle freaked out knowing none of them were moving it. They were all scared so they said good bye and put it away. After they said bye the phone rang but no one was there. They hung up right after it rang again, and again they picked up. After the third time they stopped answering and it continually rang.

Spell for a Demon

So I’ll start this with a little background about myself. Since I was a very small child I have been able to see, feel, and hear ghosts. I have also moved around a lot and stayed in many different houses. Quite a few of these houses have been haunted and either me or my parents have experienced activity. I have seen and dealt with anything from angels to demons. This experience I am going to share is one of the more terrifying encounters I had with a demon, and it is one I accidentally brought on myself. So let’s begin.

About a year ago I was sleeping over at a friend’s house and thought it would be normal good fun with her and her sister.  My friend had suggested an activity that was strange but nothing I wasn’t used to. She suggested we try performing a spell together. I was 16 at the time and the first time I had ever tried doing a spell was when I was 14. Of course I had said yes. Her sister went along with it as well. So the next step was to decide what kind of spell. We went onto a website that was like a giant spell book and picked one out. We had chosen to do a spell that would make a person turn disgustingly hideous. We planned on using it on a girl who had caused us a lot of problems and at the time we hated.

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