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Jack Frost

By CHk_5

I used to live in a House from the 1800’s, and it was always paranormaly active. I’ve seen very scarring stuff in that house, such as the time my “imaginary friend” wasn’t so imaginary.

But that’s a story for another time. So this story happens from my mothers point of view when I was a baby and from what she tells me, she seen a clown in my room. I was a few weeks old. My father was working night shift and it was just my mom and I. The layout of the hallway which this happend in is as follows: I had no door on my room and the hallway ended with my room straight ahead so you can see inside of it if you were walking straight down the hall, and the only other room which was the bathroom, was to the right.

Water Woman

By Mira Sparrow

Hello there, I’d like to start this story of mine off by saying, I very much enjoy this channel and wanted to thank you for all the hours of enjoyment it has brought me. I’d also like to add, that do not be surprised if you get more submissions from me in the future. I also apologize for any errors in spelling or grammar. Now, let us begin…

A little back story….. When I was 15, I lived in an unconventional home. It was an apartment that was built around the 60’s in a not great area in a Podunk town in the mid-west. This building was once for the elderly, and disabled, but was now full of middle age single mothers and their children, my mom and I included. Our manager was a total ass, and often took advantage of the residents being single mothers and would often extort money, drugs, and other things in lue of a check for rent. He was known for harassing us all. It was a nightmare.

The Face at the Window

By Jessie

My name is Jessie and my story starts off like any normal teenage night. I was talking to my crush one night through snapchat.

We were sending each other goofy faces and pictures of our room talking about our math class and math teacher. By the way this was when we were in middle school, I’m in my senior year now. I decided my face wasn’t looking very pretty at the moment so I decided to take a picture of my backyard.

Shadows in the House

By TheEpicMrTroy

When I was around 10-15 years old, I would often visit my fathers house every other weekend, as my parents are divorced. My father had lived in many different houses throughout the years, but one stuck out above the rest. My dad works for the local Wildlife Police Dept. in his state, and because of which, he was constantly moved from place to place. One of the houses that he lived in was located on a Lock; a section of a river with a large gate connecting it to the rest of the river.

It was there that i spent a good amount of my teen years with my father, stepmother, and stepbrother. I didn’t really notice any problems with the house at first. I mean sure, it was old, and had a certain aura about it. But over time, it really started to show just how unusual it could be. It was one summer, about 7 years back that I had these encounters. Keep in mind, I was always a very honest child, and I truly hated telling lies. I was at the house alone one day, as my father, and stepmother were at work, and my stepbrother was at school.

The Small Room

By Jacob H.

When I was younger we didn’t have the upstairs finished so my two older brothers and I had to take the second biggest room in the house. My mom took the smallest room. My great uncle went on a trip to California and my brother and I went to are dads.

When me and my middle brother came from are dads ( the reason my oldest brother didn’t go was because he was are half brother and was at his dads) are mom was a little scared she said the there was a man at the foot of her bed who wore a leather jacket and his hair flipped back. At the time I didn’t believe in ghosts so I made fun of her and said she was being hunted by the ghost of the 50s. Skip to 5 years I’m 15 now and the upstairs are finished my mom took the second biggest room and my two brothers took the two rooms upstairs.

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