The Witch of the Towpath

Let me just start off by saying I’ve never held stock in anything ghost or paranormal related I’m guess it’s my atheist roots and love for science and logic that finds that silly. But one dark night in my hometown of Williamsport Maryland changed this way of thinking completely.

I’m 27 now at the time of this encounter I was 16 going on 17 in my hometown it was one of those “everybody knows everybody” low crime type towns with small violence other than the occasional bar fight that ended up in the street with all that said I loved it was peaceful and Serene but I moved away after I graduated high school but still miss it too this day. So anyways me and my girlfriend had just had a bad breakup I was saddened and angry I was very much in love with her but breakups happen even a knucklehead teen I didn’t know this I felt distant the entire and wanted to be alone completely so I told my folks I was going to one of my many close-nit friend’s but I had no intention so I walked to the towpath that wasn’t far from my house I was always relaxing and therapeutic to me walking the towpath admiring nature and the river that was gorgeous come sunset.

So I get back there a good ways not a soul in sight I was getting kind of dark but I had no care with my hurt and anger at the time. So I sit and stew and contimplate how I lost her even cried a little I’m man enough to admit that. Out of nowhere it seemed and I know this sounds so cliche and I never believed it before but I felt like I was being watched it was a very uneasy feeling nothing but Goosebumps and the hairs on your neck stand up and shiver type deal even with all my anger I still felt very uneasy never experiencing that before so I hear rustling in them leaves maybe 30 or 40 yards away now now a rougue bear would be rare and those parts but we do get sightings and rarley  attacks of Mountain lions but I wasn’t taking a chance I’ll just get the fuck out of there. I start steadily jogging it’s more alarm than anything at this point.

So about 20-30 feet away I hear a shrieking “leave!” I turn around mind you it’s alot darker not pitch Black but in my horror I see the silhouette of a lady in black. My heart sank and for the first time in my life I felt true terror. This woman will be seen in my nightmares until I check out she had no eye’s you could see through her head I was stunned with fear, Paralyzed even, it was like I snapped out of it and ran, Ran faster than I could I played sports so I exerted every muscle I had in fear to get away from this woman. In my horror while I was sprinting it was as it she was gliding but to my horror to my estimation she was 5 inches away from the side of my face I seen the end of the towpath and  and close my eyes and sprinted until I felt the gravel before you get to the bridge and opened my eye the bridge had lights on it I turned around she was maybe 30 feet away for me and in my adrenaline fueled State I said in anger and maybe a little bit of cockiness “come get me bitch!” And to this day I have no idea what I saw or how it is possible but it was as if she literally evaporated while I looking right at her.

So I run with all the energy which was not a lot to my friends house I’m frantically trying to tell my friend and his dad what I just experienced my friend was very skeptical and even laughed but his father did believe me because he seen her a few years before apparently so he did his research and apparently there is a Spectre called the black Witch and I apparently was not the first encounter the past few centuries. To this is day I’m still torn what did I see? Was it the witch of the towpath? Was it a grief filled hallucination? only that is a certainty is I will never travel that towpath again.

Walmart Stalker

This is the story about the dream I had yesterday while taking a hour nap.

It was the day before thanksgiving.  Me and my grandma were preparing dinner for Thanksgiving. Me being me burned the rice so I had to start over. Me and my grandma were having a normal conversation. A knock sounded at the door and my dog started to bark like crazy. I yelled at him to stop and went up to door and opened it. When I opened it I expected to see a package or something but I didn’t expect to see a guy about 6’3 standing there no emotion in his face. “Can I help you?” I asked but he didn’t respond. “I’m okay.” I slowly closed the door and locked it then went back to my grandma and started to make food again.

Now it was Thanksgiving family was over kids were running around everything seemed normal. Until I heard a knock at the door as I was inside. I opened it thinking it was the kids. I got ready to yell bit when I opened it. Everything stopped. The music and people talking stopped. I stopped. Everything was just frozen still. I could still move my eyes. I looked up to see him. The guy from the day before walking towards me. I was panicking.

Once he was right in front of me he grabbed me by the beck and pulled me out of my frozen sate. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand. I try to let loose but it didn’t work. He dragged me the forest by my house. He let go of me and I scream. That’s when I woke up to see my grandma with a worried look on her face.

She told me I was screaming and crying. I didn’t sleep that night.

And the thing is my dreams sometimes predict the future. I hope this doesn’t happen. I really hope it doesn’t

Something in the School

(This happened a couple of weeks ago) It was 9:30 P.M and I was just getting home from hanging  out with a friend. When I entered my house I noticed that my Aunt Jackie was visiting with my cousin Alec, I said “Hello” smiled and waved at them as I walked through the living straight to my room. I was tired and wanted to shower. After my shower I was on my laptop at my desk when I got a knock at the door. It was my brother, he asked if I would go out and throw a football or a frisbee around with him and Alec.

It was late and they would only be allowed to go out if I went with them.

I fought my tiredness and agreed to go with them, at this point it was around 10:40P.M. Keep in mind my brother is nine and my cousin is 14 and I am 19, I know it’s a big age gap between my brother and I, but thats how it’s always been. Anyways, back to us throwing the ball around at the park. After a few rounds of tossing the ball back and forth I got bored and I could tell my brother and Alec were too.

So I suggested we go to a 7-Eleven that was down the street and I would treat them and buy them a couple of snacks and I would get myself something. They excitedly agreed and we went walking down the street to 7-Eleven. I asked if they wanted to go for a walk for a bit while we enjoyed our snacks and they said “yes”. We went walking down a couple of blocks, meanwhile Alec’s and I were catching up, since we hadn’t seen each other in years and kept walking until we reached my former high school and Alec’s current school.

We were walking down the block the school is on, past the football field when suddenly a police car pulled up on the side of the road a little ahead of us. It was a female officer, she unbuckled and hurriedly got out of the car.

She shouted at us, “SIT DOWN ON THE CURB”. Stunned and confused, I walked a little further and asked, “What?”, the officer said “I said SIT DOWN ON THE SIDEWALK CURB”. So we all sat down as she approached us. She looked us over and said to my brother, “a little young to be out this late aren’t we little one”, then she looked at me and said “Where are you guys coming from?”

I responded “Just down the street”, raising my iced tea in the direction of 7-Eleven. She asked If I was sure about that, shocked and almost insulted I looked up at her and said “Yeah? Where else would we be coming from?”(At this point another two police vehicles were pulling in on the side of the road.) She told us that they had received a call from the school security officers, that guard the school at night, that they noticed someone on the security camera monitor walking in the halls of various buildings and going into rooms.

But when they checked they didn’t find anyone and thats when they decided to call the police while they check if anything had been stolen.

And since it appeared to her that we were walking from off of the campus that we might be involved. Alec responded first before I could get a chance to say anything and said we hadn’t even set foot on the campus, I looked up from looking at Alec at the officer and told her the same thing and that we had gone to 7-Eleven prior and that was really it. She told us to wait while another officer goes to the security guards and confirms that nothing was stolen. We sat and waited for probably 35 minutes until finally we heard someone say something on the officer’s radio.

She looked at us while saying something inaudible to the radio and walked over to us.

And said nothing had been taken but they still needed to confirm that we hadn’t broken in. And were going to go through the security footage to see the whole situation from another perspective. This was ridiculous that just because we had been at the wrong place at the wrong time we were forced to be involved.

The officer asked for a number she could contact me on. I gave her my cell number and she told us to go home, that it was late. So we did, on the way home we agreed not to tell our parents because it would just make them worry. A week passed and I received a phone call, it was the officer, she had called to apologize. I was grinning ear to ear, knowing we had unjustly been stopped, until she told me that after they reviewed the footage for multiple hours they couldn’t find anyone on the footage around the time the call was made.

She also said the only reason they kept us there was because multiple security guards had seen multiple people walking in the halls, further giving them reason to suspect it was us. She said sorry for making us sit on the cold dirty sidewalk.

After the call ended I was really creeped out thinking, “If multiple people saw something, then what was it?”.

My haunted home and high school

I am a firm believer in the paranormal.

I have only told this story to a couple of people, my friends mostly.

First, here’s some background.

My house was built a while ago, maybe 20 or so years ago. The main floor is simple; a living room and kitchen and a hallway with three bedrooms and a bathroom. From the kitchen you go downstairs where two of the incidents happened. Another happened upstairs and two more at my high school.

Now, when I was around eight years old, the first activity happened. I have Legos in my basement and when I went to bed, I would set up the people in a scene. When I would come down the next day to play, the people were moved. Some were all the way across the room. I was a little freaked out but I passed it off.

A year or so later, my brother and I, let’s call him Ronnie. We were playing war with our Lego people when the lights started to flicker. It wasn’t just one light that flickered when it was almost dead, but all the lights flickered at the same time. Ronnie and I ran upstairs and didn’t go back down until we had our toy swords with us.

The third incident happened just over six months ago. I had gotten up at 4:45 AM to get some help for my chemistry class, and I was getting my breakfast. I was the only one awake. Suddenly I heard a small thump coming from downstairs. I got a little freaked out and finished my breakfast quickly before fast walking to my room. Nothing else happened until i was leaving. I was walking out the door and I turned around to make sure all the lights were off. They were, but in the dim sunrise light, I saw a shadow figure standing on the far side of my kitchen watching me. I was seriously freaked out, so I closed the door and ran to my car and drove to school.


Now we switch gears a little bit.

My high school is haunted by three ghosts in our auditorium. I’ve seen two of them. The first is the ghost on the catwalk. I was working set construction for our fall musical and only three other people were there. Two in the green room and one on the stage. No one else was in the school. I heard the sound of metallic footsteps from above and I saw a shadow pacing on the catwalk. I ran to the loft to check the door and it was locked and the only person who had a key was in the green room.

The second ghost is in our costume closet. We call it Narnia. The Seniors always tell the incoming freshman not to go in Narnia alone. Of course, I didn’t listen and during rehearsal, I went up to Narnia and went in alone. I walked all the way to the back, where most of the activity happens. Some of the clothes started to move and I was the only person up there. I ran out and joined rehearsal again. A year later I went up with a friend and an infrared camera. I went all the way to the back, checking every row on the way. Nothing. I was disappointed but relieved at the same time. I began to go back and in the second row, I felt a cold draft. I turned the infrared around and picked up a blue figure across from me, but no one was there.

I will never stop believing in the paranormal and I recommend to never deal with a ghost by yourself.

What’s Downstairs?

Please note that this is my first story written, so it might not be as good as some others. This story happened in Southern Ontario in Canada. Actually, at the time of writing this, it has only occurred two hours ago. I live in a small suburban home in a pretty nice neighbourhood, nice neighbours, great area.

Over the four years my family lived here, nothing has ever happened here vaguely crime like. The fact that this happened here is…nerve wracking to say the least.

Before I get into the story, I have to explain a couple things about my family and how my house was arranged.

My family is composed of: a black four year old cat named Gru, my older sister, my older brother, my dad, my mom, and my grandma who lives in the basement. My house once you enter, has a small entrance area with a mat with a small wall to the left separating this area from my dad’s office.

Beside the office is a small area with a bunch of cabinets and a large table. Opposite is the closet and the stairs leading upstairs and to the basement, which directly above the closet and the stairs was two lights.

Following down that hallway is the kitchen and the dining room on the left with the laundry room and the living room to the left. Going down the stairs is my grandma’s apartment and up the stairs was directly to the left my tiny room, with just adjacent is my cat’s tower and my parent’s room.

At the time, my mom and sister were off at a dance competition, so the house was very quiet, mainly because my brother, grandma, and dad usually kept to themselves. I woke up at 5:14 after a really bad nightmare about kidnapping or something along the lines of that, and now that I’m awake,

I couldn’t go back to sleep. I left my room fully alert, and I realised it was really dark, especially for the fact that the sun was meant to rise very soon.

I was going to go around to see if anyone was awake but then…I heard something. Everything was quiet except for this.

A scratching sound…coming from downstairs. I was right next to the stairs so I could tell it was coming from down there, and then the second anomaly, the staircase light was on, shining very brightly, and then the third, a mumbling sound, like someone was talking to themselves. 

What in the world?’ I thought. ‘It’s probably just mom’, I caught eye of my cat sitting down at the top step like he always does, and I went into my dad’s room, he was sleeping soundly.

I closed the door and hid in his room for a while. I would’ve gotten my flashlight, phone, wallet and epipen (I have allergies) but the bag they were in was directly in the sight of the kitchen.

I ended up just falling asleep after about 2 hours of just crouching in the corner.

I woke up at about 8:07 am with the light pouring into the room through the curtains. ‘Crap, forgot to tell dad about it last night.’ I said, which woke up my dad. I told him about what happened, and how I thought it was mom but how I’m still a little nervous, he then told me she wasn’t meant to come home until that night. I stared at him with serious shock.

I then gulped, built up my courage, and said I was gonna check it out downstairs, see the situation. I went downstairs.


The light was off, nothing. I went through every cupboard and fridge and nothing, I checked the last one and it looked like it was ransacked, food and other contents were spilled and toppled over. I checked every single window and door to see if they were locked,

I even checked the closet, every thing was locked. I then rummaged through my little bag and pulled out my flashlight, I interrogated everyone from my grandma to older brother, no one was even up at 5 other then me and Gru.

My grandma even showed proof she was only up at 8, her kettle was cold where she makes tea which she uses to wake up and how she was groggy and tired.

My dad said it might have just been my vivid nightmares I’ve been having recently, it was true, I’ve been having quite a few of those recently, but the thing is, can you have two nightmares in the same night, at the same time?

What in the world was downstairs at 5 am? Was it there for any longer?

And the thing that really is getting me worried is, what if I went down to check, or what would have happened if I called out ‘Mom’? A part of me wants to know what it was, but another part of me says some questions are best left unanswered.