Truckers Hell

I have another story for you guys again this is a story. this from a camper from a summer camp I went to a kid with and this his dad’s story.  our story begins with my friends dad leaving from a small town in Colorado with his long haul to Idaho.

My friends dad goes to his first stop like always a gets is McDonald’s meal like he does always and fills is truck up. As he leaves Colorado he prays he’ll have a good trip. He enters Wyoming at about 12:00 am winds are tense and is frightened by something he hears some screaming looks around see nothing gets in his truck continuse driving.

He drives for author half an hour or so. he hears that same voice and he see a woman covered in blood screaming you killed me and points right at him and sees blood dripping from her eyes. He looks at the clock it says 12:45 he is in his truck saying to himself you over tired. Decieds to gets out of his trick as he open to the it slams shut because of the wind he thinks at first but look down the woman is right there! He try to start his truck it stalling he’s convinced he’s a dead man but then clock hits 1:00 am! The truck roars back to life sees the woman’s gone and he races out there with his truck.

The rest of trip goes fine and back alright. When he gets back to Colorado he says he quits his job to his boss and wants to get married and have kids to his girlfriend a year later he gets a call from his old boss saying they lost one of their men the same road he drove that night. Say someone had ripped his chest open with a hunting knife and wrote you killed me on the wind shield of the truck.

My friends dad was 24 when this happened he told his son never stay out past midnight because that’s the devils out.

shadow man story

A little back story, I have lived in Alaska most of my life and have enjoyed spending time out side in the long Alaskan summers ether hunting fishing or hiking. Growing up here you learn safety in number when out in the woods, more eyes to see bears and moose, you also learn to watch what to look for so u don’t stumble upon one in the woods.

They may be big but they are really quite for there size.

Now my dad and I used to really love hunting birds and rabbits because we could make stew out of them and not brake our backs hauling out 800 pounds of moose meat. But back when I was around 17 my dad and I want to make rabbit stew or throw some on the grill I don’t remember exactly.

But we loaded up the truck with some light snacks and our 4×4 so we can get back into the woods a little deeper then normal.  Side note we never drank when we went hunting because of the fear of getting hurt or killed, sense we both had 12gage shotgun.

But we ride on this old dirt path that we have taken before when hunting. And after about 30-45 min of riding we park our 4×4 and put on our orange vest we started walking in the woods looking for rabbit.  We have these vest on so we can split up slightly and still see each other so if one of use spooks a rabbit the other might be able to get it with out hitting the other guy.  After hunting for a few hours and getting about 4-5 rabbits between the both of us we start heading back to the 4x4s but stop on a fallen down tree to eat our snacks.

As we sit there seeing who go the biggest rabbit we hear a noise like something is speed walking through the bushes in front of us.  Worried it was a bear or something my dad and I grabbed our our shotguns and got them ready. But what ever walked through the bushes wasn’t a bear or moose. It was a man but not a man it that makes sense.

Like you could easily see the arms chest head and legs down to the knees.  But it was solid black, like someone dipped him in ink.  The part the scared us the most was he had no legs below his knees,  he wasn’t standing in front of something his legs just ended and yet he was still able to walk.  His eyes was the second thing that we noticed, they were a deep shad of red. His hole eyes where solid red. As my dad and i sat there just to scared to move with out shotguns still in our hands this shadow man thing walked back into the woods and just left us stunned and confused.

The hole incounter lasted probably 5-10 seconds but we got so scared we just grabbed our guns and rabbits leaving our snacks there and ran back to our 4×4, And hightailed it home. To this day we still have no idea what we saw in those woods. Hopefully we won’t see it again.

Recurring Wolf Nightmare

We all know that our dreams can be unpredictable at times. Even with some practice you may even be able to control them, but sadly I’m not one of those people. I’m just a viewer of the sometimes completely insane dream sequences I have, and even worse; a victim to a horrifying stalker that lives in my dreams. All of this is 100% real, and it will never stop.

It all started when I was an innocent nine year old boy, living in a suburban neighborhood with a forest behind me. I lived in a two story house at the time and me and my brother’s rooms were on the second story. One knight when I went to bed, I strangely woke up again at some unknown time at night. I shrugged and got out of bed to relive myself in the bathroom, but I didn’t hear my mom tell me to go back to bed. back then she had a late night shift working at home. I should have heard her at least typing away at her computer, but I didn’t hear that either. I was starting to get scared, but I returned to my room and locked the door closed. Then my eyes grew to the size of dinner plates when I saw what time it was. 8:35pm, the exact time I fell asleep.

“What the heck?” I said out loud. I did this because I felt the need to break the bone chilling silence, but then He responded.

“A new friend? Don’t worry, I’ll be right there”. this echoing, growling voice said with glee and giddiness. It’s voice sounded like he was in a tunnel and put through a low pitch synthesizer

I freaked out at the faint, but very clear voice coming from downstairs. The owner of that voice began coming up the stairs, and I got even more scared. Being a scared and naïve boy I used to be, I hid under my bed and hoped to the lord in heaven that he didn’t find me. Soon I heard the thundering footfalls of this monster stop in front of my door. What I didn’t expect is that he turned the knob to the point where the lock broke, and the door opened. Without wasting anymore time, he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me out from under my bed. After throwing me on my bed, he turned on my room light and I ended up looking at the face of a monster. (Show included picture for reference). It was a black furred creature I can only describe as a werewolf or dog-man

“You’re a cute little boy. I wonder how you taste”. He growled, licking his jaws. I look on in horror as his jaws part and sharp yellowish teeth get closer to my face, but then he stops. then he looks at me again.

“No. Not yet. not tender enough”.

Then he just walked out of my room, but before he walked out of my view he said one last thing.

“You can bet on seeing me again, and next time we’re gonna have some fun”. he laughed and hit the wall next to him with an open hand or pawhand, making a black splotch of a paw padded hand with claws at the end of each digit. That’s when I woke up. Back to the safety of reality, or was it?

when I opened my door I saw the same paw/hand print on the wall. I almost felt the need to throw up.

From then on I’ve seen him in every black corner shadowy room, reflection, and all of my very frequent nightmare. He follows me everywhere, and he won’t stop until he’s picking me out of his disgusting yellow teeth.

Red Eyes

It was in the fall one night when I was ten years old and my brother twelve. It happened when my  father left to work for the midnight to eight shift and before my mother returned from the same work place after working four pm to midnight.

At the end of the house there was a window that faced the back yard and the woods with no lights at all. the bathroom and back door was there to. Also just by the window was the foundation of an addition that my father just began to build. After using the bathroom I heard a noise outside just inside the woods beyond the back yard.

Curiously I looked to see what it was because sometimes deer would come into the yard at night. Somehow this was not what I usually hear from deer nearby. This sounded like a horse walking and I could hear heavy clopping of hooves. I called to my brother to come over to look and listen.

Whatever it was; it was coming closer to us and the hooves clopping on the ground was getting louder. As it began to clear the woods we saw two red glowing eyes about seven to eight feet tall and it was silhouetted by the moonlight. This thing was huge and headed right to us looking out the window. We were too frightened to do or say anything but watch this creature coming for us.

It was moving slowly and it didn’t seem to be in a hurry as if it knew we were alone.

When it got about twelve feet from the window, just at the edge of the foundation that was six feet deep, it was looking to see how to get at us.

Then just in the nick of time the headlights of my mother’s car shown down the driveway. In order to keep from being spotted this creature ducked behind the foundation but there wasn’t enough room to hide. It looked like a huge harry dog but on two legs. Really like a werewolf. With the headlights on it, the creature quickly ran away back into the woods. My mother saw it run away but has trouble to this day in believing what she saw.

As for me I’ll never doubt that werewolves exist.



Goatmans Bridge

Hello, I’m a huge fan of your Channel and I’ve always wanted to submit something to you but until now nothing I’ve had was long enough.

There’s a Ghost Story a friend of mine told me about called Goatmans Bridge. The long and short of a story is way back when there was a Goat Farmer who had a wife and children, but due to him being Black and his wife White the others didn’t take to kindly to their family due to the Racial issues at the time. They lived a normal life and never bothered anyone but one night they were taken out to the bridge by angry Farmers and were hung; the man was forced to watch as his beloved wife and children were murdered before being hung himself. Though he didn’t die right away; those who had hung them made sure the Noose was tied in such a way that caused a slow death.

Naturally as a huge Paranormal fan me and a couple of my friends had decided to go check the place out. It’s said at night if you go and stand on his bridge one of many things might happen: you might hear the rope swaying with a body clearly still attached to it, you might see him hanging off of the bridge, the sound of voices or the urge to jump off into the river below. The bridge itself was near a wooded area, naturally of course these things seem to always happen near a wooded or abandoned area, and was a good ways above a river with fallen trees and rocks scattered about in the dark water. The bridge had Graffiti on it clearly showing others had been there before who thought it would be a good idea to leave their mark on the place where a family lost their lives.

Someone even drew an Ouija Board in Pink Chalk for goodness sake!

It was around early morning when we arrived and there were a few other Cars parked, one empty and the other with an adult and their small Dog. Getting out we all made out way down the path to get to the bridge chatting as we shown out Flashlights on the ground in front of us so we didn’t trip over anything and get hurt. Now I’m not an idiot, someone foolish or insane enough to go hunt for the Paranormal yes but an idiot no, and I had my Pocket Knife in my hand just incase something should go wrong while a friend had my Pepper Spray. We weren’t about to get caught in a situation we didn’t want to be in without a way to defend ourselves.

Getting up on the bridge it seemed colder than the rest of the are we had been at, though it was turning into those colder Months so it wasn’t that surprising. My friends began to try and talk to the Spirits of those who had been wrongfully killed on the bridge while I walked off to be on my own. Why I did I’m still not sure. Zoning out I stopped in one spot and looked out over the bridge with the oddest urge to jump off. I didn’t, but the feeling continued the entire time we were on that bridge. Looking at the water below there was a splash but once we went to see what it was it turned out to be nothing more than a Fish with a great sense of timing.

Going back to my stand I tuned out the others whispering voices as I thought I had heard something. Now at first I was sure it was just some trees swaying in the wind or it could be the old bridge with the weight of Six people standing on it, it was run down after all but still safe to be on, but soon I realized neither of those things were right. Looking down once more at where I was sure this sound was coming from there wasn’t anything there I could see with my eyes but I knew what it was. Me and my friends have always been more in tune with the Paranormal and have had many other experiences so we know these things are real. I know I wasn’t imagining things.

It was the sound of someone hanging.

Now I didn’t say anything at the time seeing as how I was still trying to process if what I was hearing was what I thought it was; we might believe in these things but we try to rationalize them before assuming it’s something Paranormal. One of our friends, whom were not friends with anymore, wanted to go into the woods near by. Being the Horror fan I am my first thought was ‘that’s how you get stabbed’ but eventually after some talking half of the group had decided to stay where they were on the bridge while me and the other two began to walk into the woods. Yes I know this is something that could easily have gotten me killed but I was curious and wanted something more to happen. Depending on what it was that might’ve been in those woods I regret my choice.

After a few feet inside the trees someone screamed. Not scared or in pain but like they were talking with friends and being far to loud for the secluded area we were in, and it was clear they were drunk. Pausing for a moment we heard more people, all Men if I remember right, laughing and chatting with one another though I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Now of course my blood ran cold at the realization there were others out there that sounded like they were leaving.

And the way we went in was the only way in or out of those woods.

The Male with us, for some reason or another, yelled at them. Not angry but almost like he was joining in on the fun. And he got a response. Listening closer we soon realized that whom ever, or what ever, those voices belong to was now running at us. And I swear, we heard the sound of hooves. Deciding it was time to go we bolted out of the woods and back over the bridge. Once there one of our friends, and my best friend, asked what was going on and I only said one word.


A walk that took about Fifteen minutes took about Five on the way back as we sprinted to the Car and got in not about to be mugged or attacked by who ever those Men were, or whatever creature had been chasing after us. It’s almost funny because right as we got back into the Car and started it up the usual Tow-Truck pulled into the area to tow away any Cars left unattended. We laughed nervously to ourselves as we joked about how lucky that was and maybe it was a sign to get back to the Car so it wouldn’t have been towed and how the other Car left unattended might’ve gotten towed; but we didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

Only about Ten minutes into the drive back did I pipe up about what I had heard; turns out I wasn’t the only one who had heard it.

Typing this out I do still believe that those drunken idiots out in the woods who had rushed at us were the owners of the empty Car or maybe they were with the adult and their Dog; but there also was a change that the abandoned Car was actually abandoned. That the person with the Dog wasn’t waiting on anyone. That those Men we heard weren’t alive. That something with hooves was out there, too. I now know why they might call it Goatman’s Bridge.

I know for sure is I’m glad we didn’t stick around to find out what was sprinting towards us.