The forest

I live just outside a small rural village in Ireland. At the end of a short lane and across the road from my house is a forest planted by an old British landlord that  lived in a huge house in the middle of the forrest. The graves of the man and his family are still there in the forest from around the 1800s.

This forest has an extremely well known reputation for being haunted in my small village.

Here are just a few examples of weird happenings: When my older sister was around 13 or 14 her and a few of her friends decided to go for a walk to the end of my lane and supposedly heard loud chanting from the forest as if a ritual was taking place.

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A ghost almost drowned me

(please excuse any spelling mistakes for grammatical error. im currently typing this from my phone)

my name is ajay and this is a true story of how i almost drowned. i was around 17 when this happened during the first year of me lifeguarding at a public pool located in my small town in alberta, canada.

(oh and by the way im a guy) so, at the pool i worked at we would close at around 7pm and then all the lifeguards on shift could go for a quick dip before really closing off. anyways we had just kicked everyone out and it was only me and my friend, we’ll call her alexa, left on shift. she was across from me cleaning out the hot tub and i decided to go in the water since i had already packed away all the floaties and toys.

i took off my shirt and sandals and jumped in. i’ve always enjoyed swimming and being underwater was so peaceful and quiet. for fun i would regularly see how long i could hold my breath for while just sitting in the bottom of the pool. so that’s exactly what i was doing.

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Creepy Shower Story

Hello, I’m a young girl from the US and have this story I’ve wanted to share for some time.Let me start off by saying, if you don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, some experiences I’ve had made me believe in them. I’ll just tell one story for today.

So this happened one night while I was taking a shower. My mom was busy while my dad and brothers were watching TV. About 5 minutes into the shower, I got a strange feeling like something was near me or watching me. I just shook it off and thought it was just me acting up after listening to some scary stories on youtube. Yes, I watch scary stories, and thank god I do. It helps me keep in check and know what to do in dire circumstances.

So, as I was saying, as I felt watched by someone or something, I felt uncomfortable. The next thing I know, I hear a thud coming from the wall. I almost slipped. Before I could over react, I thought well, maybe it’s just one of my brothers pulling a trick on me, since they do that a lot. Well, I was wrong.

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My Imaginary Friend?

I would like to start off by saying; my name is Chelsea, I’m 18 years old, and this story takes place when I was around 8 or 9, so sometime in 2007 or ’08.
I can’t say I 100% believe in the paranormal, but I also know I cannot logically explain this experience.

Around the time this story took place, my (now deceased) father was going to AA (alcoholics anonymous)/NA (narcotics anonymous), and my mother and I would accompany him, because she wanted to support him, and babysitting was hard to find.

I do have an older brother (who’s 10 years old than me), that lived with us at the time (he moved when he was 19), but my father went to meetings during the weekends, and he would go to his friend’s house, so… I had to go along with my mom and dad to the meetings.

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Two UFO’s in the same week

My name is Niko, I was born in Portugal but live in England for 10 years now, I always traveled quite a bit because of my work and after having worked in London a few times 10 years ago I ended up staying.

I always been a very open minded person but honestly never really had much of an interest in UFO’s and things of the unknown or paranormal, but in 2010 in the same week, with different people I experienced two incredible sightings.

The first one was on a very nice evening, London has a very peculiar weather and on that night was very nice for the time of the year. I got home after work and a friend of my flatmate was staying with us for a short period, lets call him George.

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Flames in the sky

Hello guys, I am a 21 years old woman, Brazilian, and in this situation, my mother is the one that had the paranormal experience.

Well, talking about my mom, when she was a teenager, she lived in a country area, like a farm and forest kind of place.

She remembered working and helping her parents in the crop, but, one day, everyone saw balls of fire dancing in the sky. They came out of nowhere and ended up disappearing into the woods.

Some days later, a man from a farm nearby found gold in the forest where the flames were seeing. And it remains a mystery that another pot of gold was found, nobody knows who was the lucky one.

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Question Everything

So these are somewhat of a recollection of past events throughout my life that have made me question everything we’ve ever been taught.  All events are completely true and I will tell them through my eyes. Maybe there’s a logical explanation for some of these, some are just strange. Either way, I know what I’ve experienced and I’ll stick to what I remember. All the events are in chronological order.

2000-2002. I’m probably about 7 or 8 years old at the time, a cub scout. I joined the scouts as a way to do extra curricular activities without joining jock type sports. My memory of th cub scouts are fond. Fun and enjoyable. Enough of that, this event takes plaxe in southwest Florida, where I grew up.

We were at a typical weekly meeting at one of the scout’s house. This week: star gazing. So as usual we had a short learning talk about what to look for and things of the sort. After that was over the adults left us out on the front lawn to enjoy ourselves. As we were watching the beautiful sky, the colors of the milky way galaxy merging before our eyes, one if the scouts shot a hand up to my left and shouted “Look! A rocket ship!!” In an excited 7 year old voice. Now as I recall the experience, I remember we saw a glistening object way up in the night sky, almost like a star.

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Sunset Beach


The story I’m about to tell you is actually about two separate events, but given the subject matter and the fact that both took place in the same location, I usually think of them as two parts of the same story.

Anyway…I grew up in a small town on the southern Oregon coast. The beaches there are beautiful, but given the cold, wet climate, they’re usually only frequented by sight-seers and bored locals. The most popular of the local beaches is Sunset Bay State Park, or, as the locals refer to it, ‘Sunset Beach’.

It’s not a large beach…but it’s beautiful there. There are tide-pools to explore, countless nature trails and hiking paths, barbecue areas, a campground, etc. Having grown-up there, though, I eventually began thinking of the beach as a cold, wet, windy place that was often an awful place to visit. Still…in an area with nothing to do, I often got dragged to the beach by friends who, for some reason, still enjoyed it there.

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Mountain Desert Alien

I wasn’t one to believe in the paranormal such as ghots or aliens;but one night in late October changed my entire point of view. It was around ten or eleven at night when we were returning home from our grandparents house when we noticed some lights blinking above the mountain.

My sister, let’s say Lucy, was saying it was probably some airplanes coordinating with one another since we did live by a nearby private airport. I watched as the lights made a sequence of red, green, blue, and white pulses before joking that it was probably aliens coming to abduct us. Lucy and I luaghed. We came to our neighborhood and drove along our road;which wasn’t maintained due to the weather and extreme heat we received. We jostled over cracks, potholes,and uneven pavement in the black ford that Lucy drove.

We came to a stop at the dirt lot next to our driveway where the truck was parked when not in use. The one good thing about our house that was nice, was the silence and room we had. To our left was our neighbors and to our right was endless, uninhabited desert. The only house that was out in the desert was the neighbor who lived past where the road transitioned into a dirt path, which was four hundred yards away from us. I looked up at the lights again as Lucy began turning the truck around to back it up into the dirt lot.

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Tiptoe at the Window

By Athena D.

Now, I have never written a story before so bare with me, I might jump around alot since I type the way I talk. Anyway, a little background about me, I am 23 years old at the moment, 4ft 8.5in tall, female. So you can imagine how little I am.

I have had a ton of different encounters with paranormal creatures and beings, I even suffer from Sleep Paralysis, ever since the age of 15 so you could only imagine half of the things I have gone through. Anyway, the story I am about to tell you isn’t from sleep paralysis, but something far greater than that. I was 19 at the time.

And have been living with my mom in a small duplex in Buffalo, NY.

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