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Don’t Cross this Bridge

Before we delve into this story, please know these are stories from myself and a partner of mine.

Our story begins with a old steel bridge that crosses from West Leechburg to Hyde park in Leechburg PA. On this bridge people have reported that there have been reports of UFO sightings on the river banks, a suicide story of a boy who was running away from the police and jumped off the bridge, a male figure with only his legs showing up in photos, to a little girl spirit and a beast on the Hyde park trails on the other side of the bridge.

Many stories evolve around this haunted bridge would make anyone not want to cross it, especially at night. Though my partner, lets call him Roman for identity safety purpose, and I along with two friends of mine didn’t listen to the warnings.

Ghost Bridge

“Hurry up slow poke!” I said laughing, talking to my cousin Zoe. We were walking to the bridge in South Haven from my great grandmas house. As we started talking about god knows what, when I noticed that the wildlife stopped being noisy.

Zoe was procrastinating because she had a “bad feeling” honestly I always trust my gut, and I felt fine. So I just kept walking, because I knew she would follow eventually. As I was looking at the bridge, I saw my old best friend, Conner. He was my OLD best friend because when we were 9 he died in a train accident, so it was weird seeing his spirit. He looked like we could be twins! Fraternal of course ’cause he is a boy and I’m a girl. Blonde hair, and blue eyes, although he had no glasses.

The Cry Baby Bridge ghosts

This memory still brings chills to my spine. My family is loves the Supernatural/Paranormal stuff, especially my Aunt. One night, about a year ago I was with my Aunt and cousins. We had just got done eating dinner and had nothing to do but watch TV. So I asked my Aunt about her Paranormal experiences and she mentioned Cry Baby Bridge. I had heard of it but never been, so me being so into ‘scary’ things. I asked her to take me and my cousins. She agreed and called my father and stepmother to join us.

We all met up at a gas station and started our journey. My Aunt explained the backstory of the bridge for me. Apparently a woman had gone through a divorce with her husband and grew frustrated with being a single mother. So she had taken her baby to the bridge and jumped off into the water, which drowned herself along with her child. They say you can still hear the cries of the baby, while others say you can sometimes see the woman walking along the bridge or on the banks of the river. Some other things happen too but I don’t want to get into too much detail.

My Family’s True Paranormal Experience’s from the UK

These are a few of my family’s true paranormal experiences over the years. I’ll start with my aunt and cousin. A few years ago my aunt and cousin moved into a nice little cottage down an old country lane in Kent . It was a beautiful house with a lot of history to it. It started off ok at first but eventually my aunt started to have some paranormal experiences. For instance when she was home alone she could sometimes hear footsteps walking around upstairs but when she went upstairs to have a look there was no one there.

Another weird experience was, when my aunt was preparing to go out somewhere, she put on her make up just like any woman would do before going out. She left her make up scattered all over the dining room floor as she was in a rush. When she got back from her day out she noticed that something was wrong. She saw that the make up wasn’t where she’d left it last but she’d sworn she had left it on the floor. She had a closer look in the dining room and then noticed up on the shelf above the fire place sat her make up, all balanced on top of each other, just like a person with OCD would lay it. But that’s not the scariest experience that happened in that place.

They were never the same again

This incident took place in the very early hours of April 24, 1980. Three guys that my two sisters went to school with at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, (a highly paranormal area), and who lived off campus in a rented home had an event happen to them that would change their lives forever.

As the three boys slept in their respective rooms there was a loud crash and one of the boys felt a body come crashing down on him. He at first thought it was one or both of his roommates fooling around and tried to push them off and told them to stop screwing around. Then he realized it wasn’t them and went into a complete panic. He was scared to death and started to scream bloody murder. At this time both of his roommates heard him screaming and went in to help him. When they turned on the light to his room they were faced with a charred body lying on top of their friend.

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