My Weird Experience in Russia

By Lulu

Before I tell you this experience, I’ll give you some information about myself. I am 18 years of age and I have grandparents that live in Russia.


I was very excited to go to Russia for some reason. I really don’t know why, but I was. My grandparents live on a large farm. I’d only seem my grandparents once. That was two years ago when they visited for Thanksgiving.


When I met them they seemed a little bit deranged and weird.


But, I didn’t pay to much attention to it. Fast forward about 8 hours when the plane landed. I got off and headed to the exit of the airport. I met my grandparents at the entrance and they did the usual grandparent thing and said, ” Hey kiddo!” and we exchanged hugs and walked to the car. It was about a 30 minute drive to their house, so I just played on my phone until we arrived. We pulled into the long gravel driveway and I saw some cow grazing in the fields. I saw sheep, cow, pig and other animals. My grandparents and I didn’t really talk much that day.

I just chilled out in the guest bedroom. It was about 9 o clock when I heard some scraping on my door. I got up and creaked open the door and saw my fully naked grandmother sitting in the middle of the floor. The house was one floor and my bedroom was down a long hallway. And she was just.. sitting there not moving. Her back was facing my door so she didn’t see me. I did the most babyish thing and ran to hide in my covers.

I saw she had long nails that where very pointy. I sat there for what felt like hours. And then I heard the door  creak  open slightly and I heard what sounded like claws hitting the floor. I peaked out a hole in the blanket and saw my grandmother crawling on the floor.


She was growling and walking around the room. I could hear her nails hitting the floor. After awhile she left I think. I don’t know how, but I fell asleep. The next morning I walked outside and decided to  take a walk in the woods.


And what I saw horrifies me to this day.


I saw a cow hung on a tree and my grandma.. tearing it open and it’s organs fell out. I bolted out of there and told my grandpa and he called a mental hospital when I showed him the cow in the trees. They took my grandma away and about three days later I heard my grandfather talking about her.


The phone was on speaker phone and I heard the person say that the lady in the house was a mental patient that escaped and had kidnapped my grandmother. They found her in a nearby abandoned building. And thankfully she was ok. To this day I don’t know how she looked like my grandma.


But, I will never forget this experience.

I used to live in a haunted house

The story I’m about to tell happened in a small village, on the Russian border. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my family moved to a house that was built by the previous owners. By the time we moved in, the house was about 70 years old or so. The house had a main floor, an attic and a basement, where the sauna was. I always hated going in the basement alone and didn’t enjoy going to the attic either.

I will start with my mom’s experience. I was 16 and we had already moved out of the old house when she told me about this. She said that she never felt welcome in the house, and she was slightly afraid every time she was inside alone.

One day, when she went to get something from the attic, she heard a box fall off onto the floor on its own. This obviously scared her, especially since she knew she was alone in the attic. The attic had 2 windows and only one light bulb, leaving a greater half of it completely dark at night and during the winter. Due to the darkness she couldn’t see which box fell down, or why it did that. I’m kind of happy she didn’t tell me this before we moved out, even though I was super interested in paranormal things as a child, and still am.

The next incident involves my little brother and me. We shared a bedroom and had a bunk bed, my brother sleeping in the top. One night when we were laying in our beds, trying to sleep, my brother spoke. “There is a little dot of light moving around the wall”. I was absolutely terrified. Yes, I loved scary, paranormal things, but didn’t want to experience such a thing right before sleeping. Still, I opened my eyes, but as expected, didn’t see any light sources in the room. “It is just a headlight of a car that’s driving by” I told my brother. There was a road right next to our house, but it was not busy at all, and it was simply impossible for a headlight to shine in our room through the curtains. I don’t know if my explanation calmed my brother down or not, because I turned around and continued sleeping.

The last thing that I know of happened to me. My parents, little brother and our dog were all outside. I was inside, playing a text based role-playing game on a laptop. What a nerd, yeah I know. The laptop was unsurprisingly on top of a table. Now, I have to describe this table a little bit, as it is important to know what it was like. The table was extendable, it was basically in two parts, and a third one could be installed in the middle. Underneath the tabletop was a frame, that also was in three parts. For some reason, the frame of the extension part was able to move around, as if it had hinges. If the frames moved, they would make some noise, and this is important.

So, I was happily playing inside, actually in the middle of writing, when it happened. The table started shaking violently. It made the loudest noise it possibly could. The loose frame was rattling underneath the table. At first I was dumbfounded, I was not expecting this. Then I stood up, took the laptop with me and just stood there, staring at the table. I had no idea of what was happening, but I didn’t feel afraid or scared. I was actually curious. Why did my table start shaking, what was shaking it, do I need to do something about it? Not too long after the shaking just stopped, as suddenly as it had started. I put the laptop aside and decided to investigate. I tried shaking the table myself, but I couldn’t produce as loud and fast rattling as the table did. So I couldn’t have possibly been the one shaking it, right? Then, what did shake it? Nothing else in the house was shaking, and strong enough earthquakes don’t really happen in here. I also checked later, and there weren’t any kind of earthquakes around the area. It couldn’t have been a train, the tracks were way too far away, and once again, nothing else was shaking. This is the most intense paranormal thing that has ever happened to me.

As I’m writing this now, I’m half expecting my table to start shaking, and full hoping it wouldn’t. Ever since we moved out of that house, nothing of this kind has happened to me again, but I will forever remember these few happenings. I still enjoy scary and paranormal things, but I’m not so keen on having first hand experiences with those things, again.

Night Call

This story is not from my point of view, but from my uncle’s, who has shared this story and many like it with over many years.

I guess it is best, I tell you my uncle lived and worked in a rural town in Texas. He worked as a paramedic for 33 years and has many weird stories and experiences. I will share one with you today.

My uncle got a call over the radio from the operator telling him a man was complaining that his heart felt like it was going burst. My uncle and his friend Ronny loaded into the truck and drove for almost an hour at to the location of the caller. Might I add, it was 2:00 in the morning and they drove an hour away from the small town they were stationed at.

When arriving on scene, they realized the place seemed vacant. Bushes and shrubs were overgrown and the house looked like it was rotting away. They got out and shined their flashlights through the broken windows. They were hesitant to go and had ad feelings about the whole situation. Finally, they went in and smelt a decaying smell. Like animal had been rotting away in the house.

They decided to split up. Ronny checked the upstairs and my uncle stayed at ground level. Every so often my uncle or Ronny would call out for the caller. When my uncle finished looking through the kitchen Ronny ran in and pulled my uncle out of the house. Ronny had a nervous and scared look on his face as they got into the truck and locked the doors.

Ronny called the operator and told her to send a few sheriff officers over to their location. My uncle asked what had happened, what Ronny had seen.

Ronny looked at the house and spoke, “I was checking the last room. It was dimly lit and at the small gap in the door, I was a man crouched down with a smile on his face. It whole thing didn’t seem right and I didn’t want to go in alone. So I turned around and walked downstairs to where I say your light in the kitchen. As I passed the open basement door…I…I saw three yellow, gold eyes staring as I walked. I stopped and looked back, without tuning my flashlight on it, I saw a clawed hand reach out.”

My uncle was always a believer in the paranormal, but after hearing what is partner said, he truly believed in good and evil. My uncle told me when the officers searched the house, they found no person or animals. Just a bunch of meth and weed. The officers even said that dust was still on all the surfaces and the only dust that was disturbed was from my uncle and Ronny’s shoes.

After that story and many others my uncle has shared, it makes me nervous and paranoid to start my carer as a firefighter/paramedic. I will always wonder if I too, will have stories to tell.

The Demons/Spirits At My Church

By yolome19

so I love darknesses new app. I can finally post my story with a little more confidence, that it will be told.
so my first story is by far one of the most horrifying experiences that I have ever experienced, paranormal wise.

so let me start off with the layout of the church property. from the front there are 2 buildings. one is on the left and is the first one you see. the 2nd is a little behind the first building and a little to the right. then directly behind the 1st building is where this story went down. its a big gym with an upstairs room.

anyways that day we had a event in the back and of course with dad being the head of the group we are the last ones to leave. as I’m waiting for dad to clean up I run to the gym. as I was playing some basketball I heard a girl screaming upstairs.

now this next part for those of you who watch horror movies know I was dead cause Instead of running out of the building I ran up the stairs to see if the girl that was screaming was OK.

when I got upstairs there was no one there. I looked around every corner that was up there and there was no girl. now I know I’m not crazy and I knew I heard a scream so I decided to pull a chair up at the bottom of the stairs to see if someone was pulling a prank.

so I was in that chair for about 20 minutes when I saw the end of a dress king blow into the doorway. then I heard a hum that sounded kind of creepy. I wasnt the scared type normaly but when I saw and heard the noise let’s just say a little of the dam bust. but I still went up the stairs. the first thing I noticed when I got up there was that the wall deviders were shut. as I got closer I heard what I could only describe as a demonic chant of some sort. when i got to the devider I looked through the opening and saw nothing but black. but as I turned toward the corner I saw it. a black mass. thats when the lights flickered. only thing I could describe it as was a demon. its skin was ripped apart and looked like it had masive 3rd degree burn and its eyes its eye of pure red likely death was going to take me and trap me in the infuro of those firey hell like eyes.

as I walked backwards to leave like in every single horror movie ever made I stepped on a pin. which cracked from under my feet like a thousand glasses being broken, metiforicly. when I looked back up there it was right infront of the door. I turned and ran to the stairs. as I was runing I felt the burning heat of a breath of hell and smelt the smell of death and brought all the while hearing another pair of footsteps which scraped on the floor like rocks on a chalk boards. then I slamed the door and it all stopped.

I wish I could say the storys over but that would be a lie. when I got to the house later that night I felt like someone was watching me even though i was alone in my room. as I tried to go to sleep I couldn’t. it wasnt till about 2 that I got some sleep which was abrouptly interrupted at about 3 when I heard the hum of that chant. as I turned around I saw it. I was so scared that I couldnt move. In a low growl it said “you cant run from me” then it ran at me. all I could do was pray. I felt 1 scratch mark then started to scream the lord is my shepherd prayer or whatever it was. it scratched me again then screeched and I could feel the room go back to normal. the feeling of being watched disipated and I started to sob. by that time mom and dad came into my room and stayed there till I fell back to sleep.

the next morning when I told them about what happoned they said I was dreaming and that nothing happened. I just went along with what they said and used the bathroom. while in there I lifted my shirt and saw 2 sets of 3 scratches on my back. they were deep and swollen.

ever since that day i grow in my faith realising that there are things out there that can hurt u phisicly when u cant hurt it. but you can defend yourself and send them to where they belong. so evil spirit that haunts my church gym let not meet again.

The Shadow

By Gino

So I was eight years old and having a sleep over at my friends house I will give him the name Jimbo.

We were playing Xbox 360 in his bedroom until 10 o’clock and that’s when we had to turn it off and go to bed.

I fell asleep fast and so did he but I woke up in the middle of the night and the fact that his door was shut and the only window had blinds on it didn’t help with the gut feeling you get almost like butterfly but more sinister I tried not to look at his closet across from me but I do. (bad idea)

I see someone walk out from the closet and get closer and closer the me and to Jimbo because he had bunk beds and of course I’m on the bottom bunk so I close my eyes and hoped that nothing had happened.

I wake up but don’t remember falling asleep and about 4 years later I tell Jimbo and apparently the same thing happened to his sister I didn’t go back to that house since that conversation. I don’t have evidence and people might think I’m hallucinating but I know something was in that room with me.