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Scary Night Patrol

I only recently asked him to tell it to me again. My uncle used to be a cop when I was younger, every so often he’d come over and tell my brother

something along the lines of “Hey guys, another baddie busted” or something like that. One Halloween my brother and I asked him if he had any “scary experiences as a cop” he looked at us with a kind of pale face and said “Yes, if you’d like to hear it I’ll tell you two, but promise you won’t tell your mum” we excitingly nodded and sat down near our fireplace.

Scary College Experience

Hey there, creatures of the  internets.

Ol’ mop has a spooky story for you to enjoy.

This delightful happening happened around  close to Halloween in 2005 or so. I remembered having a 2 day college class (they are the best, because they are free!)

and it was pretty neat, I was striving to be a game developer / Website Admin.

A Drive Through Beaver Dam

This is a story with my friend (we’ll just call him Rylan) my sister and her boyfriend took me to a “haunted woods tour” because my birthdays on Halloween and this is how they wanted to celebrate(we were 13 and my sister is 23) in all actuality it was a cheesy high school tour were they would dress up and try to scare you (also funny to add that my got slapped in the face with a bag of mom’s by someone who accidently threw it at her) but we made fun of there costumes and stuff.

we got in the car and drove off, this is when shit hit the fan, my sisters befriend thought it would be cool to go to some abandon all girls school, we got lost but eventually got to the place. it was a terrifying long narrow road and was said whenever you go down the road all the car power would turn off, but my sisters boyfriend had gotten a new car battery, it was especially creepy for the fact that there were signs like “bus stop ahead” when we got there my sisters boyfriend left and came running back to the car yelling GO GO GO.

The Camera That Pictured More Than A Window

This happened when I was young, I don’t remember my age at the time. It was October and my dad asked my brothers and I what we wanted we want to do for Halloween. I said something scary, maybe a haunted house. He took it in consideration and a week before halloween he took us on a ‘ghost tour’.

We went up to this building where the tour guides would be, and a short lady stood beside a sign. She was obviously our tour guide. We waited for everybody else to get there before we left and started walking along the street. As the lady took us to sights that were supposed to be haunted, I had rolled my eyes in disbelief. I thought the whole thing was  bogus, even when she scared someone in our group for a reaction. I would have gone on believeing that the trip was just a cash scheme, until we reached a black metal fence with a bright White House behind it.

It wasn’t a bear

          I’ll begin by stating that I’ve been a paramedic for nearly six years, spending all of that time in Ontario, Canada. For the most part, the job’s been relatively textbook. Not to say it wasn’t brutal, as I’ve experienced plenty of bullet holes, knife wounds, and burn victims. The job of a paramedic is to stabilise an injured persons’ condition, to make sure they’re able to arrive at a hospital, and receive proper treatment, before death, so we see plenty of gruesome sights. However, the experience I’m about to share with you was in a league of it’s own.

          Mid way through 2015. I was working the “night shift,” if you could call it that, in a small district of Ontario. At our dispatch, there were a total of twenty three of us working, waiting for the tell-tale call to action. Usually, there are two paramedics in an ambulance, unless multiple people are hurt or injured. When I got the instruction to head out, me and my partner, we’ll call him Mike, climbed into the back of the ambulance. The call was placed at 2:13 AM, and we left two minutes after. From the vague description, a man was mauled by what he said was “a bear, but bigger and faster.” He was on a residential street, at least a few blocks away from any wooded area large enough to support a bear, so we found it strange that he referenced the animal.

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