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Aliens Abducted Me During Sleep Paralysis

What I’m about to share with you is what I believe an alien abduction encounter that happened to me during sleep paralysis.

I’m a 17 year old male.  This happened to me on the hottest day in June of 2016. My mom and step dad were both at work. My mom usually left at around 7:30 A.m. And she would always wake me up before she left.

Grey New World

I have only told this story to those I trust. It took me weeks to get to a point where I could even tell my closest family member. I struggled for days trying to wrap my mind around what I had experienced and all the new information I had been given. I was immediately left wondering if I might be going crazy. After a few days of non stop research as if I was being driven by a motor, I came to terms with reality. What I had experienced was real and thousands if not millions of other people already knew what I now know and thousands have had strikingly similar encounters.

I also want to say, before I tell you the story of my experience, that I have never had any encounters with extraterrestrials before this. All I knew up until this point was the info I had gained from watching a few Netflix documentaries and of course movies that most people have seen. The Fourth Kind, ET, etc. Now that I have had experiences, I have watched just about every alien move out there, but before my initial encounter I had not seen many. 4 at most. I never took them seriously and assumed all of it was for entertainment and to be honest I was always afraid and freaked out by the thought that there was a small chance they may be real. I remember thinking many times growing up and even as an adult, “If they are real, I hope they never come for me…” And that’s as far as I ever got with the subject. Although I have always been intrigued by the possibility.. I never truly believed.

I Want to Know What Tried to Attack Us

Alien Encounter Suffield Ohio

My name is Justin and in this story at the time I was 14, now I’m 19 and ready to tell this story.

During the summer my brothers, cousins, and I would usually go on late night walks on this back road called Wingfoot. It was a back-road and all that was on this road was a blimp base and a corn field. Suffield is nothing but farm land mostly.

Dean and Doug are my cousins and they live across the street Jake is my brother I’m also the youngest one out of them all. Jake and Dean decided to go out on a walk while me and Doug stayed over at my house and played Halo 3, they were gone for an unusually long time so Doug and I got curious on why they were taking so long, we decided to go out and look for them on Wingfoot.

Ghost in My Black Ops Game


So, this happened to me a few years ago, but I still remember how…Strange it was. It didn’t scare me and if I’m truthful this isn’t the most creepy gaming story out there but it was strange and I have never been able to explain it.

I have always loved video games, since I was a child, and they are big part for my life. When the first Black ops game came out I played it non stop with friends, wasting hours of my time, like most young teens do when they get a new game.

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