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Jack in the box creeper

I was 38 when this stupid “event” took place. My name is Stacy and Me and my boyfriend, Stephen, decided that we were going to Las Vegas for his birthday. We wanted to go somewhere so we could go where the drive would be long enough to where me and him could spend some time together. I think now would be a good time to mention we love fast food and especially Jack in the box.” Hey baby you want to stop by our usual”, he said in a tired voice, I mean we were about 1 hour into our drive so I responded, ” sure honey”. we were pulling up to the parking lot to the nearest Jack in the box. ” c’mon Stephen”, I said as I looked his way. He was asleep so i decided to go in by myself. I looked around as i opened the door to the building. There was only one employee working in the whole place, which was kind of weird considering it was mid-night.

He looked to be a 50 year old man with a red scar around his eyebrow. He looked at me in a creepy and disturbing way. He said with a very deep voice,” Welcome to Jack in the box, how may I take your order”.” Umm, i’m just looking at the menu”, I said in a very shy voice. ” Oh take your time”, he said while staring at my breast area. I took one glance at him and there he was, making googly eyes at my tits. I felt unsettle, so I rushed to the bathroom.

The Man

This story takes place a while back, I think I was either eleven or twelve at the time. I have this one friend who I’ve known since I was learning to walk. It was more of a forced friendship rather than anything, considering our parents went to school together.

One thing you should know about Lila is that her family is practically crazy. Her father claims to have been abducted by aliens twice, her mom keeps bug out bags filled with supplies such as food and water in her closet for when the government takes over, her brother thinks he’s half cat, and still does after graduating high school! And Lila is the worst of them all, she always go on and on about the demons and ghosts she see’s around her house, and her greatest obsession is something she calls ‘The Man.’ She goes on and on about him watching her through the windows of her house, and when he manages to get inside he stands at the edge of her bed and watches her sleep, which anyone would be creeped out by, I know I was.

Night in Scaryvile

In my old home town, there are hundreds of legends and ghost stories. A haunted bar downtown, a witch in the park next to a school, a phantom jogger down one road, creatures, specters, you name it, this town had it all. I will admit that I’ve had my fair share of unexplained events living there when I was younger, but nothing can really top my visit to Scaryville.

Scaryville, of course, isn’t the actual name. It has always been called that since I could remember and no one really calls it by it’s real name. Even as children, it had it’s own nursery rhyme:

Creepy Babysitting Supernatural

This had actually happened when my step-mom and the baby had moved in. Which was a bit over a year ago. I was babysitting both of my younger brothers while my parents went out to dinner. Right now, we live in a one-bedroom apartment in SouthWest Detroit, so it was small and simple. Mind you, it was a bit cramped, but we made it work. I was feeding the baby, that I’ll call Joseph, while my other brother was playing his videogames. Michael, the other brother, was playing online with some friends so he wouldn’t bother me. Joseph was watching ‘Super Why‘ on Netflix.

I was sitting on the couch, while texting my bestfriend Bre. Okay, let me give you a bit of a back story. In 2016 some time during June, killed himself after his sister had died and I had dumped him. It was a long distance relationship and it rose my paranoia and trust issues. But, since I had the news, I’ve felt like there was a presence pearing over my shoulder and breathing on my neck.

Always Watching

You know the sensation you feel when someone is watching you?  I have.  I always have felt that way.  My name is Julianna, me and my mom have had experiences with the paranormal, many times.

Let me start with my mother, this will end up explaining everything.  My mother lived with her parents and elderly grandmother or better known…  Mama.  (I was always told that she might’ve had affiliation with the Italian mafia.)  My mom lived with my family…mama had died when my mother was my age.  (I’m seventeen.)  It had been a long time until mama made contact with my mother, it happened when she was pregnant with me.  My mother’s body couldn’t handle carrying me…so she was in the hospital at the time when this happen.  First the smell of her favorite lotion when my mother had appeared in the smell that was once rubber and saline now turned into rose, than herself, mama showed herself to my mother.  She had showed herself to her one time before that.

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