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Two Schools, Four Ghosts

So these stories happened at two separate schools. A little about my town and the schools. I’m from Roswell, New Mexico. I know what you all are thinking, “oh area 51” and “have you seen any aliens?” The answer is no to both. Area 51 is in nevada anyway. Anyhow truth be told its a small city in south eastern New Mexico. The first school, my middle school, was literally right behind my house. And i mean that as in our back fence meets up with the track. Its a fairly small middle school. I was in the 8th grade, so i was around 13 at the time.

I was sitting in my tutorial math class (because i failed that portion of the standardized test the year before) with 3 other people at my table. Lets call them Mike, Jon, and Krystal. We were just sitting there at the table talking amongst ourselves and working on our work sheets. Our teacher had stepped out of the room for something and closed the door behind him. In any school in that town, the doors to the classrooms lock on the outside, so no one can get in unless someone inside opens the door, or they have a key.

Intergenerational Horror

When I was in high school there was a class you could take that was connected to local history. I’m Canadian, but because I’m from the smallest province in Canada, we don’t get mentioned a lot in regular Canadian history courses, so I thought it would be a cool class to take. Our teacher was alright, a bit of a new-age nut, but she gave good grades and it was a pretty good blow off class. You took it to get your marks up.

Anyway, as part of the class, you had to do these little projects related to local history throughout the year. One of which was to tell ghost stories and legends we had picked up to the class at Halloween. I’m a writer, and really into all that horror stuff, so everyone expected me to do this assignment really well which kinda put some pressure on me. I gathered a bunch of different ghost stories, not knowing which would be better, and hoped for the best.

The Ranch

by somedrummerboy

It was the summer after my junior year in high school in 2010, I was a part of my city’s Police Explorer program. Our advisor had planned another trip to his uncle’s ranch in Uvalde, Texas. Everyone else had gone the previous time and were saying how fun it would be, you know the stereotypical hype, I wasn’t as thrilled about it until someone mentioned something about ghosts. I was skeptical about these claims but my curiosity got the best of me, my friend Nathan was ecstatic about the trip and thought to myself “well, at least I’ll have someone to talk to.” I’ll skip ahead to when we arrived at the ranch. It was about 11 pm when we arrived and I began to record with my dad’s video camera, we set up our tents and the rest of our provisions.

While were setting up, our advisor’s uncle had a big fire pit going, my friend Cathy walked towards a trailer and took a picture with a digital camera. She then had a concerned look on her face, I walked towards her and asked “what’s up?” she then asks me “hey, does this look like a face to you?” I looked at the screen and saw a strange looking face that was looking directly at us. “That’s weird, take another one just to be sure.” She did, and when we looked at the screen again, the face was still there but this time it looked like it was screaming at us, she sped walked back to the others while I stayed trying to figure out what caused that figure to appear. That was weird enough for me but that wasn’t the freakiest part for me. I was walking back towards the group when our advisor’s uncle asked if anyone to volunteer to retrieve some lawn chairs that were by an oak tree down the road. Everyone remained silent, like they were afraid to go out, away from the group, since me and Nate were the only newbies we “cheerfully” volunteered and everyone looked at us like we were crazy.

Succubus Story

I’m a 21 year-old male and weird things have happened to me before this experience, once while I was reading a book I heard someone whisper my name into my ear. I swear it was like they were inches away from me but I was alone in my room. I’ve also woken up at night to my bed shaking hard as if someone was pushing it from the side, I have an older sister but neither of us take the time to pull pranks. Things happen to me maybe every other month at most if at all so it doesn’t bother me but it does take me by surprise.

I was 15 when this happened to me. During summer vacation, one night I decided to try sleeping naked for once. Friends have talked about it in my school and said it was a great experience so I wanted to try it. After locking my door and stripping down I went to bed as usual. My bed is in the corner of my room so on my left side was open space and to my right was the wall. After I fell asleep I was suddenly wide awake.

Was it an Incubus?

I know it sounds like I m crazy but i think i have always been been followed by a demon, I also experience sleep paralysis episodes which is what some people may chalk up my many experiences too, but a lot of these happenings I have been wide awake for.

The first experience I had with a demon was when I was 16 years old. I had just gave my life to God, I lay alone in bed praying when all the sudden I heard a low growl and light scratch coming from the other side of the wall above my head as if someone stood I’m the bathroom on beside my bedroom taunting me.

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