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My Trip To colorado

I’m A 24 year old truck driver from san Antonio tx. I’ve been driving for about 3 years now and aside from traffic jams and the D.O.T driving behind me, there’s not much that worries me. I was sitting at home watching TV when I got a text from dispatch saying I was heading to Grand junction Colorado this weekend to deliver Monday morning. “no problem” I thought , it was a short drive and I had plenty of time to get there. I took off late Saturday night, almost midnight actually, but whatever I had more than enough time to make the delivery.

Everything Was going smooth, since I was driving during the night I avoided all that traffic in Austin and Dallas. I was making good time and was generally relaxed until I got a call from the receiver, who informed me that there was a rock slide on i70 and that id have to find a different route because the interstate was closed. well shit now I gotta find a different route in a state I’ve never been to before, whatever . I kept  driving on I 70 until I got just west of Denver at which point my gps directed me south to a alternate route. well this is where shit started to suck. 2 lane roads, on curvy hills , up and down, pulling a fully loaded 53 foot trailer. it was hell but it wasn’t until I got near Buena vista Colorado that things got creepy.

Always Uneasy When I Visit

I was born 22 years ago in a small Colorado town an hour’s drive from both Farmington and Durango, just below Mesa Verde and a few miles from Ute Mountain. This was where I spent the first five years of my life before moving to Oklahoma. We still go back every year around summer for about a week or so to see family.

Now, the town being where it was, there was a heavy Native American population there and a reservation about ten miles away. Mostly Ute but a fair amount of Navajo as well. The culture was and still is very entwined into the town’s architecture and local art.

Haunted New Mexico

This story is about an experience I had during a road trip that I and my boyfriend, Max, at the time took this past summer. Some background about us, we were both 20 years old at the time, and Max has always been a skeptic when it comes to anything concerning the paranormal.

That being said, we took this road trip to New Mexico for the annual UFO convention (I’m a dork, I know.) Us being broke college kids, we stayed with my great aunt and uncle during our stay as we couldn’t afford a hotel. My aunt and uncle live in a typical New Mexico style house, which is only one story but with a large layout. My uncle is a doctor and travels quite frequently. Because of that, their house is full of different trinkets, from handmade dolls, woven bowls, and art from Peru or Brazil to tapestries and masks from Africa. Yeah, you know where this is going.

What I see

When I was young, and I still do see, a man, kind of elderly, I would talk to him almost everyday coming from school, he was a very kind elderly man, he told me he was from Mexico, as he spoke very little English, he spoke to me in Spanish at times, as I knew Spanish as a young Hispanic girl, he also told me he participated in the Mexican Navy, I was always interested in his stories, he was my childhood hero, when I described him to my mother, she looked sad.

One day when I was 9 or 10, my grandmother showed me a picture of my grandfather, it was the man I talked to as a young girl.

Great Grandma’s Ghost

This happened a couple years ago when me and my family went to visit our family in Mexico. We thought that this visit was going to be a great way to spend time with our family, but it turns out we also spent time with the deceased as well.

One afternoon, me and of my family went out to visit my aunt. My dad was running a bit late, Leaving him alone in my grandma’s house.

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