dessert stalker

let me start by saying i have no clue what this thing was. im skeptical about every supernatural being and am a still not completely convinced that this was a skinwalker or fleshgait or whatever you wanna call it. anyway, We take a family trip to Arizona every year to stay with my uncle and just get away from city life. As a young kid I loved these trips but was always too scared to go outside with the adults at night. Well when I was 17 I thought I was invincible and the coolest mother fucker ever so I decided to steal one of my uncles cigarettes and go smoke outside one night. He lives in the middle of god knows where and you can always hear animals just out of sight of the porch lights. I love nature and sounds like bushes moving don’t really scare me bc it’s probably a rabbit or a bird or something, nothing to fear right? Well for whatever reason this night was different. It was dead silent, and I don’t mean normal nighttime silent I mean there wasn’t a single sound. in the silence i could smell something like if copper could bleed and rot. I stay outside in the overwhelming almost deafening silence for maybe ten minutes getting more and more sick to my stomach at this smell before I finally hear something, it sounded like the scratching of sand just out of sight and my heart dropped when I saw a cloud of dust come out of the darkness towards me. Now I wasn’t scared of the dust itself, its a pretty common thing in the dessert for people or cars to kick up dust but i was terrified of what was making it, I still don’t know of any animal that just kicks up dust for no discernible reason like that. I’m frozen at this point basically waiting for whatever my brain was imagining to come and end me but I snapped out of it when I heard this clicking sound. I ran inside and locked all the doors then jumped in bed and hid. i havent hid under covers like that since i was a toddler but as i hid i could hear scratching… I could hear something tapping and scratching the wall next me from the outside, not trying to get in but like whatever it was was curious. I dared not move and I felt like my body was on fire and frozen in ice at the same time. After the scratching stopped it was completely silent again, no sounds for maybe 5 min. I finally got the courage to move and the second my moving made the bed creak I heard the most terrifying sound of my life, it was a scream but it sounded like when cats or dogs “talk” in videos, but added some clicking and the wails of someone being murdered. The next day neither my uncle or anyone in town had anything to say and I still haven’t gotten any answers. if anyone knows anything please let me know.

Haunted Forest Story

Hey there Dark Daddy, I new at this and have been wanting to submit stories from my life for along time. Many of which I will keep to myself, as I am currently putting them into a paranormal comic book. For the record, I am a 27 year old mom. This story is one of my earliest memories that string together the paranormal happenings inmy life. Your video wanted a haunted forest story, and I have one for you.

I was very young, probably six or seven, but maybe as young as 5. I have always lived in Southeast Michigan and everyone here camps, we headed four hours north- the exact area I don’t remember and was too young to care. It was my Aunt’s cabin. An aunt that I had an intimate connection with. My mother’s family comes in two forms, extreme Baptists, and witches. Yeah. I know. Witchcraft is a path that runs in our family and I talked to my Witchy Aunts about scary things I didn’t understand. This is important later. The ride felt like an eternity, with my four siblings, my mother, and my one aunts family in the next car. It was nighttime when we finally got there. I remember us driving slowly up a paved road, you gotta drive slow at certain times of night because deer are everywhere. We round a corner and staring at us, unmoving, is a massive buck. My brothers marvel at it, saying how tasty an eight point buck would be. I stare at this animal, it didn’t look..  Right. I felt like crying. I’ve seen deer, many times, at this age. I felt, disturbed. His eyes weren’t right and his mouth hung slightly agape. It was odd behaviour. We drove around it, but I couldn’t stop staring. The gaze of this animal followed my eyes as we passed by. I stared, afraid and accusingly, like I felt its existence was a lie. The buck smiled at me. The corners of its mouth curling unnaturally around its face. Not something a deer does. I felt horrified, yet validated. I was an old child, already seeing too much of human beings, and so exposed to the horrors of nature. I felt heat releasing from my body, and my soul screaming at it, telling it to GET BACK. The encounter beginning to end was was only about two minutes, but we all know how time has the sadistic tendency to slow itself and prolong our fear in moments like these. I wish that was the end of it.

We all slept in the living room, exhausted in our sleeping bags. The cabin was freaking awesome. Two stories, small, but the layout was super neat. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I remember sitting up amongst the sleeping bodies and in the darkness, it stared back. A black mass towering outside the large windows of the cabin, staring me down, watching my entire family sleeping in the living room. It was very human, but I remember being confused by its long forearms. It was so dark from it being cloudy I couldn’t make anything out. I was already on edge from seeing that odd buck. It wasn’t until decades later that I would connect the dots between the odd buck and this humanoid figure. I felt more empowered, it was less scary to confront a strange man than a smiling buck. A single pane of glass was separating us. With one throw of its body, it could break it and get us. The fact we had ten people versus one black shadow man didn’t factor into my judgement. I felt my family was in danger. I felt angry, I wasn’t sure why. But in my fear I whispered harshly “Get. Back. STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.”

And, like the kid I was, ran to the bathroom and stayed there. I know my behaviour doesn’t make sense, but I was six years old. I did my business quickly and stood at the sink thinking of what to do. I looked for a weapon, but not a real weapon, i told myself, because i could get in trouble. I took a nail file and eventually left the bathroom, creeping along the floor and pressed against furniture.

I was gunna fight em. Whatever it was. I was gunba fight him. There was no shadows at the window.

The air was buzzing, I felt the shadowman was still there. Somewhere, watching.

Sleep took me eventually. The morning I woke up everyone had already been awake. My older cousin gave me a bowl of cinnamon cereal. I told him. “I saw a shadowman outside the window last night.” He hesitated, uncomfortable before he smiled and said. “Didja flip him off?” I laughed and said no. He looked and me and smiled telling me quietly “Remember what my mom says? Don’t tell people stuff like that, it scares them. Don’t tell Cate.” My sister cate was two years older but didn’t have the same problems I had. I should add I am the youngest of a large family.

The day goes on and we play and scream and run around in the woods near the cabin. Two neighbour kids in the cabin down the road joined us. The cabins are very spaced apart. Our cabin had a shed thirty feet from it. The area was fairly open and the adults were building a fire as the younger ones acted like kids and had a contest to see who could find the vest stick and had swordfights.we ran back and forth across the dirt road, playing in puddles and being our age. I remember seeing my aunt near the fire pit behind the cabin, being the whimisical woman she was, she struggled with a lighter. It wouldn’t light. My siblings and cousins weren’t around but I could hear their yelling and laughing. My aunt looked around, snapped her fingers and make the flame on the lighter jump to life. I giggled, peering at her like a guilty pixie from the side of the cabin. She told me to shut up and go play.

I looked past her and saw my sister standing near the shed. I ran toward her, and she turned and bolted, I picked up the pace thinking it was a game of “keep away from the obnoxious little sister” Cate’s favourite game at that age. When I rounded the corner of the shed. No one was there.

There was so many trees, I knew she was hiding behind one of them. I called out LOUDLY to her. “YOU CALL ME CHUBBY BUT YOURE THE UGLY ONE.”



Nothing stirred.

“Cate?” I called out. She liked to scare me. So I walked around to peer around trees. I kid you not, I only took a few steps, and looked around then the shed and cabin was gone.

I stopped and turned, keeping my feet planted. Michigan has a lot of forested areas and parks, and I’ve gotten lost before, so I kept my feet planted so I know the direction I came from as to not get turned around.

I turned my body to face the direction I knew I came from. Did I wall further than I thought? I was shook. No way I ventured so far from the shed. I walked in the direction I came. No shed between the tress.

I felt panic. If I was lost, I know my sister was lost. The sun was high in the sky. I knew I was going to be fine, I was good at getting myself out of situations like this. I absorbed a lot of skills from my siblings, so I was a street wise kid. I saw a large, knobby tree, the kind that come alive in cartoons. The curves in it reminded my of the tree from disney’s Pocahontas. I hugged the tree. Tree hugging was a thing I did. Oddly enough my niece did it wheb she was toddler, and my daughter hugs trees and talks to them. This wasn’t a behaviour any of us were taught. Its was just something I did. I believed trees had feelings.

“Shh.” A whisper came from my left. I froze. I remember seeing a yellow haze drifting between the trees. I wasn’t afraid of it, just perplexed. “I think I’m lost.” I said out loud. No one was there. I didn’t know why I spoke outloud or to whom, the haze got larger. I hugged the tree next to me.

“HEY!” A loud male voice yelled. A tall man in ripped denim stood fifteen feet away. I became afraid. I couldn’t speak. I don’t know why.

I stared at him.

“HEY!” the voice came again. My eyes widened. I heard a voice, but the man’s lips were not moving.

“Come here.” The voice had more malice.

“No..” I whispered quietly. I knew he wasn’t someone I should listen to. Something was wrong. My stomach was churning. I felt myself sweat.


I clenched my eyes shut. I felt a voice inside me say “You’re in danger.”

“NO. Go away. You can’t hurt me.”

I open my eyes and see the manmoving towards me. But, he isn’t walking like a person. He’s lurching, with one arm tucked to his side. His cheek bones are uneven, the skin is warped. He isn’t a real person. I back up and turn my head. The golden fog brushed againat my skin. It felt comforting even in this odd moment. I was full of fear yet knowing i was goimg to be ok. When I look back, he was gone. This intensified my fear, it rose instantly and gripped my throat. If I could see him, I knew which way to run- away from him. I started screaming. Just screaming and making as much noise as I could. I felt a tug in a direction, like an instinct.

I moved in that direction continuing to scream. I knew my voice would carry and alert someone. I ran for what felt like forever. Finally I bumped into the neighbour his face was distorted with concern. My mom was right behind him.

I was bombarded with questions. I was two miles from the cabin. Two miles? My adult brain is wracked by the fact. I took only a few steps from the shed, and somehow ended up two miles from the cabin. I told my mother I was following cate into the woods. She stared at me, confused. You didn’t follow anybody, cate was across the street with the other kids.

I was bawling. That was impossible. I saw my sister run behind the shed and followed her.

My aunt looked at me concerned. “They tried to take her away.” She said to my mom knowingly. My mother hissed something nasty for her to be quiet. “Nobody is trying to take you away. Why did you wander off by yourself?”

I didn’t answer my mom. I shouldn’t tell people things like that. About the man that wasn’t a real man. Things like that scare people.

As an adult, knowing what I know now. I think I encountered a skinwalker. I believe the buck, the shadow, and the thing pretending to be a man were the same entity. I also wonder about the kind voices and gold fog, I believe there was a forest spirit guarding me. I know stories of skinwalkers they don’t just disappear like that, they are persistent. Before we left the cabin. A large black dog stared at me from the woods. It had wolf-like featured and golden yellow eyes. I didn’t feel afraid. I remember smiling at it from the car and waved. I felt thankful. I still feel thankful. I never went to that cabin again. But I have seen that wolfdog spirit since this experience. My aunt tells me it’s a guardian spirit. We have them protect us from malicious entities. Damn, I am so grateful for that.

The Forest behind my House

I’ve not shared this with anyone for the sake of wasting time, and more importantly, reliving the memory, or more accurately, memories. I should clarify that I live on about a 28 acre property in the southern U.S., and behind the home that borders the road, there is a fairly large forest that stretches significantly to the south and west until it reaches I-75 on the western side.


I don’t exactly know which of the several events I’ve experienced would be considered the most or least horrifying persay, but, I’ll try to order them chronologically, because in my opinion, they have developed into progressively more horrifying encounters the older I am, and the more persistent my memory is, so forgive me if the arrangement is more of a bounce than a progression. I’ll start with the time I was 5 years old.


Throughout childhood, my grandfather would always remain soundly in holiday spirit, on each Halloween, he would put up old pillow cases with cloth hanging from trees to creepily decorate the edge of the forest I live next to. On Christmas, he would strictly enforce the English tradition of telling ghost stories, and in the summer, he would eagerly anticipate the arrival of Independence day solely to set off some M80 firecrackers, the big ones, at midnight. Although the dogs didn’t like this, nor sleeping neighbors, I always found contentness in his will to have a good time. This is besides the point, so I’ll return to what I’m trying to articulate; those fake ghosts he would hang from trees, the cloth and pillow case entities that were about 3-4 feet long, were where this started for me. Until I was 5, he did this every year, even before I was born from what I’ve learned from my mother.


On Halloween of 2005, after returning from school, I remember being drove towards our home and seeing the human effigies he hung, and being excited that another year of tradition was being condoned. Upon closer inspection, I noticed one of the ghosts had red spots on its left torso, and a little staining the right shoulder. I asked him, “What did you use to make that blood that’s on them?”

He looked at me kind of silly as he opened the truck door… When I got out he responded in a voice you’d treat a child babbling nonsense, “I didn’t put anything on them.” At the angle the truck was now at, where we had driven up the lane, the house was now obstructing our view of the forest, so I asked him to walk around the home with me to see what I was talking about. I know what I saw, and I am absolutely positive it was a red color. When we got to the other side of the house, around a spot where today a Magnolia tree stands, I pointed at the effigies, but before I could mutter my brag of being right, I was horrified to see no such effigy with blood on it, and one less than there were before. Originally, 3 had been hung, always 3, it was a simplicity thing. When I saw the blood tainted effigy earlier, there were 4, I thought nothing of this, but now it had became ironic that I paid no attention. I honestly don’t know what to think of this besides it obviously being a hung child, which is a thought I do not fancy entertaining at all, it was so disturbing. Everytime I recount my original view of the 4 effigies, I think about how real the bloodied one looked. Every now and then I have nightmares of it lifting its head and seeing myself with a noose around my neck. Anyways, I’ll tell the second encounter I had with the forest, which occurred when I was 9.

This one is slightly less clear, but more memorable. Every August, my grandfather would take me deer spotting in the forest, this was to get an idea if it was worth hunting back there each season or too much trouble. On this particular day, we were about 200 meters into the forest, laying on top of a log concealed by a small hill. We had been there for at least 4 hours now, just sitting. As a 9 year old child, I was indefinitely tired. I went to sleep, and to my terror, I had one of the recurring dreams I described earlier, only my grandfather was the one being executed by hanging. This troubled me deeply, and I awoke. As if things couldn’t be worse, it was dark when I awoke. I don’t even know how, my sleep felt like a power nap of MAYBE an hour at most, not enough to put daylight in the grave. I reached for my grandfather, and found to my relief he was there, but sleeping. Old people easily drift off. I woke him up and told him I wanted to go home. I had developed an overwhelming feeling of dread, but before I could convey that he shushed me- “Be quiet a minute”

I asked why, there was no sound in the forest to be heard for miles, which was eerily odd in its own way, the interstate, I-75, was at least another 27 acres away. He agreed upon returning home, so we started the journey. The return was uneventful, until we came upon the remains, what looked like dog, bones. There was even a skull, which is extremely rare for animal remains… the head is always gone from what I’ve found in the past. We continued past this creepy discovery, and were basically in my backyard now, when a very distinct voice filled my ears from behind

”Be quiet a minute”

I turned to the forest expecting to see my grandfather behind me but instead nobody was there. It sounded just like him, but I looked and saw he was a couple meters ahead of me now. Then I heard it again, and almost cried when I heard it… it repeated the exact same words from last time so perfectly, it was like a recording, so I just fast walked to my home and pretended nothing happened when my grandfather asked why I stopped walking for a bit.


The next day, our neighbors that live north, beside the church graveyard (And yes, I also live next to one of those, but nothing creepy has ever ensued there, the worst thing that happened to me was tripping over a grave light when trying to prank one of my deacons once) called and asked if we had seen their dog, Josey, that had went missing. Not wanting to crush their hopes of finding it in a slow and drawn out way, my grandfather informed them we had seen bones the last night. This is important because later the same day, they claimed their dog had came back from the woods behaving ill. That’s all we ever heard, but this sounded suspicious. I’m pretty sure they never had the dog after the following winter of 2009.


Fast forward 6 years, my sophomore year of high school. Me and a couple buddies of mine had passed a college level exam for an advanced placement class, so with it being halfway through our high school life, and that success being announced, we invited some more friends to see who was interested in having a party at my house.

Most of the party was uneventful, just my family cooking in front of a bonfire on the side of the house closer to the church and graveyard, until, we decided to play manhunt.

Sometimes, I look back on my decision to do this, and don’t comprehend how stupid I really was. I guess I just pushed the past out of my knowledge, ruling it out as my childhood exaggeration and distortion of fact.

It is an important detail to add that one of my friends, the main two being the frinds I’m referring to, was playing my xbox earlier without my permission, and treated my house like it was his own, setting shoes on my furniture. I wasn’t happy about it, but I figured I’d get him back someday.


On with the story. My friends, who I’ll refer to as Ken and Paul for privacy reasons, were assembled with me, and my cousins, Nathan, Michael, and Glorianna, in front of the bonfire. Before we ran across the property, I made it abundantly clear and painfully obvious I did not want anyone going in the woods. I voted myself to be it first since I was hosting, and got a flashlight. Forget how the round played out, and what order I found people in, but for context, I’ll say Ken was hiding behind the chimney, Eric inside eating leftover hamburgers, Glorianna had stayed cleverly next to the fire, blending in with the crowd that was observing our game, Nathan was in a tree, and my friend Jake who apparently joined mid match was under my grandfather’s truck. I had found them all, and they joined me for my search. After scanning basically whole property, it became more worrying for me that Paul had probably once again defied the rules of my house, and went into the woods. Before we could line up at the treeline, Paul came to us, with a worried look on his face. Of course, he had went into the woods. I wasn’t mad though, I was concerned what we were about to learn judging by his petrified face and whiter than snow skin. After questioning him, he explained he had indeed hopped in the forest, and recounted a totally different version of events than the other players knew to happen. You see, when we play, the found hunted stay with the hunter and assist, so it’s like a slow bandwagon building, thus our accounts were all in a sequence. Acccording to Paul, we had come by him several times, walking right in front of him, what sounded like just one of us. He said he threw a stick to draw our attention somewhere else, and instead of follow it, one of us came right next to him. It was at this point he explained to us he realized this was not one of us…. his best description of what it was detailed along the lines of  “An all black person with an animalistic face, like a coyote”

He claimed that when he realized this, he hauled himself out of the brush, and eventually ran into us, after hearing no pursuit.

When I learned this, I told everyone to walk to other side of the house, where the fire was, and just stay there for the night, grilling some marshmellows to forget about what happened. Sometimes on Xbox, me Ken and Paul still talk about this experience, but each time, it becomes less serious. However, whenever we do have a meeting at my house from time to time, we still feel very on end about something in the forest. From the research I’ve done, I’m almost positive that the dark entity in my forest is a skinwalker. To say the least, I don’t venture there anymore, and keep my grandfather from doing the same. I hope anybody that has this experience for themselves has a great faith in God, because without my religion, I don’t know how I would protect myself. That forest is pure evil and I am happier every day knowing I don’t have to go in there again. The dreams still occasionally happen, but I’m safe in my home, it’s been consecrated. I want as many people as possible to know that monsters, or, the paranormal rather, are all too real. Stay safe.

Small Town Haunts

This happened 7 years ago, so bare with me. I moved a lot as a kid. I ended up going to 3 different elementary schools. At my favorite school, in a super small town, all the kids would claim it was haunted. I’ve always been a skeptic, even back then. I knew it wasn’t true until something happened to me.

Anyways, I need to give a little explanation about a thing my school did. If we were doing exceptionally well in class, a teacher would give you a slip of paper called a “High Five,”. You got to save them, and at the end of the month there would be a little store full of dollar store toys and crap. I still have a bracelet I got from one of those.

So, my class was out at recess, and one of the recess monitors gave me a High Five slip. I don’t remember what for, but that isn’t important. I asked my teacher if I could go inside and put my slip away in my desk. She said it was okay and I headed in. My classroom was super dark, and just plain creepy to a 3rd grader. I sat in the back and had to walk a ways to my desk. I felt my arms go numb as I slipped my High Five in my desk. It felt like someone was poking me with a safety pin on my neck. I was alone in that classroom, not even our teacher was there.

This was the start our little paranormal club that I hosted for the rest of the year. We had shadow figure sightings, haunted bathroom stalls, everything you could think of. Hell, one of my classmates saw red glowing eyes from under the stairs. Everything was a conspiracy at that point. We had a giant tree fall over in a storm, so naturally my little crew and I checked it out and blamed it on some evil spirit or something.

One last Cigarette

I lived in a small town in the northwest of England, U.K. There I lived with my mother and later on my girlfriend, I always had a soft spot for the horror and paranormal genres, I think that through this I learned how to explain things that would otherwise seem strange maybe to someone else.

This story starts when I was a mere child, upon moving into the house due to my parents divorce, I never really liked the new place, the environment was more or less the same. Typical English town side streets filled with terraced houses as far as the eye could see, always filled with a gray cloudy sky. I never quite got the feeling of comfort in this new house being only 6 years old at the time it actually could have been the stress of everything going on in my life at the time, but as I got older and more used to living in the house, that feeling of comfort and the feeling of being watched never seemed to leave.

when I was around twelve or thirteen i remember a typical night in my life at the time, my mum would make sure I was in bed in time for school in the morning and nothing seemed too weird at the time, until I woke up out of nowhere in the middle of the night, as I opened my eyes my room was dark but I could still make out the silhouettes of the furniture around my room. Nothing seemed wrong, that is until I heared a woman scream out in fear so loud I could swear it was directly in front of my, as I almost suffocated myself by wrapping my blanket around my head I paused for a split second only to realise my room was once again silent. I looked around once more and all seemed fine, what I did not notice was the unnaturally cold feeling I could feel behind me through my bed sheets. How I got to sleep that night is still a mystery.

About a year passed and again all seemed like a normal day, until I got home from school that day at least. As I got through the door of my house I put my bag and coat on the hanger as always, I went up the stairs on my way to my room, my bedroom being at the other end of the landing to the stairs. as I turned the corner at the top of my stairs I was almost caught in my own momentum unable to stop myself walking as I saw a shadow walking into my bedroom towards the wall, still caught up in my momentum I barely managed to stop myself at the other corner on my landing leading into my room. Safe to say I stayed downstairs that night.

Fast forward a few years myself now being eighteen, I had just arrived home from the cinemas with my friends from college. Once again this was a pretty typical night and nothing was out of the ordinary, until whilst I was sat on my chair watching TV, I saw a shadow from behind me. In the single second I saw the shadow It seemed to fall from the ceiling and that jump towards the door, me turning my head in a snap reaction I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, if I wasn’t already filled with adrenaline already from what I had just seen on my wall infront right infront of me i barely noticed that my bedroom door was swinging like there was some kind of breeze in the room, but I specificly remember my window being closed all night. As I turned around my heart began racing when I saw my window still tightly shut. I remember running out if he house to my grandmas who thankfully only lived around the corner from my and my mother who was at my grandmothers house at the time.

Fast forward again to almost five years later I had recently lost my job and had to move back to my mothers house along with my girlfriend, after I had left she bought herself a dog to keep her company around the house but what with me and my girlfriend living there once more, my mother seemed a lot happier when we were all around. One night I remember my mother was out with friends and my girlfriend was working at her job as a caseworker, she usually worked the day shift but had been called in due to another staff member being off sick. I was home alone with just me and the dog, I decided to stay up late and wait for her to arrive home as she had left and forgotten her keys. This was around 12:30am, I went outside to go for a cigarette in the back yard, George, the dog typically sniffs around and then looks outside the back gate to peak his curiosity, upon finishing my cigarette I shouted for him to come inside when he turned around and stared at what I thought was me. After shouting a few more times I realised he wasn’t staring at me, but he was staring past me, I slowly turned around to my right, I started to turn slow but upon hearing footsteps behind me I turned faster and faster realising the footsteps were of something running to avoid being seen. I took several steps back until I saw it, my mothers back yard was dark but I could easily see the silhouette of whatever made the footsteps, I couldn’t believe what I was currently seeing, was this the thing i heard scream 10 years ago? The thing I saw walking into my bedroom? The things shadow I was on my wall? I couldn’t even think about my past possible encounters with this creature, in a split second reaction I grabbed the dog and ran into the house slamming the back door behind me, I looked out of the window as quickly as I got back into the house, only to see the yard as if it had never been touched, I couldn’t even think about what I had just seen cause I was so scared, I could physically see my heart beating inside my chest. I knew I had to get out of the house, I looked toward the dog and saw him growling at the door like he was ready to pounce. I didn’t even think about what to do next, I just grabbed the dog and ran over to my grandmas house.

The next morning I decided that enough was enough, after all these years I had to tell my mother, when she woke up I pulled her to one side in the kitchen, away from my girlfriend and grandma. Upon telling her about everything I had experienced, the scream and the shadows her face seemed to loose it’s colour the more I told her of what I had experienced. She began telling me she thought it was just her seeing things but she had also seen shadows inside the house and even heard the scream. I asked her if it could have been a neighbour to which she said no, the house to our left was empty and still for sale at the time and our neighbours to our right were on holiday at the time. Not long after I managed to find work and moved back out with my girlfriend, my mother sold the house and moved in with my grandmother and we never mentioned or went near that house again.