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The Shadowman

By Charlotte

Back a long time ago , my dad would tell my sister’s and I about his experiences with some strange things. What i mean by that is that he would tell us about his encounters with monsters. I never really believed him on some things until i had two encounters with one of them.

I will tell one of his encounters that will kind of resemble mine. Bare with me here . So one day when my dad was in highschool his friends and him went to go hang out on this hill, but the only way you could get to this hill was going into this dark tunnel. So they all went in the tunnel and went on the hill and hung out .

Late Night Ghost Trucker


Back in 1975 in Portland Oregon, I was in 2nd grade, My mom, brother and I were on the freeway going home. Must have been around 6 pm or so, and it was dark. We were cruising along just fine nothing out of the ordinary until a semi-truck had come up behind us and started flashing his lights at us. I remember my mom just using a few curse words and mumbled under her breath to move along, we are in the slow lane damn it. But the trucker just kept right on our ass and flashing his lights at us.

Now, just to let you know, my parents had recently broken up and my dad is/was a truck driver he has since passed on as well as my mom. But, anyway, my mom got to thinking that maybe this could be my dad in town and saw us and was trying to get our attention, since this was before cell phones.

The Red Jacket

Hi, My name is Kai and this story took place in the backwoods of West Texas

It was about 7 years ago the most terrifying event happened to me and 30 other people. I was about 12 years old when my mom my sister my grandma and I where heading to my sistersfriends house located 12 miles outside of town deep in the heart of the woods. The only reason we where heading out that way was because that was the location for my sisters girl scouts meeting of the month.

All the family of the girls where together talking inside discussing work and sports while all the children including myself where outside playing. The only room they had to play in the backyard was about 20 yards from the edge of the forest. Me and my sister where about to go inside because darkness wa starting to swallow the sky.

Ghost Watching Over Our Couch

By ItsLeAshton

Hey. First off, this story isn’t as scary as most stories on your channel, but it still is one of the most frightful things I’ve ever experienced. Here’s some backstory. I am a 14, almost 15 year old guy named Ashton, and I live in a medium-sized city in British Columbia, Canada with my Mom, Dad, Younger Sister, and Maternal Grandma. Now, I’ve never been one to really believe in the paranormal and ghosts and such, but that all changed when we bought a couch from an estate sale about 6 to 8 years ago. We were out looking for garage sales one day in around 2009 or so, and we came across this estate sale in a populated, yet creepy neighbourhood. My mom basically buys anything vintage or antique, so… She had her eye on an antiquish, maybe 50-60 year old white couch. Keep in mind, this was not a regular garage sale, this was an estate sale. Trust me, that is very relevant. Anyway, she ends up purchasing it, and her and my dad borrow one of my dad’s co-worker’s trucks, and go back up to the house to pick it up later in the day. So they bring it home, and it’s all okay for the first bit.

The first time we noticed something really creepy about it was around 8 months later in early 2010. Me and my sister were sitting on the very couch we bought, watching TV with Cranberry juice, when I accidentally spilled some of my cranberry juice on the couch. This couch was white, so that would’ve stained it if it wasn’t treated carefully. Unfortunately, the stain was never removed. Fast forward about 2 or 3 hours later. I was going downstairs to eat dinner, and as I was walking by the couch, it almost felt like something passed through me at that very moment. I just shook it off as nothing, and I swear to god, not even 5 seconds later, I heard the sound of the floor creaking 4 or so feet behind me. I turn around, nothing or nobody is there. I continue making my way, and the rest of the day turns out alright. Then, about 2 weeks later, I woke up in the middle of the night at around 2:30 AM because I heard very light footsteps by the couch. Let me tell you about the layout of the rooms. My room is seperated from everyone else’s rooms. My room is right next to the living room, and to get to my parents to tell them what was going on, I’d have to walk either through the kitchen, or the living room, both of which are right beside each other. After walking through one of those 2 rooms, it would take me to the hallway, and at the end of the hallway are my mom and dad’s room, and my sister’s room. My grandma sleeps downstairs. Anyway, basically, if I needed help, I’d be screwed. So, I end up falling back to sleep very easily surprisingly, even though I can get easily scared by almost anything.

Update on a ghostly friend

You can read the previous story here:

Before I start this story let me say that this is an update story, so if my account name is familiar that’s likely why.

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