The woman in black

So i was 11 when this happened and I live in Scotland in a small village called kirkliston. Now nothing has ever happened in kirkliston like the paranormal the dog man or Anything like that. So I’ll cut right to the chase.

I was in primary 7, and soon we were going to first year so me and my friend were walking home together and I thought I’d let him come in for a minute or to.

So we were having some banter and laughing the usual and when I unlocked the door I froze in fear to see on the other side of the door was a tall lady dressed in black and starring right at me I immediately got away from the door and told my friend him being himself he looked at me with disbelief he then said fine where is she I said I saw her lounge into the dining room he then rolled his eyes and I then said we’ll go in and find her me being me I then find the biggest knife I could find and I cautiously move into the dining room him being behind and I was surprised to see him shaking when all of a sudden we hear footsteps coming from upstairs now I have 2 cats one was at my feet and the other one was outside so my friend then in stead of getting a big knife he grabbed this big and sharp pole we slowly moved up the stairs to find nothing.

I told my parents they didn’t believe me and told me if anything like this happens again I’d get my Keys about a year later I had just got the bus home from secondary school and once again I was opening my back door when all of a sudden I got a feeling I was being watched when I slowly walked in I heard whispering and surpriseingly it was coming from the dining room now I knew I couldn’t be hearing things because I was frozen in fear and I heard the whispering for ruffly 15 to 20 seconds so I bolted it out leaving the door wide open.and coming round to the front of the house almost in tears of fear.i then face timed one of my friends who we’ll call abi she picked up and what I told her made her just about as scared as I was I called 2 of my other friends they came as fast as they could when we entered we all had knifes we were shouting thins like. Come out ya prick!! Or if you come out your only gonna get stabbed as the time past my parents then came home I told my mum she shouted at so loud probably the entire street could hear her my keys were then removed from me. Nothing since then has happened and I hope nothing yet is to

Haunts of Forest Ave.

Now, my home is the oldest on my block, and the closest to the forest around our little dead end, and I usually have to stay home alone for long periods of time. I should tell you some lore of my home, being you’d probably understand why there would be spirits on my land. Around 13 or 14 years ago, before my family moved in, a young girl, not even in her teens, was kidnapped and taken to the woods. Sadly, she was raped and murdered, and I’m not sure if these happenings are from her, or other spirits and paranormal entities within the area. Now that you know the lore, let me tell you what happened over the summer of my 9th grade year.

The first few days of summer were normal, the occasional bump and door moving. One night, my best friend was over, let’s call her Toxic, (For identity reasons, ya know?) She was in the living room and I was walking out of my room, when suddenly, the door to the bedroom across from mine lowly opened. My parents were asleep upstairs and my brother at his friend’s house, so it was just me and her sleeping downstairs, and no one should be able to open that door. I raised an eyebrow and went to close the door, when I heard whispering inside. I backed off and went to sit with Toxic, believing I should just leave it alone.

The night went on peacefully, the door closing on it’s own and the knocks starting again, we watched a movie, one of our favorites, ReZort. Around 3:00, I felt something pressing against my chest, as if someone was sitting on me. I opened my eyes and saw nothing. Being the person I am, I commanded whatever was on my chest to get off.

“No.” A scratchy, female voice spoke. I felt the weight get heavier and grumbled.

“Please, get off me. I can’t breathe properly.”

“…” A soft growl was heard from across the room, and the weight lifted. I sighed in relief and sat up, making it hard for something to do that again. I spoke a thanks and fell asleep.

Around five weeks later, my friend was back over again, and we were hanging out in my room. We were chatting and just laughing when she was tripped. There was nothing around her to cause her to fall, and she didn’t take a misstep. I heard a growl from under my bed and I jumped off it. Toxic got up and told me there was a black arm that reached out for her. It was apparently long, slender, and looked like it was made of smoke. Long fingernails and pale white veins. Let’s just say we staid in the living room that night.

The last few days of summer had nothing scary, no.. Activity.. Until one night. Toxic and I were sitting on the porch of my house, it being around eight. We were waiting for our cake to finish when I just so happen to look towards the woods. There, floating around 10 feet high, was a glowing white orb. It around the size of an american football. It stays there for 1 minute before disappearing. Later, another orb, the size of a kickball, the ones you used in elementary, appeared higher and to the left. I panicked and grabbed Toxic’s arm, rushing inside. We went into my brother’s room and played minecraft, well.. Toxic was, I was looking up orbs and willow wisps to calm myself down.

That was all for that summer, but not all for the paranormal and supernatural.

It wasn’t my foster brother

This happened when I was 17, I am 35 now. The house we lived in was super small and two story. Think of what a bird house looks like and thats what our house looked like.

Now my foster brother Isaiah and I had the two rooms up stairs across the hall from each other. The ceilings were peaked so the tallest point was the center of the room.

It was hunting season and Isaiah wasis an avid hunter. One morning early buck season i woke to the feeling of being watched. My back was towards the bedroom door.

Now this is early morning mind you, and the sun wasn`t quite up yet but there was just enough light you can make things out.

Anyway as i lay there still with my back to the door, the feeling of being watched is growing, making my hairs on the back of my neck stick up so bad it was as if someone had ahold of them pulling. I couldn`t resist the urge to turn and look. Slowly i roll over onto my back not expecting to see anthing only to find a figure standing right infront of my door.
At first i was relieved cus i thought it was Isaiah trying to scare me before he went out hunting. He did this sometimes. I was about to yell at him and ask him what he wanted, when something inside told me it wasn`t him,even though he was dressed like he would be if he was going out…..

The thing just stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes but was more like 3 i think. My heart was pounding and i wanted to run but couldn`t because this figure was between me and my exit so i just lay there…. And wait….

Still watching through the corner of my eye now, in fear if i looked at it dead on it might come closer, and it was already only three and half feet away from my bed!

Then to what seemed to be my luck, the sun started to peek through the window and the thing was gone! Just like that!

I jumped from my bed,still wanting to believe it was Isaiah messing with me and ran across the hall to his room where he and his cousin who happened to stay the night with him where still sound asleep. I was so creeped out that i had to wake him and tell him what had just happened.

That figure never made another appearance in my room. But other creepy things happened through out that house. After telling my story to a few others in our town (which is small) i heard other stories of people who lived there before us.

My Apartment

So let me start this out by giving some background info. At the time I was 20, pregnant and had just moved back to my hometown after leaving my abusive ex.

I had started dating my childhood friend, K. After a few months of being together, we moved into an apartment. This apartment was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. Its a cozy little apartment.

Well it was all going good until about a month after we moved in. He was always working so I would be left home alone, which I was not happy with, but what could you do, right? It started off as little things- knocking sounds, hearing voices, things being misplaced and lost. After my daughter was born, it gradually turned into bigger things- doors slamming, our tv’s and consoles turning on and off.

About 4 or 5 months living there it started to get bad, like really bad. I was home alone with the baby, just getting her down for a nap, I turned on a show and laid down and got comfy to possibly take a nap while she was asleep. I start to doze off when I hear a crash in our kitchen. I jump up thinking someone broke in, I grab our gun and go into the kitchen. I walk into the room to see a jug of juice (that was on the counter) in the middle of the floor kinda spinning and tilting and moving all crazy.

I called K freaking out, and he told me it was nothing, that it probably had just slid off or fell off, but that just doesn’t make sense because it could fall off by itself. He blew it off so I didn’t care about it, I just threw it out of my head, until 4 days ago.

Still living in the same apartment, I was again trying to get my baby to take a nap. She was in her crib, our 2 puppies outside in the yard, and I was in the bedroom playing the game Ark on the ps4. I’m just chilling, killing dinosaurs, and I hear a crash and shatter come from the kitchen.

After everything that’s happened, I didnt even jump, I sat there for a few minutes, contemplating whether or not I wanted to know what got thrown. I finally get up and go into the kitchen.

There was glass everywhere, literally the floor was completely covered in about a half inch layer of glass. I sighed, took pictures and started cleaning it up. As I was cleaning it up, I saw a single piece of glass in from of our daughters bedroom door, so I go to grab it since it was big enough I could just throw it away without the broom. I get down the hall, only to realize that their is a single piece of glass in front of our bedroom door and also a piece in front of our bathroom door.

I had forgotten to mention when the glass broke, my daughter started laughing, like deep uncontrollable laughing. It was creepy but I blew it off.

I honestly don’t know what to do with all the paranormal stuff, I’m thinking about calling the church to get my house and daughter blessed….

A creepy night.

I’ve submitted this story before, but I forgot to add some details. Before we get started with the story, the bedroom is in the very back of the house and the back door is in the same room.

I was babysitting my sisters kids for 20$. We’ll name the kids Jack and Joseph.

Jack was begging me for ice cream, so I gave them some ice cream. I started feeling a weird feeling in my stomach, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I went home to get my things I needed, Clothes for the night, My makeup bag, And some other things.

At about 9:30, I put them in the bath, made dinner, (my brother was helping me) and put them to bed. I washed my face, and watched a bit of Television.

In the backyard, I heard something creek and then shuffling. I immediately messaged my brother, and he didn’t see anything. He locked all the doors, and I continued to watch tv.

I kept hearing tapping, Which was really odd because everyone was asleep. I turned on the light, because I started to get a little bit scared. As soon as I laid back down, I saw something that looked like my nephew run past. My nephew and my sister were in New Mexico for the weekend, So I definitely knew it couldn’t be my nephew.

I was scared at this point, so I decided to message my mother. She said it was probably just my imagination. I agreed.

A few minutes past and I got really hungry. I forgot about what happened, so I got up and went to get chips and dip. I got the chips, as soon as I put the chips down, I felt something step behind me and watch me. I was so scared, I couldn’t move for a few seconds. A knife was beside me, so I picked it up just in case it was someone trying to rob me. There was no body. I was crying. I threw the knife, grabbed my phone, and woke my brother. My mom decided to send my other brother over because she was scared now.

My brother came, and he asked if we left the gates open. I knew we didn’t because we made sure we didn’t. I started crying more. I finally calmed down, and I ate some food. After I felt calm, my brother decided to look out the window and he saw something that looked exactly like me run in the backyard. I decided to sleep in the living room, Because I could not sleep in that room. I was too scared. I told my mother what happened, and she was terrified as well.

Around 45 minutes past, and I heard LOUD stomping. I knew it wasn’t my brothers because they went to sleep. It couldn’t be the kids, because it was really heavy and they were really skinny.

Writing this now, I feel like I’m being watched and I’m still scared. I don’t know what the hell happened that night, if it was a attempted robbery or a demon, but I do know I pray to God every single day and night. I haven’t had anything weird happen to me since.