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The Babbling Shadow

By Tom

I work thirds shift as a security. I was at a location in a small town for about two months. There was a main building, and small guard building outside of it where everyone had to do through to get the other building.

My nights consisted of watching the CCTV monitors, and on nights when no one else was there i would patrol the outside area and inside of the building. One night i was looking through the camera footage as it played live, and i saw an orb appear on camera outside the side of the guard building.

Haunted Toy Story Doll’s

Back when I was 6 or 7 years old I had a toy story doll Woody and Jessie they were always by my side and I slept with them until I began to notice that when I look away for a while out of the corner of my eye I saw Jessie blink I froze I fear and worse part was I had her in my hand at the moment.

I finally put her down and shoved they in my drawer because of how scared I was I didn’t mind Woody because he never moved until I was sleeping with him and I felt a movement in my arm I was shocked  because I never would have thought that he would move while I was asleep but I was woken up at that time before I felt it move.

Ghosts of the Old Jail

This story is not particularly scary, but it is compelling.  I have been a casual believer in the paranormal for some time now, but I had never experienced anything until last year.

I live in Northern Florida, which has a history older than most of the US.  We have St. Augustine and Savannah, two of the oldest and most haunted cities in the US, close by, for example.

Something was Curious

I work Security for a hospital on Oahu, Hawaii.

Back in Sept of 2015 I was patrolling the hospital grounds around 10 in the morning. I was out back in the oldest building on property. It’s 100 years old, give or take. This building is one story and long. It’s split in half on the inside. One half has 2 conference rooms, the other is cold storage. Both sides have their own alarm systems with motion detectors. The conference room side is deactivated during the day for use. The storage side is armed day and night unless someone goes in and deactivates the alarm system. Both sides have their own exterior entrance but no one uses the entrance on the storage side because the door is blocked on the inside.

I enter the conference room side of the building, close the door behind me, walk the hall to the center where the 2 halves meet and check the interior door leading to the storage side. This hall is shaped like that most irritating Tetris piece so you walk, turn left, then right and continue to the end. The door leading to storage has a 10 digit keypad lock. After checking the door I turn back. I’m almost at the entrance when I hear a *cli-click* from the other end of the hall. I go back through the blind corner and see the door leading to storage is now ajar standing a couple inches open on my side of the building. I open the door. All the lights are off. No sounds of footsteps, rustling, scurrying, nothing. I say, “Hello” loud n clear but get no response. The building is old, wooden and standing about 3 feet off the ground so any movement makes noise.

Ghost Stories from a Shipping Plant

I have worked security for a few years now. If there is one thing i have learned while working security is that we tend to experience some creepy things. There is one place i remember in the rural Tennessee town.

I cannot name the place due to confidentiality, but i can tell you that it was a big building used for packaging and shipping products to stores. It ran 24/7 and was only closed on Christmas.

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