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Disappearing Santa

I wasn’t going to send this story in but I figured the world needs to know what has happened and is still happening to me.

First, a little back story on myself. You see I am sensitive to the paranormal, mostly spirits but I have seen creatures I can’t explain too. I am not the only one in my family like this, all of my mothers side are like this but I also have visions. I can dream about something then maybe a week, a month, six months, it happens just like I dreamt it. Our great great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian and they say that’s why we are the way we are. My uncle can start speaking Cherokee and the lights start going on and off. I have seen, heard, dreamed and felt all kinds of weird things.

Ghost at Target

I worked at target for about two years now. The one I work at is less than a mile from a newer Target that opened maybe in 2007 or so. Mine of course is older and I have been told that the place is haunted. Lots of weird things have happened, like people hearing voices on our talkies at night or seeing things after closing. But nothing major had happened to me besides a light I’d just turned off switching back on a few seconds later.

See I have worked all over the store before becoming that guy that gathers all the carts so guests have them when they come inside. You would think something creepy would have happened late at night in the dark parking lot but me I have that hostile look on my face nearly 24/7 because it is just how I am but no it happened the one night I was working the Sales Floor during the Christmas season 2015.

The shadow

Back when I still lived in California I lived in a two story house. I loved that house and when I moved out I was pretty sad but hearing my family tell the paranormal experiences they had in that house doesn’t make me miss it as much.

All of their stories were creepy but my sisters was the one that I found the creepiest. It was Christmas and my parents were working but they were going to be home early since it was a holiday. My sister was home wrapping the gifts until she realized she ran out of tape.

The boiler room

Now let me make this clear I have lived in this house for three years and I hate being anywhere except for the living room. So my aunt sent me presents in the mail and it usually come late she traveles the country and gets all kinds of weird things at yard sales and the week after Christmas I got a cutely wrapped present with my address on a large sticker. So I unwrapped the box the smell of mildew reeked out of it. When I got over the smell I opened the box to reveal a old porcelain doll.

It had curly dark brown hair with blue eyes. It came with two separate outfits, one was a old tattered blue dress with small flower designs and lace trim and straw sun hat with light blue ribbon on it. The other one that looked newer with less faded colors was a pair of denim overalls and a light pink plad shirt. She had also came with shoes one a more Mary Jane style pair and the other a white pair of sneakers that were well worn. Her face was dusted with dirt and was chipped around her lips.


It all started in 2004, I almost died from a staff infection in my right leg. I was in ICU foe 3 days and then moved to a recovery room for 5, while I was in the recovery room I seen a silver outline of an old man, he would pace back and forth in front of my bed, never did anything bad, it was as he was there to watch over me, when I left the hospital I noticed he followed me home. He would pace my hallway every night, but never did anything.

I realized that he was a friendly ghost, so no one cared he was around. Well in 2015 we moved out of that house and moved into a 2 story home, everything seemed quite and I didn’t see the old man.

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