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Australian Banshee


A little background before I begin- Im a female young adult from remote western Australia. I am surrounded by 1000’s of kilometres of farmland and bushland (forest if you are not familiar with the term bush) and we have a large variety of native wildlife on our farm and in surrounding bushland.

Anyway, onto the story. Ever day after work I walk my two bordercollies through a selected bush track which is roughly 10 kilometres long as a way to unwind from my shitty job. I have seen creepy things in there before such as dead kittens and livestock which have been dumped by farmers and thrown across logs in a creepy fashion but nothing compared to what I witnessed this particular day. It is important to note that since we are so rural there is a lack of people out here, however I sometimes pass a camper or the odd drug grower using the remoteness of the bush as an opportunity to grow their marijuana despite the area being well known to police for drug growth.

Something From the Desert Followed Me

So, many of you may not believe me… and honestly I’ve been having some issues believing it myself. I live in a small community in the middle of empty desert. My biological father is a bit of a menace and has thrown several of my cats and some strays I used to feed into the desert, several of them have not been seen or heard from again. Now, to the story, I recently began to hear one of my cats’ (Flash) meows from the desert and have taken my dog walking out there searching for her.

After three days of going out there, calling, searching, and getting no actual replies when I was actually out there I finally realized something. The meows I had been hearing didn’t sound right. There was something completely off about them and I had been able to ignore them until I began to hear frantic cries from Flash in the desert. Sneaking out once again I just stood near the entrance calling and looking around while my dog sniffed an old abandoned mattress. It was around sunset and honestly I didn’t like being out there when all I could see was just shadows and just a few feet in front of me.

A Trip to Savannah

I’ve traveled to many places, but my trip to Savannah, will always be the most memorable. My friend Micki and I have always had a love for the supernatural. She loves telling ghost stories and I’ve always had a sense for paranormal activity. So when I mentioned I was going to Savannah for my grandmas birthday, a place that’s practically crawling with spirits, she was exstatic. “You have to go on a ghost tour!” She yelled happily. “I don’t know, I’ve heard bad stuff can happen on those tours..” I said nervously. “Oh come on, if you go on one, we’ll have more stories to tell.”  She insisted. “I’ll ask mom..” I said. “Yay!” She squealed with excitement. I smiled, but in reality I was scared, telling stories about the paranormal is fun but, witnessing it….is much more terrifying.

So the next day I asked my mom, she used to do paranormal investigating so I figured she would agree. And as I expected  she did. The drive was long maybe three or four hours. But when we finally got to our hotel I was practically starving. So we went in a really good restaurant in the hotel and ate. ( the food was literally so good I almost cried.) And after we finished we went up to our room to unpack. When I had remembered my moms ghost meter. I figured I could at least try to go searching the hotel halls before bed, just to make sure I could sleep without being a total chicken.

The Ghost Light

By Kris

Let me start out by saying that this is based on an actual paranormal spot in south east Arkansas. I have only been once when I was visiting my aunt in Crossett, many years ago.

The legend begins in the early 1900’s when all Crossett was known for was it’s decent railroad track. The tracks spanned all across the county, and even reached into the neighboring county.

Creepy Fog in McDonald’s Drive Thru Cam

I had forgotten about this until watching a few creepy videos on YouTube about weird fog or mist that were found in pictures.

I had a similar experience at a McDonald’s I used to work at. This happened about three or four years ago. I used to be on the graveyard shift with usually two other people. I worked in the drive thru taking orders, taking payments, and if there was just two of us, I’d also bag the orders. We had cameras set up that would take a picture of the vehicle ordering so we know what order went where as we had two lanes.
So this one night after a customer just finished ordering and was driving up to the window to pay, the camera took a picture as usual.

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