Himalayan Apparition (Horror stories from Asia)

About two summers back, I voyaged to a few countries on a backpacking trip, my last stop being India. I’m sure you can imagine the raw beauty of India, but also the darkness as it is a poverty stricken country.

About a week into my stay, my friends and I took a bus from New Delhi to Manali in the Himalayas. I should preface by saying that I tend to be more skeptical when it comes to all things paranormal, as I was born and raised Messianic Jewish and was here on a missions trip, though this doesn’t make me any less of a fan of horror stories.

Arriving in Manali, I absolutely loved it. It was mountainous, the locals were friendly and the backpacking community there was awesome; I just threw myself right into my environment. My friend and I shared a room at a hostel right at the end of Old Manali.

On about the second or third night there, I decided it was time to shower before turning in for the night.

In India, the shower is not separated from the rest of the room like it was back home in America. It was just a water spout on the wall, which meant I could see directly into the mirror above the sink in front of me when I would shower, which understandably freaked me out a bit. As I was finishing up my shower, I turned off the water and reached for my towel before looking in the mirror.

Looking up, it took me a few moments to really process what the hell I was staring at.

There, behind me in the mirror, was a tall, freakishly pale humanoid thing with long black hair hunched over walking around. I frooze.

I threw on my towel and noped the hell outta there to get my friend. I breathlessly explained what had happened to me. Terrified, I was unsure of how someone could possibly get into the bathroom, as the window in there is barely big enough for me to fit my head through, and there was no way someone could get in without my friend seeing them first.

We both inched to the bathroom only to find nothing.

My friend seemed like she wasn’t really surprised at the matter, while I, on the other hand, was freaking out. She explained to me I probably saw a Rakshasa (female, Rakshashi), which is a demon in Hindu mythology. What I saw pretty much fit most of what Rakshasa/i are described as in folklore. For the rest of the trip, I absolutely despised showering in that hostel. I’m glad we only stayed in that part of the Himalayas for only a few more days. Rakshashi, let’s never meet again.

Ghost In Korea

Hi I’m Chloe, I’m 20 years old, and your average American girl. I just recently got engaged to my boyfriend that I have been dating for a few years now. Everything is going good, and we rarely argued. He is literally the definition of perfect. Okay, I’ll spare the sappy stuff for you. On to the story, my fiancé is a Korean American and we’ll call him Lee Min. We both have grown up in America, but he has a lot of family still back in South Korea. Obviously since we got engaged we had to go visit his extended family in South Korea for them to finally see me and talk about the wedding, all those kind of things. I love Korean culture, food, music, and fashion so I was more than thrilled about going on this trip. When we got there, everyone around was very nice to me and I had a blast eating korean bbq with them, and doing karaoke. It’s when we got to his grandparents house.. when it all started.

He told me very early in our relationship that he always hated staying in that house. It was a traditional and beautiful house, but that wasn’t the problem. He would tell me that he had nightmares there, and have sleep paralysis only when he is in that house. That he would hear whispers in old South Korean dialect. He had bad memories of this for awhile, and the list of his expirences went on. I always comforted him at those times when he thought about it and cried. It was a lot for a young kid to handle at the time.

I didn’t think much of it since I’ve never had an expirence with the unexplained. When we set our bags down in the guest room, the room he was in as a child, I saw his face turn pale. I assured him that it’d be alright and he relaxed a little bit. It was finally time to get some rest. Lee Min got under the covers of the bed and I turned out the lights when I got in too. I remember the room like I was there yesterday. The door was a sliding door made of paper, there was only a closet, nightstand and bed. Nothing else. The thing that freaked me out about the room was the far corner next to the closet. It was the darkest part of the room and when you look at it long enough, it looked like something was moving in it.
We tried to get some rest and I felt relieved a few minutes after when I realized Lee Min was fast asleep. I thought maybe those were just childhood fears of his, since he did go through a lot when he was younger. Boy was I wrong. Right when I shut my eyes to drift off into dreamland, it was interrupted by a soft whisper. I kept my eyes closed, thinking it could just be his grandparents still awake, and whispering so they won’t wake us up. My eyes felt heavy though, and I felt as if my kids were glued together and couldn’t open. That was because I felt an intense presence in front of my face. And by intense, it’s like a face right in front of yours while you are pretending to be asleep. It was overwhelming and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like any moment I will open my eyes and see two eyes staring daggers at me. I pulled the blanket over my head. I was too tired and confused to think properly. I just needed sleep from all the touring I did that day in Seoul. But no, I felt it again. It felt like someone was standing over me and just watching me sleep. I couldn’t look up, my body felt completely paralyzed. I was too afraid that something out of that corner, or whatever else was staring down at me. I nudged Lee Min with my elbow. I didn’t want to wake him up, but I was actually scared. Then I heard another whisper. I thought it was him so I turned my face to hear him, still not opening my eyes, “what did you say?” I asked quietly. Another whisper. I couldn’t make out what the whispers were. It definitely wasn’t modern Korean language, which I have studied in school. It was words I couldn’t understand. I knew Lee Min didn’t know traditional dialect even more than I did. I slowly peeled my eyes open and looked at my fiancé. What I saw made my body run cold. He was sweating hard, his body shaking, and his face extremely pale. I could tell that his muscles were clenching up tightly. It looked as if something unseen was grabbing him and trying to suck the life out of him and it infuriated me. Whatever this was, was hurting my fiancé and I had to spring into action about it. I didn’t want to scare him or cause him to get any worse by making any sudden movement so I carefully placed my arms around him. I ran my fingers through his hair soothingly to calm him down. Through all of this my own body was shaking, and I still felt that same presence behind me. I still didn’t dare to turn around to see if I could see it. After whimpering and shaking violently he finally calmed down a little bit, and his breaths became slower. I let out a breath in relief and softly called out his name to see if he was awake. I could only assume this room was giving him nightmares right away. I wouldn’t know, because I didn’t get any sleep. He slowly opened his eyes, and they shot up to me. He gasped in horror, still scared from his dream but he then placed his hand on his heart and controlled his breathing. He instantly hugged me, telling me how terrible the dream was and that I was in it. He was telling me how the ghost got me and tried to kill me. Till this day, his dream shook me to my core. It made me wonder if the ghost in his dream was the figure I felt above me and in front of my face. After all this we decided to leave and sleep in the living room where there was no paranormal action happening. It only happened in that room, never any other room in the house. Lee Min felt bad about being disrespectful to his grandparents who let us stay in the room, but they never thought it was haunted and never felt anything while in there. So till this day it’s still a mystery. If you could explain this I would like that. That was a month ago, and our wedding is in a week. There is NO way we’ll visit that room to spend the night after the wedding. I’m still scared to think about it, and I know now that it wasn’t a silly childhood memory of delusions. It’s real. But it’s only happened to us. By the way, please come to South Korea it’s a beautiful, kind, and amazing place! You’ll love it! Just please… make sure you don’t stay in a haunted room!

My Haunted Doll

Well, I live in a small town in Ohio. I live with my mom and my dad. I’ve always been really attracted to creepy things. I always bought creepy dolls and stuff. I just loved everything scary. It’s just so fascinating to me how spirits can communicate with us. But, this is a story that I never want to happen again. It almost restrains me from buying another doll.

So, I always like to go to Goodwill to see if I can my hands on some creepy finds. We got in the car and headed out. When we got there, I said goodbye to my family and headed to the toy section. I usually check out the toy section and then make my way to look at the dolls behind the counter.

When I got to the toy Isle, I was only met with naked Barbie’s and stuffed animals. I started to dig around and found an old porcelain doll that I kept ahold of. I kept digging around and stumbled upon a doll. I seemed almost attracted to it, like I couldn’t put it down. It was a small doll, not too large. It was a straw doll, nothing I’ve ever seen before. It had a red ribbon around the hat and around the waste. She was carrying a basket also. I knew I had to have her, so I purchased her.

When I got home, I immediately did research on her. I found a fee results and they told me that she was a handmade doll from Korea. I found her very cool but, for some reason, I didn’t want her in my room. She just, put me off. So, I left her in my living room on a table.

The first night was terrifying. I laid in bed with my dogs. Keep in mind, they were both on the bed with me and my other was in sleeping in her cage. I started to drift off. I woke up at around midnight. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I laid in bed, just thinking and occasionally looking at the TV. Then, out of no where, I heard a noise. It was so scary and I still remember it. It was a low, raspy, chuckle coming from under my bed. No joke, actually under my bed. I remember just staring at my ceiling, wide eyed. Some how, I convinced myself that it was my brain and I went back to sleep.

The next nights I had this awful feeling of dread mixed with anxiety. But, nothing happened. On the fourth night, it got horrible. I woke up to complete and total darkness, my TV was off, my alarm clock was off, everything. I have an irrational fear of the dark even though I love creepy stuff. I was about to get up when my dogs were awoken from their slumber and started barking. I got up and ran to my living room, not sleeping another moment.

The next night, I was so scared that I slept in my parents floor, clutching one of my dogs. Then, as easy as the light turned off, everything stopped. I stopped feeling dread and anxiousness. I stopped hearing strange noises. I went to my mom as she knew what has been happening. I told her that everything stopped and I asked her what happened to the doll. I had a feeling that the whole situation came from the doll because it all started when I got her. All she replied with was, “It gave me a weird feeling so I threw it away last night”.  I was shocked knowing that this all came from that stupid doll at Goodwill.

Sleep paralysis?

A little information about me. I’ve been interested in the ghosts for years now, listening to stories from readers on YouTube and reading ghost books. This last year and a half I’ve listened to other stories. Skinwalkers, wendigos, aliens, etcetera. Because of this, I’d say I have a decent base of knowledge on unexplained phenomena, so you would think I would understand this, but I still really don’t.

I was in middle school at the time, being into the paranormal goes in phases to me. Some times I’ll read and watch a lot of material, then after a few months, take a break and focus on another subject. I remember it was one of those breaks, so paranormal things were one of the last things on my mind.

I was in bed facing my room when I woke up suddenly. Everything in my vision looked gray and blurry, whether from the early morning light or something else I’m not sure. I was facing my very colorful dresser and bookcase, but the longer I saw it the blurrier it became. I was confused, I couldn’t move at all, I tried to shift or just move my arms from where they were laying next to me but I couldn’t. Suddenly, I heard something, but it was not coming from outside. It came from inside my head, like you would imagine telepathy. Weirdly, I heard someone telling me, a man I think (its been a while), that I needed to listen for the screams. All I knew was that I was an agent, i remember thinking it clearly. The audio started playing. I focused hard to listen for something, anything.

What I heard was similar to TV static. Even though I listened closely, I couldn’t hear anything.

The guy told me to do it again, not annoyed but not pleased either. I focused hard again and listened for something- just anything in the static. Then I heard them, loud screams (most likely feminine?) in the static that somehow were not there before but were very clearly present in the audio the second time around. They were loud and obvious amongst the static. When the audio finished, I told the guy I heard them, after which I closed my eyes and fell asleep again.

What confuses me the most is, it was similar to sleep paralysis, but not at the same time. In sleep paralysis, people often see shadow figures, or something out of the corner of their eye, but I saw nothing. At the time, I didn’t even know what sleep paralysis was. Thats where I’m confused. I know it sounds just like some weird dream but I swear it happened. Was it just a weird case of sleep paralysis? I wasn’t on drugs either, what could it have been? Does anyone have any answers?

Skinwalker at Summer Camp

Hello, I wanted to share this story in case anybody has had a similar experience. So some background info is that when I was in second grade, I attended an all-girls summer camp. I’m now 15 but I remember this like yesterday. So here it is…

As a young kid I was really shy and not very social so when I find someone I connect with, I very rarely talked to anyone but them. So I used to attend a summer camp up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains next to a huge lake. So when I was there after a couple weeks, I had connected with a counselor who I will call Beth. She had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was the coolest person my small seven-year-old self-had ever met.  Every year we had these cool nighttime celebration with food and bonfires. So everyone in my cabin was getting ready and I was sitting on on the porch of the cabin. I heard my name and looked up to see Beth out at the edge of the woods and calling my name. Just over and over but the longer I listened, it sounded…wrong. Almost like a broken radio.

I got up, thinking she was hurt or needed help so I started walking toward her but the closer I got, the less I realized it was her. She was too tall, her legs too long for her body and her movements were jerky and wrong. But when I looked into her eyes I immediately knew it wasn’t her. Her eyes were a goat’s eyes, yellow and slit pupils. I almost screamed and ran into my cabin, thoroughly worrying my cabin mates.

While everyone went to the celebration, I stayed in the cabin I was not going back out with that thing still there. Now that I’m 15 and have listened to stuff similar and done research, I’ve come to realize that it was most likely a skinwalker who was trying to impersonate my favorite counselor. Please tell me if any of you have seen something similar or the same.


I included pictures of the camp and woods.