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Creepy woman

This happened to my grandfather about three years ago. He was a saceriy guard museum in our town, one night he was patrolling around the front when he heard a loud voice calling his name.

He went to look to see who is was. But when he got there what he saw scared more than anything else he’s seen. It was a raggedy looking old woman with matted hair and tattered clothes, he says that when he walked closer the woman seemed to look see through.

Chains and Shadows

I have been a security guard for 15 years. In that time I have worked in alot of different places. From air conditioned office jobs to high crime retail areas and bars. I have had to deal with everything from fist fights to even being shot at on one occasion.

But those are the things you accept as a possibility when you work in security. The dangers you prepare yourself for. It’s a different story when the threat you face isn’t made of flesh and blood.

The Babbling Shadow

By Tom

I work thirds shift as a security. I was at a location in a small town for about two months. There was a main building, and small guard building outside of it where everyone had to do through to get the other building.

My nights consisted of watching the CCTV monitors, and on nights when no one else was there i would patrol the outside area and inside of the building. One night i was looking through the camera footage as it played live, and i saw an orb appear on camera outside the side of the guard building.

Haunted Toy Story Doll’s

Back when I was 6 or 7 years old I had a toy story doll Woody and Jessie they were always by my side and I slept with them until I began to notice that when I look away for a while out of the corner of my eye I saw Jessie blink I froze I fear and worse part was I had her in my hand at the moment.

I finally put her down and shoved they in my drawer because of how scared I was I didn’t mind Woody because he never moved until I was sleeping with him and I felt a movement in my arm I was shocked  because I never would have thought that he would move while I was asleep but I was woken up at that time before I felt it move.

Ghosts of the Old Jail

This story is not particularly scary, but it is compelling.  I have been a casual believer in the paranormal for some time now, but I had never experienced anything until last year.

I live in Northern Florida, which has a history older than most of the US.  We have St. Augustine and Savannah, two of the oldest and most haunted cities in the US, close by, for example.

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