My Dog Came Home Two Months After Being Put Down

As you have figured this post is related to my families pet dog, that passed away a few months ago. I personally have not experience these incidents and can only relay the information based on the body language and tone my family had while telling me.

It all started mid February when we put our 14 year old golden retriever down after he started to have nose bleeds and sever seizures. we rushed to the vets to put him down after one lasted over an hour and we knew he wouldn’t make it until morning it was around 10pm then.
It is now the end of March and early April where these encounters with our dead dog have happened.

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My dog?

Every time I remember this experience I get shivers. So Growing up I have always wanted a dog. After years of begging my parents, they actually finally got me a dog ; a Yorkie to be exact; junior. Now junior always has always been a very hyper dog and after years we’re very used to it by now.

So, I had been sitting on my bed, sucked in by my phone screen, unaware of my surroundings like a lot of times.

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That Little Mouse

In my neighbors house it was always creepy. There was always furniture that was damaged or broken, dishes smashed or in peices, and the neighbors were creepy too. Our two dogs loved to go in there yard, it was like they were naturally drawn to it. They had a problem with insects and animals in their yard. One day, one of my dogs, Jackey caught a field mouse.

It was small with a long tail, big eyes, and the ugliest face you’d ever seen. Jackey never wanted to go outside after that.

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Not my dog.

To give a bit of context, I live in Dorset – England, a hotspot for the paranormal in the U.K. I was 14 when this occurred and I had always been very cynical of anything vaguely related to ghosts, monsters and the like, this was partially down to my highly non-religious father who would avoid such topics when my curious mind went asking for answers. This sceptical outlook changed however, that one bleak night in the dead of winter.

School had ended yesterday, so I had the opportunity to stay up as late as I wanted, of course to a reasonable extent. Taking advantage of this long awaited ‘ late-night privilege’, I stayed up until around 2 in the morning, my freedom was assisted my  father working nights, so he came back early morning. After aimlessly scrolling through the depths of the internet I finally got my fill for the day and shut down my computer and went up to bed.

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My Dog saw something.

I don’t really know how to start with these stories so I’m just going to explain what happened, we own a beautiful dog, he is a half husky half German shepherd breed. It was a normal day with my family over at my house, I don’t remember exactly why we were in my mothers room but we were when suddenly mom dog starts to growl at my moms closet, my moms closet is a drag closet with a whole mirror on it.

At first we thought he was just barking at his reflection when he suddenly started to run back and forth now looking at the ceiling. He begins to growl very low yet loud. He then runs through the hall all the while still staring at the ceiling barking and still growling. My family has a strong belief of the paranormal and they are pretty religious. My dog stops in the kitchen growling at the top corner of the ceiling.

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My Experience at the Creepy Cult-y (Possibly Haunted) Church

Growing up, my family and I attended this ” church ”. I use the term ” church ” very lightly, because after a couple years, things changed and changed at that place until it was a full-blown cult that made us do weird stuff. I’m talking about making people crawl on the floor and growl like animals weird, along with a myriad of other things which I won’t get into.

The longer we stayed there, the weirder things became. It wasn’t just the people or ” pastors ”, there were paranormal things that occurred that still creep me out to this day. My mom worked for the church for a long time, and one day she and I had to stop by to do some things and it was for sure just the two of us in the building alone. We were walking towards the back of the building and when we passed by the sanctuary, I glanced through the window in one of the doors and saw a dark figure standing inside, silhouetted against the windows. It startled me, but I thought it looked like one of the guys we knew, however, when we opened the door, there was no one there.

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Night Shift

I work for a company in Western New York that’s basically a assisted living home. I take care of 10 folks, with one other staff at night. We normally don’t have anyone else come in until 5 in the morning. So from midnight till then, we are alone.

Recently we had a gentleman in our home pass away. He was DNR and septic, so the doctors couldn’t so anything about it really due to it being so severe when they caught it. In this field, you get attached to these guys so it takes a toll on you emotionally when you do lose someone, but it’s not uncommon. In the last 2 years, four have died in my house that I work at. That being said, it’s the most medically challenging house in the agency and considered a “step down” home, on verge of hospice.

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Working the Nightshift at a Bar

Even after Myspace and Starbucks stories, I’m back with another story for you all.

I worked at a bar when I was around 19. I’m 25 now, and I’ve moved past this experience. I usually worked the day shift, but my boss had me work the night shift a couple of times. Now, there’s been talk about the bar being haunted by evil spirits. Apparently there was an old house that was burned down in the same spot. People who come for a drink late at night are greeted by the spirits of the dead family that lived in the old house, and then are thrown around like play-things. Here are two of my creepy experiences on the nightshift.

The first one is pretty short, but Very scary. I was told to stay ’till 1 AM, and the nightshift started at 9. I decided since no one was working the nightshift but me that night, that I’d take one of the snacks they had already prepared, buy myself a drink at a local gas station nearby, and just sit and watch videos on my phone while I ate and drank. Eventually, my phone turned off, and so did the lights. I didn’t think much of it, but when I thought about it when I finished the shift, it started to seem.. odd. First of all, my phone’s battery didn’t die. I had around 74% battery left on it. Second, the generator(which is used to keep the power running in the night if anyone works the nightshift,) was working fine when I left. So I started to wonder if the stories were true.

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Nights in a Car Lot

I have been a night shift security guard at a car dealership on the edge of the Twin Cities for about two years now. There have been many “interesting ” occurrences that can I cannot explain.

I’ve decided to start telling people about these happenings in the last couple months due to the frequency of these events and to also reassure myself that I’m not going crazy.

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