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Tiptoe at the Window

By Athena D.

Now, I have never written a story before so bare with me, I might jump around alot since I type the way I talk. Anyway, a little background about me, I am 23 years old at the moment, 4ft 8.5in tall, female. So you can imagine how little I am.

I have had a ton of different encounters with paranormal creatures and beings, I even suffer from Sleep Paralysis, ever since the age of 15 so you could only imagine half of the things I have gone through. Anyway, the story I am about to tell you isn’t from sleep paralysis, but something far greater than that. I was 19 at the time.

Bright Lights in the woods

Back in the 90’s I had recently purchased a house in small town in Pennsylvania I grew up in. My Fiance at that time was new to the area and I wanted to take her out to eat one night at a bar/restaurant which was one of my favorites and had been wanting her to try out.

The restaurant was about a 45 minute drive through a national forest area which in the past had been used a military air base. As kids my friends and I had wondered throughout the area and had found old creepy bomb shelters in which as teenagers we used to drive out a night and dare each other to go in.

A Demon in the ER

While I was working in the hospital as a Housekeeper, I heard several stories about different ghosts, especially the two that lived on my assigned floor; a little girl that would hold my hand and a male that lived in the last room. That room had been refurbished into a make-shift apartment because the ghost there had claimed it and would attack patients that would sleep there.

But my story comes from the two days I worked in the ER, and after that, I begged my boss to never assign me to that area again. Now onto the story itself.

Old Quarantine Station

Hi I live in nsw, Australia. I have always had paranormal experiences. But I’ve never submitted a post before. So if I’ve done this wrong forgive me.

Now I love paranormal stuff. My birthday is right next to Halloween and I always have Halloween themed parties and such. One year I booked a group of my close friends and I to go to the old manly quarantine station. The adult ghost tour. This place has a lot of history. Some of my friends are sensitive we’ll call them some are skeptics. But we all went to have fun.

My Mom’s Office is Haunted

My mom works as a secretary at a public health government department. The building where these offices are located used to be part of a public hospital that is still running today; however, the wards and doctor’s offices that used to be there were relocated to a much modern building nearby some years ago.

Several things have happened in that building and most of the people who work there have witnessed these events. For instance, the security guards have caught shadows and flying orbs moving around the building in security camera footage and those who patrol the area always talk of seeing shadows out of the corner of their eye. There is a lady, whose office is at the back of the building and every day exactly at 4:00 p.m. someone knocks on her office door and every time she checks there is nobody in the hallway. It can’t be someone playing a prank because her office is at the very back of an extremely long hallway that has no offices nearby for anyone to hide in and even when she leaves the door open and can look outside she sees no one when the knocking occurs.

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