Summer Alien Abduction

By seekymcneil

I am 20 years old today and this encounter happened 7 years ago. I grew up with a huge family of 7 brothers and 5 sisters and a good chunk of us still lived at home. I lived in Canada, BC, on a reserve which is a piece of land that first nations live on. My family is very away of the paranormal and believes in all spirits and creatures that wonder the world. It was normal for us to sneak out at night and search for creatures that my dad would tell us. Are favorite past time when we were younger was looking for aliens and discuss about what if we get abducted one day, cracking a joke every now and then.

It was the summer of 2009 I was 13 years old at the time and my favorite past time was staying up late watching TV and drawing. My bedroom is on the second floor and is quiet small. I had enough room for a queen size bed in the middle of the room against the back wall with a closet in front of me and my TV stand, and a window to the right of me. This night was a little different and around 2:30 am – 3:00 am majority of everyone in the house was asleep. Read more “Summer Alien Abduction”

Locked in a Cage

By Huxneeb

I was 17 years old when this happened, in 2012. It was a normal night. I ate my dinner, played some video games, showered and went to bed. All was normal. That night I had the most horrific nightmare. I was laying in my bed, my room exactly how it was when I went to sleep when something with long arms pulled me from my bed and through my window. My window being second story that’s pretty impossible, you’d need a ladder just to get to it and I always kept it locked as I’m a paranoid person.

Everything went dark after I was pulled and I woke up cramped inside a medium sized cage, almost like a dog cage. It was so bright in this room, almost blinding. Still, I was able to make out some shapes and figures. There were about 3 other cages all like mine sort of in a circle around this long shape, I assume was a table. I heard lots of buzzing sounds and whimpers but not much else. I started screaming “Let me out!” and “What the hell is going on here?!” I wasn’t given an answer. I tried to reach up and shake the cage and realized my hands were tied together with some sort of weird material like that almost like air but heavy and I couldn’t break out of it. Read more “Locked in a Cage”

Seeing an Alien

By KrystalStarKnight

This happened to me just a few months ago and I originally shared it on Reddit after it happened. At the time I was living with a good friend of mine who lives in the middle of nowhere out in the woods. Everyone in her family are pretty hardcore skeptics, including me, which is probably why we are such good friends. What I mean by “hardcore skeptic” is that we are those kind of people that tend to try hard to poke holes in the stories of everything we hear or read. We tend to rely more on facts than personal testimony so we don’t really believe in ghost, cryptic animals, or aliens.

So to get to the story, at the time I was living in this house my cat would sleep in my room with me and would wake up at around five in the morning to go use the litter box which we kept down stairs. Read more “Seeing an Alien”

Real Life X-File

By Nick and Ellie

My name is Nick.
I live in a nice apartment in the middle of town in the Midwestern region. I love the paranormal, the sky, and as I type this, I listen to the most chill music ever with my Shetland Sheepdog, Ellie. Also, I’m a sixteen year old male. This information is to help setup the story and of who I am.

Technically, it was 2 or 3 a.m. on a Sunday morning, but I had been staying up all night playing video-games, trying to enjoy a Saturday that’s already left. Ellie began to wine and I realized that, being the horrible pet-owner that I am, I REALLY need to take her out to go potty. Read more “Real Life X-File”


By Glitchnout

This one is a a long one. This story has back story to the pinnacle, but first some information about myself. I currently a 21 year old male. At the time i was a freshman in high school, i am a massive guy and always have been. I am currently 6’4″ and was 6’3″ in freshman year. I am not muscular but have a muscular build and broad shoulders. I have always had some weird connections with the paranormal and lived in a very religious family growing up.

Example, when i was only four my mom reports putting me down for a nap to find out i hadn’t slept at all. But she said i told her i spent that nap meeting my guardian angel and playing with him. I even told her his name, Micheal. Many people in my family report see angels and beings through out their lives. It is not uncommon to hear these events through family events or tragic accidents. Read more “Realignment”