Guardian Angel or Conditioning Demon?

By LucianoVargas

A bit of back ground, I have always seen and felt spirits and stuff like that. I was about 3 when this started. Also I have had an “imaginary” friend named Amber from about birth.

Amber is a mischievous and jealous, she is like the older sister who is more childish than you. My grandmother swears that for as long as she can remember after learning that my mom was pregnant with me, there was a little blond girl behind her and then me after I was born. She said that she never got a good look at her face until the day I almost died from a fever induced seizure that lasted almost an hour. She claims that the little girl had an evil looking smirk on her face. Read more “Guardian Angel or Conditioning Demon?”

Cursed Property

By Gabrielle

I have always been a firm believer in the paranormal, and I have a slight interest in it. I would watch ghost hunting shows and horror movies, despite my parents clear discomfort of my interest. I always suspected something was in my house, and, the one day I got proof.

The one day I was playing with two little girls who lived next door to me. In respect of their privacy, I will not say their names. Anyway, the youngest was sitting on the wall near my gate, and I thought she looked adorable. I have a habit of taking pictures of things I found beautiful so it took me two seconds to whip out my phone and take a picture of her. I didn’t examine it until later on that night. Read more “Cursed Property”

An Old Soul

By Wolves

So, I was always a quiet boy. I was the kid that teachers sat the talkers next to, the one who wouldn’t talk. They loved me, I got good grades, and didn’t get in trouble. This experience started taking place 3 years ago. I always felt watched while I slept. Even though I closed my door and windows, and had completely covered windows. Every morning when I woke up something seemed to have moved.

This had been happening for a few years, and just recently I had made and installed several sensors in my room, and looked through the logs every morning. They occasionally would pick up something small, but this morning it was a huge amount of activity. I was scared and knew that all my family were innocent. Read more “An Old Soul”

Spooky Red

By Emanuel

It was summer of 2008, our family had the tradition to go to Mexico each time we were on school break. It was all really fun for us getting all together with our cousins from USA and all our cousins from Mexico, which is a very large family.

We would all gather up and stayed at my grandmother’s house located in a very small town. In there all the adults would just hang out and catch up on family gossip, while all the cousins would hang out most of us between the ages 17-22. Read more “Spooky Red”