Ghost at my Church

By Blingmster81

Ok this is my first time submitting a story it might not be the scariest story out there but it scared me enough to type this up. Ok so this story happened on November 5 2016. At around 3:30 pmĀ and my family was cleaning the church. I had the job of garbage’s.

So I started my job and everything was going fine until I had to empty the gym garbage’s. As I entered the gym I saw a black orb dart away but it didn’t really care about it because my eyes sometimes do that its normal. Read more “Ghost at my Church”

Death Comes

By Just.Hades

This true story is about an experience my grandmother had when she was younger living in New York.

It started one night, after she had made it home from work. She describes her apartment as small, where her bed barely fit into a bedroom, so she left her bed in the living room. The bed faced the front door and the tv, since most of her time was spent working, she didn’t mind the small set up she had. She decided to watch tv until she got tired enough to fall asleep. Read more “Death Comes”

The Man with the Top Hat

By Nick

When people dream, it’s allowing you to escape the real world, and be in scenarios that the human aspect can’t physically touch or see. I was a dreamer, and this is my story.

On July 17th 2016, i was in my home late at night, i had just finished homework from school and i was getting tired and fell asleep in my room. I dreamed rarely in sleep, and tended to wake up to the next morning right away as if i was out for only a couple moments. In the dream, i awoke to a cemetery, one that is located on a hill in my hometown, looking down at one of the cities children’s parks. Read more “The Man with the Top Hat”

Losing a Loved One

By ell11

Hello there, today I am going to re count an odd event that happened to me when I was quite young, but first let me give you some background infomation. My grandfather was always happy, whenever you would see him he would be laughing or smiling, he was every kids dream grandpa.

He would take me out for lunch and every Christmas we would go into the city and watch the fireworks. At family events or catch ups he would always wear a old pirate hat and would entertain us kids with his awful pirate accent. He was very close to me and when he died I found it very hard to recover. Read more “Losing a Loved One”

In the Shadows

By AnUnexplainedWorld

This started about a month ago. It’s 2016 and I’m 14 years old. I was always uneasy with the paranormal, but intrigued at the same time. My dad doesn’t believe in that type of stuff though, because he’s thinks more practically, but I know there are things that cannot be explained by science. Any ways, I was dreaming, and in my dream I was laying down in my bed. I can’t remember a lot of specifics leading up to the event, but I still remember some parts.

There were two dark figures, one standing right next to me on my left side where the little walkway is, and the other standing on my bed looking down at me. Read more “In the Shadows”