La Llorona

By S_Gee

I’m sorry in advance if the formatting is bad, English is my second language. Bare with me. This story is not mine but my dads tale, it happened 20 years ago in Mexico. Just to clarify where this took place, our town at that time was fairly small and everyone knew each other. Also keep in mind most front doors in Mexico have a small glass window you can open up without having to open the entire door. To give you an idea of my parents house it has several bedrooms downstairs and two hallways that are pretty much shaped like an L, now let’s begin.

“There was a knock at the front door around 2 or 3am I don’t remember, the knock was pretty loud for it to wake up your mother and I since our bedroom was the last one from the hallways. I got up, strapped up my gun and began to walk towards the door. As soon as I was about to open the glass window I heard someone behind me, it was your brother, he was 19 at that time, I knew he heard it too, he was standing outside his room just staring, waiting without saying a word to see who would be knocking at this time. Read more “La Llorona”

School Power Outage

By Kenzi

This is a short story, but it was scary enough to keep me out of the bathrooms, or to avoid empty rooms in my school alone. It happened about 2 years ago that the power in our school cut out for about an hour or so.

Me, and my friends were at lunch eating, when my friend, Hailey got up to use the bathroom after a couple of minutes she came back to our table silent, she ate her lunch and tried to stay silent, I asked her what was wrong, she said when she went to the bathroom she heard a stall door shut, but there was no other noises, or the sound of the huge door shut when you enter the bathroom. Read more “School Power Outage”

It Started on the Night Before Christmas


It started on the night before Christmas. My sister and I were putting up clothes while our clothes in her room because we share a closet. While I was putting some of the close up I heard the seat in the restroom slammed shut and ,of course it gave me a shock so when I finished with that pole of clothes I check and the seat was down. I have always believed in ghost and spirits so it kind of freaked me out. I asked my sister from the hallway if she had left it up and, she said no. I dismissed this as just her forgetting.

Then I asked her if she could come to my room so she did. My light flicked off once and, then we heard a crash come from the kitchen. We went to check nothing had seemed to happen so I made a joke about it just being the ghost of Christmas Bi**h. Read more “It Started on the Night Before Christmas”

Condo Ghost

By Isabella K.

It was June 4 when this all started, my mom, my dad, one of my moms friends, and I had just moved into a new house. This house was a condo.

The way this condo was set up was our rooms were on the bottom floor and there were rooms above us. The first night there we heard loud sounds, it sounded like chairs being drug across the floor. At first we didn’t think much of it because my parents are really big skeptics and so am I. Read more “Condo Ghost”

Cabin Number 9

By PH30

Many years back in 2004 i got invited into a Roe deer hunting team over here. Times have changed, some people have stopped to hunt , and gone over to new area`s.

New folks have gotten in there. Me ,  i relocated a few years back and have much else to try get through before i can think much of any kinds of hobbies. Read more “Cabin Number 9”