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The Soldier in Class A’s

By Angered Patriot

Now I’ve only told my wife of this, but only because she has had her own encounters with spirits. I still think about it now and then. Chocking it up to being fatigue from all the stuff we did before and during the transit home, or maybe it was just a nightmare. A very vivid and realistic nightmare. I just don’t know though. I am still not sure if what I went through was real, but I do question it quite a bit.

So, it was in the middle of April 2010 and my unit was back in the states from Afghanistan, and we were demobilizing at Camp Shelby. Everything had been going well at Camp Shelby at this point. The days were relaxed and I was actually getting full nights sleep, and by full, I mean about four to five hours compared to the zero to two hours that I was getting downrange.

Sleepover with a Ghost

By kodabear

In high school, my friends and i partied pretty hard especially our senior year when this happened. We had just come back from a party, there were 5 of us JW, A, M, J and I. We are all girls and all pretty drunk and half of us high. M and JW are lightweights so they were still pretty giggly and floppy, A and I can handle a lot so we were down to a buzz and JW and J were high, JW being cross faded.

We went back to JW’s house, she was an only child in a two story house and her parents were out for the weekend. She also had two dogs, a lab, Charlie, and a really small mutt, Penny. We all crashed on the couches with their giant t.v. on way too loud and got snacks and tea to try and relax and get the alcohol to calm down. M ended up puking for an hour and sobered up pretty quickly after that so it was only JW who was still cross faded.

Followed by a Shadow

By Daisy Flame

The first time i saw a shadow person was when i was around 7, he is known as the Hat Man or the Man in the Hat but that’s a story for another time. I just want to tell you that i have seen these things before.

It started last week, this Shadow following me. I work in Document Control for a large company and have my own private cubicle with two computers and more importantly a white board. My white board is usually filed with numbers and notes but that day, i organized it all and erased all but a list to the left side.


By Meme Machine

A couple years ago, me and my friend were in my upstairs above my garage for a sleepover. As we both agreed to go to sleep, we heard the distant sound of music from the house up the street. I told him “Don’t worry about it, it will probably go away soon.

He said “Well I hope it goes away soon because I’m super tired. I responded “I am too. Just try to ignore it.” I lay back on my pillow and try to go back to sleep. 2 minutes later, I hear the sounds coming closer. I sit up and look at John and ask him, “Do you hear that? It sounds like it’s coming closer. He responds “Yea it does, doesn’t it?” I lay back down, thinking about how the noises could be coming closer than they seemed to be coming from before.

Weird Spirit at a Sleepover

By Luke

I was so happy that the day had come for me to hang out with my friends for a whole day!

When i got the to the football stadium which were the live in was gonna be, I felt different in a way that i was uncomfortable so i looked around the room, that i chose and i felt that i was being watched by someone, but i didn’t care i just made the bad and had on outside to talk to my friends. When it got night we went to a computer room and played some games until all of us got tired but when we got there we started seeing strange things in a small room that was next to the computer room. I thought that they tried to scare other dudes but i was wrong! I checked the room to see what was in there. I saw a statue turning around by its self. At that moment i looked away from the window and went to speak with my friends pretending nothing happened.

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