My Dead Dog Visited Me

By CrimsonRaven

It has been two years and I still cry at remembering this experience, and am crying as I type this. It was 2014, I was twenty-one, and my thirteen year old dog that we got as a puppy when I was eight, had just died of a large cancerous tumor.

I spent her last two days with her and barely left her side, even slept on the couch by her bed, because I knew the end was near for her. Read more “My Dead Dog Visited Me”

Paranormal Activity

By ShadowSonyaBlade

I grew up on my family’s ranch in the desert. I was just a kid so no one really took me seriously of course. And while living there I experienced many strange things on that ranch, but there is one that still haunts me to this day. I was asleep when I was awoken by footsteps in my room.

I opened my eyes to see a large shadow man hovering over my bed. Terrified I attempted to scream but nothing came out. The man reached out and pinned me down. Unable to scream or move I started to cry, again no noise came out just a tear that ran down my cheek. I lied there terrified not knowing what would happen next. Hours go by and I’m still pinned down unable to scream. Read more “Paranormal Activity”

I Used to be a Manager at Burger King

By Megan-Nagisa

I used to be a manager at my local Burger King. (Also I am sorry for any typos, English is not my first language.)

So a little background before I get into my story, I am 23 around 5’4 and I am a transgender male. So getting into the story, I was working late, moving the cash, taking out trash, etc… so I was organizing the papers that we had on the front desk when I herd the “ping” of the drive thorough window (that it does when someone drives up) so I looked out the window and I saw.. no one. I went out and inspected it and there was nothing that could have caused it. Read more “I Used to be a Manager at Burger King”

Haunted Burger King

By Shudder

So, this isn’t exactly MY story but my boyfriend’s.

He works at a Burger King a block or two from our house and has told me of multiple accounts in which weird things have happened. For background info, he works early morning shifts before the sun has a chance to come up, which only makes this creepier. Read more “Haunted Burger King”

Never Going Back to Burger King

By Tamor

I live in Calgary Canada in a little apartment. Like most people, I enjoy going out and chilling with my friends. Usually we talk, see a movie, go out to eat, just have fun, but this night was far from what I expected.

My friend had a hankering for Burger King at the moment so we decided to head on over. This experience occurred recently, and of course all of this creepy clown business was going on, so we had our guards up. To be safe, went to the closest one we could find. We made it there pretty quick without a hassle, ordered our food and sat down. The table we chose was close to the window towards the back edge. Read more “Never Going Back to Burger King”