Spirit in the Darkness

By SuperWitch

My story starts when I lost my grandpa at a very early age. He was a very kind man and though he had been sick for sometime with cancer he never turned his four year old grand daughter away to let me sit on the side of his hospital bed while he told jokes and tickle me. After his passing I would spend many nights with my grandmother who stayed in the house that grandpa and she shared.

My grandma kept a shotgun loaded because the house was right next to train tracks and very often people who had hopped the train would jump off by her house (even in the middle of the night) and either ask for something to eat or try to break in. Read more “Spirit in the Darkness”

Face It

By KagamiTaiga

When I was younger, around nine or so, my mother decided to move our family (namely, my sister and I), into her boyfriend’s house. The house was a bit out of date and a little homely to look at, but otherwise, perfectly normal. No stories, no tragic past or sightings. The possibility of ghosts there had never once crossed our minds. That would all rapidly change, though.

In my room, my bed was pressed against the wall, with my dresser squeezed in tight at the foot, effectively boxing in my bed on the left side. I always slept on the right side. Read more “Face It”

Demon Inside Me

By Taeoongi

This is what my mom experienced but it happened to me. One night my mom went into my room to find my phone. Note that it was dark inside my room so my mom had to use her light from her phone.

As she was searching for my phone on my bed she said that I sat up from my sleep. She called my name once but I didn’t say anything. As she looked at me she said my eyes were blood red,scary demonic eyes which freaked her out. Read more “Demon Inside Me”

The Devil’s Stare

By Zmeister

Years ago, my mother and I used to go to the southern part of Texas known as the Valley. My moms side of the family lived there and also in Corpus Christi. It was a great getaway since our whole house was always full, 4 sisters and my mother, and only 2 rooms, that was a fiasco.

One weekend my mom said for us to pack a few articles of clothing because we were going to go to Harlingen where my grandmother lived, and we would stay with my aunt in another town about 20 minutes away from my grandmas house. I always had a good time because my cousin that lived with my aunt was my age, and we got along very well so it was going to be fun. Read more “The Devil’s Stare”

My Experience with an Angel

By AceMystic

This is my first time submitting a story so this may not be as good as others but I will try to be. A little background before I start, I am a 14 year old girl with 2 brothers, one older, one younger.

My parents divorced when I was little and both remarried later on in life but on May ninth of this year (2016) my dad passed away. Like I mentioned earlier, my parents divorced and I never really saw my dad growing up unless if it was an important holiday or my birthday, so it wasn’t until about 2010 when I really started to visit my dad every Saturday. Read more “My Experience with an Angel”