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Poltergeist in Albion

By Bear-Pig Nation

This story has both two sightings in it, Both I’m severely scared of. I am now 14, and I live in a small township in Pennsylvania called Springfield. Now my family owns 4 acres of land and most not fenced in, a pain in the ass to push mow- but we have a lot of property and about 10 acres of woods behind our fence.

I won’t be saying our names for private reasons, but I will say that we are all Irish folks, we live in an ubern area and just yesterday someone just died in front of my house. Now getting to the actual story, my sister goes to a school far away from mine, and my parents are nurses and military, I’m often home alone.

Demon in the House

By Starwolf13

It was a few years ago. I was sitting in my room and my son was in the room across from mine. Our rooms were upstairs in what was the attack when my gram was alive. We lived with my parents at the time.

My parents had left for the day. I was watching TV and Mt son was playing his 360. All was quit considering I always hear things in this house. Out of the corner of my eye I seen something move. I thought it was a shadow of a car going by. I looked anyway and there it was. I saw a shadow of a man but it was larger then a human man. It was facing me.

Angel, Ghost, or Demon?

By The Clay Mask Maker

So a little back story I lost my mum when I was three and my dad was in jail for a DUI until I was four, so I lived with my grandma. After my dad got out of jail he moved into this old house on my grandma’s land and would often babysit me when she went shopping or just needed a break from me for a few hours, my dad was also a Wiccan at this time, and really intimidating.

At the time this happened I was five and had to say with my dad for a few hours. For the most part I just sat and watched TV, but after a while I got bored and went to play in the living room. After that got boring I started to realize that the sun was going down and I was still in my dad’s house. Being five and never having to stay the night at my dad’s I was kind of scared. Then out of nowhere I felt like someone was behind me, but when I looked there was no one there. At this point I looked for my dad and found him a sleep in his chair, so I thought “he yells when I wake him up me better not”.

Poltergeist Encounter

By Big Game Hunter

So a while back my brother was trying to find work. So my brother found a job offer from one of his old friends. His friends name was Jubal and my brothers name was Jake. So Jubal was a contractor and would work on houses so then he could turn around and sell them.

So anyway Jubal and my brother found a job on an old creepy house. It looked okay on the outside, but what was on the inside was horrifying. So they started to work on it and at one point Jubal went to go get more tools for the job. Five minutes later my brother heard someone talking upstairs so then he called for Jubal but no one answered.10 minutes later Jubal returned and Jake told him about what happened.

My Mom Blamed it on my Reading Goosebumps

By Pompeii

I don’t know if this is really scary to other people but it sure as hell scared me. Anyway. I was almost 12 when X-Files (the original series) was at the height of its popularity so naturally, my friends and I were all into supernatural stuff. Maybe that’s what started everything or maybe it was just a timing coincidence. I still don’t know but I don’t suppose it really matters. What matters is what happened at all.

It started in the littlest, stupidest way: it was the morning after a sleepover at my best friend’s house. I was eating breakfast with her family – cereal, juice, and milk. Suddenly, the milk cap went flying off the milk jug that was sitting on the table. It didn’t fly across the room or anything, it just went off with a little pop and landed on the table. We all kinda laughed about how weird it was, and my friend’s mom said something about how it must have been air in the jug equalizing pressure and I agreed but even at the time it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I mean, it’s not like milk is carbonated like soda is.

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