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They are Haunting Me

By UserError404

The story I´m about to tell you is kind of weird, but first a bit about me.I found your channel about one month ago and since then I’ve been wanting to post this, I´m a person that like to look at the stars and question the cosmos, and I do believe that aliens exist because the universe is really big. Now my story is mostly about nightmares I am still in high school so when I have school the next day i normally go to sleep at about 11 pm because i have to wake up at 7.30.

I also live in a suburban area in Portugal which might come as a sort of explanation to story later. As for my story as i go to bed and at that time of the night it is kinda pitch black except from the alarm clock that emits a green light so in the dark i can pick out my desk and wardrobe, when its about 11.30 to 12 pm if I still could not catch some sleep i start to feel anxiety and a type of life being watch type feeling, like those you get when you go alone into a creepy forest.

Near Death Experience

By dangerous exploration

When I was seven or eight years old I was in the Cub Scouts, which is like Boy Scouts training, in case you didn’t know. I was at a meeting at a friend’s house talking about future events in the troop, and all the kids went outside to play and have fun. The property I was at was pretty big,so there were several quads being used by the family. One of the kids was riding a quad, and I asked his mom if I could ride one.
“Go ask your dad.” She told me.

My dad at this time was in the garage, as the adults had gone to the garage for some repairs or something. I was walking through a small forested area to get to the garage. As I was passing under the tree, something hut me in the head. Hard. I remember looking up and seeing a tree house, where the thing must have come from. I looked at the ground to see a large Home Depot bucket, which was turning red.

The Being in the House

By JT Scott

My cousin and I were about 4 years old when this happened. I cant remember where we lived, I didn’t know any better to know our address or what state and city we lived in, but I do know we lived in the middle of nowhere. One night, I woke up in my cousins arms. He was holding me, crying, shaking in fear. I realized we were sitting behind the couch in the living room, my cousin saw that I was finally awake, he held me tighter. I thought to myself “why is the entire living room and house lights off?

Why are we hiding behind the couch, why is my cousin holding me, crying and shaking in fear? Where is mom, dad and the rest of the adults, and what is that green light coming from the kitchen?”. It was like we little kids were left alone, which never happens. I decided to sit up, my cousin pulled me back in his arms, squeezing me tight, as if he didn’t want me to stand up and be seen by whats on the other side of the couch. I finally ask, “whats going on, where is everyone, why-” my cousin cut me off with an intense “SHHHHHH” then he whispered “There’s a monster on the other side of the couch”.

I Never Liked my Basement

By ashleyfay

I was always an imaginative kid- always reading stories about paranormal encounters like Goosebumps and the like, always writing stories and drawing, painting- i had a very vivid imagination.
With that being said, I didn’t just imagine the following events that occurred. I have always thought of myself as a bit of a sensitive, being able to sense presences around me. And my childhood home… wasn’t always the most inviting and warm place. When me and my sisters were kids, we would spend most of our days playing together, either in our rooms or in the living room we had in our basement. The amount of days we’d spend down there, in that cold, dark basement, I’ve lost track. We had a VHS player, back when VHS was the hottest thing, and we had every Disney or Kids movie possible. We just loved eating snacks and making forts that we could watch our movies from together.

But something wasn’t quite…right… about our basement. For starters, it was always freezing cold. To the point where you’d need to layer blankets on you just to get a bit warm, but it still never really worked. Also, things were always going missing down there. You’d place something on the coffee table, reach for something else, turn around and that thing you had just put down was gone… you’d find it months later in the most random place.

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