The Cabin

By Thomas

So 4 years ago my friends invited me to stay at there cabin in Tahoe, I didn’t really know them very well so I asked if I could bring my best friend Mark along, it wasn’t a very long road trip, it was something like 3 hours so not that bad,

the cabin was this old 4 story cabin (Including basement and loft) with another smaller cabin in the backyard which had 2 stories, when you stand in front of the cabin you walk up a long flight of stairs and in front of you will see a door, to the left is another stairs that goes to a sliding door, and to the right is the path to the backyard, once you go through the door, to your left is a door to the basement and in front of you is a stairs that curves to the left and up to the 2nd story, there to your left is a bedroom, to your right is the hot tub/laundry room/water heater, and in front of you is another flight of stairs that goes up and to the left again, when you get up there is a living room and to the left is the kitchen, half way to the kitchen and to the left is the stairs to the loft (where we kids slept) Read more “The Cabin”

Old Haunted House

By Ashley

When I was about 4 my family and I had to move. The family consisted of my dad, mom amd baby sister. So we moved to a creepy old house with a ugly green door and when I walked in with my family the atmosphere was really unsettling.

When my dad went into the kitchen he found a ouija board on the floor. So when he saw it he threw it out. After he did that some scary stuff started to happen to me in the house. One day I was playing in my room and I had this big play horse that had a big spring that when u played on it the spring would bend back and forth. Read more “Old Haunted House”

The Girl with the Faint Voice

By Tall Dude

This event took place in back in the end of January of 2016. I have some beliefs in the whole spirit thing but never really had much evidence to go off of until that night back in January. Let me give you some background about where I live.

I live alone in a single room apartment in a college town in the Pacific Northwest. I live on the second floor of my apartment building. The new semester had just started and half of the people (including my neighbor across from me and above me, the only two people I had a chance to meet since I moved there) had moved out in December. I hadn’t had the chance yet to talk or get to know my new neighbors. Read more “The Girl with the Faint Voice”

My One and Only Papa

By RuneKitty

Alright when I was around five years old my Papa got really sick and had to be on life’s support. He soon passed away and me and my mother and others went to his funeral but only me and mother stayed there all night long.

I didn’t cry at all even when I saw him but I guessed I was in to much shock. My mother let me in the casket and on top of him to let me hug him one last time before going. Once I came out I was feeling light-headed and really relaxed. Read more “My One and Only Papa”

The Ghost Shark

By Herb

This story takes place this previous summer. I want on vacation in Greece I was always one of those kids who would love the water and ocean and the animals in it.

I was always fascinated by sharks and i had a to close experience with them before so I have been somewhat paranoid but nothing like this. I was swimming in the ocean which I was doing everyday so I could keep in shape. One day i was swimming to the 3rd set of floating balls that you see in the ocean which was close to 100 feet out. Read more “The Ghost Shark”