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By Meme Machine

A couple years ago, me and my friend were in my upstairs above my garage for a sleepover. As we both agreed to go to sleep, we heard the distant sound of music from the house up the street. I told him “Don’t worry about it, it will probably go away soon.

He said “Well I hope it goes away soon because I’m super tired. I responded “I am too. Just try to ignore it.” I lay back on my pillow and try to go back to sleep. 2 minutes later, I hear the sounds coming closer. I sit up and look at John and ask him, “Do you hear that? It sounds like it’s coming closer. He responds “Yea it does, doesn’t it?” I lay back down, thinking about how the noises could be coming closer than they seemed to be coming from before.

Weird Spirit at a Sleepover

By Luke

I was so happy that the day had come for me to hang out with my friends for a whole day!

When i got the to the football stadium which were the live in was gonna be, I felt different in a way that i was uncomfortable so i looked around the room, that i chose and i felt that i was being watched by someone, but i didn’t care i just made the bad and had on outside to talk to my friends. When it got night we went to a computer room and played some games until all of us got tired but when we got there we started seeing strange things in a small room that was next to the computer room. I thought that they tried to scare other dudes but i was wrong! I checked the room to see what was in there. I saw a statue turning around by its self. At that moment i looked away from the window and went to speak with my friends pretending nothing happened.

Possessed Doll Singer

By BlameItOnHope

This story took place about six to seven years ago. I am now a twenty year old female from a smallish town in Austria, close to Vienna. I find myself thinking back to this experience whenever I’m around dolls. Especially those mechanic ones which start singing a tune by pressing a button on them.

Anyways, at the time of the story, me and my family lift in an apartment complex consisting of about twenty flats. My best friend at the time also happened to live in the same building, so we hung out all the time. We were practically part of each other’s families. Her name for this story will be Anna, as her real name is rather unique.

Unnerving Sleepover Encounters

By ShadowWolf_VCP

Alright, so just to start off, due to privacy reasons i will not give out the names of any of the people involved in this story.

So I’ve known my friend for many years, and throughout these years, you can imagine how times i would’ve stayed at his house overnight. Be it because my parents were out, he needed help studying, or we just wanted to mess around, the reasons are truly endless. Lets just call him Jack.

Ghost at the Sleepover

By Riley G.

This happened a number of years ago when I was around around the age of 12 or 13 so my memory isn’t the best. My friend was turning 13 and invited the rest of us to his house for a sleep over party. The hosts name was Jesse, along with the rest of us, garret, Travis and I. We all got there around 6:30pm and ordered a pizza and played some video games and ate junk food, typical sleep over activities.

Later that night around 11 when the rest of Jesse’s family was asleep we heard what sounded like someone walking around and dragging something around his living room. We thought nothing of it at first, until the footsteps became more of a stomping sound. A bit freaked out, Jesse and Garret go up the stairs to check it out thinking it could be Jesse’s younger brother just being a pain in the ass. They then came back down and said that no one is there. So the four of us started a movie only to have the stomping return a few minutes after starting the movie.

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