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The Plague House

By FightForTheFright

I’ve always been a staunch believer in the Paranormal, but even I can separate fact from fiction. Ever since my mother and I moved into our new house in a semi-ghetto neighborhood (by which I mean one block is upscale and the next varying degrees of rundown) we’ve gotten every pest from bugs to rodents.

My mother seems to take it all in stride, leaving me to deal with the infestations on my own. Well, all was manageable until the mice started showing up.

Holiday Inn Horror

By Felix McGee

I’d like to preface this story with the fact that this isn’t from my point of view, but from the point of view of a family friend named David. While he’s no longer with us, I knew he loved telling this story, anyways the story will be told from his point of view.

I used to work at a Holiday Inn for about 10-11 years before quitting due to different reasons. It was around Christmas so we were understandably swamped with people. It was around 12:00 AM when I got a call on the phone requesting me to go up to room 177, because of a noise complaint. I used the elevator, walked to 177, and knocked on the door. No one answered, instead I heard the door behind me open, and a resident named Tanner exit into the hallway, him being the person who had called.

Creepy Baby Laughter

By Leatherneck Aviation

Hello, my name is Julius, and I’m 14 years old. I’m freaking out since this just happened, and I’m in house home alone right now, and I still don’t feel right in the house. I mean there are two dogs, but I still just don’t feel safe.

Anyways, to the story. It was around 11:15pm, and my dad and I had just gotten back from watching that new movie sully. we live in a fairly large house, 4 bedroom,2 bathrooms. This will be important later in the story. Anyway. I’m sitting on a chair in the dining room/kitchen.

Birthday Party Poltergeist

By MiaRose

When I was around five or six, my family tended to host multiple birthday parties for different groups of people at different places.

One of which,a female friends only party in the woods near my house,had several extremely weird occurrences.Now,I loved this forest,and constantly hiked and animal-watched with my parents here,and never before this did I fear those woods until my sixth birthday party.

Poltergeist in Albion

By Bear-Pig Nation

This story has both two sightings in it, Both I’m severely scared of. I am now 14, and I live in a small township in Pennsylvania called Springfield. Now my family owns 4 acres of land and most not fenced in, a pain in the ass to push mow- but we have a lot of property and about 10 acres of woods behind our fence.

I won’t be saying our names for private reasons, but I will say that we are all Irish folks, we live in an ubern area and just yesterday someone just died in front of my house. Now getting to the actual story, my sister goes to a school far away from mine, and my parents are nurses and military, I’m often home alone.

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