My Encounters

My name is Sam and I have a small collection of stories of what has happened to me throughout my life. I’m from England in the UK and both my Mother and my Father’s side of the family have had encounters with spirits as well as demons.

I live near Cannock chase, which is famous for the black eyed children. However, I have never encountered such things. I have small, minor experiences in that place which has often kept me up at night.

The first thing I can remember what has happened to me was the heavy sense of being watched while walking through the wooded area of the Chase, mostly when I had walks with my friend who I will call Sera for privacy reasons. Now I’ve had this feeling constantly whenever I go for walks in the Chase, but there was one occasion where we were up in the Moore and Sera had stopped walking and facing the opposite direction to me.

I turned back to her when I noticed she had stopped walking along with me, she was staring off at the hilly wooded area of the Chase from where we had come from. I was confused at first, wondering what the hell she was doing but then I walked over and asked what was up. She pointed out a clearing on one of the hills, trying to focus on what was in it.

I began to look in the direction she was, and I noticed the whole of the clearing had a somewhat fuzzy black blob in the middle of it. When I began to focus more at it, I began to notice that it didn’t quite fit the surroundings that it was in. To me, it seemed a clear almost static movement while the area around it was blurry as it would be with the distance we were from the hill in question.

Now I would of just crossed it off as deer resting together as this was around August time last year and deer are very common in Cannock Chase, but something about this weird mass scared me. It didn’t fit, it was like if you copied a picture of someone onto a slightly low quality photo on photoshop without editing it in. I don’t know what that black blob was and I still don’t to this day, but I know for sure that it wasn’t something I’d like to ever see again.

Later that day when me and Sera got the information centre a few miles away from where we saw the mass, I tried to talk to her about it. She simply said she didn’t want to think about it and changed the topic.

Other than that, I’ve had a few things happen to me personally in various locations. In my old house when I was about 8, I couldn’t sleep one night with a horrible feeling of being watched. Now this memory is slightly fuzzy for me as I’ve tried to block it out of my mind countless times, but I can always just remember being on the top bunk of my bunk bed and there was a shadow figure staring right at me at the ladders to my bed. Nothing really happened that night, other than not being able to produce any forms of words or even move.

Now I know this sounds a lot like sleep paralysis, and I do believe it was that myself but there’s just something about this memory that creeps me out to this day, I was never asleep to begin with and it felt like a being was stopping me from sleeping. Nothing like this has ever happened to me since, as about a year later my Nan died and we moved into her old house which is my parents current house, and I’m currently staying here for the winter break before I head back to my house for University.

The last thing I want to talk about is the small things I’ve heard and seen in the house my parents currently live in. Of course, there’s never been anything bad but they are completely paranormal.

It’s all just little things like hearing random noises at night, my dog blankly staring at random places of my room or the living room when me or my parents can’t hear anything else. Then there was one time when I had a day off from school and I had woken up earlier than usual, I began to hear things. At first it was just knocking, some from my neighbour who was at the time doing works to his house and our houses are joined together, but then I heard someone running across the landing which caused me to freak out. No body was home at this time, and my dog was in my room so it couldn’t of been that. I laughed it off and opened my door, no one was there which sent chills down my spine so I quickly turned on the landing light and went back into my room to go back to sleep shortly after.

My Mother has also had an experience here which creeps me out, she didn’t want to tell me this at first in case it scared me but I managed to get her to talk. She said how that night she randomly awoke facing the wall away from my Father to see the face of a young boy, just the face, grin at her before disappearing. She instantly woke my Father up and told him about it before trying to go back to sleep.

That’s all I want to talk about for now as I feel this is quite lengthy already. I wish I had a few more encounters in Cannock Chase as it’s a well-known paranormal hotspot in the UK and a few YouTube channels have covered it before. I just hope nothing worse happens to me in the future, and I’m grateful my own encounters have been small.

Woman in the Wardrobe

By Cameron

This happened to me when I was, about, 3 years old. I’m now a 43 year old dad of 2 and thinking about this still scares the hell out of me.

When I was young I used to like to bounce on my parents bed, they had an orthopaedic mattress, so one day after visiting the toilet I’d gone into their bedroom and proceeded to play on the bed bouncing for all I was worth, when, suddenly a woman, and I use the term loosely, came out of my parents wardrobe and made a god awful sound like a loud choking. I said it look like a woman but the thing was actually bald and for all the world looked like a shop mannequin.

She had red lipstick on with blue eye shadow and a red dress with yellow flowers on it. I ran screaming from the bedroom to my mum, who was down stairs, after she calmed me down I told her what had happened and that the lady was trying to get me.

My mum took me upstairs so I could show her what I’d seen but I told her that the lady would get her, thankfully it didn’t and she’s ok, and started to scream and panic. The bedroom was as empty as when I first entered it and from that day on my trips to the toilet were a lot shorter and didn’t involve any bouncing on my parents bed.

Even now 40 years later I can still see her in my minds eye and I’ve never seen it since and I don’t want to either.

I did dream about it a while ago although I didn’t see it in my dream I new it was there. I’ve had other spooky experiences but nothing and I mean nothing will ever come close to making me feel as scared as she did that sunny day.

Mine and My Dad’s UFO Encounter

By John G.

This happened to my dad in the summer of 1976 when my dad was seven years old. It was a very hot summers night and due to his Nan staying over and taking his bed, he had to spend the night in his sisters room on the camp bed facing the big bedroom window.

It was in the early hours of the morning when it happened, my dad was fast to sleep when he got woken up by these strange lights outside his window. He sat up from his camp bed and looked towards the window, what he saw that night still scares him to this day.

A huge grate shiny white orb hovered down and covered the entire window, lighting up the whole room with an eerie glow. My dad was terrified and started to scream immediately waking up his sister. She turned to see what was going on and when she saw the orb it suddenly moved backwards and shot off into the sky. My dad has no explanation for what he saw that night and I know that he will never want to see it again.

I had a similar experience that happened to me. I am seventeen years old now and this happened to me a few years ago when I was fourteen. It was another hot summers night in 2014 and I was fast to sleep. It must have been 2 o’clock in the morning when I suddenly woke up.

I don’t know what woke me but I had the strangest feeling. I turned to look out of my bedroom window when suddenly I noticed a really bright star, brighter than any other star I have seen before, I thought It was quite strange because there wasn’t any other stars out that night because of the clouds. Anyway I carried on staring at it then all of a sudden it started to move.

I was mind blown. I watched it as it hovered down and got brighter, it then hovered down behind some trees and landed in a nearby field. I looked away and thought to myself what in the world did I just see. I looked back and I was not able to see the orb but I could just see a glow from behind the trees.

I waited a while for it to do something but it just did nothing. Out of nowhere I started to feel really dizzy and faint and I cant remember anything after that. All I remember is seeing the orb flying off up into the air and disappearing in to thin air.

I have no idea what me and my dad saw, but what I do know is, them orbs are not of this world.

Strange Happenings

By BPP26

So, I had always had an interest in the paranormal and always enjoyed learning more about it. Just the thought of an unknown thing having the capability to pass through our reality without anyone noticing it unless they wish you to notice was always fascinating to me. However, I never thought anything of that nature would happen to me.

About two years ago, when I was about 13 or 14 years old, I had my first job of sorts. I worked with my mother, she was a dental assistant at an old dental office and I was sort of her assistant. I mostly did all of the cleaning of the rooms and instruments, as well as taking out the trash and filing all of the patient files and information. It was an okay job, with an okay pay. However, I never liked the feeling I received every time I entered the old office. It wasn’t necessarily a completely negative feeling, but it was just an odd feeling, as if someone was just watching you from the shadows. The feeling would become worse every time I was alone in the building, which is why I didn’t like working there or being there alone. Unfortunately, sometimes, I had to be.

Small strange things began about a month after I started working there. Things like finding instruments in places I know I hadn’t left them or doors being open when I know for a fact I closed them moments before, and that odd feeling of being watched bothering me. I just tried to brush it off and tell myself I was just tired or stressed. But then things progressed and became stranger.

One afternoon, my mother was over at the next door gas station, getting us something to eat, so I was alone. I was busy taking out the trash and putting a new bag in the can when I felt that odd feeling become a little stronger. I just tried to ignore it and focus on what I was doing, but my heart was beginning to race as I felt like someone was right behind me. Just as I was about to turn around, I felt what seemed like a cold hand stroke my hair. I jumped and turned around immediately expecting to see my mother, but no one was in sight. Confused and heart still racing, I walked throughout the office and called for someone, but no one was in the office but me.

Another afternoon, I was vacuuming by the front entrance while my mother was doing things on her computer in her office. Once I was done vacuuming, I bent down to grab the cord and wrap it around the vacuum to put it away when I felt as if I bumped into something. I nearly fell forward and stood up to look behind me expecting to just see a wall. But, there wasn’t anything there. I was at least a good two feet from the wall and there was no way I bumped it when I bent down. But of course I still tried to dismiss it as nothing and continued with my day. However, for the whole rest of the day, I felt like someone was right behind me, staring daggers into my back.

But, the most terrifying, unexplainable experience happened one morning while I was again vacuuming by the front entrance. I was getting ready to go vacuum down the hall when I looked up and saw a completely black silhouette of a person very cautiously poke it’s head out from one of the rooms. But, upon noticing me, the figure snapped it’s head back into the room and out of view. It all happened so fast and I was so shocked and still trying to process what I had just seen. Had I seen a ghost? A demon? I didn’t know.

I refrained from talking about or telling this to anyone for fear of people thinking I was crazy or a liar. But, I know I saw something.

The following months after that experience, more strange things continued to happen to me, but none could compare to seeing what I saw.

Long after quitting that job due to extracurricular activities at school, I finally decided to bring up my strange happenings to my mother who shared some of her own. Turns out, before the dental office was a dental office, it was a house. My mother didn’t know about the occupants other then they left one day and didn’t return. My mother thought it might have been because they couldn’t afford to live there anymore, but I’m none too sure. Anyway, my mother told me strange things would happen to her while she was there all the time. She would hear doors creak open and slam shut, lights would flicker or be turned on in rooms, things would be misplaced, and she too felt that odd feeling of being watched.

I still to this day don’t know exactly what I encountered working at that dental office, but I know it had to have been paranormal. This world truly is a strange one with strange happenings.

My Grandma’s Visitor

I am 20 years old and live in a more secluded area of Austria, so please excuse some of my language and grammar mistakes, since English is not my first language.

This story took place about 10 years ago, when I was about 10 or 11. My family and I live in a 3 story farmhouse. My grandma, and back in the days my grandpa, lives on the ground floor. The bedrooms are all located on the first floor and there is an extra flat on the top floor which our family (my mom, dad, brother, sister and I) use.

Our house is over 300 years old, so you probably wouldn’t be surprised if I’d tell you about ghost sightings or paranormal activity happening here.  To be honest we never had many of these except the occasional wood creaking or the feeling of being watched from a dark corner, while you’re lying in bed, but we are all quite used to those. My dad and grandpa even found a skeleton, when they were rebuilding the ground floor bathroom.

I forgot about this story for many, many years, but after a long night of talking to my mother and my boyfriend about urban myths in Austria and real life ghost sightings I remembered my very own glitch in the Matrix experience. Well at least I want to think it was a glitch in the Matrix.

As you can guess my story has nothing to do with the ghosts probably living in/haunting our house, but more with a strange sighting which I cannot explain to this day. My grandma is quite a popular person and has a huge extended family, because she alone had about 12 siblings, same goes to my grandpa.

It was nothing strange or unfamiliar to see a car in our driveway which my siblings and I couldn’t recognize. On that particular day, it must have been spring or summer,I came home from my best friends place around midday. I noticed a car in the driveway and I was almost sure that my grandma had visitors.

My siblings and I were raised pretty strict by our parents, meaning we greeted elderly people first, said please and thank you, and which is important to this story,  always had to go and talk to our grandmas friends/ family when they visited.

So I opened the ground floor front door, preparing myself for getting my cheeks pinched and walked into the downstairs living room. On the small table, next to the stove, sat a good friend of my grandma and next to her her husband, let’s call them Mr. and Mrs. Camper. I shook both of their hands, at first the woman’s, who was in a deep conversation with my grandma, and then the man’s.

Mr. Camper didn’t say anything, which struck me as unusual, because normally he was a really friendly older man and talked to me about school and stuff. I excused myself, because it was almost lunch time and went upstairs, without thinking about the incident any further.

A week later, my grandma told my parents about how Mr. Camper had died after being in the ICU for such a long time. I looked at her puzzled, because I didn’t understand. He was here just a week ago. I tried explaining the situation to my mother, but she just told me that I must have imagined it but I knew that he was there.

I can still remember the exact spot where he sat. Even though I tried to bring up the subject once or twice again, my parents would always tell me that I must have imagined it and not to talk about it any further.

Now, nearly 10 years later, I look back on this ‘meeting’ and don’t know what to make of it. I want to believe it was ‘just’ a glitch in the Matrix, but still I can’t find an answer to what I saw.