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My Old House was Haunted

By Georgina

I am a 15 year old girl from East Sussex, England and I’m a huge paranormal fan. I only recently moved here with my mother but before that I lived in a house, in a small street with my mother and brother. I had what you could say was a unique childhood.

I have always been able to see ghosts and have had a lot of spooky encounters. Whether it was being a stupid 12 year old using a ouji board on halloween, or just hearing weird noises when being home alone. But, this experience was by far the creepiest. I am sorry if this story is short but it still confuses me when I think about it.

Shadow on the Wall

By Kittymallow

This happened roughly four to five years ago. I was about seventeen at the time and would often visit my boyfriend for the weekend. He lived with his mother in an apartment complex, which was an hour away by car for me, so when ever I would visit, it would be for two or three days at a time. Why waste the gas, right?

It was the middle of December and we got charged with pet and apartment sitting while his mom went God knows where. It was probably around two-thirtyin the afternoon and we spent most of the day doing a whole lot of nothing; it was too cold to go outside but too hot to do much while indoors.

Open Gym

By Mey

This experience took place not too long ago for me. I’m a 18 year old high school student, but I also work part time for the city I live in at different community centres and different life guard positions around town. At this particular time, I had been working at a local middle school quite literally seconds away from my home. During the hours of 6:30 pm and 9:30pm, the school gym is open to kids who want to come and play any sports.

My job is to sit at the door and make sure that they sign in and provide school ID so we can be assured they are under 18. Well I remember this day particularly well because that morning I had woken up with the worst cold ever and had opted to stay home from school because I felt so bad. Now by the time 6:00pm rolled around I begrudgingly got up to get ready for work, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to make a few bucks.

Atlanta Alien Encounter

By BigBadDawg101

I had an unexplained incident a couple years ago, but the problem with trying to relate it to aliens is that I was living in a hotel in downtown Atlanta.

One night, when I was sleeping, I suddenly found myself wide awake but I couldn’t open my eyes. I could sense another presence in the my room, but I couldn’t move, like I had been paralyzed. I bit the inside of my lip hard enough to draw blood and I was suddenly able to move again.


By Texan witch girl

I know this might sound crazy, believe me I know ! When I was five my mom told me this story about when I was a baby when we lived by the border. She said we live in a small home my mother my dad and My self .

I was just a newborn and as she would cleaned the house she would open up the windows. my crib was right next to it and she would let the breeze come in.
Mom told me that day she had just payed me down for a for a second and then she turned and saw the lechuza , (witch who turns in to a bird ) was watching me ! Mom told me she was frightened and watches as the bird stood over me watching me sleep !

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