Gagged by wood spirits

I’m nineteen years old girl from Finland, and I had this experience about four years ago when I lived in Lapland. Our house was near to this forested hill where i used to go take long walks.

This time it was winter and there was a lot of snow everywhere.

I went to that forest once again, in order to get some fresh air. I wasn’t planning to stay for long because it was so cold outside. After all I ended up wading in the snow in the middle of the woods, but I still wasn’t too far from our house.

Everytime I spend time in nature I totally lose all sense of time, and that’s what happened this time as well. Also, that forest always gives me weird vibes, as if someone is watching me all the time as i go, and I’m kind of scared to deviate from the path or make much noise. I try to be respectful, you know.

I’ve read that there’s an ancient creature that lives on that very hill.

As the hill has been named Ounas hill the creature’s known as Ounas Ukko. I believe that I was feeling his presence there. So, I was searching for one trail that i knew to be near, and wanted to get there so i wouldn’t have to walk in the snow because that stopped me from moving fast.

Still, for some weird reason, I couldn’t spot the trail no matter how i was searching. Until finally, I saw the trail. But it wasn’t the one i was looking for. I realized that I was maybe three miles away from home and there’s no way i could’ve made it that far. I was freezing and very confused and I had to find the right trail and walk all the way back home. I’ve heard that some spirits that live in the woods can trick or mislead people.

They’re not evil, but they may be really impish. Spirits of juniper are usually those who lead people astray, and to prevent their little tricks you’re supposed to turn over your jacket.

That’s an old belief. I strongly believe that those spirits had something to do with my experience.

The picture by John Bauer

Backwoods Ghost Story

My name is Quintin and look I don’t care what people say, this is a real ghost story. When I was young I used to live in the backwoods of Pulaski, Virginia. I lived in a relatively large house and we lived rather close to my grandparents which being a kid, I thought was nice.

Ever since I was a kid there are days that I stay with my mother and some days I stay with my father, on this one night it was a day when I was with my mother and my grandparents came over who I will address as Paw and Granny.

Paw and Granny had come to the house and we decided to go out for Pizza, when we came back to the house after eating we all decided to go downstairs and watch T.V. so me, my mother, Paw, and Granny went downstairs and sat down to watch T.V.

When we went downstairs we were down there for about 25 minutes and there was one point where my Granny had to use the bathroom. She went up to the bathroom and after she was done she came down stairs milk white an told us all what happened.

She said that after she had used the bathroom she had stopped and look in the mirror to fix her hair and at one point she looked away from the mirror for one moment and she told us that when she looked back up, she said that there was a woman ghost in the mirror that looked my Granny dead in the eyes. My Granny said she wasn’t scared but very nervous and as she looked the ghost in the eyes, the ghost got what my Granny called a “warm smile” on her face and when my Granny turned around to look at her, the ghost was gone.

My Granny had come down stairs and she wasn’t shaking but she looked very uneasy and she was white as the daylight and she told us what she saw and my mother didn’t pull any of the stuff you see in the movies saying stuff like it was her imagination. My mother said she saw the truth in her eyes and that she clearly wasn’t lying.

We watch T.V. for about 20 more minutes and then they went on home. After hearing what my Granny said, being young I slept in my moms room that night andy grandmother hasn’t seen the ghost since we moved out of the house when I was 8.

I may not be living in that house anymore but my dad’s house is haunted so I am still in a haunted house to this day.

One thing weird about that house though is that even though being little I had never wtnessed the ghost but whenever I stayed in that house, I had a lot of nightmares night after night it was nightmares. It had finally stopped when we moved out. Read more “Backwoods Ghost Story”

an odd experience

my name is Kassie, I’m 15 years old, and this is my one encounter/experience with the paranormal. I live 8 miles out of my hometown, in the country. It’s almost completely silent and there aren’t too many people.

Everybody knows everybody and its a nice neighborhood. I don’t have a bedroom, so I usually sleep in the living room.

I am severely paranoid so sleeping in a living room does not help. I was listening to music when I heard something against the window. Already on edge, I turn around. Nothing. Thinking it’s something of my imagination, I turn back around and sigh. Then again. I heard the tapping on the window.

Quickly turning back, I saw the outline of an old woman at the window. I know exactly who this was.

We had this creepy neighbor that had died earlier that year due to falling and being outside in the rain all night. She hated me. The apparition was dark black with red eyes, glowing red eyes. Terrified, I hid in the blankets and watched the window. The silhouette walked from window to window, those chilling eyes not peeling away from me.

It was raining and thunder was booming. I watched this thing for what seemed to be hours, until after a clap of thunder it was gone. I couldn’t sleep that night. I still have chills and I’m still terrified of looking at windows. I’ll never forget those and not blinking.

I hope to never see whatever that thing was again.

The White Lady At My Friend’s House

The story happened in Las Pinas, Philippines, at the house of my dear friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time. She’s celebrating her birthday, so a couple of my college friends and I went for a visit. They have to leave early just right after the party since it’s going to be a long drive back home. I, on the other hand, chose to stay so we can catch up on old times. We talked for hours until we got tired and decided to call it a night.

They offered me a room on the second floor beside the balcony. I went inside and from the looks of it, it seems as if no one’s been using it for quite some time. It also made me wonder why her older brother ought to sleep in the smallest room. Anyway, it wasn’t such a big deal, so I didn’t bother to ask. She gave me two pillows and a blanket, then bid me goodnight. I went to bed but didn’t turn the lights off. It has become customary for me to do that whenever I’m sleeping at somebody else’s house as I am not familiar, I don’t want to stumble in the dark and break something in case I’d have to go to the bathroom.

It was already past midnight. I’m exhausted, but I still can’t sleep. I sense as if someone was watching me, but didn’t make a big fuss out of it. I took my Ipad out of the bag, started checking my Facebook account when I glanced at the upper left corner of the screen and saw a reflection of a white silhouette standing behind me. I turned my head around and found nothing but a yellow empty wall. I reckon it’s just my mind playing tricks on me suggesting that it’s time for me to rest, I put my Ipad on the bedside table and doze off.

I woke up in the middle of my sleep feeling cold and started to look for my blanket. I saw it on the floor so I got up and took it while trying to fathom how it could have ended up there. I checked the door and discovered it still locked then went back to bed. I was about to close my eyes when the light in the room suddenly start to flickers before it totally went out. It didn’t get completely dark since there was light coming through the window from the street lamp.

I wanted to go for the switch but suddenly, I’m unable to move my entire body, not even so much as to lift a finger. Next thing I knew, I’m looking at a figure standing at the foot of my bed. It’s a woman in a white dress with a long black hair and a face as dark as night. I didn’t see any lips or nose, but I discern her widely open eyes staring back at me. I started to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. I felt helpless and terrified, especially when she started to float slowly toward me.

She has reached the right side of my bed and slowly begins leaning closer to my chest. She then bends her head to the left until her face became directly in front of mine. I had a good look at her eyes. It’s gray. A very unusual color for an Asian. I gathered all my strength to force myself to move but I couldn’t. She was just staring at me. It took all my strength to move my elbow and was able to move my whole body, I attempted to push her back when I notice that she’s gone.

I took my blanket with me and immediately run downstairs in the living room to instead sleep on the couch. It wasn’t long when I heard a creaking noise and I saw a window shut by itself. I know it wasn’t the wind for that window faces the garage. I stood up and summoned the courage to talk. In a kind and polite manner, I told them that I’m not a threat and just there to stay for the night. I laid back on the couch and had a good sleep afterward.

While we’re having breakfast the following day, I told my friend and her family what happened that night. They’re not surprised because they too are experiencing strange things inside the house. Her brother told me that when he used to sleep in that room, something would pull the blanket away from him even though he’s still awake. One time, he was heading downstairs when he heard a woman’s voice softly whispered in his ears the words ”help me”. Strange. She could have spoken in our language, why does she have to speak in English? Then it hit me. The gray eyes! It’s not a Filipina but a ghost of someone from a different country. Perhaps an American. But who could she be? What kind of help is she looking for? I was really baffled.

I heard that their neighbor would even sometimes see an old man wearing old-fashioned clothes sitting on the couch in the living room though no one lives there that fits the description.

When I came back for another visit, we’re sitting on the floor and playing a card game, when through the open door I saw a huge white butterfly flying inside one of the rooms. We checked it out and found nothing. There’s no way it could have enter through the window because it’s covered with screen.

Her mom asked me to get rid of them. Though I know how to, I was reluctant as the place wasn’t mine to do begin with. They might become aggressive and harm them in return. I’ve done it before and almost cost me my life (I’ll tell you that story some other time). I told them that as long as they’re not hurting anyone, there’s no need to do something drastic.

I still made frequent visit to their place, but I would always talk to the ghost that I meant no harm and was just there to sleep and would even stay for several days without any bizarre incident until they moved back to their old place in the province. I’ve never been to that house ever since.

Mysterious creature at firewatch

Mysterious creature at firewatch. -Ghostzlayer00
English is not my first language so please bear with me!

This happened about a week ago and i just have to put it out for people to hear. A little info to set the scene. I live in the northern part of Sweden, on the countryside away from the bigger cities.
I work as a Harvester and Forwarder operator with two collegues, and if you dont know what that is, its big red machines that harvest timber. And when its summer time and the ground is dry, its a big risk that the machines chains and tracks grinds up towards a rock and sparks a fire, so on this day i was working as a fire watch to make sure nothing like that happens. I have an ATV with fire extinguisher and water tanks on the back to put out fires with.
So, the story begins
It was around early noon and my co-workers was driving around and i was standing just observing from a far, to my right is the logging road with all the timber stacked, and to my far left is the newly exposed tree line.
I was just observing the machines when i got the sudden urge to look to my left, but i couldnt see anything, just the trees swaying in the wind, i scanned the treeline intensly but i dont really know why.
Suddenly i spotted something behind a medium sized rock or boulder. It was a tall dark shadow, at first i just thought it was an old rotten tree or something, so i started my atv and proceeded to approach it.
The closer i got the more nervous i got. When i was about 40-50m from this thing i could start to make out shapes, as said before it was tall and dark, maybe 3 meters in height, it appeared to have arms but it was really hard to see, i didnt want to but i felt an urge to aproach it more, and so i did.
I was really scared at this point and just wanted to turn around and get the h*ll out of there. I stared at it intensly for like 1 minute, but it felt like hours, and then suddenly it just shrunk down behind the rock, which made me jump a little. Now i got sceptical thinking it was someone messing with me, so i turned off my atv and started to walk towards it, when i arrived i took slow and quiet steps and started to peer around the rock. But there was nothing there, and this made me very scared because i didnt hear annyone run away and i didnt see any footprints or any disturbance in the vegetation.
So i turned around and ran back to my atv and booked it away fast. I do not know what i saw that day, but it still freaks me out, i told my co-workes but of course they thought i was playing a prank on them.
I can assure you that this was very real, i will not blame you if you don’t belive me. Ive been back there since and havent seen anything else, but i still get the creeps everytime i look towards that specific treeline.