The Thing Behind The Door

I am only 12 years old, this event happened only a year ago. My family is only made out of my mom and my sister, so you can imagine how often I was left home alone. I was always able to feel presences, in fact my mom often has dreams about what will happen in the future.

I was in Colombia, in my mom’s house. When we first moved there, it felt like a pretty light energy around the house. Nothing dark, or “heavy”.

That was until around the third month, I was home alone, as always. But this time, it wasn’t normal. When I got home that day, I suddenly had a really bad headache. My dog never went into my room, even when we first got to that house, so it was pretty weird when I found him right in front of my bed, laying down.

My first thought, he must be enjoying the wind. But that’s when I realized, I never left my window open. For the next few hours, I slept on my bed with my dog by my side. When I woke up, I woke up to a black tall shadow of what it seemed like a man.

I froze when I realized he was right next to my door.

At first I thought it was all a dream, so I closed my eyes. But when I saw it standing still, right next to the door of the place I slept, in the house my whole family live in, I started panicking. My first reaction was to close my eyes and pray for it to go away. It didn’t happen.

Weeks pass by, and I can’t sleep anymore. The thing is still there, I don’t tell my mom or my sister because I’m afraid they might laugh at me and call me childish. I start having nightmares about this thing. The last nightmare I remember having is the house being dark, I had just woken up and felt dizzy.

My mom apparently wasn’t home yet, My sister and I were sleeping on her bed. But I saw a shadow, this time a girl, it looked like my sister. She was crying behind my sister’s door. I knew it wasn’t my sister because the shadow was completely dark, but there was still moonlight coming in. I felt like the shadow was crying because it was being tormented by another presence.

That’s when I knew, the man behind my door wanted to hurt me, and my family.

Many times I had tried to stand up to it, and tell him he wasn’t welcomed. But it only made him angrier, and angrier. I felt powerless, and weak because I wasn’t able to get him out of my life. Once I was home alone again, he would bang the doors, I would bang the glasses, and just tried to scare me.

I was already used to the fact that this presence might not leave my life ever. Until I got tired of it.

I stood up one day and not knowing what I was doing, I started screaming, telling him to stop and go fuck himself. I was tired of being harassed, and living in fear of what this creature might do to me. I did it for 3 days, and in the fourth day, I could finally sleep soundly. It was a horrifying experience. I don’t know what it was, or how I got rid of it, but even know, a year later, I still have nightmares, and sometimes I see him outside my backyard door. I know it’s him, I can tell.

It seems like no matter what I do, it follows me everywhere I go. Even if I move out of the country.

Doppelgänger Mum

When I was 11, my parents started trusting me to be home alone. I usually just watched YouTube and played games. One time, when alone in the house, I heard faint noises coming from the attic a floor above me. My brother and I had recently swapped rooms, so the entrance to the attic was no longer in my room. There was no particular noise, just a variation of scrapes and taps. But then I heard something that made my blood chill. An eerie whispering sound that echoed around the house. My dog Alfie must have heard it too, because the border terrier started barking furiously from the bottom of the stairs. I refused to go upstairs.

Later that same year, everyone was in the house. I was in my room, drawing when my door, previously shut, opened itself suddenly, then after waiting a few seconds, furiously slammed itself. I ran out of my room petrified, and told my mum what happened. She and my brother simply told me it was a breeze. I told them I agreed, but I knew that wasn’t possible. My door opens into my room, and my window wasn’t open anyway. I hadn’t felt a breeze and if if there were it wouldn’t have slammed my door anyway.

Then, after a few months of occasional freaky door slams, I was downstairs brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed. I was looking out the bathroom door, tiredly brushing my teeth when I saw my mum walk past her piano into the kitchen. Strange, I thought, mum is supposed to be upstairs with Lana. (Lana was my hamster.) I finished with my teeth and walked into the kitchen to see mum. She wasn’t there. It was impossible, I’d had my eyes on the door the whole time since she walked in! I’d clearly have heard if she opened the door to go outside. I ran upstairs to my room. Mum was sitting playing with Lana. “I just saw you downstairs?!” I questioned her. Mum looked confused and told me she was up here with my hamster.

I don’t know what I saw. Maybe it was a hallucination. But whatever it was, I believe a bit stronger in the paranormal now.

Devil in the Pipes

It was a dark windy night in October. I was out trick or treating with my friends. We had a little bit too much to drink. My friend, lets call him Mike, thought it would be a good idea to go into the sewer systems. Being drunk, my other friend, lets say Dan, and I went with the idea, not even thinking about everything that could go wrong. We found a manhole cover and lifted it up.

It was surprisingly easy.

We hopped down and started exploring. We eventually got lost, but we were having too much fun to care. Once we started get more sober and aware of the situation, it was already the next day, or so we thought. We could see a bright morning light shining threw a drain at the end of a sidewalk. Or atleast what we thought was sunlight.

We began to walk towards the light thinking it was a way out we heard a weird screeching sound. My friend, Mike, beginning to be aware of this situation started freaking out. He had terrible claustrophobia.

He keep screaming “we’re going to die down here” over and over again. I was getting frustrated between the screeching and Mike’s screaming.

As Mike continued to freak out, the screeching seemed to be getting closer by the second.

As we waited, the screeching sounded as if it was in our ears. Then at the corner of my eye, I saw a humanoid figure in the corner.

It seemed to have horns like a goat, and was kind of huge, but not in the fat kind of way it was more of a bodybuilder kind of huge. I know it’s a weird comparison but it is the closest thing I can compare it to.

I don’t know if it was really there, or I was hallucinating from the sewer waste and drinks the night before but my friends seem to have seen it too and we all booked it at the same time. We found an exit and made it out safely. We looked back to see if it had chased us, and Nick and I swear we saw glowing red eyes looking at us, and a body to go with them.

The demon in the band room

It was a day like any other. We were playing the instruments. Until. We heard. “We are going on lock down. This is a drill.” Mr. F said on the intercom. The band teacher said to hide.

I went were the baritones are. My friend was there as well. She went on Snapchat. Until cold air hit me. I felt something tap me. “Stop.” I whispered out. She said that she didn’t do anything.

It happened to her. She told me to stop. “I didn’t do anything.” I said. We saw the lights turn on and off. Something flew up. It was in a form of a girl.

The door opened and closed. It was over the lock down was over. The next day I walked in the band room. Mr. T was acting off. I put my baritone in the back. And got the hell out.

I told my friends that were in the higher grade. They said that they made a game about demons and ghost. The said the girl was a ‘lost ghost’. But bad things started to happen after the summon the ghost.

She was a demon named Lucy. I want to tell you guys this story because I want others to know about this band room. Thank you.

Band room ghost

I don’t know if this really is a ghost sighting. It was October 2016 when this happened. I was in six grade and I was in band. I’m still in band. I was walking to my second class for the day. The class started off okay until we heard this.

“Their is a lockdown. This is just a drill.” Mr. F said on the speakers.

The band teacher told the class to hide in the back. I did that a friend and I went to go hide in the low brass area. The band teacher turned off all the lights. Nothing happen at first. Nothing really noticeable.

My friend lizzy was next to me. I felt something touch me. Both of us are really spiritual. Sorry back to the story. “Dude stop.” I said I felt like something

was with us. “Its not me.” Lizzy said. I saw she had her phone out. I rolled my eyes. I felt it again but it was worse. I wanted to yell but I had to keep it in. Lizzy looked at me. She told me not to touch her. I told her i didn’t do anything

As I said that. Something made me look at the computer. As I looked at it I felt fear come over me and I wanted to run. Their was a figure it resembled a girl. She looked to be 5’2 in hight. I thought i got that demon angry because I felt something stab me. After I felt that. Mr. F came on the speaker and said it was over. The lights went on and the girl or demon what ever it was it left. I don’t know what it was i don’t care to know what it is.

I’m glad that it didn’t do anything else.