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Succubus Story

I’m a 21 year-old male and weird things have happened to me before this experience, once while I was reading a book I heard someone whisper my name into my ear. I swear it was like they were inches away from me but I was alone in my room. I’ve also woken up at night to my bed shaking hard as if someone was pushing it from the side, I have an older sister but neither of us take the time to pull pranks. Things happen to me maybe every other month at most if at all so it doesn’t bother me but it does take me by surprise.

I was 15 when this happened to me. During summer vacation, one night I decided to try sleeping naked for once. Friends have talked about it in my school and said it was a great experience so I wanted to try it. After locking my door and stripping down I went to bed as usual. My bed is in the corner of my room so on my left side was open space and to my right was the wall. After I fell asleep I was suddenly wide awake.

Was it an Incubus?

I know it sounds like I m crazy but i think i have always been been followed by a demon, I also experience sleep paralysis episodes which is what some people may chalk up my many experiences too, but a lot of these happenings I have been wide awake for.

The first experience I had with a demon was when I was 16 years old. I had just gave my life to God, I lay alone in bed praying when all the sudden I heard a low growl and light scratch coming from the other side of the wall above my head as if someone stood I’m the bathroom on beside my bedroom taunting me.

Dream Visitor

First let me say that this story is going to be really difficult for me to tell.  However, after spending some time thinking it over I thought that maybe getting it out there will help me deal with what happened and maybe help someone else.  This is completely true and I will do my best to give as much detail as possible.  Because of how terrorized I was I think I blocked a lot of it out even though it was something that happened within this past year.

Even as a kid I always had very vivid dreams.  I often had lucid dreams (those were my favorite) as once I knew I loved the freedom of making choices without consequence.  As I got older, those lucid dreams would leave to some of the best sex dreams ever.  I mention this because it may be important later.  I used to talk in my sleep a bit (based on what my parents have told me) but have never sleepwalked nor had any other sleep issues.  I did have chronic nightmares but that’s a different story entirely.  But I thought having that information may help you understand why, what I am about to describe to you was so different, and so horrifying.

Beautiful Succubus

Let me start of with a short story about my family and the paranormal , most of the females in my moms side of the family have practiced some form of witch craft whether they say it’s good or bad to me it’s all bad .

I believe that if you follow Christ your eyes will be uncovered to the lies demons have for years  plagued on humanity and you will be protected , but before I became a Christian I had all sorts of demonic encounters , anyway this is my first and most recent encounter with demonic spirits .

The Wrong Crowd

Hey, so I know you wanted stories from the UK so here I am, sheltering from the constant drizzle and I’ve never felt so British. Anyway, I cant one hundred percent vouch for anything I say as I am aware I have an interest in the paranormal so am not 100% sure if the things I have experienced are genuinely paranormal or just me desperate to find something paranormal in my every day mundane life.

Weirdly enough, I seem to get premonitions, largely through dreams, as a child i remember dreaming on two separate occasions of exact events which unfolded today. One recurring dream I have had for example, is of walking around a house I know to be my Auntie and Uncles house in the midlands. Only, it’s not as I remember it, rooms I didn’t recognize and a whole extra section to the house I didn’t recognize.

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