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Snap out of it

To protect the identity of the victim of this TRUE story and everyone involved in it, I took the liberty of changing people’s names. This took place on January of 2015 in the U.S. A little bit of back story… I had known my roommate Alex for three years at the time of the event. We met through a mutual friend that figured that I could use a Hispanic roommate when I moved to the States to go to college because I’m too a Spanish speaker. I always thought he was rather odd and possibly homosexual. But that never bugged me, considering that I have serval homosexual family members. Alex never spoke about his sexuality near me. In fact, I had every reason to believe he was homosexual because of the way he talked, dressed, and behaved overall. The thing that always stroked me as weird is the fact that he would constantly make fun of homosexuals.

After some time, my brother Jacob and I got extremely surprised when he introduced us to his new girlfriend Kelly. I remember saying: “wow I guess he is not gay after all” to my brother as a joke. Kelly seemed nice and all, but she didn’t live in town. So, Alex and Kelly were having a long-distance relationship and always spent their free time on Skype talking. After some time, my brother and I realized that Alex was coming home quite late. My brother then assumed that Alex was cheating on Kelly because he noticed that Alex would come back rather exhausted wearing his shirts inside out. It was none of our business, so we kept our theories to ourselves.

Duplicated Sibling

I am a female 16 year old and I have a twin and older sister, my brother wanted to go to the movies and watch 47 meters down I decided I would go with him, his boyfriend was my best friend and he was going so I knew I wouldn’t be alone. I asked my sister ” Hey do you wanna come see 47 meters down with me, Liam, and Aaron?” She said no I thought she would. As we left for the car we herd a “thump” I didn’t really know what it was but I didn’t really care. We saw the movie and in a basic horror movie two twins starring at me, ofcorse me as we left the cinama, as we drove home Aaron was looking on Instagram taking selfies then he found a picture. The  picture was if a girl, but she the same girl was in the picture… That girl was my sister. The “duplicate” was starring at her through the window. I told Liam to go faster. When we got to the house we opened the door and we saw a wine grass on the floor… Sicne we have a big house there were countless stair ways and balconies and we all looked up, we saw my sister Lizzie’s hair.. It rushed back and Aaron, the head of the soccer team, sprinted up the stairs. When I caught up to Aaron I saw it… I was so slow because I was wearing heels that were high. I dropped my phone I had had it to text my parents and my best friend Tegan. 5 minutes later Tegan arrived and she, wearing heels ran up taking 2 minutes. And she dropped her hair ribbon… We saw my sister lying on a longeing sofa… And our sisters duplicate dirty with mud… The duplicate dissapered and my sister woke up… She asked why we were all here so early after we left and why Tegan was there.. Then we explained EVERYTHING.

Abandoned Children’s Asylum

This incident happened about two months ago. Me, and a couple friends of mine decided to make our first visit to our local horror hot spot, Dejarnette Sanitarium. In it’s prime, the place was basically a children’s mental asylum. Some crazy stuff went down there, from lobotomies to suicides. The sanitarium has long been abandoned, and just sits there, inviting horror junkies in.

There were five of us in total, and only one of my friends had been there before. We went around 8:30 pm so it was nice and dark. We parked at the Lowes across the street from it, ran across the road, and sprinted about 100 yards through a field of overgrown, neglected grass and all met up at the back fence. Once we were all assembled, we squeezed through a gap in the fence, and walked up a massive set of stairs and up to the back doors. The doors were boarded up to try to ward people like us off, all except for one frame someone had knocked out. I have a reputation of being semi not afraid of anything, so I played my roll and went in first.

The Whistling Jack

The Whistling Jack

This is a true story. I have never to this to anyone before now, for reasons that will be obvious after you read it. This story takes place over several time periods. I am 53 years old.

I grew up in a small community on the southern end of Walden’s Ridge in eastern Tennessee.

My True Lake District Story

Before I start talking about the event that happened, there might be many sceptics that do not believe me and I do not care, this is a warning and a story. Another disclaimer before I begin is that I am not very good at storytelling but I’ll try my best here. And the other thing is that I am a Muslim in the UK, this means that I believe in another creation by Allah (God), so this is my thought on what happened to me:

My wife and I were going to Lake District with 8 other friends. This was not the first time that I have gone and it is the last time that I will ever go to Lake District- for those of you who do not know what Lake District is, it is a beautiful area in Scotland that is all mountains, caves and lake. My group consisting of my wife and I and my 8 companions have successfully arrived at Lake District with no difficulty.

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