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Something Tried to Possess My Mother

(Steele is pronounced as steel)

The Wisconsin autumn day was coming to a close, the sun starting to set as Grandma Steele drove my mom, Aunt Katie, and myself home from a day at my Uncle Roy’s in Shoto.  This had been one of the more peaceful moments with my family, in fact I remember laughing as my mom and Grandma Steele told stories from when they were young.

The story topic had eventually turned to the paranormal, from the tale of the ghost hitchhiker to the ghostly bride that I had encountered myself a couple years prior.  Everything was fine until after we passed this old cemetery, that was when something that scares me to this day happened.

Rhode Island Vampire

My story starts in October 2016, my ex boyfriend, Ricky wanted to go to Mercy L Browns grave in Exeter, Rhode Island.  Some back story of this is that in the 1800’s there was this scary disease killing people.  So when Mercy died, her family was strangely falling ill.  They blamed her for the phenomenon, dug up her corpse and discovered her body still had blood flowing and nothing had decayed over the course of time of which she has been deceased.  They removed her heart and burned it on the stone near her grave.  Since then, its rumored to be haunted and a hot spot for sightings of mercy to get revenge on those who go to disrespect her.

Now back to my story.  I have been fascinated by the paranormal and history since I was 9.  So now that I am 18, and with a new license, i wanted to go.  Ricky, had been a lot of times and knew exactly where to go.  Mind you, I was kind of a scardy cat when it came to things like this.  I wont sleep alone without a light on and some kind of background noise, with my door shut and locked.  Something ive always done since i was a child.   We’re driving into the cemetery at 2 am, i shut off my headlights and drive in further.  Ricky then says “Stop right here, and get out with me.”  i tell him “I didnt agree to getting out, only to come along.”  we continue to bicker about going out there or not and actually visiting Mercy.  After 45 minutes of going back and forth, i finally agree to get out, i grab my emergency flashlight and turn it on.  I walk hesitantly to the grave.  Looks exactly as it does in those pictures i saw when i was 9.  But the only thing missing was the 19 pennies.  Out of respect and fear of upsetting Mercy, i run back to my car and get 19 pennies out, placing them on her grave as how i remember they were in the pictures.  Leaving them as sign of respect and offering i guess.

A Rainy Experience

I’ve grown up not knowing basic things about this world. And I know most people do not know this−well this is my assumption−that spirits do exist.

I live in a country called Belize, it is beautiful and yeah it has many Mayan Pyramids and I love living here. Anyway, I am a sixteen-year-old male so hearing that I believing in spirits would make me seem a bit insane. You should believe. This account is true, people don’t usually talk about this moment in time but my other half urged me to write this.

They Always See

I am as most people say of me obsessed with the thought of there being things out there that not everyone sees or believes in especially the paranormal. I have had many encounter each seeming more terrifying than the last but the one i’m going to tell you about has been by far the most nerve raking encounter. The thing that makes this the scariest to me is the fact that it’s 2 events spanning across a year and a half but i didn’t know the events were connected until the 2nd. Now before I begin i probably give some background information about myself, I am a 16 year old male i’m roughly 5. 10″ and only weigh 115 lbs. I have lived all over the united states now living in North Carolina. So lets begin with the first event now this wasn’t the first time i’d experienced paranormal activity but it is the first in this string of events. So anyway it was last year I was a freshman in high school and the high school and middle school and a park are all on the same road. So one Saturday afternoon me and my family went to this park my Mom, Dad and sisters went to the park area but i was going on a run down the trail that connects the park and middle school  its roughly 2 miles. So I put in my headphones and started to run everything was perfectly normal then about half a mile in something didn’t feel right. It seemed darker than when I had started I brushed it off and speed up a little the I saw a shadowy figure following me at first it scared me but I again came up to the conclusion that it was just my shadow but then my headphones went static and a laugh came through T ripped them out and booked it out of the wooded part of the trail. At The time I was terrified but didn’t tell anyone because I knew no one would believe me. The second encounter was the second day of my sophomore year which come to think of it was very odd it was  the 2nd encounter 2nd day of school of the 2nd year of high school maybe I  should look into that but perhaps that will be the beginning of a different story. But anyway i was walking into school blasting my music when i walked by the school dumpsters (this is completely normal because the buses drop of in the back so everyone does) and when i walked by I saw the same shadowy figure except this time he seemed less like a shadow and more like a man with pointed teeth and yellowish eyes I almost fell out of fear and people asked what my problem was I looked back where he was and he was gone so I said that i just tripped and kept walking and then my music went silent and was replaced by a chuckle then my music came back on.

Band Hall Haunting

our high school was relatively new and was built in 2008. my older brother went to this same school and i am now attending as a freshman. during the summer my older brother tried to scare me by saying the land they built the school on was haunted. he told me all the paranormal stuff he’d witness there, but i didnt believe him. i assumed he was lying until i experienced it myself.

my older brother was in band and was in percussion. i am in band myself and play the bass clarinet. during band class one day, we were sitting down practicing our concert music when our band director was telling us something about the music. then all of a sudden, the lights started to flicker on and off. the class turned quiet and looked up at the lights, which were now off. the band director sent the boy next to me to go turn on the lights and if they wouldn’t turn on, to go grab some flashlights from his office. he got up an yelled at our band director that the light switch was flicked off and when he turned it on, the lights turned back on.

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