The Haunted House

This story is from the prospective of my aunt.My aunt still lives till this day in the house where many people have experienced their nightmares.When she first moved into the house she had a sensation that something was wrong.The first event she experienced was when she was praying one night and as soon as she finished she felt as if someone or something was choking her.At the same time a pen flew across the room. She was panicked as soon as it was over ,but she couldn’t do anything about that was the only place they had to live.

Another occasion was when my uncle stay the night.He was trying to sleep, when out of nowhere he was being wrapped around with a blanket and could hardly breathe.He stayed for one more and this time he said he was sleeping when he heard someone trying to look for something in the dark. He told whatever it was to just turn on the light, when heard nothing but silence he thought it was strang so he turned the light on, and there was nothing at all.

The most terrifying experience was when somehow the house was connected to a witch. The witch gifted her some boots, which she had cursed meant for them to break her legs.The same witch came one night and it was the darkest night. My aunt saw her outside through the window, big mistake. She saw how the witch stomped her feet and she could her stomping on the roof as if there were elephants running on the roof. Then there cane the scratches on the walls. All the she could see was the dust that the invisible hands created with the scratches. As all of this happened she ran to a room and locked the door. In that room there was a big mirror in which hand prints appeared randomly across it. All she could hear was scratches inside and outside the house , and painful screams the witch made outside the house.

After the occurring she found ou that the witch could shapeshift into animals, and that she was responsible for feeling pain when wearing those boots. She threw them away and confronted the witch. The witch told that she could not have everything in this life. Years passed, and my sister visited my aunt. That night she was taking a shower ,she looked up to get her towel when she saw the appearance of the same witch for a couple seconds and the vanished in thin air. My sister ran out of the shower screaming and then my aunt everything. She told her to be careful and then left.

Many neighbors warned my aunt of the evil with in the house, but she couldn’t do anything but deal with it. They’ve told her to find the source , which could be skull buried in the ground somewhere around the house. She’s tried finding it , but there has nothing comes from it. She’s gotten used to the evil within the house by now, but it keeps creeping the soul out their visitors every time.

The Haunted Bridge in Ohio

My name is Aaron and i’m a 24 year old male at the time of submitting this story. I live in Michigan and I have many friends all over the U.S. due to meeting many people due to major tournaments from a popular trading card game called yugioh. I met a group of my friends from Ohio and i quite frequently go down to Ohio to visit my friends. My main friend Sam that lives down there is the main reason why I go and he’s into ghost hunting and a lot of his family members such as his mother has developed their sixth sense to a degree where they can tell if something supernatural is around. My first trip down to Ohio was in 2016 to hang out for two weeks and it was in August, I took some PTO to visit these guys for the first time since we spent over a year talking in servers such as curse and discord playing games like league of legends. So it was time to go down and visit. My friend Sam said let’s go to the bridge of mimi and see if we can get any activity down there. The story goes, during the prohibition days and when gangs were very notorious in it’s time, that “Mi Mi” ended up having a child and she wasn’t married, and she was born into a “gangster family”. The family was upset she had the child so they took her to the bridge and the baby and threw the baby into the water and sadly the baby died. A year later Mi Mi went to the bridge and took her life because she couldn’t bare no having her child any longer. At peak hours for ghostly activities between Midnight and 3am is when the bridge is most active. So Sam was able to get a few friends and myself to go and ghost hunt this bridge. My first trip down there, we went around 1 am because it was kind of a last minute thing you know? So we get there and we park our vehicles off the bridge as to not block traffic and so that if cops came, we wouldn’t be in the way. Sam started to channel his 6th sense asking questions such as: “Mimi are you here tonight? If so please give us a sign.” This bridge isn’t very large it’s maybe 50 feet to cross the bridge and we’re surrounded by a thick wooded area. If you wanted to jump off the bridge into the river you so could, but i wouldn’t recommend it due to the water level being very low and you might break a leg if you land on the rocks and hurt yourself. We all waited after Sam had asked if she was around and there was no reply. But the bugs and all of the wildlife that was around us became eerily quite out of nowhere and a lot of us started to get spooked out. Sam proceeded to ask again: “Mimi if you’re here tonight please show us a sign of some sort.” That’s when we heard what sounded like small pebbles underneath the bridge being tossed into the water and then against the wall underneath of the bridge. We all froze and looked around at each other asking if any of us were messing with each other, everyone said that no they weren’t and we all hand checked each other and nobody had pebbles and all we had were our smartphones with our lights on so we could see around us. So we looked down at the water and where the mouth of the bridge was and we could all see underneath the bridge where broken concrete slabs were and we all decided that we should scale down about 10 feet and look under the bridge. We all climbed down and were under the bridge and it was just more broken concrete slabs and the water under the bridge was nearly non existent. So we all began to question how were we hearing the pebble sounds in the water but it came directly underneath us? Puzzled we looked at Sam and asked him if he could feel her around us still and he nodded saying she’s here, but she’s afraid to show herself. So Sam asked Mimi for another sign, we listened quietly looking around waiting to hear more pebbles but there was nothing to be heard. But that’s when we heard one of our friends gasp and say they see a white outline of a young lady wearing a white dress with brown hair out on the water, we all looked from the mouth of the tunnel out into the part of the river that turned more into a pond and there I myself saw what i assume is MiMi. On a bank of the shore just standing there, i gasped myself and then all in a moment she vanished. We all climbed out from underneath the bridge and we all proceeded to go back up on the bridge. It was quite the experience for my first time actually ghost hunting and over the last two years whenever i go back down to Ohio, we go there to ghost hunt to see if we get more paranormal activity. Surely enough we do.

I went back down in October of 2017 for a Halloween party to catch up with old friends and have a good time. I made the suggestion to Sam we should go to see screaming MiMi and of course Sam agreed because he loves Halloween and he loves ghost hunting. We got a group of about 6 or 7 people to go. We went there at about 2am and we parked our car off the bridge so we weren’t in the way just in case if other vehicles came through we weren’t in the way. Much like in 2016 when I had went there Sam started asking if Mimi was there and if she could show us a sign. Much like the last time when i went there, the woods around us began to become creepily quite and then we started to hear like someone throwing pebbles under the bridge much like the year before. But Sam wasn’t satisfied with just that, he asked Mimi to do something more powerful so we knew we could feel her presence. A few moments went by and then we all began to hear what sounded like faint cries from an infant. We all stood there shocked and we all began to ask one another if we all heard the same thing. We all had horrified looks on our faces and then the sounds of the pebbles splashing in the water began more noticeable so we decided to look down at the water and we saw a white outline of a woman in a white dress with brown hair only for a brief moment. But the most shocking part is yet to come, in the middle of the night we had a bright moon that was full and lit the area very well and from a tree branch we all saw a large bird come out and start flapping it’s wings. But it was large, like a crane almost is all i can think of to describe it. But what was weird is that despite us all flashing our lights on this bird, it was just black. Like a shadow almost. I watched the bird fly away from us into the night directly at the moon. There was no branches to break my sight of view but after a few moments that shadow bird just disappeared, it didn’t change it’s course it didn’t land somewhere it was just gone from thin air.

This is a story from my friend Sam and what he told me happens at the MiMi bridge if you get there between midnight and 1am. Sam and at the time his girlfriend went on Mimi’s bridge and parked there car on it, and just shut everything off. Sam said he had asked if Mimi was there and if anyone would like to speak to him or communicate with them. Sam said that he heard what sounded like a hand slapping his car window in one spot, then it moved to another spot on the opposite side of the car. Then it began to go all around the car like it was a riot of people outside of his car slapping his window making his car shake. It scarred him and his girlfriend so they ended up holding each other until it finally stopped.

Children of the Sabbath

I guess I should start from the beginning.
There’s not many things I remember from my childhood due to trauma but one of the few things I remember is that night I saw him with my very eyes. I was young but I grew up in a religious household so there was no mistaking it. The thing I saw that night was the Devil himself, in the flesh.
I was 4, almost 5 when I first started having nightmares about him. He would talk to me and tell me how much I meant to him but being so young and imaginative my toddler brain didn’t think anything of it until a few months ago after my 21st birthday. I mostly thought I thought him up and he was my imaginary friend because I had 3 of them already.
The night he showed himself to me I had just turned 5 a few months prior to this. It was a night like any other if I’m honest, I was in mom and dads bed watching a wrestling match. It was about 12am. My dad asked me to go get him another popsickle so I agreed and got up to get one, as soon as I opened their bedroom door looking down the hall to the kitchen I felt an all too familiar dark, unnatural pressure. The atmosphere was heavy and tense but I didn’t think anything of it because I was a kid and pretty much every child was scared of the dark, so I sicked it up and walked down the hall as quietly as I could and opened up the freezer. The second I closed the door and the light from the freezer that was Illuminating the room cut off, I felt a drop in the temperature and my body froze. When I looked over to the right of the room towards the front door and I saw him. It was a black, tall, shapeless figure with burning red eyes. I couldn’t make out any details due to him being a literal black hole, devoid of any dimension or color. But what I could see was the cloven hooves he had for feet and the tall, thick, almost crown like goats horns on the top of what looked to be a humans head.
I stood there frozen and holding my breath for what felt like an eternity, just hoping he would go away. After a minute passes by he raised his arm and pointed towards me. His mouth stayed shut but I could hear him mumbling something to me, like he was feeding thoughts and ideas into my head. My heart started to pound and I came to my senses, taking off and running to my parents room like any terrified child would do. I took a running start and jumped into their bed covered in cold sweat trying to explain to them what happened but all that came out was “goat man” “red eyes” in broken stutters. I broke down into tears and my mom and dad grabbed their bibles and walked every corner of our yard anointing the four corners with oil and sealing every window and entrance with salt.
Everything was fine for the first few years but my mom freused to speak about it. She even gets funny now when you mention that night around her. Eventually small things started to happen around the house. I would feel the same spiritual pressure from that night if I went off by myself or was left home alone, things would touch me in sleep and I would jerk awake to see odd shadows moving in the corners followed by the same repetitive, gruesome dreams.
Over the years I’ve had 3 mediums see me due to mom worrying about me. The last 3 years have been hard on me mentally and she could feel the spirits attachment to me grow stronger the deeper I slipped into depression. After the last medium saw me and blessed the house she gave my mom a warning and finally admitted that the medium, – let’s call her Rachel for the sake of the story.- Rachel, was called because mom came into my room one night to check on me and saw the same figure watching me, refusing to look away even after she made her presence known to it. Rachel did all she could but the blessings don’t work, if anything it just pisses it off even more. The nightmares got worse and worse, Sometimes I would call my boyfriend at the time and just cry after I woke up. Even my close friend at the time who happened to be a medium said that whatever was hanging around me wanted to me, not to hurt me, but like I belong to it or something. It was keeping me close like a pet or possession and she straight up refused to ever come back to my house after the week she spent there.

Even after everything, I never once got a feeling like this thing wanted to hurt me. It felt more like it was angry I was rejecting it. I bought a few books and started to study everything I could think of from urban legends to native American stories, everything I could think of until I got to the satanic religion. I wasn’t a very religious person to begin with due to being brought up in a strict religious household up until the age of 7 when my parents finalized their divorce, so I wasn’t too sure I’d find my answer on one of those books considering I thought anything religious was a pile of bullshit, but I did.
I was drawn to one of the books I bought called “At Satan’s Altar”. I got bored of reading through all the prayers and hymns only to come up with no answer so I flipped to a random spot in the book and when I started to read my blood ran cold. In the last few chapters I found a page with the title “Satanic Anointing”. It stated that there’s a few different ways that Satan will “choose” you if that’s what you wanna call it.. Some people are chosen at birth or later in childhood like I was, it’s special to be chosen by him apparently and “sets you apart from the rest”. I read over one part that made me freeze, nearly causing me to choke on my drink as i read it. It went on to explain that if you are chosen in your early childhood years that he will make his presence known multiple times through signs, dreams, and visions before he shows himself to you, then he’ll take a physical form. His most famous form is the black figure with horns and hoolved feet, the typical “devil figure”, especially if the kid is from a religious background. The “Horned one of the Sabbath” they described fit all of my experiences perfectly.. I couldn’t believe it honestly, I thought this was some kinda joke. So I kept reading hoping I’d find something to get me out of this, anything. But the more I kept reading the more I found out about myself, which kinda brought a sense of peace? Apparently the marked ones like me are either marked physically or spiritually with above average intelligence, intuition, or other physical abilities.
There’s no way out of this, no matter how hard I try or where I go, I keep coming right back to him. But that doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, I’ve actually come to accept my role in his game. Me and the others like me have a role to play and we don’t have a choice. I constantly feel him with me, watching me, never leaving my side. It’s a dark, heavy feeling that I’ll never be able to shake, but you get used to it. After a while it’s calming. If I’m honest I almost forgot what it was like to have a normal life without feeling this dark energy surrounding me, but this is what I signed up for so I shouldn’t complain.
Anyway I guess I should get to the point. There’s a war coming, and if this is the only way I can get my story out then so be it.
The war is close and his army is getting bigger, he’s marking children and people like me every day. Do yourself a favor and get ready. It’s coming.

Woman In White

In late 2006, I was in Boy Scouts and we took a trip to South Carolina. One of the tours we did was a ghost tour. During this tour, we encountered a cemetery which had a ghost known as the Woman in White. Our tour guide explained what these spirits do on earth is that they look for their long lost love after death. I took some pictures during her story telling. Once we got back to Indiana, I got the pictures developed one of them looked like it was a small blue dot well I grabbed a magnifying glass and sure enough…a woman in white walking.

Why I’ll never touch a ouija board again…

For a little backstory I have only used a oujia board twice in my life. The first time being an absolute fluke and making me a non believer , but the second time being the reason for this story and making me a believer. So a group of friends and I decided to bust out the oujia board again for shits and giggles. There’s four of us sitting around in the basement, mind you this isn’t a creepy basement. It is a finished basement with out any windows, so it was extremely dark. However the creepy part of the basement was where the laundry room was. Thankfully there was a door to separate the two spaces so obviously we had the door shut. After shutting the lights off and placing the board in the middle of the room we began our session. At first nothing happen, we sat in silence staring at the board waiting in anticipation. Finally the planchet started to move. At first all I can think about is who’s doing this because it certainly isn’t me. I took my hands off and looked at my friends calling someone on their bull shit. My three friends looked at me in absolute shock questioning me, the group and themselves of what was going on. We placed our hands back on the planchet and ask one of the most basic questions “If someone is here right now do something”. We countinued to wait while the board spat gibberish back at us. Realizing it later on it was probably a forgein language being spoken at the time. But, after sitting for about 20 minutes and growing more anxious and nervous something finally happens. I mentioned earlier the door to the creepy dungeon/laundry room was completely shut and no way it could open on its own. Well you guessed it the door flew open smashing against the wall. All four of us jumped and bolted to the stairs tripping over each other to get to the top. Leaving the board open to whatever we had summoned. Now all outside feeling somewhat safe that we are out of the house we decided to leave the house immediately. We did not want to go back in that house for awhile. Fast forward a few hours later after we are all calmed down a bit, laughing and rationing away the situation. All of us walk into the basement to find the laundry room door still wide open and something much worse. The entire room had been destroyed. The tv was pushed down onto the floor, the computer screen had a huge crack in the middle, the mattress was across the room and upside down, I’m sure you get the picture. The four of us stood even more shocked and horrified than before. Again we ran tripping and fighting each other to get the hell out of that house. I went home that night terrified to even close my eyes in fear of what we had unleashed into our lives. You might think someone had come into the house, but there’s no way that could have happen. We had locked the door before leaving and my friends parents hadn’t come home yet. The only room that was destroyed was the basement. Which you would think if the house was broken into the entire house would have been destroyed. But, no it was just the room where we made the bad decision of opening the oujia board.

The Cat shadow

This Is a true story and similar events throughout the years have happened, I’ve always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere so keep that in mind. 

I was six years old at the time, I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room. My father not wanting to wake me up while moving me to my room, let me sleep there for the night.

In the middle of the night a small whisper of a cold breeze woke me up. I had overcome the fear of darkness with the help of the glow of the clock coming out of the kitchen overhead very vaguely. I stared blankly up at the small ray of neon light above my eye over the top of the couch.

It flickered every few seconds. A few minutes of restless attempts to go back to sleep, I let my left hand off the couch to where I just barely grazed the carpet. I began playing with the carpet strings, pulling and playing with them and trying to doze off.  A sudden object hit my hand, I pulled my hand back, for a second. Believing to have let my mind play tricks on me I went back to playing with the carpet.

As I reached my hand down a cat like object was under my hand.  Comfortably thinking I was seeing thing I began petting the cat like figure. Looking over the side of the couch I saw the figure.

A long and black shadow my heart jumped and I pulled my hand away to roll over to protect myself from the figure. Before I could fully pull my hand and arm into safety of the couch and blankets I felt a sharp bare of teeth come down on my wrist and a set of razor sharp claws dig into my arm and drag down. I began to scream and cry for my dad just one door away from the living room. I swung my arm and the biting and pain stopped. I heard a thud against a wall. After I gripped my arm I stood up on the couch and screamed for my dad once again, as I heard him come running. He flipped on the lights and picked me up. 

After turning on all the lights in our living room and kitchen he sat me on the counter. Y wrist had two small bite marks that were beginning to Irritate and swell with two “cat- like” scratches leading from my elbow to my wrist. Red and bloody towards my elbow. My father said It was probably a cat of the neighbors that had gotten In, trying to settle me down swept over the room and told me It looked like a cat had gotten in through the garage door.

I’m 18 years old now, my left arm has a faded scar and ive moved  three different and since then, I have woken up with a cat like shadow hanging around my bedroom, or staring at me from the top of my dresser. However, since the last sleepless cat figure haunting I have gotten a cat that sleeps at the foot of my bed. Though from time to time when my cat is out and about at night, I will wake up in the middle of the night and feel a presence staring at me from the foot of my bed. 

something scared the cats

So first of all, excuse my bad english, I’m from germany and not always sure about my english writing skills, but I will try my best…

This little incident happened about two or three years ago and I totally forgot about it until today. I’m sixteen years old and I’m a complete crazy cat lady. I own three cats by the names of lilly, luna and lara.

One afternoon I came home from school.

I was basically home alone, except for my aunt and cousin, who were living downstairs. It was a normal day, I came home, ate lunch, fed the cats, things I do every day. After all of that was done, I decided to go up in the attic, were my room is and watch some TV. My attic is really small and only fits my bed and a TV, together with my quite large DVD collection. I sat down on my bed, turned the TV on and started drawing some random stuff.

One of my cats joined me and it didn’t take long for the other ones to do the same.

Now I was just hanging out with all three of my cats in my small attic, when suddenly the cats started acting weird, they seemed scared and nervous and got up from my bed. Under my bed, there is a little space, about four inches. All three cats gathered in front of my bed and looked underneath it, hissing aggressively. I was scared as fuck and quickly got down from the attic, my cats following me, with terrified looks on their little furry faces.

Everybody told me that my cats were probably overreacting to nothing, being the weird creatures they are. Being a believer in the paranormal and totally scared at that time, I feared for something like that happening again. Nothing ever happened after this and I myself am starting to think my cats were just being foolish and crazy, but who knows, it might have been a spirit passing by, or sonething else…

My Cat Saved Me

This happened around a time when I was fourteen years old.

So anyway, I had just gone through the lecture of a lifetime. My parents scolded me for having an outburst, where I suddenly yelled at my stepdad. It was around 1 in the afternoon on a Sunday. I’m explaining this because the fact that I didn’t have my phone will come into play later. They sent me to my room where I was forced to stay in bed and “reflect on myself”. So I lay there crying my eyes out after they had taken everything out of my room, and after a while I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I had no idea what time it was (they had taken my alarm clock as well).

I could tell that it was night time though, because everything was incredibly dark. I felt cold and clammy. I listened for any signs of my parents being awake. But I heard nothing.

I was still half asleep when I heard what I could make out to be a light tapping on my glass window.

At first, I thought it was my cat, as he sometimes does this at night. I got down from my loft bed, preparing to open the window to let him in. In my hazy state of mind, I wasn’t really thinking about other possibilities.

I reached for the cord to draw the blinds. My vision was fading, as I had gotten up too quickly. Just as my vision was beginning to return to normal, there was another series of taps. Five of them. “Okay Koda, I’m coming,” I said to my black cat, who was no more than a year old at the time.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t him. Instead, there was a dark silhouette of a person. I couldn’t make out any distinct features. Everything was just black. My window is quite close to the ground, and I could tell that it was crouching. “What the fuck?!” I said aloud.

Whatever the hell this thing was, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I knew I could run to my parents, because they were probably already asleep, and I couldn’t call the cops because I didn’t have my phone. I began to feel light headed, and could feel myself growing colder. I started having cold sweats as I stared into the darkness at this figure. There were no streetlights in front of my house, because I live at the dead end of my neighborhood.

It reached up to knock on the window once again. A horrific thought plagued my mind. The only thing separating me from this thing was about an inch of glass. That was it. If it were to throw something, it’d be able to get in. I had absolutely no idea what to do.

I quickly pulled my blinds back down and crawled back into my bed, hoping it would just go away. The tapping continued in series of fives, and would start up about every thirty seconds. I pulled my blanket over my head, and, like a child, I surrounded myself with my stuffed animals. Yeah, I know, kinda strange. The tapping ceased. I finally felt myself beginning to relax. After laying there for what felt like an eternity, I was able to close my eyes and attempted to go back to sleep. It was at that moment when my worst fear came true.

A deafening cracking sound radiating around my bedroom. I let out a silent scream. Looking over at my window I could see little pieces of glass lying on the window sill.

I didn’t dare get out of bed. The blinds were still closed, but I could seeing them swaying back and forth. Then. The true moment of fear. I saw a long, black hand reach through them. But they didn’t part like they normally did. Instead, it seemed as if it had just melted through. Whatever this was, it sure as hell wasn’t human.

It looked withered and its fingers were unnaturally long. I saw another hand making its way into my room. Then came the worst part. It’s head. It was twisted in a way that I can’t even begin to describe.

I have to say that the most uncanny thing about it was its eyes. They looked human, but somehow didn’t. The large white spheres appeared to bulge out of the creature’s head. It crawled in on all fours, dragging its legs behind it. Everything was mangled. It made its way across my floor. At this point, I was just prepared to get the fuck out, not caring if I stepped on glass. I didn’t break eye contact with this thing.

I heard the blinds shuffle. “What the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?!!!” I screamed in my head. Out of nowhere, Koda came bolting in, bowed up with claws extended. He hissed as he attempted to pounce on the creature, but it was as if he had leaped at nothing but the air. It let out the most horrifying sound I have ever heard in my entire life. It sounded like a person screaming, combined with a dogs howl. That’s the only way I can describe it. And the worst part was, it’s mouth was simply a gaping black hole in its face. It opened unnaturally wide.

It just sat there, unmoving. Unblinking. Koda jumped once more, It let out the same scream, then dragged itself over to my window, pulling itself back out with its arms. Koda lunged at the blinds, driving that thing away. I could hear it’s cry as it made its way farther away from my house.

I sat there in shock.

My cat let out a final hiss and silently walked over to my bed. He stared up at me with his bright green eyes. My face stung with the beginnings of tears. He let out his reassuring meow, and padded back over to the window, where he curled up on the floor and fell asleep.

“Thank you Koda,” I whispered in a raspy voice.

If my cat hadn’t showed up right when he did, who knows where I’d be right now. I still have him, and he is the best cat I’ve had. A lot of people don’t like cats, because they think they don’t do anything but lay around and eat. But they are so much more than that. Koda was willing to put himself in harms way to protect me. And for that, I am forever grateful.


This is a story that isn’t really that creepy. It’s the closest thing to paranormal to happen to me. It may also be important to mention that my whole family, including me, are firm believers in The Christian faith.

My family lived in a more country setting in Central New York, and  we owned upwards of 20 acres of land.

At the time our neighbors were getting a divorce. So the ex-wife on the day of them moving out (also the day my family was celebrating my sister and I’s birthday) came to my family’s house ,and asked us if we would take her cat, and if we didn’t it would just become a stray. My dad not wanting a cat, but not wanting to disappoint his begging children on their birthday accepted the cat, and as the door closed and our neighbor left.

My dad promptly walked to the back door and threw the cat outside, and placed the food bowl by the door. His name was Chico, and he was a black cat with long, fair fur. Then there were his eyes. His most prominent feature. They were golden with black freckles in them.

My dad said he was to be an outside cat strictly. Eventually, and slowly the cat would wait outside the door, and jump in when we opened the door the slightest. Since my mother was home, and not my dad, my mom tolerated it as long as he didn’t piss or crap inside. He never did. Whenever he had to go out he would either brush your leg or meow by the door. So eventually my dad allowed him to come in whenever he wanted, and he became MY cat. I didn’t pick him. He chose me. I would wake up in the morning in my bunk bed (which is only accessible through a ladder) to Chico gently kneading my back with his two front paws. Somehow this is was/is the best massage I’ve ever had to this day. Given to me by my cat. Anyways my mom and I would point fingers at each of my family members as to who put the cat in the bed that was 6 feet off the ground, but nobody confessed. This started happening every day. My room was in the bottom floor. The cat was never introduced to this floor, and we had a gate that attempted to block him from going downstairs. Yet this cat managed to go into an area he had never been and climb a ladder to find an area he couldn’t previously see. Looking back on it this baffles me as to why he would do this unless me belief is true.

Chico and I bonded very quickly, and throughout the three years that I had him he demonstrated many  other feats of wisdom and patience that no regular cat would be able to demonstrate. My mom would say to him “Go get your boy” and he knew exactly where to go to find me. He knew what it meant, and how to get to me.

This cat would also allow me to carry him over my shoulders like a shepherd would to a sheep.

The front legs to one side of the head, and the body around the neck with the back legs dangling around the other side. He didn’t care he just tolerated. He also knew who deserved what. My brother wasn’t nice to him, and kicked him on occasion. Eventually he went to my brother’s room crawled under his queen sized bed, and sprayed pee in the most inconvenient place. Every time my brother kicked him was another time he would have to clean pee out from under his bed. Eventually my brother was nice to the cat, and wouldn’t kick him anymore.

The cat had trained a human. Last but not least this was a trick I learned very quickly. On a night when Chico was out late.

I don’t know what made me do this. Maybe i was worried and didn’t know what else to do, but I went out on our back porch and yelled at the top of my eight year old lungs to 20+ acres of forest “CHICO! Here kitty kitty kitty!”. And almost every time anywhere between 30 seconds, and seven minutes I would see a pair of golden eyes come trotting along up the steps to our back porch, and to my side was Chico. He was my cat, and I was his boy.

Eventually Chico’s eating slowed, and we found out that he had leukemia. I didn’t know what that meant I just knew he was going to die soon, and that I should be really sad. He got thinner and thinner until one day he just vanished. No sign of him ever.

This is where I have my experience. I was about eleven now, and it was about three to four months after he passed, and I was home alone doing homework for fifteen minutes while waiting for my sister in law to come and watch me.

Suddenly I felt the urge to look to my right, and I saw a small light. Somehow with dimensions. In the shape of my old cat with the brightest part of the light being its eyes (It wasn’t glowing, but it was light I don’t know how to explain it). He walked out of my parents bedroom doorway. Looked up at me, and trotted away, tightly hugging the wall as he normally did. Maybe to tell me he was okay, or maybe to check up on me.

I didn’t pursue because I was too afraid. Not afraid that he would hurt me, but I didn’t know what to do. What if he approached me? That was too much for an 11 year old boy to comprehend.

I just immediately called my sister in law, and she didn’t fully believe me over the phone,but when she saw my face she knew i wasn’t making it up.

Maybe he was a cat. More than likely I believe he was an angel sent by God to protect me in some of my childhood years. As I write this now I know a couple people are watching over me.

I can feel it. Protecting me from evils I couldn’t even comprehend. He’s up there. I know it.

Demon Dog and Shadow Cat

It happened when I was in third grade, about eight or nine years old. I don’t care what you think, if I’m insane, crazy, or just weird for making this up. But this isn’t made up, I tell you. Believe me if you want, but I’m just here to share my story.

I have no recollection of the day before these events. And the animals I’m mentioning in this story is Coach and Rocco, both still living today. Coach, a big golden retriever, is very loving, and will sleep in your bed. He is known for loving only me and my uncle (who is irrelevant in this story).

Rocco, my cat who loves the scent of chemicals and will throw up in his own food dish, didn’t really care about me at the time, but that night both animals were in my room.

I don’t remember falling asleep, or the day at all, but I do remember waking up. I was on my side staring at a thing… It was Coach.. he was asleep, I just had the feeling he was asleep.

But it also wasn’t Coach. I know my dog, and he… he doesn’t look like a demon creature. It’s eyes were red, dull, and like a fly’s. His mouth was slit open, looking like a gruesome smile. It was horrifying. I closed my eyes in fear, not wanting to move, and when I opened them some time later… it was gone.

I don’t know how, but I managed to fall asleep after that. But… it doesn’t end.

I awoke again, this time sitting up, somehow. I was staring at my feet when the shadow of a cat walked out of the shadows and into the moonlight that was streaming in from my window. I couldn’t feel it though… and it seemed to hover. I closed my eyes, opened them again and it was gone. I laid back down, and by this time I was debating whether to turn on my lava lamp on my nightstand or run down the stairs screaming like a banshee. I chose the lava lamp.

The story ends there, but I still fear there is something that may in my dog. He’s so… loving… and just… very cute.. but I still can’t shake away the feeling that he isn’t….a dog..

Hello Darkness!~ Thank you for reading this, and I watch all your videos! I think I’ve watched them all, not sure, but I’m sure to do that one day! I’m not asking for this to be featured, but I’d love to get it out somehow. Have a good day!!~