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Hoof lady

So I live in Canada and this is a story about the hoof lady. So when I was little growing up I was told a truly horrifying story about their were these 3 guys that would kidnap hitchhikers and rape them then kill them.but there was this one lady that said “if you continue doing what you are  doing you will cross paths with something truly horrifying” they just shrugged it off and done what they had to do.about an hour later they found another lady walking alone.

the driver said “ready for round two boys”they all agreed this would be there last for the then they stopped the guy sitting in shotgun who we will call Clay asked the hitchhiker “need a ride”the lady looked at him and gave him a sinister look and said “why that sweet of you” the driver said to the guy sitting in the back “Jay let her in jay politely said” yes master”jay showing his sense of humour

The Vanishing Hitchhiker

We were at Hawaii and driving to head to a local spot that my dad and his family used to visit when they were young. We had found it and had our fun, then headed back to the car once the sun started to set.

Nothing unusual happened until we began heading back to house.

Terrifying Hunt

Let me just start off by saying that I am not a substance abuser, no drugs or excessive drinking for me. On the night this happened, I did not have any alcohol at all.

I can’t say if this really happened, or if I just hallucinated or dreamed it all. But here goes.

Home Alone

My name is Alex and I live in England. When i was 14 my mum would not be home from work until 6 or maybe a little later, this was because she would have to stay later than the others to sort out the money and take it to the bank and tidy up the stock room then check the building. After she was done doing that she would lock up and come home. Anyway whilst she was at work, I would clean up the house and after completing the house work go upstairs to watch tv or play video games.

I remember the exact day this happened, it was the 7th of October and I was home alone, doing the cleaning and I heard a single heavy knock at the door.

Home Alone? Not Really…

By Someone_226

Hi! Im a 14 years old girl, I live in Tallinn the capital city of Estonia. I live in a 4- roomed apartment with my parents, sister, brother and dog.

My mom and her parents moved in here when she was about 5 years old. Now, my mom told me that when she was about 8 years old she was eating breakfast in kitchen. She was home alone. You know it was that time when there were no TV’s, computers and not even phones. She was just listening the radio. At the moment she heard the door handle moving, she turned around and it was going down and up by itself. If there was someone she would’ve seen it because the door had a large window that you could see through. She didn’t see or hear anything since that, at least that’s what she said.

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