The Little Boy

I was 13 at the time, it was a rainy cold day in 8th grade. It was lunch time, and being the strange and unsocial kid I was, I decided to go to my English class and eat my lunch there. The teacher never did care so I would spend most of my time there anyways.

As I was eating my teacher she said she had to go pick up a few papers from the printer which was in another room and that she would be right back. I nodded and continued chowing down on my sandwich while scrolling through Instagram.

As I ate, I heard a giggle coming from somewhere. It sounded like a little boy. I shrugged it off and continued scrolling. That’s when the lights started to flicker. I began to think it was just some guy trying to play a prank on me. So I ignored it. That is when the TV in the corner of the room, turned on. “Really?” I muttered and rolled my eyes. The TV was just all static and then turned off. “I guess they must have a remote to do that” I said.

Once the TV turned on again I got up to go unplug it, so that way this prankster would stop. That’s when I stopped in my tracks and froze… The TV was not plugged in. I looked at it as it turned off and I heard the giggle once more. I was petrified.

Not knowing what to do I stood there in fear. That’s when my teacher came in. “What are you doing?” she asked. “oh.. uh.. I was just throwing away my trash” I said. I quickly gathered my things and got the heck out of there.

6th period came along which was P.E. We always had to dress out in the most creepiest locker room. It was an underground one and the way to it was even creepier. The only lights they had were from the windows. But since it was raining it was ever creepier and darker than before. While we were doing our daily game in the gym the Coach asked me if I could go down there and unlock everyone’s locker because class was almost over. She trusted me which is why she always gave me the job to do so.

As I was walking down I heard crying, again it was the sound of a little boy. “hello?” I said. But no response. Just the faint crying of someone. I walked all the way down and in a corner of the wall there was a boy. His head was burred into his knees and he was just crying. “Are you okay?” I said. No answer. That’s when he lifted up his head… his mouth was bleeding, eyes were full of tears and he had a huge gash on his head.

As I saw this, a flash of lightning illuminated the room and he was gone. I wanted to scream. That’s when I felt the hand of someone on my shoulder. And at last I did scream.

“Woah woah woah. What’s wrong? It’s just me.” it was my friend Elizabeth. “I saw a boy. He was bleeding. He’s gone” I said petrified. “A boy?” she asked. I nodded and she looked confused. That’s when her eyes went wide. “You saw him?!” she asked. “You saw the boy? Oh my God, you saw the boy. I can’t believe it. You saw him. He’s dead. He died when the school was first opened. He was climbing one of the ropes for P.E when he fell to his death.”

I never did see that boy again but what a horrible place to have your spirit at.

The Girl in the Apartment

Alright. So this is a story about from when I was around 14 or 15, I’d say 9th grade or so.

I was moving into a new city at the time, in this old apartment; this was before I moved to California which is where I live now.

As we were walking in the lobby of this new building something didn’t feel right. I tried to ignore the feeling and continued on to the elevator once my parents got finished reserving our room.

My mother pressed the elevator button and the elevator arrived to where we were, I stepped in and so did the rest of my family.

The elevator went up, but as it was going up I could’ve SWORN I saw a black figure just fall from the top of this building (The elevator is see through) when I turned my head to look completely, I saw nothing. I decided to ignore the feeling and once the elevator arrived on the top level, I stepped out with my family.

It was an 8th floor building, which means the top floor was just the 8th floor. It wasn’t a skyscraper, but it wasn’t too short of a building either. I had never really been this high up before, so as I looked out the window the view kind of frightened me.

We entered our apartment room and laid down our stuff to get settled in, this was one HUGE apartment space. It looked like a big family had once owned this apartment space, I only had 2 other siblings so it didn’t really make sense to me as to why we were given such a big ass apartment space.

There were 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, and 5 bathrooms. I thought to myself “This is one big ass building for only 8 floors up”.

At around 11 PM at night, I was getting ready to go to sleep…after all the rest of my family was sound asleep and I was the only one still up on my phone.

As I was about to shut off my phone, I started hearing soft crying coming from what sounded like a little right by the kitchen, I thought it might’ve been some little girl walking down the hallways outside of the apartment rooms and I shrugged it off. But here’s where things get scary. The crying suddenly stopped, and I began feeling a little bit relieved. I decided to go out to the kitchen to get a drink of water and an apple, I walked out of my room and as soon as I opened the fridge, I noticed…..a KNIFE covered in blood on the top rack of the fridge…I was shocked and confused.

I shut the fridge and ran out to the balcony to slow down my breathing, after all we got a beautiful street view and the air was hot and humid, usually the kind of surroundings that tend to calm me down.

I sat out there for a few minutes, and managed to fall asleep. I had a weird dream that some girl….with curly brown hair was standing in front of me, screaming at me “Get out! Get out of here! Get out Get out!” then she ran off and I heard loud breathing beside me in the dream. I woke up, and from the corner of my eye I saw a girl….maybe around 11 or 12, with the SAME brown curly hair and pajamas from the dream standing against the railing of the balcony, breathing hard and loud….!

I turned around and she was gone. I thought I was going crazy at this point. I slowly got up and walked back inside.

The MINUTE I walked back inside, I heard a scream, I turned around and that girl was plummeting down the building to HER DEATH. I thought “WHAT THE FUCK?” I just checked to see if she was there and she WASN’T.

Then I saw her fall down. I called 911 and explained to them what happened, an ambulance had shown up and they searched around, but couldn’t find this alleged girl anywhere on the pavement. After them searching ALL NIGHT, they decided to call it quits and go back because they couldn’t find this girl I was talking about. I went to the front desk the next morning, and explained to them what had happened. One lady in particular told me, several years ago an 11 year old girl had jumped to her death from that same balcony due to cyberbullying and other family troubles.

The man at the window

Im a 17 year old guy now. I grew up in a religious household and went to church every Sunday, so I always believed in demons and such. This took place when i was just a 7 year old boy. I was at my moms house, getting ready for bed on a rainy night. I remember I had multiple cases of sleep paralysis in that house and it scared the he’ll outta me every time.

I never told my parents about it though, some reason I thought the wouldn’t  believe me if I did. I watched some Adult Swim tv shows and quickly fell asleep at around 9:00.  At around 1:00 in the morning, I awoke to the deafening sound of thunder in my ears and to a room filled with darkness . It scared me so much I tried to sit up but I couldn’t. You can probably already guess what happened. I was in another state of sleep paralysis.

As I realized this I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. One I never felt before when I experienced these moments of terror in my life. I felt as if I was being watched by something, something very evil. There was a window to my left I could clearly see out of. When I looked over there, that’s when I saw it. There was a bright flash of lightning and I saw what scared the living shit outta me. A black cloaked figure standing at the window starting straight at me.

Pure terror was all i felt at that moment. I wanted to scream, but I felt as if I could barely breathe. I wanted to run but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do a damn thing but stare at the thing making me feel this way. Closing my eyes, I hoped it was a dream, told the thing at my window would go away in my head. Tears were streaming down my face. After minutes of hoping and praying, I dared to look again. Staring at the dark window, I couldn’t tell if who or what had been at my window had left. Then came another flash of lightning and a clap of thunder, and I saw nothing. Absolutely nothing outside that window.

When i saw nothing there I felt my bout of sleep paralysis end. I immediately jumped from the confines of my covers and ran, crying to my mom. I climbed into her bed and she asked me what’s wrong. I told her what I saw and she assured me it was just a bad dream. She comforted me until I fell asleep soon after.

Talking about my experience with people isn’t something I like to do, but I felt it might help sharing my story with others. Sleep paralysis isn’t something  that affect me anymore. But whatever Isaw that night wasn’t human,it was something far worse. Hopefully I never have to experience anything like that ever again and I hope you all don’t as well.

The portal behind the mirror

This all started back in late May 2012, my sister and her fiance were staying in my parent’s house because she had recently been in a severe accident and couldn’t afford medical bills as well as rent.

We didn’t have much money either but we did (and still do) live in a large 4 bedroom house so having them stay with us wasn’t an issue.

I was a lonely 13 year old girl, I had been home schooled all my life so even though it was the start of the summer holidays I didn’t have any plans or friends to hang out with.

I spent most of my time in my bedroom with the curtains drawn, playing my music and reading paranormal encounters online. I’m not afraid to admit I was depressed, and desparate for something to fill my time with.

I ended up stumbling upon a satanic website, I can’t recall the name, but it had links to several “spells” and one in particular called “Ode to the Mother”

It was basically a prayer to the moon goddess selene who would send her vampires to tap on your window and take u away.

Of course that sounded ridiculous to Me so I read it out without thinking anything of it.

Nothing abnormal happened that night, or the night that followed, however, later that week I was sitting reading allegedly true demon encounters on my bed. I remember this night very vividly because it is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

My parents were downstairs along with the rest of my family, watching sherlock homes. So it wasn’t them pranking in much as I wish it were.

I was playing P!nk songs softly in the background when I noticed a low scraping noise, I thought it was something wrong with the recording so I paused the song.  However the scraping continued…

Scrape……Scrape. ..Scrape. .

By this time I’d realised that the sound was in fact coming from the large, mirror doored closet that took up the entire far wall of my room.

“Whiskey?” I called, thinking my cat must have crawled inside and gotten stuck. My cat is very vocal however so when I didn’t hear any response to me calling I stood up and slowly opened the closet slide door.

The noise halted immediately. I checked behind the hanging clothes and everywhere that my cat could have possibly hidden but found nothing.

That was when I realised that when I’d moved the clothes to the side they made the same scraping noise I’d heard before because their hangers hung on a metal bar.

That realisation made me shut the door and hop back onto my bed. Did I imagine it? I told myself i must have so i simply turned up the music volume and continued reading.

Scrape….scrape. …scrape…

I shit you not, I felt every hair on my body stand up. What he hell was in my closet?

So I revved up the volume in an attempt to drown it out, but the louder I made the music, the louder it got to combat the noise.

I exited the paranormal page I’d been on, paused the music and just listened. Sure enough the scraping stopped for a minute.

I thought “phew, at least that’s over.” But I thought too soon, because within minutes I could hear a slight “clink clink” like metal bumping against metal, then dragging sounds like long clothes trailing on carpet.

This noise moved out of my closed cubboard door passed the end of my bed and over to my younger sisters bed. Where it seemed to either stand or sit becaude the noise stopped.

All I could do was sit there like a deer in headlights, staring at the empty spot on the bed across from me. I saw nothing, but could audibly hear laboured breathing.

You know that feeling you get when you can tell someone is staring at you, it was like that only worse, because I couldn’t see what was doing it.

I remember trying to call out to someone, anyone,  hoping that my mum had come upstairs and would enter my room. But no sound came from my lips, just a pitiful croak. And terrified tears that streamed down my face.


I eyed the door to the hallway, then back to the “empty” bed, I felt the tension in the air break, and I darted for the handle and made it out, I bounded down the stais like my life depended on it.

I sat behind the sofa as everyone else continued to watch the TV, they didn’t notice I was shaking or the tears on my face, but knowing I wasn’t alone was comforting to me at the time.

A couple hours passed with me just sitting there before my mum told me it was getting late and that I looked like I needed some sleep, but I wasn’t going up there alone. So I asked my sister, to come up with me.

She sat on her bed and I explained what had happened. I couldn’t tell if she believed me, but I was visibly shaken so she offered to leave her nightlight on.

I slept well surprisingly, no scraping  noises, nothing.

A couple days passed and I was spending less and less time alone in my room, I didn’t want whatever was there to come back.

Then one morning I opened my eyes just as the sun was rising, I looked around my room, noticing the first few rays of light streaking in from behind the sea blue blinds.

An immense weight was pressing down on my chest so I looked down. There was a strange face not more than 6 inches from mine.

It was paler than my bedsheets with human-like features, narrow lips and nose, but the eyes were icy blue,  and the pupils were barely visible, just tiny grey slits.

I could see what looked like stitches all along the outside of its face and the beginnings of black hair, but no body….like it had stuck it’s face through a portal to watch me sleep. But I still felt it’s body weight..

All I remember is staring at it, and then feeling incredibly drowsy and falling back asleep.

Ive spoken with several people about this, and they told me it sounded like sleep paralysis, however I could move my head so I really doubt it.

Things happened quite frequently after that, light switches turning on, the music box on the fireplace even wound itself up one day while I was in the living room.

I actually started to think that maybe it was a friendly spirit. Because it hadn’t done anyone any harm,  it just seemed to enjoy following me.

Boy, was I wrong.

Things took a turn for the worse one night when I’d woken up from a vivid nightmare in which this pale bald creature with deep black pits for eyes rose out of a lake of black water and slowly waled toward me, I was petrified.

I remember asking my sister if she was willing to put her bed next to mine, and she did. However she kept complaining that her bed kept getting tugged away from mine during the night.

Things got worse and worse,  my sister would complain that she’d feel hands around her neck when she tried to sleep, or feel eyes watching her at night.

I thought it must have been my fault so I moved into the spare bedroom.

The night I moved I heard my sister calling my name from the room she was still staying in, so I went to see what was wrong and found her crying.

She told me that she’d just turned off her light to go to bed when she heard someone tapping on the window from the outside.

So I checked behind the curtains and saw nothing except the pitch darkness outside, bear in mind the room is on the second floor, so the window is easily 15 feet off the ground.

I didn’t know what to do so I offered to let her stay in my new room with me.

I started having vivid dreams almost every night. In all of them I would see this tall dark figure with a long black trench coat and long black hair. It would tell me detailed stories about things it’d seen. And I started to look forward to these encounters.

I would always call it Alli, which was short for allister, it was a name I’d never heard before, which only made things stranger.

I ended up talking to my parents about things that were happening, which I soon regretted because it made Allister angry.

I started having dreams in which I would get touched forcefully and even sometimes during the day I would feel things moving around under my clothes.

I ended up moving rooms again, and everything was back to normal for about 2 weeks, but then it came back.

I woke up to pressure on my lower body, and looked up to see the silhouette of a bony, bald man on top of me, they had a hand placed on either side of my shoulders, and I could see him moving back and forth but I couldn’t move. I could only lay there and watch as that thing did whatever it was doing to me until I fell asleep.

The next morning I went immediately to tell my mum, I couldn’t hold it in, so I broke down in front of her, which is very unlike me. And thankfully she told it seriously.

She had a group of spirit healers pray over me every day for a week. And thankfully things got much better.

A lot of strange things happened that I didnt include as they would make this story very long, however perhaps in the future I will.

Until then be safe, and don’t laugh off everything you read. Sometimes there’s more to it than meets the eye.

A Dark Watcher Story


The story that I’m about to relate covers something that happened about 20 years ago or so, and the events that took place that evening have haunted me ever since. I don’t quite know how to begin my story, except to say that what transpired this night has evidently been occurring long before any of us walked this earth. The “being” that I will refer to in this account, as I have only recently became aware of, has been seen an unknown amount of times by an unknown amount of people all across the world, and is referred to by many different names. The Dark Watcher and the Cowboy are but two titles that describe one of these beings, and I am of the mind that contemporary culture has a marked influence on the different monikers that are used to refer to it, as in the way that the elves and demons of the dark and middle ages “evolved” into the extra-terrestrials of today. Enough of the anthropological views, and on to the events that transpired…

It was a cool autumn night in the year 2002, and myself and a friend of mine took to the Appalachian foothills that surround our town in his Jeep Cherokee SUV. This was a favorite pastime of ours, as the range of available activities in our area was, well, limited. So, off we went from our homes past a local coal mine, and onto a logging road that traversed the mountain from the main road at the bottom up to a set of radio broadcast towers at the top.

As I said, it was a cool night, and as we continued to climb the trail higher and higher, the drop in temperature became more and more significant. As we rode along, we talked about how we needed to try and take one last fishing trip to Norris Lake before it became too cold for the season, and which restaurants we thought might be open by the time we made our way back down from the towers. We had made it about two thirds of the way to the towers when the urge to relieve myself became too strong to ignore. Noting this, and blissfully unaware of what we would eventually lay our eyes on upon making this stop, my friend, who I will refer to as “Jeff”, slowed the vehicle down and turned onto a little wide spot in the logging road so that he and I could both take care of our business.

The expression “ignorance is bliss” has never held as much weight as it did on this night at this location. It is rather sobering as I look back on the events of that night to think about what I didn’t know, and compared to presently owning this knowledge, how safe I felt in that absence of knowledge. I digress, however. Looking out of the front windshield, trying to help my friend park his vehicle in a suitable spot, my eyes scanned across something that only just partly became illuminated by the headlights as he swung the Jeep around on the gravel.

I passed this shape up initially, as you get used to seeing things that you find out later was only a trick of the eyes as that scary old witch turns into a dead maple tree in the light of your lantern. However, as something about the shape didn’t fit into my mental catalogue and, consequently, raised my awareness of it actually being there, I brought my eyes back to rest on the shape. By this time, Jeff had stopped his vehicle perpendicular to the main trail, and his headlights shone in the direction of this shape that had, in effect, leapt from the surrounding darkness and made itself known.

It was when I realized that Jeff had stopped his truck completely that I also realized that he held his head and eyes as still as a statue, and both were aimed precisely where mine was. As a side note, as modern, mostly urban-dwelling humans, we aren’t accustomed to wilderness as we once were. Moonlight and the darkness of a midnight forest have given way to fluorescence and brick and mortar complacency. Any deviation from this new norm usually results in the unnerving sensation that we’re not as high the food chain as we thought we were. That being said, we’ll return to the events of that night…

Looking at the shape in front of us, my mind slowly began to wrap itself around what it was processing. Firstly, it must be said that there are darker shades of darkness than night itself. This being was most definitely a darker shade of dark than the nighttime shadows surrounding it, which is what I noticed right off the bat. The second thing about this entity that was readily apparent was its immense size. The beams of Jeff’s headlights looked to reach a height of around 8-9 feet before they stopped lighting up the night. The shape that now stood before us both cleared that height by 6 to 7 more feet with ease. It was around this time of becoming aware of this thing’s size that I can distinctly remember my body beginning to shake at a steady pace.

The next thing I noticed seemed to make reality bend almost to the point of breaking. The vertical limit of the headlights, as I stated before, were easily being outmatched by this thing, but there was something else about the light, or rather the absence of it, that made my heart feel as if it fell from my chest and anchored my feet to the floorboard of the vehicle. While gazing at this creature with eyes opened so largely that they began to ache against the strain, I noticed that the lights seemed to illuminate everything to the left as well as to the right of this thing, and the tall grasses between us and it were also lit up. The light that should have reflected off of this being and given us some sort of detail of its appearance, all but completely vanished into it.

I was able to see a distinct silhouette against the relief of the lights all around this thing, but nothing was visible inside its form. My mind began to falter and it seemed as if the gears inside my head started to grind as the logic I was desperately attempting to apply to this situation was getting me nowhere. It was at this moment that my friend’s quivering voice broke through my cognitive train wreck and broke the spell I was most definitely under. I don’t have a clue how much time actually passed from the moment we first laid eyes on this thing and the moment when Jeff asked me if I was seeing what he was seeing, but we had undoubtedly been in some form of trance since the moment we had spotted it.

After replying that I was indeed seeing what I knew he was seeing, I began to describe to him verbally what I was looking at. I’m not sure if this was a mechanism designed by my mind to keep itself from breaking by injecting something normal into the situation like dialogue, but it seemed to help initially. “Jesus Jeff, I’m looking at what I can only say to you right now is a 12-foot-tall cowboy! Do you see the sleeves and the material around where his legs should be? Do you see its huge brimmed hat? Christ, what have we run into?”

“I don’t know, but what I do know is that we are getting the hell out of here, NOW!” my friend replied as he hastily threw the Jeep into reverse, and almost pushed the gas pedal through the floorboard in an attempt to remove us from these circumstances as quickly as physics would allow. An immense cloud of dust was kicked up by our vehicle’s movements, and our ‘friend’ was completely obscured from our view in but a few seconds. The truck’s back tires smacked the slightly elevated main trail and became airborne for a time as we barreled out onto it. He then slammed it into drive, and floored the accelerator.

I don’t think we spoke a single word the entire way back down from mountain, and several times Jeff’s haste and terror almost accomplished what we were afraid that creature would have tried to had we stayed any longer. Eventually, we arrived back into the town proper, and I was dropped off at my house. I spent the remainder of that night analyzing and trying to break down what we had witnessed into something resembling logic, but was completely and utterly unsuccessful.

I’m not aware of any moral to my story, nor any lesson to be learned, save for this. Even for the most stubborn man or woman, such as myself, there is a place and time where all manner of forms exist. Their purpose and plans I can’t attest to, but after seeing what my friend and I saw that night, the one thing that is indisputable in my mind at least is the fact that there are things that do not fit anyone’s logical algorithm, but nevertheless, they still inhabit some piece of what we call reality for whatever purpose suits them. Rest easy tonight, and stay out of midnight hollows and moonlit back valley trails for your own good…