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truck horror story

my father 37 years old at the time of the story, I was 3 years old. my parents divorced when I was 1.anyway, my dad, at the time was working as a truck driver in Iowa when he got a call from his truck company to pick up a shipping container at a farm.

so he drove out to the farm to pick it up. there were 3 cars of secret service agents. he picked up the container and the cars followed him. and needed to go to a military base out in Nevada.

the holiday horror

the story starts on with me and my partner lets say her name is jenny, we are from Scotland so we decided we needed a holiday and we flew to the Disney land in Paris for a week. As soon as the plane landed i felt off, i felt that there was something wrong with Paris and that something will not be right this holiday you could say a gut felling. Through out checking in and getting to our hotel which was in the park area itself. a lot of money but for my partner i’d do anything. we unpacked and i noticed something was off about the room i felt as if we were being watched only place that i felt at ease was with other people in the room or out with the room. I shrugged it off thing i was being silly.

So we went for dinner as it was around 6-PM a bit early for our dinner but it was a long time we didn’t get lunch so we were famished. We got there and we asked for some food being vegi’s we are picky as we don’t want to eat any meat of any kind we don’t even have eggs, or we avoid eggs. we ordered a pizza. everything was going well we paid and we left but i felt something was there with us when we walked back to our hotel the park was somewhat dead and it was quit dark our room was around 15 minute walk from the restaurant as we went out of Disneyland to eat. I said to jenny lets just cut down the ally cut a big chunk of our journey back as i was felling off.
she looked at me and said “yo why would you want to do that 10 more minutes or walk down a creepy dark ally” jokey i said “its not Glasgow i’m not gonna get attacked”.

Disneyworld Horror

Hey, how are you? I heard about your need for Disneyworld stories from the biking video. Sorry if I misspell anything, I am dyslexic. Anyway, for context, this was back when I was 11, and I am 14 now. Me and my family all headed to Florida to go to Disneyworld and have some fun for a few days. This was summer vacation, and we wanted to start it off better than staying home in the Texas heat. When we finally got to Orlando, it was mid afternoon and we wanted to get to our room, unpack, and wait for the next day. Around 11pm, Eastern time, obviously, I finally fell asleep. A couple days passed and we didnt do much because of the rain that was falling. The fourth and final night though, I felt odd after I showered. I wanted to fall asleep but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried. With the rain pounding and thunder booming outside, the room was very heavy with an unnerving mood, and I feel like that was the worst night I can remember. Anyway, back to the story. I was tossing and turning in my bed, wishing I could fall asleep. Then, after a strike of lightning, I saw a silhouette of a person standing outside of my window. I freaked out because we were on a second story suite. I was frozen with terror as another strike lit up the room, showing the shadow now on the foot of my bed. It smiled at me in the most sinister and creepy way, chilling me past the bone. I still look back on that night and get the chills. Anyway, I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your videos and hope that you will use my story

The Man on the Trail

My name is Ashley, I’m 17 years old and I live in Florida. The area I live in is a relatively urban area, lots of stores and restaurants and things to do. But I’ve always prefers just walking around in a quite area by myself, since I’m a bit of an introvert. There’s a bike trail not far from my house, so I take every chance I can to walk it. I’ve never had any strange experiences until today.

I was walking back towards my house, having walked about a mile or so before realizing it was getting late, and I needed to turn back. Not many people were on the trail, just me, a jogger, and a mother and her son. I was about halfway back when I noticed someone walk out from the bushes. Typically I wouldn’t care, seeing as people go on and off of this trail all the time. But the area he came from was a busy highway, there was no way he could’ve been walking on it. For awhile, I was a bit confused. But I just let it go and tried to ignore it.

Something Wasn’t Right

I’m going to start by saying that I’m not exactly sure what me and a few friends experienced fully, but there was definitely something strange with us that night. This story takes place in Fall of 2017 and I was 16. Me and a few friends went to a cabin campout with our Boy Scout Troop. The first night we got there it was the normal routine of unpacking and setting up our things, making sure you set up near one of the power outlets which me and a friend got and shared one of the two in the room. The next morning was fairly normal. Hanging out, talking, playing card games and on the GameCube someone brought with and we played via a projector we brought with.

By the time lunch came around we were out of the water we brought with so I and a few others were tasked with walking approximately a mile maybe a little less to a water pump to fill up the three 5 gallon jugs we had. Now me, being the biggest one out of the group that was sent carried them but I knew that there was no possible way I could carry these things all that back. One sure but physically impossible to do all three or two for that matter. So we looked for something to help us on the way and found a sort of cart by some wooden building on the path there. It had two big wheels, a wooden body and a bar that stuck out the front enough for me to fit in it and push it with the box like thing behind me to pull the water jugs. (It looked like the one I shared in the picture but a little longer and more worn down). We used this and filled up the water which took longer than it should have due to the other kids messing around with the pump. The pump was in front of a shower house with a lone light and near a lake (this will be relevant later). So after that we used this cart to bring the heavy jugs back and went on with our day.

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