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The Creakers

Before I start the story, let me describe my house. All the bedrooms are on the second floor, clustered around a single hall in a way that makes getting any kind of breeze flowing through the house impossible. Also, because of many fights between me and my brother, Chris, the floor outside our rooms creaks incredibly loudly and time someone steps on it. Sorry if this is a bit unorganized. I’m pretty terrible at structuring or explaining things.

Recently, I found a very old diary of mine at the bottom of a storage container. In it I found some interesting entries about a series of events I had almost forgotten about. Given the terrible grammar and organization of my diary, I haven’t written out the entries and instead compiled them into a timeline of the five years I was haunted by “The Creakers”.

Great Grandma’s Diary

This was a couple years ago when this happened. My great grandma died at the age of 98. She was from Italy and then moved to American when she was only 14.

We were cleaning out her house and I was in her bedroom going through her closet then I stumbled upon a wooden box that said private do not open in Italian. My family and I talk in Italian to each other all the time so I’m pretty good at understanding it. I opened the box and I found what must of been my grandma’s diary. It was a dark brown leather book that was torn in some places. I flipped through the pages and something caught my eye. All the ink was black till the end of book when it was all red. I started to read some of it and I just got really creeped out.

Anton’s Journal

Let me begin by saying these events happened roughly four years ago, so some details may be foggy and inconsistent.

The year was 2013. Me and my family, being my mom and dad, were on vacation in Germany, visiting relatives. We were in the city of Weimar. For those that are unaware, Weimar is a relatively small city, with a population of about 66,000, according to Google.

Summer Break in Blue Ridge

This past Summer break, my sister and I went to the mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia. We rented a cabin and were pretty excited to get there. It was about a 2 1/2 hour drive through mostly mountain roads. The GPS was pretty spotty, and I’ve had trouble with it before where it would get confused and send me a really roundabout way to my destination.

As soon as we started getting deeper and deeper into the trees, we started noticing some pretty creepy stuff. At one point, we drove by what looked like a dilapidated old trailer. We were driving pretty slow at this point because we were on a curvy gravel road. We were just being jerks and giggling at how rundown this place was when we noticed that a bunch of people started filing out of it and just stared at us as we drove past. Needless to say, I tried to go as fast as my little 4 cylinder car could handle.

I Saw The Same Guy Twice

My glitch in the matrix

I saw the same person twice.

I’ve had the feeling of dejavu meny times, and the more I read about it the more the Matrix Theory makes sense to me. Especially¬† after I experienced my own glitch in The Matrix.

It’s nothing to exciting, but its true.
I was walking down the street the same street and same path I’ve bee taking for 4 years, I saw a man walk past me he had blue jeans, a white coat, and a white knitted cap. He was a bit ahead of me and he disappeared around the corner.

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