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UndeadSouls – Alone with a Lurker

I was 24 years old when my boyfriend proposed to me, while he was home on leave from his deployment for 15 days. A sergeant in the military, he had already served in Iraq for a year, and he was going back for yet another. I accepted his proposal, and as soon as he left, I began to focus on our wedding plans. It was all I could do to disract myself from worrying about what could happen to him over there.
My fiancé would often call me from Iraq, usually after midnight my time, as he had the opportunity to sneak a call from his position while on watch every now and then. I was still living with my parents, so I would always take his calls outside on the porch. It was creepy being out there at night, as the house is surrounded by the pitch black of the forest, but being outside afforded me privacy when speaking to him, and it also helped me to avoid waking my parents in the middle of the night.

Disturbing Night Walk

By Aaron M.

My brother and I went on a night walk one night during the summer. It was around 9:00pm. We only decided to walk a short little walk because we didn’t want to be out too late. I was only 16 years old while my brother was only 14. He brought a pocket knife with him just in case we might need it.

So we went walking down some streets and crossed down a small one lane road. We saw some cute little rabbits in the street running around. They ran from us into a small house’s backyard. We followed them till they hid. We saw a sign on the edge of the sidewalk saying “Private property no trespassing.” Of course we didn’t go on the property at all.

Ride Offer

By Feathers

It was earlier this year, maybe about March. We were leaving the hospital after my mother’s shock therapy, at the time she had plantar fascitis and the therapy always added to the fact she needed help walking at times; anyway, so I’m walking way behind with our mother and, my sister and brother are ahead of us.

We are a few feet out if the hospital and I notice this Pakistani man in a blue button up shirt staring at us, I didn’t think much of it at first but he kind of starts to follow us in this slow hesitated fashion, looking away and pretending each time I looked over; as we reach the road the man jogs over and asks my sister if we need a ride but my brother responds and says we do, it was nothing really odd about it as often times taxi drivers would stand at the front door and offer rides but the guy then starts leading my two siblings to a smallish grey car parked rather far from the exit, it was running and really old looking.

Figure at the Window

By CT14

My husband, our son (who was three at the time) and I had just moved into a new 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment in a quiet neighborhood hidden behind a housing track. Both rooms have only one large window and one sliding glass door in the living room. We share a common wall around the entire apartment excellent for one bedroom. The housing track we live behind ranges from 800k-million dollar price range per home, I am not sure how to add that into the story but I feel it’s significant since the area is a low crime rate area.

This was November 2015 and we hadn’t even lived in the new place for a month when the incident happened. Since it was a new place our son slept in our bedroom in his toddler bed which was directly next to mine and my husbands bed. It was raining that night but I still left the window slightly open to get fresh air in and I also like it to be cold in the room when I sleep.

Please, Just Leave Me ALONE!

By A Broken Someone

Some people really don’t understand the gravity of my story and how it has affected me! I will be changing all the names of the people involved just for identity protection and also because we are all still under aged

My story begins in 4th grade! I live in Indiana, basically a state where nothing huge happens so it took me by surprise when this happened to me! It was about 5 years ago! I was a little 4th grader and on the first day of school we only had 1 new student who hadn’t attended the school the last year in my class we will called him Jake, Jake was basically the average kid when I saw him and when my teacher did the introductions he kinda had the same personality as me!

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