High School Creepy Clown

I am currently a sophomore in high school and this happened about 5 months ago. Before I tell the story I want everyone to know that, you have to be careful of what you do on any social media, no matter what. OK, lets begin. It happened in October of 2016, my friend Aaron had come over for the weekend after school. Our day had consist of sitting in classrooms taking exams, so this was going to be one of those better weekends. My mom had picked us up from school, and brought us to go and get Aaron’s things, so that he would be ready for this weekend.

We had gotten Aaron’s things and was on my way to my house. Some time went by and we hopped on the PS4 to play with our friends from school. We played for a few hours and decided to go downstairs and make some food. Keep in mind it was 10 at night and no one was home so we were loud and played music, ya know normal high school boy things. Also want to say this happened during that clown epidemic where people would dress up and scare the fuck out of you. After we had made our food and had our fun we went back upstairs to game some more.

My friends and I came up with the idea of added clowns on Facebook. After a while of screwing around with fake clowns and trolling them, we had come across a clown by the name of “Jingles The Clown”. So I friended him to mess with him, that was a terrible idea. Normally the clowns that are on Facebook live far away from you and are also fake. So I started the conversation with “Hi”. The guy wrote back with “Hello there”. So I wrote back with “Come find me”. The guy wrote back asking “What’s your address”. As an idiot I gave it to him. That was one of the dumbest things I have ever done in my life. Because after I gave it to him, he had video called me from Facebook. So I answered and had said “you’re fake”. At that instant he turned his camera on, and at that very moment my heart dropped. All I saw were black eyes staring at me coming from a clown mask, preferably the one from the horror movie IT. I immediately ended it, and a messaged popped up saying “i’m on my way”.

Now in the spring, summer, and fall when its warm Aaron and I go for walks at night because we are normally bored and have nothing to do. An hour went by without seeing a clown near my house, so we thought we were OK. Another 30 minutes went by and we had decided to go for a walk since it was pretty warm for being October. I live in a wooded neighborhood with each house being about 50 yards away from each other completely covered in woods. We also bring nothing with us just in case it rains, but Aaron had bought a life proof case for his phone so we brought that.

So we finally went for a walk at about 12 A.M. We take a right out of my driveway and head up the hill. Once at the start of the hill we go left down one of the creepiest roads where I live. On this road there are no street lights and barely any houses. At the end of the road there is a 4-way with one street light. We are about 50 feet away from the 4-way and we hear something loud in the woods. We turn to where we hear the noise. My friend Aaron has anxiety and he forgot to take his pills so he was panicking. I tried to calm him down by telling him its probably a squirrel or chipmunk. But nothing was working. So I said give me your phone and we will shine the flashlight. Where we were looking it was pitch black where you could see nothing but we were a little bit visible from the street light.

So Aaron gave me his phone and unlocked it for me because I did not know his pass code. I got onto his phone but had trouble finding the flashlight feature, because he has android and I have apple so I was a little bit confused. I eventually got it and shined the flashlight at where we heard the noise. We both saw what was making the noise. I instantly filled with anger, adrenaline, and was terrified. We saw a more heavy set man  dressed in a clown outfit holding a machete. He laughed with the most unsettling laugh I have ever heard in my life. He started to walk towards us picking up the pace. We started to back up slowly. He went from a walking slowing to sprinting at us through the leaves. We took off sprinting Aaron in tear and me screaming “Help”.

We got to the 4-way with him hot on our trail and decided to take a right. We remembered that to the right there was a house for sale that had a trail behind it lead right to the pond behind my house. So we took the trail, we could hear him behind us about 30 feet away. We did have an advantage on foot because my friend Aaron ran Cross Country and track and I played football and basketball, so we were good at running. We eventually got to the pond and kept running. For a more heavy set man he could run because he still was keeping up with us laughing the whole way.

After running about 100 yards which is the length of the pond we reached my house. Good thing I left the basement door unlocked because we were going in through that way. When we got to the door we basically smashed into it because we were running so fast. We opened it, slammed it shut, and locked it as fast as we could. We sprinted upstairs, made sure the side door and front door were locked and thank god they were because when we got to the front door the clown was standing on the porch.

We didn’t want to wake up my parents so we took action into our own hands and called the cops. The cops got to my house and searched the property for the clown.They finally found him hiding under the canoe we take out to go fishing. He was still in the clown outfit still holding the machete.

Like I said this happened months ago and ever since that nothing has happened. We still live in the same house. And now i’m more careful with what I do. Also make sure you guys are careful because we could’ve been murdered and no one would know what happened.



Narrow Escape

When I was around 13 years old, a new boy came into our science class. He was known to some of my classmates from their primary school but had just now transferred from another school to our secondary school.

I had never met him before and had never so much as made eye contact with him, but one of my friends had been his ‘girlfriend’ when they were around 11. He was not in any of my classes and I had never spoken directly to him but knew of him through friends.

The first issue I had with him was when we were put in the same french class one afternoon. We had to sit boy – girl and so he was randomly sat next to me. The French teacher had little to no control over the class and we usually didn’t get through any actual learning material.

I am generally a shy person and tend not to speak to people I don’t know, so I was doodling in my workbook and minding my own business. I noticed the boy next to me take something out of his pocket and heard some sniggering from his friends in class. I turned to see he had a small knife with a retractable blade. Our teacher was busy trying to gain control of the rest of the class and hadn’t noticed him brandishing the knife and showing it off to his friends.

He turned and saw that I had noticed the knife in his hand and he quickly moved it under the table, holding the blade about an inch from my leg. “Don’t tell on me will you?” He said, in an almost whisper “I don’t want to have to slice you”. I had never experienced anything like this before and so I just nodded my head and was sure to maintain eye contact – I didn’t want him to make any sudden movements, and I didn’t know what to expect from someone who I had literally never spoken to. “Good girl” he said.

He was removed from the class as another teacher had heard gossip of him bringing a knife to school, and though I had kept quiet, this was the start of my stalking experience.

In the next few weeks, as he was no longer in my French class, I had no contact with him and pushed the previous incident out of my mind. I was walking towards my mothers pick up spot at the end of the school day when I was stopped by the boy. “This is your phone number isn’t it?” He said flashing a small piece of paper at me. It was indeed my home phone number but I didn’t want him to know that so I said flatly “No, that’s my old one we’ve moved house since then”. He replied “Well how come this is the one next to your name in the register then?”

So this kid who I barely knew had sneakily gone out of his way to read through the register for my class, which he was not a part of, and found my home contact details, wrote them down and presented them to me.

I pushed past him and got into my mums car without giving another response. On the way home I sat in the car thinking about how weird this kid was and wondering what I had done to encourage this behavior. It was bizarre.

The next day when school was over I was again walking to my mums car when I was approached by this kid again. “You live in the Lakes Estate don’t you?” Again although he was right I replied with a flat “No” and asked “what makes you think that?” and his reply was the creepiest thing I had heard to that point in my 13 years. He said “Well I was cycling and keeping up with your mums car, I followed your mums car and that’s where I lost you”.

So this guy had so far threatened me with a knife, taken contact details from a register and now he’s following my mums car hoping to find my home address? Hell to the No.

I told a friend what was going on and we reported it to a deputy head master. When we said what was going on the teacher believed us immediately and said he would nip this in the bud before things got out of hand. I also mentioned that in a conversation he had had in the French class that day, the kid had said he had murdered his mother (which we thought was just another creepy thing he’d thought up to say) but our teacher said “I have to stop you there. There are things about (kids name) that I can’t discuss with you, but suffice to say this will be handled”. Feeling reassured my friend and I went back to our class, and our school life became normal once again.

It wasn’t until later that I thought to myself, the teacher needed no convincing that this boy had done what I said he had done, and the response I was given in reply to his remarks about how he had murdered his mother weren’t completely dismissed by his response. Maybe he wasn’t making things up just to scare me. Maybe I had a narrow escape.

Disturbing online gaming encounter with possible hacker

This happened a while ago but I still remember it pretty clear, since it made me stop using my laptop for a while

I was sitting on my bed with my laptop playing an fps game about the Napoleonic wars, in which you get to be a soldier and fight other players. One game I was playing was full of people, and for the most part a normal game, it was a human vs bots type of game mode but players could also fight on the bots team. I was on the human team. Everything was going smoothly until I shot one player in the back, i don’t remember his name, but what he said after I shot him took all my attention.

Keep in mind I don’t use my actual name in my gamer tag, nor do I have it listed on my steam profile,  so when this guy called my by my actual name I freaked out, right after I shot him I saw a text in the chat that said ” I love it when you shoot me in the back john!” or “I love when you shoot me from behind John!”, one of those two, I don’t fully remember. None of my friends play this game, so it wasn’t on of my friends secretly joining the game and fucking with me or anything, I know that for sure, and like I said before its not on my profile either. Hell the game even lets you use a cover name instead of your steam gamer-tag when playing online, and I was using that.

I was sitting there for a minute trying to comprehend what I was reading when the same guy just started spamming a phone number in the chat, just message after message of some phone number I guess he wanted me to call or something, I panicked and hit the power button on my laptop.

It took a couple of weeks before I had the courage to boot up my laptop again, I pulled the game up and started playing, everything was normal. I guess the guy lost interest. I don’t know if this guy was some kind of deep web hacker or just used some kind of simple trick to get my info.  I’m not tech savvy at all so I don’t know what that simple trick would be

All I know is I have never felt more uncomfortable online before.

I still don’t know how he managed to find out my real name.

Creepy Experience While Gaming

I wanted to share a creepy experience that happened to me when I was playing one of my favorite games, Metro Last Light.

To start off, here’s a little backstory about the game and situation:

The game is set in a 2035, 22 years after the world entered in a global nuclear war which annihilated most of the world population. you spent most of your time in metro stations, tunnels and others area around Moscow.

The game is really immersive with amazing graphics, good music, ambiance and sounds. But what would be a post-apocalyptic game without horror?

The game often takes you into places where the ghosts of people that died when the bombs ravaged Moscow still roam around, giving you flashbacks of the lost lives around you. These segments of the game are relatively short and some can easily be missed as a hidden encounter that affect the good ending you can obtain.

So now that we are started, I’ll tell you my own creepy experience.

At a certain point in the game you are alone just as usual but now you are riding a rail truck that is armored and equipped with lights all around. This make you feel bad ass and invincible.

But further you get into the tunnel, more mutant enemies try to kill you. They can easily be take down with a few shots. You reach a point where you must push a train that is stuck on a track, revealing more hidden rooms with ammo, guns and money.

The thing is…. there is one of these room I should never have entered.

The room seemed to be a refuge for the people that were stuck in the train when the bombs fell. So the room is pitch black, filled with skeletons and few medical supplies.

The scripted event is the followed:

You walk up to a ghost sitting on a bed, your flashlight battery is drained really fast, you start hearing whispers from behind you, more ghost appear and whispers turn into talking, which then turn into screaming.

The creepy event is unsettling to say the least… But you would normally walk out the room and go back to train pushing.

The thing is my game sort of messed up. My PC was semi broken at the time and the game often crashed and bugged so I was forced to reload to the checkpoint to be able to play since progression was blocked due to enemies not spawning, door being closed, etc.

Sorry if I get too far from the main subject but it is somewhat needed to understand what happened.

So as I entered the haunted room like I did in my previous play-through, I got a game freeze as the game was auto saving. This is the worst thing that could happen because you have to start from the beginning of the stage and lose all your progress. But that time, unfortunately, the auto save was alright and I spawned back in that room.

Problem is…. like I told you guys earlier, crashing can cause the game to block you and the door that allow you to enter the room was closed. Problem is that door is not suppose to close. Every doors in this game that are open or closed are coded to be interacted with, it’s just that some don’t have in-game command to interact with and need the uses of external help such as Cheat Engine.

So after a minute or two of trying to get out the haunting started, usual whispers, talking and screams…. but unlike the usual, the white flash that happen after a special event didn’t happen and I was stuck in that room.

The screams and whispers kept going indefinitely and would get louder and louder until my game crashed…. again.

I launched my game but immediately got a notification from steam saying my game files were not found which often turns out they are corrupted by a crash.

I check my game cache, repair the folders and launch the game. As I get on the main menu expecting that I have to start all the game over, I was presented with the usual option: New Game, Settings, DLC’s and…. Continue. I clicked on continue only to be loaded back in the haunted room, no guns, no gas mask, nothing….

This time, I was so pumped to see the open door that I didn’t hesitate. I jumped in the truck and rolled towards another equipment stash where I got all my stuff back.

After many attempts I was never able to get the glitch to occur even by breaking the game with the uses of hacks and game corrupter.

Say whatever you are but games can be as creepy as some real life scenario when it come to something that is not suppose to happen.


It Won’t Stop

Okay…. this story if from my perspective and it’s a bit hard to retell because it scared me so much.

Here it is… So, I was up at about 2:30 a.m. having a late night gaming session with my friends over Xbox live while playing Overwatch… (for context I’m 22 and I live alone in my own house) so my friends and I all just finished a game and we all said our good nights and we all went off to bed. which was normal.

At about 4:00 0.a.m. I heard the start up noise that the Xbox one makes (insert noise) then I hear CORTANA start searching because  I have the Xbox Connect so me thinking there might have been a power outage and then everything in my house was just booting back up but….no… everything else was fine.

So I went in and I turned it off but before I did I saw what Cortana searched… it searched: “how to get out?” I thought nothing of it and turned it off, and by the time I fell asleep it was 4:30 a.m. which pissed me off because my work is at 12:00 p.m.. Anyway that next morning everything was normal and nothing happened until I got home ….

I heard the Xbox turn off and then my door to my bedroom slam shut. which freaked me out. So I ran out the front door and called 911 and said “someones in my house I saw my door slam shut and my Xbox turn off” with in about 20 mins they were at my house. They then walked in my house and cleared it before slamming down my door but the thing was there was nobody there. They then gave me the lecture of calling the cops to a fake thing blah blah blah…

I didn’t know how to explain it was real. this really annoyed me..

Later that night I was making myself a cup of coffee but in the coffee box was a note that said ” I like your Xbox” I dropped everything and ran into my room that had my Xbox and there was a man with a crowbar trying to get my Xbox out of the wall from my room. I quickly tackled him to the ground, because he couldn’t take my Xbox out because I had everything connected and tightened together. I got him on the ground a threw the crowbar under my bed and then I reached for my phone which I always have on me and called 911 and said ” I HAVE SOMEONE IN MY HOUSE AND I’VE GOT THEM PINNED PLEASE COME QUICK” then told them my address..

It was about 5 minutes later before they got to my house the officers stormed in my house and I called that I was in this room. They then got me up and cuffed the guy who started screaming ” I NEED IT, I WANT IT, IT’S MINE” over and over again they then put the guy in the car. I was able to get a glimpse of his face.. He had long blonde hair with with big blue eyes  and a few teeth missing. I felt a sign of relief when they took him away. I then got interviewed by the police.

A few weeks later they got back to me on everything about him, he had tested  positive for the drug ice and had been hiding in my house for 5 days/ He said “I watch what he does, he has too much coffee.” and he hid in my basement when the cops came to my house earlier. Police are the world biggest heroes … if i went to bed and he still had the crowbar I don’t know what he could have done….