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The Man in the Black Hoodie

By Homie g

My name is Marco, I am 14 now but when the scary experience happened I was 11. We live in Chicago Illinois and I was out with my 2 good friends Gavin and Robert. Their the same age as me right now, but one was 10 and one was 11.

All of are moms are fine with us hanging out but if I told her this experience that would change. We were walking to the train station we pay for are ticket and walk to the pay station and a man confronted us and said “what are ya boys doing out this late” with his southern accent. I wanna note right now that it was around 9:00 when this all happened.

The Train Trestle

By Verde

One day, during the summer of 2014, my best friend, his girlfriend, my girlfriend, and myself (neither of us are still with these girls), were sitting at my house located in a rural community in central/southern Illinois. We were all trying to think of something to do, we were bored out of our minds. We were all sharing ideas, such as: going to the park, going out to eat, going out for a movie…

But, none of us could really agree on anything.

Alive in a Coffin

By ScaryD

This story really haunts me a lot. Every time I think of this it always sends shivers down my back.

I was 18 years old and didn’t have much money I wanted to get a job and raise enough money to get a laptop i really wanted. At the moment we didn’t really have any work places to go which meant I had to go out of town for my job. I didn’t have any qualifications therefore I didn’t get a good job when I tried to search for one.

Sleepover Break-In

By Cerealkillah

This happened a few months ago, me and my brother were visiting our friend for a sleepover because our father had to renovate our house. Our friend has a nice house in the small part of town and this house has security cameras.

Let’s skip a few hours later, it is 00:00 and we are going to bed in the guest room. We made our bed and locked the doors for privacy. And then at 2:00 AM we see our door handle move, we decide to stay silent and then we hear tapping on the wooden door which pretty quickly turns into banging until we hear footsteps running down the stairs into the basement.

The Man in the Window

By TalesFromTheShadows

This story occurred when I was 5 and at a sleepover with my friend Angela. We were in my second-floor bedroom with my pink Disney TV blasting Micky mouse at volume 90 because my hearing sucks.There is a huge crabapple tree in my backyard,and that is where we heard the sounds of bark snapping off starting.

The noises seemed to come closer to my window,and so Angela and I grabbed our toast that we were eating at midnight,stood on my desk in front of the window,and stared at the tree.

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