Unmarked Semi-Truck on a Mountain Pass

I originally wanted to post this under the category of Trucker Stories, but I then realized you probably meant actual truck drivers who make their living by driving trucks. So I’m hoping this is scary enough that it will eventually make it into one of your videos. Over the years I have had countless scary stranger encounters, paranormal experiences and near death experiences. But I think this one is the best one to start with. Eventually I would love to share more of my stories with you. So here goes…

This story happened almost 10 years ago but I remember it super vividly. I was 16 years old and it was May 20th 2008 and my mom, two friends, and I were on our way over the Cascade Mountain Range to see our favorite band in Seattle. I live in the dead center of Washington State, about three hours from Seattle. For those of you who live in the South or other states that don’t have mountain passes, basically to get to towns on the other side of the mountains you have to drive up and through the mountains on a highway with an extremely steep incline. Yes, you guessed it. People usually speed, pass when there are no passing lanes, and a lot of fatal car accidents happen on this specific pass we were traveling. There is always a chance something bad is going to happen when driving it.

So we started on our journey in the afternoon and we weren’t even to the top of the pass yet when in the rear view mirror behind us in our lane my mom spots a few cars going off into the ditches and the side of the road. (They were lucky it wasn’t a sheer drop off at that point in the road). It’s only two lane traffic…So yeah, whatever was forcing these cars off the road was definitely gaining on us fast. My friends and I were looking back to see what craziness is occurring and we spot it and relay the information back to my mom who needs to really focus on driving right about now and can’t see what’s going on. It is a giant semi-truck…A huge cabin, light blue and completely blacked-out windows. I mean you could literally not even see a silhouette from anyone inside. The semi is about three cars behind us now. It is literally hauling up this very steep incline. That’s pretty much not even possible for semi-trucks to do that. They usually put on their hazards and slow down and get to the right up this steep, steep hill. As he was gaining on us he was forcing more cars behind us off the road. He did not care. Whoever this was was not caring about the safety of anyone and we were now very, very scared for our lives. My mom has a Subaru Forester so we were out-running him pretty good.

Then he was right behind us… So my mom pulled over to the right and slowed down as much as she could and let him pass. As he passed, we wanted to take down his plate number and company he worked for so we could call him in. I kid you not, not only the trailer of the truck was completely blank. But the doors of the cabin were completely blank. No plates somehow, and all that was visible was a giant, giant American Flag painted on the front of the grill. Holy crap that’s some scary stuff just remembering it right now. Thankfully he did not force us off the road. Other cars were staying really far back from him. But my mom was in shock and really ticked off so we sped up to pass him and get away from him for good. We didn’t want to witness or be behind him when he caused a massive wreck. So we got up next to him to pass him. (At this point it had turned into two lanes so it was safe and legal to pass). We were almost clear of him but one of my dumb friends literally flipped him off. That’s a genius move isn’t it?

So we passed him (barely). Then he starts speeding up again to do who-knows-what to us. So my mom just floors it. At this point we were close to the top of the pass, which levels off and then starts the descend down the other side of the mountain. There is always a pull-off area to the right so she just floored it into the dirt area as close to the edge of the woods as she could and slammed on the brakes, all at the same time telling us to get out of the car as fast as possible and run into the trees. This was serious.  The car wasn’t even fully stopped yet as we flung those doors open, left them open, and ran into the woods. We ran about 30 yards then finally stopped and gathered ourselves. We were SO scared to go back to the car because what if he stopped? Who knows what’s happening at our car. But we had a concert to get to. The clock was ticking. So we went back and thankfully there was no sign of him and regular traffic was on the road.

It is so intense to think that in that moment of panic we left the car doors open. It was truly fight or flight instinct. To this day we really don’t know who was driving that thing, or what they had in their trailer. But it couldn’t have been anything good. By the look of things, how they were not caring and how they wanted to get to where ever they were going as fast as possible, I bet it was something illegal. Or just something scary. Really who knows. It still gives me chills. That blacked-out cabin with the American Flag.

We survived, made it to the concert, and I got attacked in the mosh pit. Haha. It was a great night all in all. Be safe on the roads, and I suggest to hold back your road rage and not fight back with others cars. It’s difficult sometimes, but you never really know the scary people and unknown things out there. Who knows why this guy was doing what he was doing.


   I want to start off by saying that this story is 100% true and that I have linked an article pertaining to the case at the end.
   Back in 2011, my family and I went to visit a family friend, Mike, at his trailer out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. It was during summer, so the weather was quite nice and sunny – no snow to speak of. I was around fourteen at the time and I remember being particularly excited because Mike had a few ATV four-wheelers that my siblings and I would get to drive around to explore the expanse of land.
   We met his son, Blair, who was a little older than my brother, sister and I at the time. Maybe in his early twenties. He seemed decent, though back then I remember thinking that I wouldn’t want to hang out with him if not for my brother and sister being there with me. We all hopped on our ATVs and drove out to explore the land, weaving through the forest and out onto dirt paths. He lead us up a very steep hill, but I felt anxious because when I say steep hill, I mean steep hill. I thought my ATV would flip backside over at any given moment. But we made it to the base of the hill and I remember heaving a sigh of relief.
   Blair took us to a small ice cream shop nearby and bought us all milkshakes. After this, I started to relax around him. After the milkshakes, we met his friend at a basketball court. Trevor – a skinny, tattooed shirtless man. Drug-dealer by the looks of it. There was graffiti covering every inch of the walls surrounding the court, most of it saying things like “Trevor sucks dick for gas money” and other degrading things about him. At this point, in the company of this other friend, I started to feel a bit nervous. Luckily though, we ended up leaving a few minutes later and I relaxed as we returned to exploring on our ATVs. And the day ended with us returning back to Mike’s trailer and roasting dinner over the campfire.
   Everything was great and, aside from Blair’s weird choice in friends, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We went home later that night.
   Then… A few weeks later, we saw Mike on the news. Blair, his son, had killed him and stuffed his body under a trailer. It was reported that Mike had been stabbed several times in the chest and that Blair took a picture of his dead father and sent it to a family member, who then contacted the police. When my father told me about what had happened, I felt a shiver run down my spine. Blair was a murderer. I couldn’t believe my young siblings and I had spent an entire day with a to-be killer, laughing and enjoying ourselves. Not knowing who this kid would turn out to be.

It felt like a dream

Let me begin this story with a bit of background; when the events transpired my family was extremely poor and my grandmother had suffered a stroke two years prior, she’s still alive but recovering slowly. Everything that happened in this took place about five years ago and even as it was happening it didn’t feel real.

I grew up raised by my single mother and grandmother, both of which I was extremely close to. When my grandmother suffered her stroke we lost tons of money with medical funds, something 11-year-old me wasn’t supposed to know about. But, that’s what made my thirteenth birthday that much more special. It was a Thursday afternoon when my family picked me up early from school, making a big show that it was my birthday and I was leaving early. Once we were in the car my mother turned to me and explained that we were heading down to Florida to catch a cruise to Mexico. I was excited beyond belief, my family was broke at the time and rarely had the money to leave town, let alone the country.

The trip had gone great, I was treated to a fancy dinner, shopping on the ship, and even a full tour around Cozumel. It was the best three days of my life until it wasn’t. The fourth day of the cruise I got sick, that wouldn’t be an issue if my grandmother didn’t have a disease that completely ruined her immune system. When I had woken up from sleeping about thirteen hours she was coming into our shared room with my mother, she was paler than usual but we all wrote it off as seasickness.

Around five in the morning, my mother woke me up, crying hysterically saying to back our bags and get ready to head down to the medical bay. My grandmother had caught my stomach bug, only given her disease it was much worse, for the second time in two years I had to stand by as my grandmother, the woman who helped raise me, was dying. And for the second time in two years, I could do nothing about it.

It was five thirty when someone, an attendee or a maid came to our room with a wheelchair. Everything went by so fast, and that’s when I know for a fact I starting blocking things from my memory. From this point on is what my mother has told me happened, I honestly don’t remember the rest of the trip until we got home.

We got down to the medical bay where I was sat down in the waiting room, my grandmother’s heart stopped for two minutes before they were able to bring her back, we were still on the ship. It wouldn’t be for another few hours that we’d be able to dock. Apparently, I fell asleep again because I woke up being carried to an ambulance by my mother. We got inside of the back and sat with the paramedics as they tried to keep my grandmother alive, it took an agonizing six minutes to get to the hospital, another thirty to get her into a room, and another seven days to finally leave Miami and get back home.

I know there’s a lot of information missing, but it’s because I’ve been told time and time again that what happened between the Cruise and when we stepped off that plane don’t matter. I want answers, but it’s been five years. I doubt I’ll ever really get the questions I have answered. Until then, I never want to go on a boat again.

Attacked on a cruise ship

When I was 18 so in about 2006 my girlfriend and I decided to take a cruise to celebrate becoming adults, the type of cruise we choose to take had tons of alcohol and food and a lot of cute guys!

One night I couldn’t sleep, my friend was passed out cold and I for the life of me just couldn’t drift off to sleep, I decided to go out to the deck and have a cigarette and take a walk to hopefully tire myself out.. I found my headphones, cigarettes and lighter then left the room quickly.

The halls were deserted (which didn’t surprise me as it was 3 am). So I put my head phones in and blasted my favourite band at the time (marianas trench) and walked down the hall toward the upper deck, I felt an eerie feeling and looked back feeling someone watching me, the hair on my neck stood up I turned around quickly but no one was behind me, I kinda laughed at myself and said “okay Mandy get it together “..

I walked up to the deck that was also deserted and so I found a spot on a bench closer to the front of the ship and sat down. I lit a cigarette and starred out at the ocean,

as I smoked my cancer stick for a few minutes focusing on the reflection of the moon on the water and suddenly I felt someone sit beside me, I looked over instinctively and a guy about 40 or so was sitting beside me,

I didn’t want to talk to a stranger so I looked back at the water, the guy sat beside me and suddenly I felt him yank one of my ear buds out. I looked at him annoyed and said “what the hell?”. “You’re pretty” he told me. “Ya um thank you” I replied awkwardly. “Are you here alone?”

He asked moving closer. “N..no” I told him feeling anixous. “With your boyfriend?” He asked. I looked him and my guy told me to lie and I said “yea.. he’s sleeping”.

He gave me a creepy side grin. “Pretty girl like you if you were my girlfriend I’d be making these waves rock ” he joked with a laugh. I looked at him horrified. “My names Mohammed” he told me inching closer again. I didn’t respond instead I put my earbud back in hoping he’d get the hint and then I continued to smoke my cigarette.

A few seconds later he yanked my ear bud out again and his both scared and pissed me off. I stood up quickly.

“Do you like wine?” He asked, “I have wine in my room, you should join me for a glass”.

At this point I was freaked out completely, “no I don’t drink wine and I don’t know you please leave me alone” I told him sternly.

“So angry” he said with a chuckle, “you need someone to clear that up for you”. I started to walk away and head back to my room and I got about 3 steps away when he grabbed my left wrist and stopped me. Before I could say anything he grabbed me and held me in a huge hug and I shit you not I felt the buldge on his pants against my leg. “You smell so good” he said.

I pulled violently away from him while screaming “get the fuck away from me!”: I was able to get far enough away from him that I could run quickly inside, a security guard must’ve heard me scream because as I reached the door to get back inside the ship the guard stopped me, I was crying from fear and he asked me if I was okay.

I managed to choke out what had happened and he told me to stay inside as he rushed outside to deal with John. A few minutes later he came back inside and told me that there was no man on the deck , and that he may have gone back to his room. He had me fill out a report and give a detailed description of my attacker and then he escorted me back to my room.

The next morning I told my friend about what had happened and she made me agree to not go out on the deck alone again and she didn’t have to tell me twice.The rest of the cruise I was on edge but I didn’t see john again, the weird thing is that there was no Mohammed listed on the ship and no man matching that description was ever found either according to the security officer who took my report he and a few coworkers tried to find this man as they didn’t want him harassing any other women..

this scares me because I know how happened and I know how he smelled and how greasy he seemed.. so scary ship guy let’s never meet again!

Creepy Market Owner

So, I was in a cruise with my mom and two sisters and that went through some countries in Europe and one country in Africa, which is where this story takes place.

It was your typical morning, nothing strange has occurred to me yet and the cruise was very enjoyable. This stop was the second to last stop before we went back to Italy, which is where the trip started. We docked in this country named Tunisia and we went to this little town that was very beautiful and there were so many little shops in which the vendors were very eager to sell us some stuff. My mom being a people pleaser ended up buying a couple of things that really weren’t necessary but were a nice little reminder of our trip.

Now, I’m a very shy and socially awkward teen while my mom is fun and outgoing so I never really talked to the vendors, let alone spend time away from my mom. After a while, my mom was taking too long in one store and I really wanted to see what else there was since our time there was almost over.

While I’m alone walking a man comes up to me and says to me something along the lines of a beautiful girl like me shouldn’t be walking alone and that i should see some necklaces he’s selling all while looking at me up and down. Me being socially awkward I don’t put a lot of struggle I’m still constantly declining and telling him that I have to leave soon. But, he won’t budge, he keeps insisting while pulling me in his store.

Now I may have jumped to conclusions a bit but he was pulling on me really hard that I could not escape and while in the store, you’d expect him to stop in front of the merchandise but he kept going and we were getting closer and closer to the back of the store. There was no one inside the store at that time so that’s when i started screaming for my mom. I wanted to scream earlier but I hate creating fusses and drawing attention to myself, but at this point I was really freaked out and wanted to get the fuck out of there. Luckily, my mom heard my screams and came and pulled me away putting me inside the bus we came in.

This event had me really shaken up that I was not speaking at all the whole bus ride. My mom and I have never talked about this and I don’t really feel like bringing it up. While on the bus, I was thinking about it and I felt like I had overreacted but this was the first time anything like this had happened to me. I’d gotten creepy catcalls before from all types of men but this is the first time someone was physically dragging me to what seemed as the back room of the store.

While I was thinking about it on the bus, I look out the window and I see the guy glaring at me with the most evil look on his face, this kept going until the bus left and he was out of sight.

So, that leaves me to wonder if I really was overreacting or something bad could’ve really happened had my mom not found me. That experience still shakes me up to this day and I’m a lot more careful of my surroundings now. I hope something like that doesn’t happen to me again.