Fanfiction Stalker

Well let me start by saying that Alexa Van Helsing is my Wattpad name and I no longer have the account after this. I am in my late teens and I am soon going to college. I want to be a journalist and an author once I get out of school. Writing fanfiction is a way to help me relieve stress since I have anxiety and it has only gotten worse after this. Now most people believe that fanfiction. net is a place where no one can really harm or stalk you and I am here to tell everyone that, that is a load of BS. This story happened about four months ago and I don’t think I will ever have another fanfiction account after this. Now I never thought I would be on this and telling one of my own stories unless it was creepypasta, so I hope this helps my anxiety though I really don’t know if it does.

So one day I was writing fanfiction on my account, I love writing about creatures and horror though by my screen name you can tell I love that kind of stuff. My favorite thing to write is vampire stories ones where there’s a girl vampire slayer. Where I got my name from was a book I love to read when I was younger it was called the Alex Van Helsing Series and it is by Jason Henderson. This might have been a bad idea since there are people that to bully you out there, but this story has nothing to do with bullying.

Usually I would take request from some people after I wrote a chapter or so in one of my stories. People would ask me to write something for them and we would talk about it over Private message. Now none of these people that messaged me wrote anything threatening towards me. Really the only reason they would ever message me was to talk about what they wanted in the story I was writing for them. The one day out of the blue I got a message from a Vladimir Dracula which made me smile since I thought he was another vampire fan like I am.

I opened the message and was horrified to find he had messaged me very unpleasant things. Such as calling me a whore and a slut, note I am still a virgin and plan to be until I get married. I knew there would be people like him out there so I ignored the messages and for some reason didn’t bother blocking him. Looking back on it, it might have been out of fear of him doing something else. Over the next few days I got message after message all the time from Dracula and it said the same things as the others. I was a whore, I was a bitch and other things. One of them even told me to hurt myself which I will never do.

Still instead of blocking or reporting him I just let it slide thinking he would leave me alone and for a short time I was right. For nearly two weeks I got nothing from him and thought it was all over. Boy was I wrong, because the next week I got a message from him and this one terrified me. He had started saying things like how he was going to hurt me and how he knew I was a little bitch and things like that. Now after two days of getting this stuff I had, had enough and messaged him back like I’ll admit an idiot.

I had messaged him back telling him to stop harassing me and to act like an adult and that seemed to work for about an hour. After that he messaged me back and said he would get me for what I had done. I sent him a message asking what I had done and you will not believe what he told me back. He said I had disrespected his father Dracula and how us Van Helsings were weak and the only thing I was good for was baring his father’s children if I even got that lucky.

That was when I had enough this guy actually thought I was a freaking Van Helsing which I am not. So after that I deleted my account that instant and I have still not created another and I am debating on whether or not to create another one.

So to end this I have two things to say, the first is be safe on whatever form of social media you use even if it is just a fanfiction account you never know who your going to get. The final thing is to the creepy guy that called me all those things and who believes that I am a Van Helsing and that he is Dracula’s son. Vladimir as you call yourself, if you ever get the chance to see or hear this please let us never ever meet in person.

Craigslist Creepers

To start out, I’m a Craigslist junkie. I used to go on Craigslist everyday just to check the free section, or look at the cute pets. One day, I decided it would be a good idea to look for a babysitting job on there, I was pregnant and needed the money anyway. So, I posted an ad, saying I would offer my services and how much I wold be charging, etc. You aren’t required to put your phone number on the ad, but I did anyway to better my chances. A couple of days later I was laying in bed, and I got a call from a woman.

She sounded young and was very polite. She said, she and her husband were looking for a live in nanny. She told me how much the pay was, and all the perks that came with the job. She said all I would have to do is send a picture of myself, and have a text conversation for a while. I thought this was rather odd but I went along with it anyway. So I sent a picture and we got to talking, I told her a bit about myself and how much experience I had with childcare. After a while she started asking me personal questions like, am I a virgin, or would I ever consider being with a couple.

I told her I wasn’t, that I was pregnant and I didn’t feel comfortable answering personal questions like this. I stopped talking to her. The next couple of days she sent me provocative texts, saying her and her husband would figure out where I was and force me to be their “nanny”. Obviously now I’ve figured out this is part of some sick fetish she, or they, had. I continued to ignore her texts. After a while the texts stopped, and my life went on as normal.

About a month later, I was about six months pregnant; so I decided to get some baby shopping done with my friend. We will call him Fred. Fred and I went to my local Walmart and he automatically wanted to go to the holiday sections of the store. I obliged, because we had his nephew and he wanted to go as well. I noticed a couple following us through the store. I didn’t think much of it, and continued looking at stupid Christmas items, and ask Fred’s nephew if he wanted a new toy. We rounded the corner and headed over to the baby items, when that same couple I saw earlier made a bee line right for me. I told Fred to take his nephew and go wait for me by some clothes. Me being the hard headed person I was, marched right up to this couple and demanded to know why they were following us.

The man, looked me up and down. Obviously this creeped me out, so I turned to walk away. I told them to leave us alone, or I’d call security. The woman spoke “You’re the one who wanted to be our nanny, we are here to pick you up” I screamed and ran back to Fred. I told him we had to leave quickly, that it wasn’t safe and I’d explain later. We got out of there. Not even paying for the items we had in the cart. He started driving away, and I turned back to see that couple waving and the woman saying something I couldn’t hear. Shakily I told Fred the whole story and he comforted me. He took me back to his house until I felt safe to go home. Since then I have moved and changed my number.

Needless to say, I don’t plan on using Craigslist for anything again.

The Craigslist Creep

So,This was just s few months ago. I had just bought a brand new 2016 Kawasaki Ninja, I love this bike. I wanted a new set of grips for a good price, so  I went to Craigslist. It was absolutely the worst decision ever..

I saw something pop up for some green grips, same color as the bike. I texted the guy who posted the ad and we agreed that I would go to his place for the grips on an upcoming Thursday. When Thursday arrived , I went to his house, on my bike. The only thing I carried, close to a weapon, was my Swiss Army knife.

I pulled up to the house and saw an old rust bucket, and a 1979 Chevy Silverado. It was a nice truck. I took a picture with my old camera that I take with me on my bike. I knocked on the door, nobody answered. I waited about 3-4 minutes. Next thing I know the garage door is opening and it is some old guy in overalls covered in oil or something, he said his son took the grips. So, I said thanks and rode home.  The next thing I see, in my side mirror, horrifies me. That truck is behind me in hot pursuit, so I gun it. Now, I have a 700 CC bike, so I can easily outrun him. I lost him quick and felt safe but confused when I get home. I put my bike in my garage and go inside, still wondering what the hell his problem was.

Later that night, at about 11:45, when I go to turn the lights out for the night, like I do every night, I see a pair of headlights pull into the driveway. I looked through the living room curtains and I say,”OH SHIT!” And run into the backyard. I went into my garage through the rear entrance and grabbed a pipe wrench. I put the keys in my bike, because I was thinking about riding to the police station if the shit hits the fan, and some creepy guy ends up unconscious in my driveway, which did not happen. The dude busted out a few windows,before he started to beat the crap out of my poor old Honda, and drives away.

I end up heading to the police station and filing a report. They told me they sent some officers out to look things over and ask some questions but no one was  there. They say nobody has touched that house for 7 years, and that truck was stolen back in 2001. I was freaking out ,they never caught the guy to my knowledge. I hope they catch the guy because he is messed up.I still got new grips at the nearest Kawasaki  store, and now I am happy. But that day still creeps me out.

A Creepy Facebook Acquaintance

  Before I start I want to mention that I’m female and English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes I might make.

Also it’s important to mention few things about my hometown. The town’s population is about 1 3oo and mostly fits in both sides of one road. There are mostly agribusiness, just one small grocery store, restaurant, bank and one small store which sells little bit everything. Because the size we also go nearby towns.

So this started at the end of may about three years ago. I was out from the second year of high school which located in a very nearby town where I still had to move. I got friend request on facebook from some guy I didn’t know. I started checking his profile. I noticed that he lived in my hometown, was four years older than me and had over 1 000 friends on that site. I was little confused because who seriously has that many friends in real life? Also I found out that I knew his sister. She graduated in year before from the high school. I had been talking with his sister and she was okay so I decided to accept the request. And I still regret that.

At the same day I got a message from him. You need to know at this point that I very rarely spoke with anyone, even with my friends, in facebook so I was surprised. He asked what I was doing and after answering with “just listening music” he send me “guess where my profile picture has been taken”. I was immediately thrown away. Which adult sends stuff like that? After I answered he sends “It’s almost like I’ve seen you before”. Believe me, I haven’t seen him before in my life. Later in that same day he sent a message again, talking about his relationships not working. I answered that I can’t relate because I haven’t been in one and he answered with okay and smiley face. At that point he has freaked me out a little so I said I had to go to the store before it closes.

I was on facebook that same night and he started messaging me again, speaking about music and suddenly just dropping one giant bomb I never expected; “you are pretty”. Alarm bells were ringing very loudly at this point. We’ve been talking just one day, freaking me out and just sending me that after he spoke his broken relationships. You may be thinking: “she probably just blocked him, right?” No, I didn’t. I still haven’t. Probably because being too nice belongs to my personality. So I answer thanks and he asked “what about me”. He was totally not my type, but my “too nice”-part started working and I answered very politely that I don’t like him. I wish it would’ve ended here.

He started messaging me often and my state of fear and paranoia grew because summer vacation started, which meant that I had to go back my hometown, also where he was living. I started telling to one of my close friends about him and what he waas saying, just in case. When I signed in facebook and saw him being online I just closed whole site. I was avoiding him as much as possible. Sometimes I was too slow and first thing he asked me was my number. He was saying how quiet his side of facebook was and how lucky he was having me talking to me. He was mentioning how nice it would be just texting and why I didn’t give him my number. At some point he had a girlfriend and one thing that disturbed me was that they were engaged after one or two months. And you guessed, it didn’t last. There were some days, up to three months, when he didn’t message me at all, which was a relief.

Whenever I met him in face to face, which was often given the size of my hometown and he also went to other towns, I went far around. There were so many times I almost ran away because my instincts were screaming me to run, but I didn’t. I was lucky he never came after me.

The very last time I heard from him was four months ago. He was telling me again how cute I was and asking if he was handsome in my opinion. In that point I was done. I told him he wasn’t so cute at all. I haven’t heard of him since. But I still fear that he’ll come back, haunting and stalking me again. Now more than that one friend knows about him.

If you’re too nice like me and it feels wrong to say badly to someone, just do it. It’s better than being tormented three years.

Facebook Pervert

So we are driving home right now and Im bored so I thought i’d write this story to entertain some people,I sent some of my family’s paranormal stories to another YouTuber and I asked him to do a collaboration with darkness prevails because him and this other YouTuber are my favorite to listen to but he either didn’t read it or hasn’t had time but those aren’t important right now so ill get into the story.

Just some background to the story first , Im 17 years old and I met a girl on the other side of the world and we basicly started talking and hit it off very well. she was nice so after about a whole yr we hooked up and we have been together for almost 2 yrs now and in a yr or so ill go to see her and we’ll get married if all goes according to plan.

And yes I know people ,I listen to enough scary stories to know LDR are not the best because that person on the other end could be lying but she has been there for me in my hardest times when my dad wasn’t being the best to me and when i was going to commit suicide she was there,so honestly I owe my life to her so if she isn’t who she says the is ,oh well sucks to be me.

So I got Facebook for her at 15 years old ,and yes their is some kids in the world who haven’t had Facebook,and i have been talking with her now there and on another social media app called line free calling and texting its like what’s app, well I add all people that send me request on Facebook unless they have nothing on their page and if that are a girl i dont accept them as friends just for the sake of my girlfriend
Its been about 2 yrs since I got facebook and this person sent a friend request, I accepted it like I always do and he started private mailing me  and saying stuff like “hey your pic is great your handsome!”

Now this guy doesn’t speak English well so I figure he wasn’t being a creep he was just speaking English as well as he could I responded thanks and i went back on Facebook and looked for my picture he was talking about. The only picture I put on was myself when I was depressed because I didn’t have any internet and my phone wasn’t activated so I couldn’t talk with my girlfriend for over 24 hours so I was kind of depressed so I took a picture and when I had internet I put it on Facebook with only 3 letters F.M.L. and apparently this guy went through my Facebook and looked for a picture of me, found that only 1 and told me I look handsome it was weird but I was like “ok thanks” and he started talking about where he was from and how he has been doing and put of no where he said he was bisexual .

This came off really weird to me so I said to him “thats alright I am not but I am friends with everyone as long as they aren’t asses” he said “ok cool” and that was the end of it…for a while until about 2 weeks later he sent me 3 of those heart eye smiley faces I responded with “umm..hi?” And he didn’t send me anymore mail until about 2 weeks after that he sent me 4 videos I clicked on 1 because it was 16 seconds long and it was a gay sex video with 1 guy pitching it to another guys hole I got mad as Fuck and said dude what the hell he acted like I asked for it or like I was enjoying seeing these sick videos and he said “someone has been sending me videos like this for a long time” to which I respond “ok ,tell the person to stop and if he doesn’t stop tell him to Fuck off and block him” but he hasn’t responded just read my mail. then I thought this guy might actually want me or some shit really gross ,I know I should of thought of that before but it just clicked in my head

I didn’t tell my parents about this because it would be another excuse for my mom to say the internet is bad and i shouldn’t use it but I did show my brothers what he sent me.

Honestly I hope he doesn’t respond anymore if he does and if he sends anything else That’s sick ill report him and block him,I don’t have any personal information on Facebook just my 1 picture but if he somehow finds where I am,let him try our family is red neck and we believe in God and guns and if anyone breaks in they will meet them both so yeah Thats my excitement for the day and just a word of advise for all you people who are new to the internet or who see new people on Facebook or other social media ,dont talk to them and dont accept them as friends unless you know them for real or your working on a business on YouTube like I am or accept them and if they are crazy nuts block them but only if you don’t have any personal information on Facebook or someother app.