Well,let’s just start off with some truth.I am a ‘parinoid’ 13 year old that loves horror of all types.One of my friends a couple years ago developed a pedophilic stalker and I thought ehh that’s kinda cool I guess.I only meant about the fact that someone adored her in at least a way.I almost got myself a pedophilic stalker as well.Thank God you can block people on Instagram,that’s how I almost got one at the time.

Now,a couple months later everything is fine.I started talking to my father again and I’ve been more risk taking.Not caring about what I say.Not caring about what I do.As I mentioned earlier,I’m the ‘parinoid’ teen girl..I only feel parinoid after I look at everything I did.I talk to many people on the internet.I talk to many strangers in my city.Yes,I know that’s bad but,it’s not like they could find where I live,right?Uh yea wrong.

Around May-June 2017 some people down the street moved,I didn’t know them so that was ok I guess but I wish they stayed.Soon after they moved this guy moved in.To what I saw,he looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s.He reminds me of one of the pedophiles you would find at a local park across town,he just doesn’t give off a good vibe.My problem with him is,he sits down on his porch for some time then,he’ll stand up and watch me,my 2 year old sister,and my two brothers which are 5 and 8.Then,I was able to notice that everytime my parents,grandparents,or some other adult comes out he goes inside as soon as he sees them.He hasn’t really done anything so,I didn’t tell anyone.

Date back again,not too long ago just before the 4th of July 2017.I had a friend over and it wansnt dark yet so we just walked around out front due to my parents not trusting me to go any farther.Everything was the same.We called a bunch of ‘cursed’ creepy numbers and everything was fine.A couple days later though,around July 1st or 2nd an old man kept driving up and down my street in the same red Toyota Corolla.He’d wait a couple minutes at each stop sign and act like he was waiting for cars that weren’t there and came back around the block.After the 4th he didn’t come back but I’m still wary about the red Corollas I see.

Quick fast forward to America’s birthday,I got dressed up in red,white,and blue.I decorated as my mother started to get the food ready.My stepfather left and got my grandparents and they’re little grill to cook hot dogs,hamburgers,and chicken.My parents went out to get his cousin Sabrina after that.Everything was nice,we all ate and talked and just had fun.Around 5pm two of the kids down the other side of the street came to play with my brothers and they’re gram was across the street.Slowly,down the street came a silver Nissan Altima.Nothing strange until they dropped a lit firecracker by the neighbors grandkids,I was able to get a good look at both the people in the front seats.I swear to god the driver was the creepy guy down the street and the passenger was a guy I talked to on Omegle a couple months back.This freaked me out.How did he know my neighbor?

Anyways,after that day he’s been watching longer and longer to what it seems and I go outside with my sister all the time.Im afraid to have any more friends over and I am afraid that something bads gonna happen to one of the neighborhood kids.There was a blue truck and a white van kidnapping kids a couple months ago and,we get missing cases here all the time…

creepy stalker

Ok so this happened a few months ago and me and my friend are minors so that makes this more disturbing we were on an app called musically.

I won’t say her name for personal reasons but we were randomly added to a group chat. There were other people on there but this one person named Alex was being different. At first it seemed like average teenage stuff since me and my friend lied about our location and age so did he but we didn’t know he was lying at the time. This guy is a real perv because he was asking us to send pictures of ourselves and I stupidly sent one with the name of the location from an old Snapchat picture.

Me and my friend were laughing because we knew it was all fake and we thought he believed it, but one day my friend texted me freaking out because she was watching the lively when he exposed his junk. I have a picture of him that is proof he was lying about his age but the disturbing part was when after my parents told me to tell him to go away and never talk to him, I told him to F off but I texted the word.

He then said to me ” I will find you and you will like it and you can’t do anything about it.” He also said that in spanish. I told him before to leave me alone and im lucky I lied about my Location and my age. I went to talk to the counselor at my school and that was the last I ever heard from him and to this day I’m almost positive he was never caught.

Creepy Guys at the Gas Station

This happened to me very recently and though I’m okay it’s still scary to think about.  I had to get gas for my car as my dad had always drilled the rule of “never let your car get below half a tank of gas!” into my head since before I was able to drive.  The gas station in town was roped off due to the pumps not working.  Unfortunately this is a fairly regular occurrence now that the gas station got new gas pumps and all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet.

There is another gas station on the outskirts of town that I decided to go to instead.  The gas station wasn’t completely packed but it was rather full.  I was able to find a spot that was open but I was behind a large truck.  This didn’t bother me as I figured that I would back out of the spot when I was done and get out of the parking lot that way.

I got out of the car and begin fueling when I notice this old beat up burgundy colored car slowly starts circling the gas station.  I notice that there were two people in the car and both looked to be in their late sixties to early seventies.  Both looked down on their luck with torn and very ratty looking clothing, unkempt beards, and hair sticking out in every which direction.  I then notice how they’re looking at me as if I’m a piece of steak and they are starving wolves.  I can feel my blood pressure rise and keep an eye on them when they park their car right behind me effectively boxing me in.  They parked horizontally so there were no spaces for me to get in and out.

My knowledge of the Spanish language is very limited but I could hear them talk and made out the words of “She’ll do” and “Get her.”

By now flight or fight is starting to kick in.  My first thought was to run the risk of making a complete idiot out of myself by running into the gas station building screaming for help and flagging down a clerk.  I thought to myself that I shouldn’t panic and pretend like I couldn’t understand them and then form a quick plan of escape.

They both went inside the building for who knows what while occasionally looking over in my direction to see if I was still there.  I immediately stopped pumping the gas and went to get inside my car and lock the doors when I saw two professional looking men come out of the gas station.  I decided to take my chance and went to them explaining what had happened and asking them for their help.  I told them what the two scruffy looking men had said and what they had done.

The two professional looking men both agreed to help me.  One of the men told me to stay by their car while the other would go inside and speak to a clerk.

Fortunately for me luck was also on my side when the owner of the big truck moved his vehicle so I would be able to get out of the gas station.

The man I was with told me to take the back way home and not to take the main route home.  Taking the main route home means a straight line into town where it’s very easy to be spotted and followed.  Taking the back roads adds on twenty minutes of time but it also means being able to blend into traffic easily.  The man also said he’d keep an eye on my car until I was out of sight to make sure the men weren’t able to follow me.

I thanked the man profusely, got into my car, locked all the doors, and got out of there as quickly as I could without causing an accident.  On the way out I could see the two scruffy looking men frowning and glaring at my car as I was pulling away.

I don’t know what those two men wanted from me or to do to me but I’m glad that I didn’t find out.

I’ll also never be going back to that one gas station again.

Thank you to the two professional looking men who helped me.

As for the two creepy men, let’s not meet.

Our Yakuza Friend

So to some this story may not seem too scary but for me, this was one of the scariest nights of my entire life.
First, I’ll start off with some much needed background information before I get into the story.
I’m a 22 year old blonde female from America that studied abroad from 2015-2016 in Japan. One of my best friends from my university also came to the same school as me in Japan. Due to privacy reasons like just call her Alex.

Another important key fact is that the drinking age in the U.S. is 21 whilst in Japan it is 20. Of course I would drink and go to house parties in the U.S., but I had little to no bar/club experience until I went to Japan. Now let’s get on with the story.

I studied in a big and more southern city from Tokyo in Japan. Of course, Japan is one of the safest countries in the entire world. Compared to my life and where I live in the U.S., I had never felt so safe during my entire year in Japan compared to my entire life I lived in America.

Being that Alex and I have been studying Japanese for 4+ years, it was really easy making friends with just about anybody. Something that I have always cherished and loved was making friends with people who couldn’t speak English at all because for some reason, those conversations gave me so much more feelings. When I say we can make friends with just anybody….I REALLY mean ANYBODY.

Alex and I love to party and drink. I wouldn’t call us stereotypical party girls however, we like to have fun. That’s the university life right? Especially in Japan, the drinking culture is one of the most important parts to the culture in general. It’s honestly how I made majority of my friends. One of those “anybody” friends is a Japanese guy that we’ll just call Yuu.

Alex and I loved hanging out in this slightly off the beaten path, “sketchy-ish” bar that sold super cheap drinks and was owned by foreigners. We felt very safe there due to the weekly visits and becoming friends will all the staff members, DJ and regulars. When anybody would mess with us people always were watching out for us.This is why we often would let our guards down and trust people almost naturally.

Our “friend” Yuu was one of those people we thought we could trust. He would joke around all the time, buy us drinks, get to know us…the normal friend stuff. However, something he would always do when he would get REALLY drunk, he would go on and on about how he is in the Yakuza (The Japanese Mafia for those of you who don’t know). He would talk about hurting people, being powerful, having tons of money, the kind of the stereotypical “gangster” showing-off. This didn’t really set any alarm bells off for us because we met TONS of drunk people who would say similar things and it was always a joke. For Yuu however, that’s a different story.

One night in particular, Yuu was extremely drunk and started trying to pick fights with anyone at the bar. He was acting SUPER aggressive and possessive. Alex and I agreed that since Yuu was a bit strange, we would always be a little cautious because of his unique….character. Alex and I were sitting on a big square couch across from Yuu, watching him go off. His eyes were completely bugging out of his head almost like those squeeze stress relief toys. Alex tried to help calm him because the owner (who is also one of our friends) said if he doesn’t stop we all have to leave. At this time it was about 1 am and all the trains and subways were closed for the night. This meant a 1 plus hour walk home for Alex before the trains start to run again at 8 am.

As Alex tries to calm him, he just starts going off on her. It’s difficult to explain to people who don’t speak Japanese but particularly the Yakuza, have a very specific way of talking. Sort of like rolling their R’s in Spanish, but a bit different and more scary sounding. He begins shouting at the top of his lungs that Alex and I needed to return to our home country and leave Japan. He yelled on and on about how Alex and I are whores and awful women and that he wants to kill us. Alex and I start to panic and my heart was about to jump out of my chest. As he was saying earlier to other people he continued to scream how he was in the Yakuza and has killed many people. As Alex and I stand up to leave, he lifts up his shirt to show us something. If someone was to capture a picture of Alex and I in that exact moment, our jaws would be on the floor. Grazed across Yuu’s chest is countless bullet holes, scars and scratches across his body.

After he lifted his shirt, the owner starts screaming and says we all have to leave. WITH Yuu. Alex and I run down the stairs and hide behind a bike area to talk about what we are going to do. Our other Japanese friends we were with and Yuu, came down stairs and began looking for us. They all were so calm except for Yuu. Alex and I whisper about walking a bit with them and when they arn’t looking, bolting in the other direction and running home. We come out and Yuu is still beyond angry. As we all walk the streets, he is yelling at Alex and still calling us names and saying that we need to leave. Our other friends are trying to calm him and keep telling us that he’s just joking. We knew this was no joke. I barely drank and I felt like I was going to vomit everywhere because I was so scared.

At one point we notice Yuu begins to charges at Alex. With all the force he could muster he tries to swing at her and punch her in the face. Everyone holds him back and that is when Alex and I make a break for it. We run faster than our little bodies and legs have ever run in our entire lives. For the life of me, I still can’t figure out why but I turned my head back one last time to see Yuu. He was walking away from the group on his phone, still glaring at us.

A solid 30 minutes pass from the incident and Alex and I begin to calm down. We know we can’t go to the police or talk to anyone about this so, we tried to talk about ghost stories or anything else to get our mind off of what just happened. The streets are basically empty since we are no longer downtown and it was rare to have more than two cars at most, pass us. Alex and I noticed a white maintenance van with it’s brights on coming towards us. Normally this wouldn’t affect me but for some reason, something different feel right. The moment that thought crossed into my mind, Alex and I looked directly at each other and knew we were both thinking the same thing. We both could just feel the hairs on the back of our necks standing straight up. This was true and utter pure fear. We let the van pass us but as it does, it slows almost to a crawl and rolls the windows down. Some very huge men with sunglasses and wide grins were sitting in it. Not dressed in construction clothes but nice club wear. They drive past us and half-way down the road, they come to a complete stop. My brain literally feels like it feel into my stomach. At a quickening high speed, the van begins to reverse and comes racing in our direction. Alex and I yet again make a break into a small alley and run for our lives. As we run we hear the doors open and raging footsteps follow after us screaming at us to stop or they will kill us. Alex screams to me in English to keep running and makes eyes towards the river and bridge running near us. We dart into the river forgetting about our nice clothes we had on and just ran down the rocky river bed. We would slip and trip over the slimy rocks but we didn’t care. We needed to get out of there. No matter how much blood was running down my legs, I couldn’t give up. We both dared not to look back because we knew who they were.

Eventually we hit a small forest line of trees near our dorm and run into them. Climbing up the largest tree we could spot. We held our hands over our mouths, and I looked over at Alex watching as the silent tears stream down both sides of her face. The men just kept laughing. This laugh was cold and calculated. It made my bones shiver and burnt my skin at the same time. They knew what they were doing. I still can’t get that laugh out of my head.

We sat there until the sun rose which felt like years, until we no longer heard the men talking and walking around.

Alex and I have only talked about this night once. I can’t be 100% certain but I still believe to this day they were doing this because of Yuu. This didn’t feel random because rarely does the Yakuza do something like this in public, ESPECIALLY to TWO foreigners. They don’t like getting involved with foreigners from what my other friends say.

And that’s it. Alex and I avoided Yuu for the rest of our last semester like the black plague and we returned back to America. But the story doesn’t end here.

Alex and I are about to leave in a month to go back to the same city in Japan to study abroad again. We made a couple different announcement posts on our social medias some months back, excited for our return. The whole reason I’m even writing this story is because just today I opened my instagram and noticed I had a message. I opened it and it was from none other than Yuu, asking me what day we will be back this fall…

Sacramento Bridge

A few buddy’s and i were walking around old Sacramento one night aroumd 11 pm, on the East side of the Tower Bridge. It was just a few days after the Oroville Dam incident happened, so the water was running pretty fast and it was pretty high up that no boat could travel underneath.

Anyways.. we decided to cross the Tower Bridge heading into West Sacramento. We started walking twoards the Ist Bridge when we stopped, we had noticed no body was around and how the street lights were off. When we stopped we also heard a light stop of a shoe behind us. I was the one they elected to peek around.

When i slightly turned my head and i noticed a man about 20 or so yards away. I told them what it was and we panicked a little. We started walking. And you could hear the clanking on wooden soles on the concert, creeping closer. We started walking faster when we heard the clanking was almost in a jog. After only about 2 seconds we started sprinting the the Ist Bridge. As we were getting closer to the bringe we noticed the clanking stopped. We turned ariund and sure enough.. he was gone. We didn’t care and thought he would be there soon. So we jogged to the Ist Bridge.

As we were going to climb up it, underneath the bring was a man in a dirty white button up shirt. We was waving at us at first. Then he started waving for us to go over over and whispering “come here. I eant to show you something” we paniced and ran up the long steep stairs up the bridge and didnt turn back until we got to our friends house a few blocks away.