Stranger at the ballfield

This story happened two years ago, Me and a few of my friends had plans to go to the baseball field at night to sit on the bleachers and have a chat. We live in a town called Stephenville Crossing, in Newfoundland, Canada.

Me and my friends had texted each other to get ready, I was at Caitlin’s house, she is my cousin, and our friend Rae-ann was also with us. We texted our friends to meet up at the local canteen, Karl’s canteen, where many of us would buy candy and food.

We started walking to the canteen, it was about a ten minute walk from Caitlin’s house, so when we got there our friends had not made it yet, so we went inside to grab a few of their signature brownies. After standing around for a few minutes we seen our friends coming toward the canteen, yelling out to us.

They told us they wanted to grab a bag of candy so we waited for them outside.

A car pulled up to the canteen and a tall man in a suit, wearing a blue tie and a fedora got out of the car. Keep in mind that Stephenville Crossing does not have a large population, only about 1200 people, so we’re a town where everyone pretty much knows everyone else. So this guy was a stranger to us, and the way he dressed was off as no one in this town wear clothes that fancy,

we just assumed he was on vacation or from out of town. He looked at Caitlin and Rae-ann, smirked and said “Hello, darlings!” without even acknowledging me, and the way he said it with a raspy voice, in a tone that seemed seductive.

He walked into the store, as our friends were walking out.

One of our friends, Eric, had made a remark about the man’s fedora but we told him to not say anything too loud because of the creepy vibe the man had.

Halen, one of our friends, and his girlfriend, Hayley, had bought a family size bag of chips to share, but Hayley nabbed it from his hands for herself, so he didn’t bother to stick by her and came over by me to chat.

We proceeded to talk about our usual topic, comic books, in which we would often debate over whether Batman or Spider-man was better.

We walked passed our local bar, the cozy corner, which was the way to the baseball field, now the canteen was out of sight, and I hadn’t even thought about the creepy man anymore.

We then met up with Amber and David, who had been walking together down the street, we wanted them to come to the baseball field with us, they accepted and came along.

When we got there we seen our friends Brandon and Audrey, who are a couple, cuddling on the bleachers. We didn’t invite them to the baseball field but they were already there so we sat with them on the bleachers and ate our candy.

We always thought they were kind of annoying together, and gave them the name “Braudrey”, which we thought was funny. We also gave Brandon the nickname “Tough meh” because he believes that he is the toughest person in our friend group.

We seen a car turning in to the baseball field towards us. The baseball field is next to a forest and large bushes, so sometimes people go in the woods to have sex, or do drug deals, so sometimes at a time this late and dark people often drive up to the baseball field with their girlfriend or boyfriend to have sex, or multiple will drive up to deal drugs.

Due to this being a usual thing, we were not alarmed by a car pulling up, but once it got close enough we realized it was the car of the creepy guy at the canteen.

Amber,David,Brandon and Audrey did not know about this guy so we told them about how creepy he was, and how he was particularly interested in Caitlin and Rae-Ann. David, being the craziest of the group, jumped off the bleachers and started yelling and making noises like a shrieking cat.

The car then began to turn around and left the baseball field. We praised David for scaring off the creepy man, and laughed about how strange the man was, and once again made fun of his fedora.

About an hour later we decided to walk back to town, and instead of going toward the road we decided to take the trail through the bushes. I stood by Halen, I was once again explaining why Batman is superior in our fun little debate, and he also came to me about problems, as he was upset that Hayley only let him have a few chips from the whole bag.

Thats when I heard David and Amber screaming, they were at the front of the group. They were running back and yelling for us to run, and when we looked, there was the creepy man running toward us.

We all began running back to the baseball field, and decided to  run into the woods, which may seem like a stupid idea, but we were familiar with the woods and had many hiding places, and since it was at night it would be hard for him to see us.

Brandon had pissed his pants, the large wet spot was noticeable on his jeans, so much for “tough meh”, although our lives were on the line so it is understandable. We decided to stay hidden for about half hour, and then we all quietly left the forest and ran for the road to get under the street lights and by the houses.

We all hastily walked back to the main part of town, we all went our separate ways to go home, all agreeing that it would be a long time before we go back to the baseball field late at night.

I was stalked by some creeper with an underage fetish.

I’ll start this off by saying I’m a junior in high school in a small town Alberta, Canada. I will also mention that I am gay, male, and I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years now. My story starts this last April when I was walking home from my boyfriend’s house. Usually here, we don’t have any issues with creeps or sexual assault or any of that, so I wasn’t afraid to walk 15 minutes to get home. It’s around 10:20 PM and I’m jamming out to Kanye with one earbud out, texting my boyfriend, not paying too much attention to my surroundings.

I start passing by a semi sketchy neighborhood when some guy hollers at me. Here I will also mention that I’m easily angered, and I get into fights with people much bigger than me.

But considering I stand at 5’6 or so, this guy was intimidatingly big, around a foot taller than me, and had to weigh at least 75 pounds or more than I did. Anyways, I turned to the guy and ask him what he wants, and he just grins, sauntering over. He stood beneath a street lamp, a few feet from me, now looking me up and down. I made it clear I was uncomfortable, and from what I could tell, he enjoyed that fact. He took a step closer, breaking the silence with,

“You’re cute.” to which I sneered and turned away. But instead of this creep getting mad or taking a hint, he just started to follow me, making comments about my figure, and mostly my ass. It started to piss me off, and so after three or so minutes of him following me, I spun around and went off on him.
“FUCK OFF.” I half-shouted, baring teeth and trying to look bigger than I was, but I knew it wasn’t working. So, me being a dumb ass irrational teenager, I took aim at his groin with my foot before taking off running. I could hear him running after me, which drove me to go faster. I made a huge mistake when I jumped my back gate, not realizing until I calmed down that I led this asshole to my house. And even though he didn’t follow me into my backyard, I heard him laughing as he walked away. Immediately, I texted my boyfriend, but asides telling him and everyone else I knew, there wasn’t much I could do.

For weeks, I’d see him around my neighborhood, following at a fair distance. He’d always be staring at me, licking his lips, and now that I look back at it, I know exactly what he was staring at. At one point, he stepped too close and I had to get my father to come chase him off. It got so bad he started leaving notes for me, chocolates, flowers- this creep was obsessed. It wasn’t until my boyfriend threatened him that he stopped for a few weeks, only to start up again in mid may.

The first time I saw him again was when I went to the pool with my boyfriend, and he was beyond the fence, eyeing me. I got security to chase him off, and that was the last straw for my family. Finally, my father got the police to monitor for him, and when they found him creeping up, they told him what would happen if he ever did it again.

I thought it would finally end there, but later that week, I got one last thing from him, which still makes me really upset. A note was left at my boyfriend stating both or our personal information, our classes and grades, some of our immediate family, and also had pictures attached of us all over town in recent months. The worst of it was the handwritten part at the bottom. It read,
“I’ll steal him from you one day.”

Camping Horror

So me and my girlfriend were gonna go on a camping trip in a local forest near us.

We freed up our schedules just for this trip.

We had gotten all packed up and ready to go hiking in the woods for 3 days.

We drove for about 30 minutes to get to where we would start hiking.

When we arrived it was about 5 o clock at night and the sun was just starting to set so we didnt go very far until we set up a campsite.

Now remember the woods we were going into were far away from any towns.

As we were setting up camp my girlfriend would say she heard leaves crackling in the distance.

I would tell her it was just an animal and not to worry about anything.

We got a fire going and had drank a few beers before getting in our tent to get some shut eye.

I was just dozing off and suddenly i heard a stick crack i would have to say 15 yards away.

I dismissed it as being an animal and rolled over in my sleeping bag.

My girlfriend was sound asleep so i didnt want to disturb her.

It was only a matter of 5 minutes before i heard a stick break now just a couple feet from my tent.

I didnt want to move not knowing what it was.

The thing making the noise then slowly made its way away from our campsite.

I finally forgot about it and fell asleep.

The next morning i woke up and my girlfriend was already up packing up her stuff to go on another hike.

We packed up our things and started walking.

We were talking and having a good conversation until she asked “Did you hear those noises outside our tent last night”

I told her i did here it but whatever it was, wouldnt be bothering us any longer since we were moving in the oppsoite direction of our campsite.

We stopped and ate lunch at a small creek.

We finished eating and suddenly heard the same noises we had heard last night.

I picked up a rock and threw it in the direction it was coming from and we heard it scurry off quickly.

We stopped to set up camp for the second night.

We started a fire and ate some dinner we had packed.

We finally settled into our tent and we fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night.

I got up to go pee and stopped dead in my tracks.

My heart sank as i saw what looked like a human hunched over by the coals of the fire.

It couldnt have been a human by the way its body was shaped.

I laid back down and sat as still as possible.

I had to have layed there for one hour without moving.

I finally stood up and looked outside.

My heart dropped.

The creature jerked to look at me as i stood up.

I stood still, but i knew it had seen me.

The creature let out a hissing noise that i will never forget.

After it had made the noise it had ran away.

My girlfriend awoke to the horrifying screech of the creature and was now terrified.

I told her to lay down and not to move until the sun rose in the morning.

I somehow fell asleep after what had happened.

We quickly packed up our things and hurried off towards my car.

I started up my car and looked into the woods one last time.

I got chills as i saw the same creature i had seen last night .

I floored it home.

All i know is im never going in those woods again.




Camp Creeper

I’m going to start with some background info about myself. I was an 11 year old girl when this happened. I was going camping with my girl guiding troop for the weekend. I had missed my drama club and a singing audition so I hoped it would be worth the trip.

Because I was the one of the oldest of the youngest (being 11 and everyone else under 11) I was fuming when I was told we were in a tent meant for 4 but I was sharing it with 7 other people. After I set up my sleeping bag me and my best friend there decided to go to the disco our troop had. No one else just OUR troop.

It was just me my best friend and two other of my friends from there- and the DJ… Now; me and my friends didn’t pay much attention to him until my best friend pulled me aside and whispered “Hey- I think the DJ’s checking one of us out…” At the time I believed every single conspiracy theory on the internet- so I started to get sucspicous.

I remember *twerking* with my friend and from that point I made eye contact with him. Like any pre-teen girl I was kind of embarrassed. But when he looked at me in the eye with a smirk- I knew he was watching us. When we got back to the tent we joked around about him with the other girls but it still creeped me out.

The next day (or should I say night) there was a huge disco. There were about 25 other guide districts there and it was now only three of us- including my best friend. We ran in there and my friends just started dancing. It was still the same DJ so I felt a little uncomfortable. He was still looking at me and my friends. I left early to go to the toilet and I left my friends there. They were fine.

And the next day (you thought I was finished didn’t you) we done this fitness thing- 5 sessions in a row to be exact. And you probably guessed by now the dj was also there. While we were being the kids we were wanting to lose weight the DJ was packing up his stuff because it was the last day of camp. I almost didn’t notice him until we turned around as part of the fitness and- he was there.

The weird thing was he stayed all of five sessions. Each session we done five fitness routines (so we did 25 fitness routines). After we finished we got our stuff and left the camp. I never mentioned this to my parents and I’m never planning to. Me and my best friend still joke about it even now.

I wish I went to the audition instead.

But it creeped me out…

Creepy Delivery Man

So my aunts were out of town for a couple a weeks and trusted me to be home alone (since I’m 20 years old) they didn’t have a thing to worry about. I’m not the major party type, I just like to go to work at a local store in my hometown, go out to eat, get cleaned up, go to bed, and repeat.

I decided to stay in one night and ordered pizza. I didn’t think this much trouble would come from something so simple.

I called and ordered, it didn’t take too long for them to get to my house. I looked to make sure it was the delivery guy. I was thankfully correct, he was kinda creepy.

I went out and signed for it, the man looked at me and asked me creepy questions like “how old are you?” and asking “Do you live alone?”

I used to live around creepy guys when I was a child so I knew how to answer them. I told him to have a good night,

Stepped in backward but the sentence gave me chills “by the way, you look really good in your work uniform.” I just pretended to smile and walked into my house, locked the door, and have an anxiety attack.

I didn’t see him for a week after that incident. I was walking home and I seen him looking around the store, I hurried out of the store.

He slowly walked and said hi to me. I smiled and waved and kept walking. He kept following me so I kept looking behind and he was casually following me. So I walked into a gas station that I always stopped into after work so the boss and I know each other very well that we are fairly good friends.

I told him about the situation, he told this man to leave me alone or he would have a problem with him and other people, the man was angry and said “I’ll see her alone soon” he stormed out of the gas station.

I haven’t seen this person since then, now I have my guard up even more.