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Sleepover from Hell

By S4D

I live in New Zealand, and the area I live in is very very safe or so I thought.

Before this incident, kids could walk around the neighborhood at all hours of the night with out any fear of anything bad happening to them, this all changed one night when I stayed over at one of my friends houses one night.

Crazy Man in the Woods

By Christian H.

For a little backstory… I am a 15 year old boy, I have short black hair and brown eyes. I was born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I was also raised around firearms but I never thought i’d need to use one for self defense.

This story takes place at a small community park near my house. My girlfriend and I we’re having a picnic with our families. Her name is Caroline, she’s a year or two older than I, and has long blonde hair that sits just above her shoulders and beautiful blue eyes. She’s very petite and almost always has a smile on her face.

Demon Worshipers Encounter

By Sabre Wolf

During my second year of highschool, my five friends and I got really interested in Airsoft. A few days before major Airsoft events start we would play against each other on an abandoned fair grounds, the first couple times we went we explored a few abandoned building one of them were a swimming center that had a large basment. We would stay away from the basement after discovering grafitte of pentagrams ,mutilated animal corpses and black burnt out candles, the experience grossed us out nut still decided to play above ground.

One day we decided to go after school just before it got dark we went home quickly packed snacks, Airsoft BB’s and our Airsoft guns and put on our airsoft vests to say the least, we looked like special ops soldiers. We met up at the right side of the fairgrounds which was well hidden so no one could see us enter. Their was a hole in the fence which allowed us to crawl through after crawling through one of my friends wanted to play a few games of free for all in the swimming center even though most of us felt uneasy about the place we said “Fuck it” and tried to play it cool so no one would think of each other as a wimp.

Green Truck


This story takes place over a year…
When I was in eighth grade I would walk down a steep hill to the school bus stop every morning. Everything was always so quiet in time and it was a perfect way to clear my thoughts before I went to school. I was always a precocious child, primarily because of my step mother who had instilled stranger danger lectures in me since I was six. I am extremely grateful for that.

Just so people know, I was fourteen at the time. So one morning I was walking down the hill when a green work truck pulled up on the other side of the road. A man that I had never seen before asked me if I needed a ride. I told him “no” and kept walking. He asked me again and again until he realized I wasn’t biting. He drove off. I kept walking and then when I got to the school bus stop I told one of my neighbor’s kids, but I did not tell any grownups yet. A couple of days later her pulled up again, and this time he was even more insistent. I kept telling him to go away, and he got frustrated and drove off. This time I told my parents about it. They called the sheriff’s department to file a police report, and an officer came and took my statement with a description.

What are Friends For?

By PlanterMooses

This happened last year, when I was close to becoming fourteen years old. For a little backstory, I live with my mother, and my dog, but my mother is gone often for work, which leaves me alone most of the time. It was a Saturday and I had a friend( who we will call Alex) over to hang out. It was close to 10:30pm, and we were both tired for hours spent playing video games, and watching YouTube. The street iis empty, usually,spare the random car or motorcycle passing by, and today is no different. Alex says he is hungry and gets up to go get some snacks, after about 3 minutes, Alex returns, and to my dissary, with no snacks. I give him a loud “What the fuck dude!” He rapidly puts his hand over my mouth, and motions me to go upstairs, and then I see the horror in his eyes. I stealth climb up form the basement, and sneak into the kitchen, which is the room next to the basement.

To my complete horror, I see a large, tattooed, middle aged man standing right outside our kitchen window, looking right in my direction. Luckily it’s all dark in our house, and I doubt he could see me, I took the chance, and BOLTED back to Alex. We locked ourselves on the basement, and waited for what seemed like hours, Alex tried to use the landline to call the cops, but we found that all power had been cut to our house, as the circuit breaker was on the outside of our house. We were both scared shitless, which was then amplified by the sons of breaking glass, as the sound of heavy footsteps echoed throughout the house.

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