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Jack in the Box Horror

By Oliviyah Rae

My sister and I went to jack n a box during the summer of 2016. We got our stuff and sat the table closest the window. I hate being in that neighborhood alone like that……

My sister said that this weird looking homeless guy was staring at her. I forgot to buy my mom something to bring back home. The next thing that happened completely terrified me. Another guy ran out of there with his little girl, I thought that she was still in school because she looked like she was like 5 or 6.

Burger King Almost Robbed

By Clannad

I live 5 minutes away from two Burger Kings. When I worked cleaning cars on my own, I would walk on over to the larger one because they had a better card reader. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t pay for my food because the other Burger Kings card reader wouldn’t accept my debit card. so, just to be sure, I always went to the one I dubbed the good burger king.

Anyway, I walked over at the end of my short workday, enjoying some podcasts through my head phones.

Stranger at the Door

By Pippa Scott

I’m a 21-year-old female who recently moved out of my parents house, not by choice. But it worked out fine because I now live at my childhood home that my parents still own. Anyway my name is Pippa.

So I’m at home in my living room minding my own, when my dogs (Brutus – white Boxer and Caesar – Tan Pitbull)started barking and lunging at the front door. I’m watching the Exorcist TV show so I’m already a little jumpy. Anyway my dogs are lunging and growling at the door. I yell at them to shut up, but I realize that they usually do not act this way. I wait to see if someone knocks. Nothing happens, So I open the window and look out. Oh and I should tell you it was around 9:30 at night.

Visiting Stalker


Going to see my family every summer is fun. Traveling 3 days by car getting there. WE had 3 weeks ahead of us to spend in Nebraska, and we are from Pennsylvania. I was really excited when my Aunt asked us to stay with her. I mean, she was awesome.So we already were 4 days into our vacation, and I wanted to stay up late one night. I get on my laptop and skype my friend, Brodie.

We talked for about 2 hours until my Aunt’s dog starts barking upstairs. I grab the dog and tell it to shut up. Remember what I said for later in this true story, which is so horrifying. It starts barking again, but this time my sister comes in the door. I feel a little bit relieved now that she came in, but she went right to bed.

Disneyland Creep

By Diamond Darling

When i went to disneyland with my dad and sister we where all happy to cause weve been planning this for a while now. So we entered disney blah blah blah and we went in line to the Hollywood Tower Of Terror.

Behind us was this tall blonde guy with his kids (you’ll understand this later in the story).When we got on the ride and he sat in the row next to us.The man looked like a really nice responsible man and he looked very very mature.

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