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The Not So New Kid’s Ex

By Murderous Stalker

You guys probably already heard the side of my newest girlfriends story. About the new kid and how only saying “Hi” to him can really piss off his absolutely crazy ex-girlfriend? If you haven’t well, this is only my side to the story. My name is Nick and this is my crazy story.

I used to live in LA, it was a normal day at school and there was a new girl. All the guys were saying how hot she was and how nice she was. I didn’t make it my number one interest until the girl came up to me, let’s call her Sarah. We became friends in less than a week, we were like this for a few months and during those few months we started liking each other as more than friends. So after those few months we started dating. We dated for another few months until she started acting weird. She came to school looking like crap even with her makeup on and she was always mumbling to herself.

Creepy Park Guy

By Trogscost

Me and one of my friends were at my mums house in Tasmania Australia, let’s call him jimmy, my parents recently divorced so she lived in a small rental house next to a park. We decided to go to the park by jumping the fence instead of walking the long way being lazy 11 year olds used to playing video games.

After we jumped the fence we just walked around, kicked a soccer ball, nothing out of the ordinary until this guy stands behind this willow tree watching us. We pretended we didn’t notice him for around 15 minutes until we started to get weird feelings that he was a pedophile or something.

Cannibal in the Forest

By Caden

This happened around June or July, my cousin and I were 13 years old and we both live in Louisiana. My cousin and I decided to go ride my golf cart around the neighborhood, we do this almost every time she comes over so it got a little boring doing circles around a neighborhood all of the time so we stopped at a dry ditch on the road my house was on.

I parked the golf cart at the end of my neighbors driveway that we already felt uneasy about since we hear some screams coming from their yard every once and a while, we got out of the golf cart and took a peek down the ditch to see if there was anything interesting.

True Unsettling Four Wheeler Story

By Stephanie

Ever since I was a baby, my parents have been going to the lake. Not just at camp sites but at my uncles property as well. His property was at the end of the mountain.. the street was actually called diamond head for a reason. His property was well hidden, from the road and the water.

At the end of diamond head is just a few houses. We all know each other very well. Mostly older folks and their kids are my age. Now to give you a clear image of how it is up there.. it’s about 30 minutes from town. 25 mins from the highway. So it’s a very rural area. No street lights and tons of tall pine trees. And lots and lots of trails.

The Trail

By Halmond

It was sometime in August, I decided to go for a hike that would last till about 11:00 PM since I was a bit nervous for my upcoming exam and hiking takes off some nerves, As I entered there were only about 3 cars, One was really shaggy looking with dents all over.

There was a Man, Maybe in his forties just sitting there starring at me as I went onto the trail. 30 Minutes into the hike I see him taking a different trail but stopping and starring at me once again. It was starting to get dark at about 9 PMand that’s when I heard leaves crunching behind me. I turn my flashlight around and to my surprise, nothing was there.

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