Sacramento Bridge

A few buddy’s and i were walking around old Sacramento one night aroumd 11 pm, on the East side of the Tower Bridge. It was just a few days after the Oroville Dam incident happened, so the water was running pretty fast and it was pretty high up that no boat could travel underneath.

Anyways.. we decided to cross the Tower Bridge heading into West Sacramento. We started walking twoards the Ist Bridge when we stopped, we had noticed no body was around and how the street lights were off. When we stopped we also heard a light stop of a shoe behind us. I was the one they elected to peek around.

When i slightly turned my head and i noticed a man about 20 or so yards away. I told them what it was and we panicked a little. We started walking. And you could hear the clanking on wooden soles on the concert, creeping closer. We started walking faster when we heard the clanking was almost in a jog. After only about 2 seconds we started sprinting the the Ist Bridge. As we were getting closer to the bringe we noticed the clanking stopped. We turned ariund and sure enough.. he was gone. We didn’t care and thought he would be there soon. So we jogged to the Ist Bridge.

As we were going to climb up it, underneath the bring was a man in a dirty white button up shirt. We was waving at us at first. Then he started waving for us to go over over and whispering “come here. I eant to show you something” we paniced and ran up the long steep stairs up the bridge and didnt turn back until we got to our friends house a few blocks away.

Crazy Man at Local Creek

I always thought of the creek by my home as a safe and local hangout place, as if nothing creepy or bad was going to happen. But that’s exactly what happened.

When I was younger that was my usual hangout place, I probably knew every single rock that was in that creek. I went there everyday, collecting rocks for my rock collection. Sometimes I was joined, but most of the time my friends never bothered.

Honestly, I’m pretty sure they thought my ‘obsession’ with the creek was weird and horrible. But as a 6th grader I didn’t care, it was a spot for me to feel safe in.

One day right after school, I was walking to the creek, my best friend at that time, Maddie, was joining me. It was a minute or so ride on our bikes to the creek. We’d park our bikes by the bridge that went over the creek.

The only way done to the creek were rocks. I’ve fallen down them one or twice and scraped myself up, but that was the most the tiny rocks would do.

After we would climb down, there was nothing but water, and a small concrete structure that resembled a sinking ship a few miles down the creek.

There we would play assortments of games, that I can’t remember. Maddie and I always hid small walking sticks, to keep our balance with, and to check the depth of the water that we were wading in.

After walking for around thirty minutes, we were halfway there. I remember hearing a man talking, he seemed to arguing with someone. I paid no attention it, because they were houses around the creek, and we could often hear the conversations from outside. But, no matter as silent it was, you could never hear the man get a response.

I brushed it off as a soft spoken girl my age. I was wrong.

As we finished the walk, I was greeted by the sight of our concrete playground, and a dirty old man standing on the top.

He was screeching at the top of his lungs, and was far too busy to be paying attention to us.

I looked over at Maddie, about to ask if she was seeing this also. She was, I could tell by her horrified expression. I gripped my tiny walking stick tightly and approached the man, much to Maddie’s horror.

“Go away!” I called out to him, waving my stick violently in the air.

He turned his head to me, and smiled. His teeth were dirty, and his face seemed wrinkled and aged far past, whatever age I thought he was.

I almost yelped as I watched him walk towards us.

I waved my stick at him, and this time, he spoke.

“What’s a pretty girl like you carrying a stick for?”

That’s when young me decided that I had enough.

While shaking, and Maddie screaming at me to run. I swung the stick as hard as I could, aiming for the old mans head.

I cried out as I heard the crack of the stick connecting. I threw the stick at the furious man, and ran after Maddie.

Since it’s hard to run on the rocks, we both ran on the outside of the creek. Where a small trail of grass lead us to our bikes.

As soon as we got to our bikes, we agreed not to tell anyone of what we had witnessed. And with that we both biked home.

The Man Across the River

Here is a little backstory, I’m 15 years old, and I was at my little brothers baseball game.It was at a more isolated area where there were only a few lights, I’ll give a short description of the place, there is a little stream which leads of into a river, one stone bridge that goes over the stream, batting cage type of thing, and there was a forest across from the river, it was a extremely dense forest and the only light I had was my phone, and the moon light, even then It was still hard to make out something.

So here is where it begins. I was the only older kid there and there was just a bunch of little kids running around the bleachers, so of course I was bored, and I just walked around playing on my phone for most of the time. I walked over to the batting cages and I began to climb it, I then get to the top of the cages and just sitting there watching the forest, I heard a branch snap, but I brushed it of not even thinking twice of it, around an hour went by of doing nothing hearing nothing, and seeing nothing.

I decided to go head to the stream just to chuck some pine cones into it and watch them slowly float away, I then turned around to begin heading back, but something moved in my peripheral vision, and I quickly turned to see what it was. I saw him, or it standing there looking straight into my soul, I then reached into my pocket to grab my phone to turn on my flashlight. The silhouette then moved back into the woods, I thought it could just be a late night hiker just wanting to see the game, I brushed it off and continued to do my own thing. I then saw a flash of light coming from the forest I looked towards it to see that there was nothing, I thought it was my mind just playing tricks on me, but I saw it again the same looking flash from the same area, this time I only used my eyes to look, and I saw the flash again, coming from a bush, I then had a thought, I pulled out my phone and pretended to start talking on it, I walked to the edge of the river, and sat there looking slightly up to the river, I stopped talking to see a dim light from the bush, and as I saw that I heard a bunch of rustling in the bushes.

I then saw the same person or what I believe to be the same person, get up out of the bush, my heart then sank as I realized what he or she was doing, They were taking photos of the game, or me. I sincerely hope this person was put behind bars, and I hope no one has to go through something like this, I’ve never gone to that field again, and this is the first time I’ve shared this story.

Church Camp Creep

Two years in a row when I was 8-9 my mother sent me to a church camp in Oklahoma called Camp Bond. My mother thought herself “churchy” all of a sudden after I turned 7 or so, so dragging me to church related events I didn’t want to attend wasn’t an unusual thing. This camp was run by her friends on top of that, was losing campers and was free. Perfect to get me out of her hair for a while.

Anyway, Camp Bond was not nearly as fun, open or pleasant as more popular camps like Falls Creek. It basically consisted of a large main building everyone would cram into for all events, gender segregated cabins and a small pool we were rarely allowed into. The camp was in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even remember where it was. You had to take back roads to get there and the gate inside looked like a typical gate to someone’s property. The only indication of it was a lone wooden cross further up the road. It was completely surrounded by woods and silent, always creepy. For layout, when you entered there was a main building then after a long walk through a open field there was a large creek you had to cross to get to the numerous tiny bunk-bed filled cabins. The public showers were in the midde of the cabins and tall trees graced the small buildings with shade from the summer heat. At night however, they blocked the any light the moon granted and there were no lamps besides the single yellow lights over each cabin door. So you were walking in black to get between the randomly placed cabins while trying not to trip over tree roots. The tiny individual windows given to each bunk bed would give you an indication of where the buildings were if the positioning was just right, as they made a dull reflection. Kids often moved in groups to reduced fear and getting lost in the large area. I remember kids showing up on at our door in nothing but towels having just left the showers and couldn’t find their own cabin. Our issued bitchy cabin guide would point the kid off and tell them they would be fine and continue their job of making sure the rest of us at least didn’t start a fist fight with each other before forcing us to read bible stories and sing hymns.

If I’m boring you I apologize, the layout and location is important to grasp how isolated and taken care of we were.  Finally, there were only two thin but long bridges to cross the large creek to get to the cabins. One was modern and stable, the only one were allowed to cross. The second was called “the swinging bridge” and it was buried in the thicket fairly far away from the modern one. It was a simple bridge held together with rusted metal cables and rotten wooden boards, several of which were missing. Thick vines and crusted bird shit seemed to hold the thing together, and even if a 50 pound child stepped on it the whole bridge would sway harshly over the 20 foot drop into the rocks and water. Any running or bouncing would cause the cables to squeal and the whole bridge to be hard to stand on. Hard to believe cars used to cross it long ago. During my first summer there the bridge was often talked about by the older camp goers. Tales of ghost stories and all that. You weren’t supposed to tell kids about the old bridge I gathered to keep us away from it during our short recess from bible study and singing. Of course, because there was literally nothing else to do at this camp but suffer from heat stoke and boredom all the kids wanted to sneak away to play on the bridge. There must has been 200 kids and few counselors so it wasn’t difficult to disappear into the trees and walk up the creek until you found the it. By my second summer there the bridge was surrounded by tall chain link fences. You know, because chain link fences are so difficult for kids to climb over…(sarcasm)

The second summer was at least less boring since I was suddenly seen as the older kid at 9 and there was few high schoolers there for some reason. I filled the void of scaring the other kids with the same tales of hauntings surrounding the bridge and on sight cemetery. Turns out that during the previous few weeks a girl was actually raped on the old bridge and was left to die. We over heard counselors discussing it during lunch. The girls that had dismissed my stories the day before were all now asking me to tell the stories again. Frankly I loved the attention and I wasn’t worried about being raped, but it was unerving to my childhood self to think that the bridge I had taken 6-8 year olds to play on earilier that day was the scene of a child being raped days ago. We still had another week to be there by then.

The girls story continued to spread around the camp and I inquired about it to a few of the scarce older kids who happened to be talking about it. I’m not sure why they told me anything looking back on it. Though what do you say to a little kid who comes asking you about rape or sex? More than that, the trio took me up a path through the back of the camp to show me where the girl apparently lived. The path was up a hill we had to crawl up under cedar trees to use it. Now covered in scratched at the top, there indeed was a house at the on this hill not far from the pool that I had never seen before. There was dirty pink and white toys outside and a rocket shaped plastic slide so it seemed obvious a girl lived there to me. They took me back down the trail and by then it was time to haul ass to the main building for role call. On the way they mentioned that the girl was playing on the bridge and some man happened to be there. He attacked and assalted her then left her to die unconscious and alone. The most disturbing detail they told me was that the bouncing and swaying of the bridge made it hurt her more. Now, I had only a 9 year olds limited knowledge of sex so that didn’t really mean anything to me then. Now that I’m older I understand how the sharp bouncing would be damaging during such an activity for anyone…let alone a little kid. I wonder if she could even see who was attacking her.

The following Wednesday the talk had died down almost entirely without solid proof thatit happened for us kids. It was dark and the other girls and I were talking in the cabin for bed. Two girls ushered everyone to the back wall, furthest away from the sleeping counselor and on mine and another girls bed. These two girls whispered about someone in the woods wearing a red mask that day. Spooky I guess to children and we wanted to know more but they unfortunately didn’t have further info. I don’t think any of us took it seriously but boredom prevails. So we started associating a random man stalking kids at night in the trees with the rapist we never got more information on since the staff were seemingly pissed that the story had even been spread around, true or not. We got out the three flash lights between us and started shining them around through windows. Something we and other cabins did often using Morse code to communicate for fun. We got bored again soon after and went to bed.

The next day everyone was exhausted. With only a few days of hell to go and a stomach virus going around we we’re all just ready to be done with the heat and go home. I happened to have said virus and spent most the day in the barely air conditioned cabin trying to vomit into a garbage bag tied to my bed but other than that being mind numbingly bored. This was the time that most people didn’t even have track phones and the Motorola Razor was still 5 years or so away, thus I had nothing to keep my mind off my nausea besides trying to get up and to make my way to the showers to relieve my filling bladder. As it got dark and my stomach settled girls flooded in at about 8pm to get ready for bed as usual. The counselor hissed to herself because she had to mop up my vomit that had missed the bag. When she went out to dump the bucket girls started telling me there was a guy in the woods again that day. I felt brain dead at that point and didn’t care to be honest but I just listened to her. I knew she wasn’t actually my friend and she just wanted my flash light for tonight since I had one. I gave it to her and we all went out into the darkness to shower.

The shower water was always cold due to a lack of water heater and the foor was full of dead bugs and hair but I remember being happy to wash off the sweat that had accumulated on me, then suddenly shit got quiet. The girls weren’t talking anymore which was far from the usual giggling and fighting so I immediately took notice. The only thing that divided me from the sink area was two yellowed plastic curtains. I continued to wash my shampoo out and got dressed in my pajamas. When I walked out there was no one in the sink area. Then I heard a shower head turn off and a girl ask for someone else. Another girl in the next stall stated she was still there and they both came ouside the stalls to dress. Being naked in front of each other and strangers there was the norm so I thought nothing of it. I felt strange…and pissed! Why did my entire cabin leave me there?! I sat on the bench waiting for the other girls and hoped their cabin was close to mine so we could walk together. The girls were done and were actually several years younger than me, which ment they would have to be from a cabin closer to the creek than mine unfortunately. They were too scared to leave and one started to cry. In short, I told them they could stay in our cabin and we can all go together instead of me finding their counselor like they originally wanted. There was no wind and it was eerier than usual outside. I *did not* want them to cry out here so I pretended to not be scared to keep them calm. Some how that worked even though we were sneaking around. We got to my cabin and everyone was either asleep or on the bed next to mine talking. They questioned who the two new kids were since visitors weren’t allowed at that hour. I told them they didn’t know their cabin number and they could sleep with me, which they did.

In the middle of the night I was awoken to screaming. There was 4 girls on my bed over me trying to look out my window. I got nauseated instantly at the shock and movement they created. I pushed them off and sat up while our counselor rolled over and yelled to go back to bed across the room. They said they’re was someone in the woods and apparently the nearby cabins were aware of this too. A boys cabin across from us had a flash light beaming through their back window obviously looking for something. Seeing someone else actually looking around validated what the girl next to me said and that freaked me out. The boy’s light settled toward a girls cabin we couldn’t see though our windows and we could hear screaming in the distance. Our female neighbors were freaking out about something. No ceiling lights turned on from these two other cabins or movement form our over weight gaurdship despite this noise. I opened my window and pressed the side of my face against the screen then shined my light at the sharpest angle I could to see the other girls cabin. I saw nothing and quietly pushed the screen off the window. It was only a few feet off the ground so it made little noise hitting the dirt. Then two of us stuck or heads out and lights shined on us briefly from the boy’s cabin then went back to searching around. It was clear no one could see whatever it was we were screaming about. Everyone wanted a look but the counselor got annoyed and threatened spanking us if we didn’t go back to sleep. She didn’t seem aware we were all on two beds or that there were two more of us than usual. I turned flashlights off and we watched. After few minuets most of us settled back into bed. After what seemed like 10 minutes I looked out my window and angled my face again so I could look around without my light. I couldn’t see if the other cabins were still looking around but I saw movement in the trees between them. It wasn’t much but the movement creeped me the fuck out. Honestly it could have been a tree’s shadow. It was only for a second and I pulled my head and a girl who was still sitting up with me asked “What?”. I said it’s probably just a counselor or shadow. Which I honestly fingured it probably was since it was a big and many of the staff were chubby. I sat my light on the widow seal and she took it but I decided to go to bed. A few minuets later after dozing off the same girl is now screaming and looking out her window which now also had it’s screen popped off. Several of us shot to her instinctively trying to hush her. We all got in trouble if even one of us was screwing around usually. She was hysterical and I took my light back and shined it in the direction she was looking. There was nothing at first but as my eyes adjusted but I moved my light there was a red face looking back at me, or into my light rather. I was not hallucinating. It was not a signed nailed to a tree. It was a red fucking face and black body and it was moving. I slammed the window closed and locked the pathetically small latch. The younger kids next to me immediately started crying and the girl that had seen this guy before screamed at our counselor “There’s a man outside!” and starts crying too.

Now there’s complete panic our counselor basically gave us a BS look and told the girl to move. She took a light, put her head out the window and shined it around while we told her where he was. I watched her pissed face turn to concern as her hand settled the light towards the trees. She closed the window and said close our curtains. Then she turned the over head lights on and said she needs to go get someone and not to open the door for anyone. Our door didn’t even have a lock but the ceiling light brought me some comfort. We heard the room adjacent to ours open up and a woman who was apparently the next door staff came in said if we needed anything to come across the porch and get her. She spoke sweetly but there was no fucking way any of us were going outside to walk to her door so we sat there and she left. Why she didn’t bring us all into one room I have no idea. It was around 4 am at that point according to a girls toyish wrist watch. I sat in the corner of the wall on my bed with my two random guests. Eventually we heared voices and there were staff walking around outside with flashlights. I don’t know how many there were but I heard three voices I recognized. Our counselor came back in and played it off like it was nothing and told us all to go back to bed, then sat down on her own to read a bible or some other book that I don’t remember. I spent the next hours in that yellow lighted room occasionally looking across to see others still weren’t sleeping then I finally crashed.

The next day word went around that in the brush around where we had seen the guy a red pair of shorts were in the grass. I assume that was the bright red “mask” that we saw. I never got to know more because my mother came that day to pick me up earily because of my sickness.

I can’t prove that this jackass wearng shorts on his face was a rapist or even the same rapist as who hurt that girl on the bridge. Being trapped in a already creepy camp with crappy adults where bad things took place, only for a strange man to show up in the woods in the middle of nowhere had me fearing for my little life and wondering if I would still be a virgin by dawn.

Creepy Panty Girl

So let me start with some background information. I am 18 and I live in Japan i use to go to a small high school where we were high school uniforms With short skirt. (It will be relevant to the story later) I was very dumb and naive in high school that my friends use to say I was a dumb blonde . Anyway When I was their was this one girl, let’s call her Sarah.

She usally sat alone at lunch and I heard lots of rumors saying she took pictures of people “pantys” and other werid stuff. I didn’t really believe the rumor I thought it was just a bunch of people who made up rumours. well that was intill one day. I was talking to some friends at lunch and we were walking down a hall. It took me a while to realize but I felt like someone was watching me. So I turned around and I saw Sarah who was walking down the hallway as well. When I turn she blush and look down at the ground.

I felt bad for her. my friends are we’re in different classes from me so after lunch we said our goodbyes and I headed back to class. As I was walking I felt  a shoulder go on my hand. I turn around and it was Sarah.

She had a nervous smile on her. She just stare at me. It was getting awkward so I said hello.

Then she said follow me real quick I want to show you something. Since i had alittle more time before class started I said ok. She grabbed my hand and she led me in too the janitor closet . Like I said I was very dumb and navie back then. So instead of running out of there and telling someone I said what did you want a show me. All of sudden Sarah jump on me and started kissing me. I immediately pushed her back and try to get out of the closet of Sarah yanked me back.and locked the door with a key she some how got from our school facility and put it in her bra. I was scared shitlesss and didn’t know what to do.

Sarah told me to stand there she took out her phone and YESS took pictures of my pantys. I was screaming and kicking her while this was all happening and I guess one of the teachers heard me cause one minute later the door was open. Me and Sarah got sent to the prinspal office and I told her what happen Sarah try to dinie it. I also told her about the panty part and she took a look at Sarah phone. Neeedless to say I never saw Sarah again.

I never told anyone this story or what happen not even my friends back then. so Sarah if your reading this hope you get what you deserve