Small Town Chaos

Myself (Jason)> (Millie) my girlfriend >< (Lt. Alexander) {Jason’s father} <> (Dylan) Millie’s Brother.

*I changed the names to protect the identity of those involved*

Background  I am 19 years old and I have been A Volunteer Firefighter For our small town’s Fire district on Mt. Hood in Oregon since I was 16.

It was a Monday morning. I drove to my girlfriend’s house which is about 20 miles away from town,  located deep in the woods, to pick her up and give a ride to school to drive her to school like I do every morning.

(Millie Has a brother that Suffers from Asperger’s.)

I pulled down the driveway in my Ford Expedition/ response vehicle. And Millie Wasn’t  there and this never has happend with out a message, I check my phone to see if she was running late. She didn’t text me so I called her,

Bring…. Bring…

…Apple IPhone Ringtone…

Millie’s phone was in the front yard! I got out of my Car with my Radio. “Millie” I shouted.

I walked up to her phone and I picked it up and unlocked it to find the numbers “91” dialed on her phone!

I turned my radio to Dispatch requesting for police to My location for an Unknown Disturbance. I ran into the house. I yelled “MILLIE!”

In the Distance, I heard “help” I ran out throw the back door to find her half-dressed, Crying in shock and bleeding from her head.    I radioed for EMS. and For the Police to Step it up!

I asked her “Millie, what happened?”

Millie> “Its Dylan, He has a knife! “

me> “ok, where did he go?”

Millie> “I don’t know, He won’t take his medicine”

me> “Ok, let’s go”.

I turned to take her out to the front to put her in my car. I looked to my right to see My Cousin that is a Rookie at the local Police Department said “Jason!, what’s going on?”

me> “She been attacked and he is armed with a knife!”

Officer>” Ok get her to safety”

I took Millie to my car and she started crying harder. My EMS mode kicked in and i started working on her

Millie> “He tried to…”

me> “I know Hun, You’re safe now! He can’t hurt you now!”

More police and Sheriff deputies showed up to look for Dylan.

When EMS showed up in our EMS Engine, Lt. Alexander, My father. Ran up to us and told the Ambulance to Step it up. They Started treating her wounds while I was told to go to the Engine  to get cleaned up.

I turned to where the Engine was parked and started walking to it, when I heard the bushes 20 yards to the left of me move, I looked over and saw Dylan in the bushes with a Creepy horrific smile on his face.


The police ran to the street guns drawn and I pointed at Dylan,

Me> “There in the bushes across the street”

He Jumped out of the bushes.

My father saw what was about to happen and blocked Millie’s view

The Police saw Dylan as he jumped out with a knife…

Dylan Died instantly.

Millie was taken to hospital by Ambulance, I hopped in the ambulance with her because it is a 120min drive by ambulance to the nearest Emergency room.
I held her hand, she said “Dylan tried to…”

Me> “I know Hun, It’s ok you’re safe now.”

Millie> “no, he said that he was talking about to himself, saying that They’ll never know. I asked him if he was ok then he tried to Attacked me as I ran down stairs, He chased me out the front door ripping my shirt off and hit me in the head with something.

I fell dropping my phone as I tried dialing 911 in the front yard then crawled to the back yard, I had a hard time staying awake so I grabbed a rock and threw it at his face. That was when he ran off.  I was looking for a place to hide. And a couple minutes later You showed up.”

I held her hand while until we got to the hospital In Portland, That’s where I called her grandma and told her what hospital we are at an that she is in the ER being worked on, and that she was going to be ok, and not to go to the house.

~Today Millie has made a full recovery and is Now my wife to be with a little one of ours on the way.

Psycho at School

I always believed in being kind and friendly to others until something happened to change that. In this particular case it was a boy named Larry from my geometry class sophomore year. I don’t mean to brag but I was one of the most intelligent kids in the class and always finished my assignments early. Larry, however, had lots of difficulty understanding what was going on.

The teacher asked me to help explain it to him since I was already finished with my own work. I tried to explain it to him slowly and step by step until I was sure he understood. In 3 days there was going to be a big test. On the day if the test I wished him good luck and told him to just do his best. He was pretty quiet and was never around a big group of people but he seemed like a pretty nice person.

A few days after we got our tests back. After class Larry walked over to me smiling and said he got a B.

“Congratulations,” I said.

“Thanks, dude. I couldn’t have done it without you.” It felt good that I was able to help somebody.

That night he sent me a friend request on Facebook. I didn’t think it was anything unusual so I accepted. Within 5 minutes I got a message from him saying “I wanted to thank you again. You’re a lot better than the teacher at explaining stuff. If it weren’t for you I would’ve failed.”

“No problem,” I told him. “If you ever need help with anything else feel free to ask.”

We chatted a bit more about over the next couple weeks about geometry and school in general. It wasn’t long until he sent me a message saying “You seem like a pretty cool and nice guy. I was wondering if you’d like to date me.”

I was shocked but I tried to be as polite and nice as I could. My older brother (who’d already graduated years ago) is gay so I didn’t have any prejudice at all.

“Sorry but I’m not gay,” I told him, “I’d be glad to still be friends, though. You seem really nice, too.” He said “okay” and didn’t send any further messages. He didn’t look in my direction at school either.

A few days came and went and I got home to see a few comments Larry left on my Facebook pictures. They said really nasty things like “Damn, what an ugly picture” and “That face could make small children cry.” My family and a couple friends responded telling him how his comments were rude and unnecessary. I deleted them all and rather than blocking him right away like I should’ve, I sent him another message.

“Hey,” I said, “I’m sorry I hurt you by saying we can’t date but please don’t leave comments like that on my pictures anymore. I don’t want to have to block you.”

About an hour later he sent me a message which had me shaking and in tears. I can’t remember all of the vile things it said but I’ll type what I do remember.

It said something to the effect of “Like I still want to date your ugly ass anyways. Your biological parents didn’t want you so why would anyone else? You’re a worthless piece of trash who should just die. As a matter of fact you shouldn’t have been born at all. I’d slit your throat myself but you aren’t worth the prison time. You should kill yourself instead. Make this world a better place and just die already.”

I walked over to my mother and handed her the phone, very upset that someone would say those things to me, especially after I tried to be nice and help him. I mentioned in passing during one of our conversations that I was adopted and he even used that against me. My mom called the sheriff and told him what was going on. Larry switched schools and I got a restraining order against him. I left social media afterwards and haven’t gotten back on. Nowadays I don’t go out of my way to be kind to people and distance myself from them. I don’t have any I’ll feelings towards Larry and hope he got the help he desperately needs.

Math Tutor

I am a 18 year old girl and recently read some stories about school and teachers which made me remember this story I’m about to tell you.

Back when I was about 13 years old, I was in middle school and I really needed a math tutor who would give me classes since I was very bad at math. I consider my circle of friends very big so I asked them for any recommendations for math tutors who would give me classes, and about 4 of my friends recommended someone which I will call “C” for this story. I asked them for his number and they gave it to me, I texted him and asked him all about the classes like the time he would be able to come over and the price per class. I agreed and would have my first class with him within a week from the first time I texted him.

He came over just in time and we sat in a desk I have at my house. He was middle-aged which really made me uncomfortable, but there was no going back since I had an important test coming up in some weeks and I didn’t know anything. He gave me classes and everything went normal, C was funny too which made classes pleasant.

I took classes with him and I took my math test which I got a good grade on, I decided to keep studying with him and start geometry too since I was doing bad on that subject too. Classes were fun with C and everything was normal, my friends gave me really good comments about him and I stopped feeling uncomfortable.

Time passes and everything is great, until one class. My school has guidance class second period and we usually do nothing so I talk to people and fool around. I was talking with a friend about how nervous we were for the upcoming test and she asked me who was my tutor since she knew I had one but she didn’t know who he was and I told her it was C.

The teacher walking pass heard me mention him so she asked me if he was my tutor, I said yes and she gave me a shocked look. She told me that I should stop taking classes with him and she told me that he harasses his students once he gains their trust and she told me the story of a girl who studied with him, she trusted him and C started touching her, she became uncomfortable and started backing away but C would keep touching and harassing her, it came to a point were her mother reported him to the police but they couldn’t do anything since they didn’t have enough evidence and couldn’t arrest him. I was shocked.

I asked my teacher if there were any more victims and she said yes but most of them are too afraid to come forward to the police so they go to the school psychiatrist who was the teacher I was talking to since it was guidance class. She told me he used to do magic tricks to gain trust. I remembered that time where he showed me how he disappeared and reappeared an eraser. I immediately exited class to call each friend who I knew was studying with C and told them everything.

We stopped contacting him and blocked his number.

I’m still scared to get a tutor for classes. I’m still in disbelief I was in a situation like that and I’m thankful that teacher made me know. I don’t want to know what would C do to me since most of the time he came over it was when I was home alone, keep in mind he gave me the schedule he planned out.

I haven’t heard about him since.


My Sister’s Emo Boyfriend

My little sister once dated an emo man, I won’t give real names, so let’s call Jim for now. She met him over Facebook, and the two hit it off pretty nicely. It was unfortunately one the short relationships she had. My poor little sis has been through a lot of boyfriends over the years. This one, legit scared me the more I found out about him.

To start with, the first thing I heard about him was that he was emo and a suicidal selfharmer. I knew my sis had an attraction to emos at the time, but the suicidal bit worried me. After that I didn’t hear anything else about the guy until their breakup. Turns out the guy had been in jail many times.

Later on after a few years, a friend and I began dating. We still date to this day and I love him dearly. One day during one of my visits to his house, I told him about Jim and some of my other sis’s exs. Turns out, my boyfriend was neighbors with the guy. He confirmed that Jim had gotten into trouble quite often, and was currently in jail. When I mentioned that I hoped he’d stay there, my boyfriend’s Mom said that likely wouldn’t happen. Turns out Jim’s Mom bails him out a lot.

A few weeks ago my sister and I got to talking about one her exs. We then got onto the subject of Jim. I learned far more stuff that really scared me. Apparently my sis found out he was lying about his age. When my sis met him, he was 21. She was a minor at the time. I also learned that according to my sis, he had fucked a 12 year old before too. This made me sick to my stomach. The final thing was that my sis saved her friend from hanging out with him after learning about those things.

A old male friend of ours even offered to kick his ass for my sis, he had done before in the past, and no problem doing it again. Jim had tried to get with his older sis. Hence why he got his ass handed to him. I’m glad our friend offered to help, but he’s also been in trouble too. I don’t want him to get in anymore.

I’ve been told by my sister, that’s he’s not in jail anymore. I don’t think this young man will be changing anytime soon either. I can say this though, my sis and he didn’t meet in real life. I honestly hope to God, that I never meet him either.

The Camping Murderer

This story I am about to tell you has traumatized me and scared me for a few months, and I haven’t really told anyone as I don’t want them to freak out. Now for the story. It was April right before school got out, me and my good friend  (let’s call him mark), were going to go on a camping trip in Arkansas and so me and him drove out, and it this time we were completely unaware what horrors we were about to face.

We drove up into the campsite and set everything up.

That night we had dinner, had a campfire, then we went to bed….

we woke up shortly after suprised at first not really knowing what was going on. Apparently the ground around us was flooding as well as our tent. Not hesitating me and mark rushed out into the rain and jumped in the car.

I put my hand on my pocket and then I remember that I left my phone in the tent so I rushed out to grab it this made me more soaked  and uncomfortable when the rain cleared up later that night we were so uncomfortable we packed up our stuff and drove away.

We wanted to make something of this trip so we rented a room at the hot springs hotel it was supposedly  “haunted”  and there were some very strange things about this hotel, as well as paranormal activity that we caught on camera, but that’s a story for another time.

After a while we got bored and we wanted an adventure, so we decided to explore an abandoned nursing home that was a few miles out side the city. When Mark and I got to the home we got out of our car with water bottles, headlamps, and a large pocket knife. Going into this nursing home was a huge mistake I regret it to this day.

Being the dumb kids we were we walked in. This was trespassing and we knew it. Everything was great at first, Mark and I walked around for a short while and all was normal (or so we thought).

There was spray paint and markings on the wall, witch wasn’t that big of a deal, but I said “we should go explore in the lower ground floor”.

Mark hesitated for a minute. “I don’t know man it’s kinda creepy, and dark”.  He said.

I said he was just being a baby and told him to come. We walked slowy into the the darkness and it was fine, until….   well we saw a blue tarp in the distance we ran over to it and we were looked at it and we didn’t think much of it but we saw two holes about the size of apples in the table I then noticed a dark red liquidy substance there too, then I saw hand cuffs.

I let it sink in thinking about it and I screamed. I heard footsteps coming from above I us.

There was no way in hell I was sticking around. I grabbed mark by the hand pulled him hard, as we ran and jumped out of a ground level window.

We raced to the car and drove away. If you still don’t know what I think happend here’s the problem with that. First the red substance was definitely blood I looked up the difference between real and fake blood.

The person above us was most likely the cause of that blood, and the way I knew this was recent because the tarp was brand new and the blood wasn’t dry. The holes i assumed were there to put the hand cuffs through and cuff the victim to the table so he could not escape.

The killer then proceeded to kill the man, the blood looked so fresh I would beleove he was killed while we were there.

I know this wasn’t a prank because there wasn’t anyone there to prank. If that person that was up stares really was the killer, I can only imagine what he what have done to a couple of witnesses.

To this day I will have never gone back to that city again. I thought we should call the police, but I didn’t stupid enough.

By the time I was going to, it was to late the blood was probably cleaned up and someone, had just gotten away with a murder.