The Man At Target

To start off, Target has been a go to place for me for as long as I can remember. My mother and I would be in there at least four to five times a week, we were there so often that employees would remember us and greet us by name whenever they seen us. However, it never occurred to me just how dangerous a shopping center could be, until one night changed my life forever.

I live in a small town in southern West Virgina, there are no more than 5,000 people who reside in my area. Most of them being elderly and harmless, and the occasional young punk who will do anything for a buck.  But all in all it is a fairly nice and safe area, or atleast I thought.

One night after school my mother asked me if I would like to go to Target with her pick up a couple groceries and of course I agreed and we went on our way.  Usually we went to target during the evening time or the early morning but this time it was around 11 PM,  so of course there were no cars in the parking lot but maybe one or two.  We were greeted by familiar faces and smiles as we made our way down each aisle.  Being only eight or nine years old at the time  I remember how excited I was when we approached the candy aisle and I begged my mom to buy me some candy and of course she said no. As I continued walking with her upset we noticed someone following us, and it wasn’t in a way that a normal person would just be going up and down the isles looking for something it was pretty obvious that they were following us.

My mother being protective as she always was, quietly told me to stay by her side and to not wander off.  As we quickly turned the corner and went down the next aisle we stopped hearing footsteps so my mother began to calm down.  But just as she breathed a sigh of relief a man poked his head out of the aisle that we were just in and when my mother locked eyes with him he quickly went back around the corner.  At this point my mother had had enough and decided to confront the man, she had me by the hand and we both slowly walked around the corner of the  isle and to both of our surprise nobody was there.

Thinking that maybe this person was looking for someone and it was a big misunderstanding we went about our shopping.  Just as we were finished and about to get to the checkout lanes my mother spotted the strange man once again staring at us with a sinister stare that only she could describe as hatred.  Fed up my mother marched over to him and asked him what his problem was and why he kept staring at us all he simply said was “why didn’t you buy her candy, she’s a pretty little thing, she deserves it.”  At that point my mother was so red in the face that I knew she was about to go off on this man.  But before she could say anything he started to reach for me and he almost grabbed my arm before she tackled him to the ground and called for help.

One of the regular employees who knew us immediately called the police and said that they would be here within 10 minutes.  Once the police got there it turns out he had been wanted for several counts of child pornography and molestation.  As my mother was giving her statement to the police officer I’ll never forget that face, that evil grin, and the words, “I’ll be back for you pretty girl” he muttered as the police were walking him out the door.  That encounter gave me nightmares for weeks and since then I have honestly never returned to Target nor do I ever want to.  It just comes to show how crazy people are nowadays, and how protective parents need to be of their children because you never know who is lurking in your town wanting to take your baby and do who knows what.

Double Weirdos at Target

So before I start this story, let me give you some background information. I am 13 years old and live in a small neighborhood releatively close to a Target. The Target is a popular place for teens of the neighborhood to hang out and meet up.

Anyway, lets get into the story. Me and a friend who we will call Brady, had made plans to meet up with some other friends at the Target whom I will call Kira and Sara. We got on our bikes to ride to Target and took our usual route. It was all going normally until we rode past a wannabe gangster looking guy. He was about 5’8″, African American, and in his early 20s. He was wearing all red Jordans gear and was walking the opposite direction of us. As we pass, he gives us a few dirty looks and gives us what looks like a gang sign with his hands. Keep in mind this is all in broad daylight, and right next to a playground with little kids present. The parents of the kids started to notice this character, and started packing their things up and getting ready to leave.

After we were long gone from the guy, Brady and I make a few jokes about him and brush it off as nothing. Although that might not bad, it gets worse. Kira and Sara decided to pull a little prank on us by saying they hadn’t arrived yet. Brady and I watched the main entrance to the store like a hawk for a good 10 minutes, only to get jumpscared from behind by them. After my heartrate went down and I finished laughing, we walked towards the snack section. I look to my left, and somehow the same guy in the fruit section just eyeballing us. When I look at him, he looks away and exits the store. I was getting seriously scared at this point. How did he get over here on foot when he was going the opposite direction. Better yet, he was not even on a bike. Even if we did miss him on the way in, he still had to have followed us. I point this out to Brady and he got nervous too. We hesitantly and quickly grab our food of choice and pay. Kira and Sara, were on their phones the whole time and didn’t notice a thing.

After we said our farewells to Kira and Sara, we were about to walk about the door when we were confronted by a woman. She was wearing a black tank top, had tan skin, and looked to be in her mid 30s. She told us she had seen us in the chip aisle, and was wondering if she could pay for our food. I was actually considering it when I remembered all the stories on the news of child abduction happening just like this. I am 5’11” and this lady was about 5’5″, so if she did try anything I could have broke free. No matter how much I love free food, I turned down the offer. The lady tried to convince us once more, then walked out the doors. Now this could have simply been a lady being nice, but she had no groceries in hand and was alone. Come to think about it, nobody was in the chip aisle except for me and my friends. So wannabe gangster and crazy lady, let’s not meet again.

NOTE: This is my first ever time writing a pasta. I am a long time listener, first time writer.

Almost Stabbed by a Meth Head at Work

This happened last year during the winter break in my area.

I’m a female Security officer and we had just got contracted to conduct fire watch at an elementary school that was in a not so safe neighborhood since a really bad thunder storm had came through the previous night striking the building which caused the fire alarm system to go down. To enter the school courtyard the area is surrounded by gates with keypads. The new supervisor needed to conduct a walk through with me at the beginning of the shift , I didn’t really know the layout of the building so coming up on a corner i wanted to check it for any doors .

My supervisor stopped me from checking claiming she needed to walk me through the rest of the courtyard and perimeters so i gave up and didnt argue as me and the supervisor in question usually never seen eye to eye on anything.

A hour later when conducting my patrol i checked the corner finding it was a side access gate that could be only opened from the inside if you didn’t have a key hanging open. Without thinking anything of it I just closed it and went about my patrols as usual and not finding anyone at the time, however few hours later around midnight I had to take a huge piss(thanks red bull and coffee) so entered the courtyard to go use the one single person restroom that was left for us to use.

After doing my thing I slowly open the bathroom door to a skinny methed out looking bum with a knife, I yelled NOPE and slammed the door shut locking myself in and calling the cops. The man proceeded to beat on the door yelling he was going to kill me when I get out of there,it felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life before the cops showed up half way into being trapped in the restroom the pounding on the door had stopped , not wanting to take any chances i waited for the cops to arrive.

The police arrived minutes later after the pounding had stop and conducted a sweep of the area , unfortunately at the time not able to find the subject I didnt have much to give the cops to go on as a saw the creep briefly before locking myself back in the restroom for safety. Lucky for me the thunderstorms from the previous night didn’t take out the schools security cameras but however due to budget cuts the cameras weren’t manned 24/7. The guy escaped but was caught the following day after the school district pulled the security tapes.

It was shown on the tapes that he entered from the same side gate and exited that i had found hanging wide open hours earlier into my shift. Long story short I refused to cover anymore shifts at the school for as long as we had fire watch duty. Im still a security officer however currently working on getting licensed to carry a pistol on duty.

Nightshift Security Guard

(This is pretty long and I apologize in advance)

I worked as a security guard for a few years after moving to a small city in British Columbia. It was a well paying job and night shifts were more my thing since I was kinda of an insomniac. I had just turned 20 and was now 6’3″ and 230 pounds. I was built and a bit intimidating but everyone knew I was a sweetheart and never caused any drama with people. Oh, and by the way my name is Aaron but my co workers would call me Jay as a sort of nickname since I would always wear a Toronto Blue Jays hat.

I worked at a rather well known night club and worked only weeknights. It wasn’t a strip club, but we did have females who would serve drinks, dance, and even dj. Anyways it was a Saturday and it had just began so get warm at nights. Summer took longer to reach us, but luckily the sun set late now and the night air was welcoming. My usual partner couldn’t make it that night due to personal problems in which he had to go visit a sick family member. The club wanted to call in someone else. But me, knowing how annoying it was for work to suddenly call you in, refused the offer. So it was just me letting people in that night. As the line got shorter and shorter I was informed over the walkie talkie on my belt that I would have to stay late since my partner wasn’t here to let people out. Which I got slightly pissed at because the club runs fairly late and usually closes around 3am. It was only 12am now and i realized that I would have to stand out here for 3 or more hours. But me being the nice guy that I am responded into the walkie talkie saying “Okay, but I’m getting paid double for this shit”.

After everyone was safe inside the club I linked the red rope closed and leaned against the side of the buildings wall. I decided to go on my phone and take advantage of the clubs wifi. After about half an hour i became bored of that and decided to have a cigarette, but before I could pull my lighter out of my pocket a skinny man started walking up to the club from across the street. Slowly I lit my cigarette and just watched him as he approached. I have pretty poor eyesight. Almost legally blind. So usually I would either wear my glasses or contacts, but tonight I was in a rush and didn’t have time to grab any. So I couldn’t really see the details of this man. All I could see from this distance is that he was skinny and dirty looking. As he got closer I got a good description of him. He was almost sickly thin and had on a old grey sweatshirt and ripped up blue jeans. He was shaven, but it was poorly done. His skin looked too pale and his eyes were sunken in. I decided not to judge though and continued smoking until he walked up to the rope I stood behind.

“Name?” I asked since even though this is a club is in a shady downtown area we still had a list of people who had paid an entry fee before showing up. We didn’t take money on the spot. Since we’ve had some incidences in the past with people bribing guards.

He furrowed his brows at me as if in thought and looked quickly at the list that was clipped to the other side of my belt. He then said,

“Thomas. James Thomas?” He asked in a questioning manner which made he suspicious. Was he asking me or telling me? Not only that but his voice was weirdly high pitched almost like a cartoon character. I ignored his tone and checked the list. Lucky for him there was indeed a James Thomas on the list. I quickly scratched his name out and picking up the rope to let him through.

“Have a nice night.”

I said as he walked through the big metal doors into the club. He then replied just before the doors closed behind him saying,

“Oh, I will”

A couple of minutes later no one else showed up and it was now around around 1:45am and I would still have to stand here for another hour. However a couple minutes later it was now 2am and there was a shout from my walkie talkie. It was a buddy of mine who worked as security inside the club. I didn’t here any words just a loud yell.

“Ryan. What’s up man?” I asked calmly into the walkie.

“Jay get in here!” He was yelling over the bass of the music I could barely even hear him over it.

“Why what’s going on?” I opened the doors and walked inside and waited.

“A bartender said that she saw a weird homeless guy with a knife”

I quickly made my way into the main area where the bass of the music almost made me dizzy. The flashing lights and fog didn’t make any easier. Squinting, I slowly made my way to the bar pushing past dancers and drunken men. When I reached my destination the bartender, Eliza, explained everything to me.

“Jay, he’s skinny and pale and I saw him walking towards the lounge”

Eliza quickly gave me a vague description and started repeating herself over the music. Almost hyperventilating I tried calming her down but she kept panicking and said that we should shut down the club and evacuate. I dismissed her idea since that could trigger the man to do something irrational. After finally calming her down I started walking towards the lounge.

I met up with Ryan on my way to the there. He was searching the lounge from a safe distance. Over here it’s a little less loud which meant you didn’t need to shout over the music.

“See him?” I asked ryan but he shook his head.

“All these guys are skinny and pale” he said to me and even in this kind of situation I let out a small laugh. I then looked into the lounge myself and noticed someone right away in the back corner. Even with my poor eyesight I could tell that this was the man I had just let in a few moments ago.

It was James Thomas.

Knowing that I already had a suspicion about him I tapped Ryan on the shoulder and motioned with my eyes towards the back of the room. He looked at the man and then back to me with a look that said “You sure?” And i only nodded before walking towards James.

As I approached I noticed that he didn’t have any empty glasses infront of him. There was nothing infront of him. Which started triggering alarms in my head since people only come to the lounge to drink in peace. Once I’m right beside him I speak up saying that I need him to step outside for a moment. Oddly the man only nodded and got up and started walking towards the nearest exit. No complaints or anything he didn’t even lift up his head to acknowledge me. As we passed Ryan, who was on the cell phone with the police, I told him that I can handle it and asked if he could wait at the front doors for the cops. He agreed and I made it out with the guy. We were now in an alley way that was located behind the building. The only light was a small lightbulb that hung above the metal door.

As soon as the exit door closed the man reached for something and I asked if he would keep his hands behind his back until police arrived. But he kept reaching and as i advanced towards him he suddenly pulled out a knife.

It wasn’t huge, but it could do some major damage if he knew how do use it. Which he clearly didn’t since he took a weak swing at me and I was easily able to dodge and disarm him, taking him to the ground in one swift movement. When he hit the ground he… he started laughing while desperately trying to reach for the knife again which was laying about 3 feet away. He was just laughing. High pitched and fucking loud. He then started cursing at me, saying that ‘he’ll gut me like a fish’ and ‘slit everyone’s throat’.

Soon though I heard sirens and a police car turned down the alley way. I let out a sigh of relief as I recognized the officer who was another friend of mine and knew I wasn’t the dangerous one here. The police officer, Micheal, approached me and quickly cuffed the guy as I kept him down. He picked up the guy once I got off and he was still laughing. As micheal stuffed him into the back of the cruiser the man yelled out “Stupid Guard! You’re the one who let me in!” Which he was right. I let him in. I didn’t even bother patting him down I just let him stroll on in. I immediately cursed myself for being so careless.

Micheal and I made our way back to the front of the club, he took the car while I quickly walked to the entrance. As I rounded the corner i watched as an ambulance passed by with its sirens on. As Micheal once again exited the police car I asked in a panic if anyone had been hurt. He shook his head and told me that a man was stabbed about three blocks down. I asked for his name in curiosity and he replied with.

“James Thomas I think, why?”

I froze and Micheal obviously noticed this. I slowly turned to face his vehicle and noticed that the man who I thought was James Thomas started laughing again and shouting at me. Even though I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I knew they were threats.
I told Micheal everything and he quickly notified everyone and made his way back to his cruiser and to the station. Another officer told me that I might need to be a witness in a court trial, but luckily for me I never had to attended. This incident caused me to take a few months off my job. I didn’t quit since I did love that job and one bad experience wouldn’t ruin it for me.

The club doubled its security and made it mandatory for outside guards to use a hand held metal detector. This whole thing shook me up pretty bad and I’m sorry this story is so long, but it’s all kinda burned into my mind. I let a deranged man inside a populated club with easy targets. Luckily though no one was killed and the real James Thomas recovered fully and was only treated for minor stab wounds. But still, that crazy bastard could have injured a lot more people in the club and I’m just glad Eliza was able to spot him. Cause if she didn’t. There probably would have been a lot more blood shed. And it would have been all my fault.

Little Girls

My name is Hannah I’m 14 years old and  I live with my mom, siblings, and cats. I’m into all the paranormal… ghost… unnatural things. This happened about 2 years ago in July, my mom was having a 4th of July party and it was getting late so she sent us to bed. She had kissed us all goodnight me, my brother, and my sister.

For this story I’ll call them John and Sarah. At the time Sarah and I shared a room while my brother had his own. I tend to stay awake longer during the night.

So I was watching a movie on my phone, then all of a sudden it started to glitch. At first I thought it was just Wi-Fi or something was messing it up. So I ignored it and turned my phone off then closed my eyes and tried to sleep. The moment I closed my eyes I felt something sit on my bed. I know it wasn’t fake because when I sat up my sister, Sarah, was already looking at me. She asked me, ” Hannah do you see that.” At first I thought she was messing with me because we all play pranks on each other. So I played it off as a joke and said ” Yes Oh My God”.

But I seen her face, she was pale and looked like she was about to cry. So I looked into the corner of the room and there it was. Some little girl was just standing there. She had her hand out trying to reach out and tried saying something but before she could she disappeared. So I looked at my sister, confused, she looked at me and without saying anything we ran down stairs.

Both of us out of breath, trying to tell what had happened. By this time everyone went home. My mom was getting ready to go to sleep. As she seen the looks on our faces she asked questions like “what happened”, “Can you explain”. So we did and she looked around and there was nothing. It was about a week later when it started again.

But it was tords my brother John. We hadn’t told him anything about that night. What he told us will haunt us for the rest of our lifes. He had told us that he had seen a little girl in his closet. This time she told him that she wanted to play and of course being 6 we thought it was an imaginary friend and thought nothing of it. Curious we asked her name he said Autumn but she’s not here to hurt us she just wants Sarah. So we changed subjects by saying it was bed time so we had tucked him in.

As we leave he stared to stare at the end of the bed and smiled. So I head to bed and say good night to Sarah making sure she was asleep.

It was about 1:30 in the morning when I felt someone standing there in front of me so I open my eyes and there was nothing there but when I look at Sarah she was sitting straight up looking in the corner next to her bed. What happens next will never be forgotten. She screams on the top of her lungs. The blood curtailing scream was horrible. It happened for about 2 minutes. Then stops all was quiet and she just laid down like nothing happened.

I couldn’t sleep so morning came around and I tried to act normal but how…how do you act normal after that?

So I asked Sarah if she was ok but when we made eye contact she didn’t look like herself she was…lifeless…dark. So my mom and brother noticed that Sarah was acting weird. Flash forward a couple of days my mom had made her favorite dinner but nothing. So my mom had asked whats wrong still nothing.

This is when everything went down hill. My mom asked if Autumn was ok…Sarah looked at her and smiled. Sarah was acting normal like the happiest kid you’ll ever see which was weird how do you go from sad to happy in less then 1.5 seconds.

We haven’t looked at her the same way since. It’s been a couple of months and we have heard a couple things about Autumn. Things have gone missing, I’ve gotten random texts like do you miss me sissy…or I like laying next to you. Which is weird as it is but my sister has not been herself even since. My brother still plays with Autumn, and I still get weird feelings around my sister or in my room. We had moved sense then and we all have our own room now and I still get chills, random voices, and texts from random numbers.

Not a lot has changed.

Thank you and never let your imaginary friend be more then that.