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Seeing Me Younger, Seeing Me Older at The Same Time

So, a little background. As you guys should know by my username, my real name is Marina. I have a glitch in the matrix story that I hope you will enjoy. I have experienced other stuff such as the paranormal other than this, and I may get around to sharing those sometime too. But that’s unnecessary for now. So back to what I was saying, my name is Marina, and the year of experiencing this was 2016, and I am 10 years old right now, therefore I still experienced this at this age. So, it is a major necessity for me to mention that half the story happened in 2016, and the other happened 5 years earlier so it was 2011.

So, it basically all began 5 years prior to now. When 2011 came by, I would always visit this pond, it would be in the middle of seemingly nowhere, and where I lived back then was a very remote area. So I would pretty much be the only person there, and probably the only person that knew of its existence. As for that, not even my family knew. None of my parents, nor brothers and I’m a girl, which means for me I was always quite lonely seeing as I was the only girl besides my mother. It was quite weird in hindsight that my parents wouldn’t really care if I left the double story house which is the one I lived in back in those times. I mentioned “double story house” for a reason. That’s because we were a very ‘split apart’ family if you know what I mean. If not, I mean we weren’t really ever spending time together, and the size of the home makes it more… split apart.

Creepy Christmas

By Jay

Let me say first I am 31 now an have a great memory of everything. So even if it was mundane I would Remember it all too. However Christmas 1992 was far from mundane for me.

I was 7 years old it was Christmas Eve I was very mature no longer believing in Santa Clause knew my parents was ones buying gifts. My Father a security guard for Burns Security worked nights. My mother was asleep. My sister and I snuck down to tree too check on gifts see if shaking them we could guess what we got.


By Trouble Follows After

For a bit of context, I grew up in a very large house, with my two brothers and a sister. I was seven, my sister Taylor nine, and my brothers, Matthew and Jonathan, four and twelve. My parents loved throwing parties every Halloween, New Year’s and Christmas, which is when this takes place.

It was December 23rd, and I was having a blast running around the house with Taylor and her two friends, Maddie and Emma, and my best friend, Lauren, eating junk food, chasing Matthew, comparing our hopes for Christmas and sharing stories of Christmas long, long ago.

Stalker for Christmas

By Moon

So…let’s begin. This happened a few years ago. I’m going to give you a back story to catch you up on this. I go to a school like every normal girl but there’s this guy..We started off as friends and this is where it gets creepy. So lucky me met this guy and we can call him Joe for..his sake. We hung out a lot and we were getting close to Christmas.

I told just as we both started to pack our things up that I wasn’t going to be texting him so that I could spend the most time with my family…because family is important to me. He nodded and said the same thing and we hugged before me and my friend who we can call Jessi again for privacy went on the bus together.

A Christmas Scary Story

By Kaitlyn

Growing up I never really had anything to do with clowns. Not that I was scared of them my parents just never did anything clown related. I never thought much of it when I was young. I guess I just figured my parents didn’t want me to be one of those kids who were scared of them.

I can recall when I was maybe 8 or so my parents were sitting at the table with some friends. It was a cold night sometime after Thanksgiving but not yet Christmas. I could tell by my dad’s eyes he was going to tell a story that scared him but once I walked into the room to listen he stopped and looked at me.

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